Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 92

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 92

Luna was completely disheartened and went berserk. She glared at Helena furiously like a livid wild cat, wanting to pounce on her and tear her into pieces…

“Forget it, Luna, let’s go home. It’s just not our lucky day today,” Amanda accepted the reality of the situation and tried to coax her daughter into leaving. “We will have plenty of opportunities in the future. We’ll be back again next time!”

“That’s right, Mrs. Sterling. Let’s head off first… “


Before Owen could complete his sentence, a tight slap from Luna landed on his face.

Everyone was shocked, including the other bodyguards from the Sterling family.

Owen was Hector’s most trusted subordinate; the two men had grown up together. The man was considered half a Sterling. As such, not to mention the rest of the subordinates and servants in the Sterling family, even Hector and his parents had never reprimanded Owen before.

As such, it came as a shock that Luna had slapped him in front of everyone.

That was a huge taboo!

“Are you crazy?” Amanda widened her eyes, looking stunned beyond comprehension. “How can you lose your composure so easily over such a small matter… “

“Mom, stay out of it!” Luna bellowed and pointed at Owen. “If you didn’t pull me back, I wouldn’t have made a fool out of myself! You lowly bastard, I’ll definitely ask Hector to fire you!”

The man lowered his head and kept quiet, but a frosty glint had appeared in his chilling eyes…

“This child! You’ll be the death of… “

Amanda was shaking with exasperation and was about to scold Luna.

Just then, Helena walked over with that pink diamond ring, “Beloved.” Beaming brightly, she said provocatively, “What’s this? You’re taking out on a subordinate because you couldn’t afford it? Luna, if I were you, I would have already dug a hole and hid in it. Look at you; you’re such an embarra*s*sment! I bet Hector left early the event because he couldn’t stand you.”

“Shut up!” Luna yelled through gritted teeth. “Helena Brown, you’re just an old hag no one wants to marry. I don’t understand how you can be so smug!”

“Well, I’m still better than you even though I’m single,” the other woman sneered. “Even though you had married Hector, so what? He doesn’t love you at all. His eyes were not even on you right from the start of tonight’s event. He only feels disgust and contempt for you. If my guesses are correct, he doesn’t even want to sleep with you… “

“You… “ Luna was trembling with rage and reached forward to give Helena a tight slap.

Smack! The latter was unable to dodge in time; a red mark appeared on her face instantly. At the same time, the pink diamond ring fell out of her hands and was soon nowhere to be seen…


Gasps of shock could be heard from the rest of the guests as they witnessed the show.

No one had expected Luna to have the audacity to slap Helena in front of so many people.

Everyone knew that the Brown family was catching up with the Sterling family to become the next richest family!

Hector was well aware of that fact, so he treated the Browns with respect when it came to business dealings. However, all his efforts came to naught because of what Luna had done!

“Luna White, how dare you hit me!” Helena was shaking with fury.

“Ms. Brown, please calm down. Luna acted on impulse and made a foolish mistake. Please allow me to apologize to you on her behalf… “

Amanda immediately stepped forward to apologize, but Helena could not hear a single word of what she was saying. At a wave of the woman’s hand, two bodyguards stepped forward at once and held Luna down.

“What are you trying to do? You dare lay a finger on me?” Luna yelled arrogantly. “My husband is Hector Sterling!”

“How arrogant!”

A cold voice reverberated throughout the hall, and everyone quietened down at once.

Zachary had returned with Charlotte, just in time to watch the good show.

The woman sensed that everything that happened that night seemed to be targeted at Amanda and Luna. Could it be that… someone had deliberately arranged for it?

Everyone moved aside to clear up a path for Zachary.

The man moved forward slowly, and just like the Fates, who were in charge of a*s*signing individual destinies to mortals at birth, he said, “You must have quite the nerve to stir up trouble at my function!”

His piercing stare was so overpowering that made it difficult for anyone to breathe.

Luna was trembling in fear, not daring to utter a single word.

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