Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 215

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 215

She immediately sat up at the sight of her own name. “Where did you get all this news, Lily? Which outlet publicized it?”

“It’s literally everywhere on the Internet. You’re trending on Facebook too! At first, it was something like ‘Divine Corp Secretary,’ but now, your name’s being plastered everywhere.”

Charlotte clutched her hair in panic. How am I going to prove myself innocent?

This will be nearly impossible…

Besides, Michael has never made himself known to the media. No one’s going to believe him, even if he acts as my witness.

I should’ve stopped those two while I had the chance last night. Why would they do it in the car at the beach, anyway? They could’ve just gone to a hotel!

They didn’t even try to keep it low and ended up having their pictures taken. And now, I’ve been dragged into their disgusting affairs.

Wait a minute. Why is Hector’s face completely visible while Helena’s isn’t?

Something doesn’t seem right.

“You can’t hide your affair with Mr. Sterling any longer, Charlotte. It’s all over the news now. I heard from Mr. Yates that an affair would have such a huge impact on the company’s image. Even the shares will be affected! Do you think Mr. Sterling will marry you instead to protect his reputation?” Lily began probing.

“That’s not what’s happening,” Charlotte hurriedly explained. “There’s nothing going in between Mr. Sterling and—”

“Oh, come on. Your videos are everywhere! There’s nothing else to hide at this point. Besides, we’re friends, aren’t we? It’s not like I’d go around telling other people about this. You don’t have to worry about being honest with me!”


“Hang on. There’s another article,” Lily cut Charlotte off before yelling in shock. “Oh, God! I can’t believe it, Charlotte! So you were once actually a nightclub princess who even played around with a T Nation male model? You’re full of surprises!”

“What did you say?” Charlotte asked, utterly taken aback.

“I’ll send you another link. Have a look at it.”

Lily began to sound grave.

“Now that the issue’s been made such a big deal, all the media will start scouring your past. You’ll have to take care of this ASAP, or it’s going to affect your relationship with Mr. Sterling and leave a horrible taste in his family’s mouths. If that happens, you won’t be able to marry into a life full of riches…”

Charlotte stopped paying attention to what her friend was saying. She hurriedly opened the other links the latter had sent her.

A peek into the messy private life of Hector Sterling’s mistress—nightclubs and one-night stands!

Hector Sterling’s mistress, Charlotte Windt, tangled with a T Nation male model at Sultry Night four years ago

Who on earth is Charlotte Windt? How did she captivate the richest man in H City?

Charlotte Windt’s background to be disclosed today at noon.

Mysterious man to reveal the entire process of Charlotte Windt’s gigolo escapades. Live today at 1 p.m.

With trembling hands, Charlotte tapped onto each article. All the intimate photos of her and Tevin, as well as the video of her calling a gigolo, had been released.

With such concrete evidence, it was practically impossible to deny her involvement.

Luna’s voice and figure had been removed, leaving only Charlotte and Tevin, who were both drunk out of their wits at that time.

Some news outlets even compiled all of today’s articles and published a detailed timeline of the entire ordeal.

The timeline described how she had relentlessly seduced Hector and manipulated him into abandoning his wife. It also recounted how Charlotte had enticed him into their little car adventure last night.

Not only that, but it even claimed that she was doing all this to f0rce Hector into marrying her.

In short, every article pointed to her as an instigator while painting Hector as a lost sheep and Luna as a helpless, tolerant wife.

Tens of thousands of people scorned her in the comments, and some who personally knew her proceeded to expose more of her private life.

Among such individuals were her coworkers, previous neighbors, past friends, and even her schoolmates from kindergarten.

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