Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 595

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 595

This small action did not go unnoticed by Helena. Her face clouded over, but she quickly plastered a smile onto her face and gazed at Hector affectionately.

Charlotte’s brows knitted together, but she dismissed it, planning to leave a while later.

Right then, she noticed a small figure standing in the corner. It was Timothy.

He was wearing a smart little suit while standing beside the flower stand, quietly looking up at Hector and Helena on the stage with a complicated expression.

A video clip of Hector proposing to Helena was playing on the big screen.

In the video, Hector was holding Helena’s hands on the beach. “Helena, you’re the woman I love most in this world, and I promise to make you happy. Marry me!”

Tears of happiness flowed down Helena’s face as she hugged Hector tightly.

The two of them kissed passionately on the beach while their friends and relatives cheered for them by the side.

Seeing all of this, Timothy suddenly spoke coldly, “You said the same thing to Mommy too.”

Julia rushed over and carried him up. “Timothy, why did you come out here? Didn’t we agree that we’d eat in the private room together?”

“I just wanted to come see Daddy…” Timothy watched Hector from below the stage with an unusually calm expression. “I wanted to see if he’s happy.”

“Your daddy is getting married. Of course, he’s happy.” Julia hoisted him higher in her arms and found a place to sit down. “Promise me to be a good boy today. Don’t cause any trouble, okay?” “Okay.” Timothy nodded obediently.

Julia breathed a sigh of relief. Since the boy was behaving himself, she decided not to forcibly take him away.

He’s only slightly over three years old, after all. Keeping him under lock and key for too long can lead to psychological problems one day. He should be excited to see so many guests here today. I’m sure he’ll forget about his worries soon enough.

Charlotte released a sad sigh when she saw Timothy. She always believed that children should never be burdened with adult problems.

It’s really Timothy’s misfortune to have been born into such a complicated family…

“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!”

Hector was leaning forward to kiss Helena when the video clips of their happy moments froze on the screen. Subsequently, the screen went dark and the music stopped abruptly.

The romantic quality in the air vanished and was replaced by tension. The cheerful chatter also ceased as everyone turned to look at the stage, wondering what was going on.

Helena’s expression instantly darkened. Hector quickly asked someone to deal with the issue before comforting her, “Maybe it’s some kind of technical problem. It’ll be fixed soon.”

Helena did not respond, but she was still wearing a grim expression.

Samuel hurried onto the stage to apologize for the delay, explaining that there was a technical issue backstage and that it would be fixed very soon.

Suddenly, the screen came back on along with the audio system, but the video playing on the screen it was no longer the romantic one from before. Instead, it was a video of Helena roughing up Luna.

On the screen, several bodyguards belonging to the Brown family were forcing Luna into a car. Helena slapped her continuously while gnashing her teeth.

Then, she snarled viciously, “You b*tch. Hector doesn’t want you anymore, but here you are, hara*s*sing him again and again. You even came to our banquet to make a scene. I’ll be damned if I don’t teach you a lesson!”

“Kill me if you have the guts, but if you don’t, I’ll hara*s*sing both you and Hector for the rest of your lives. I’ll make sure you two never have a moment of peace…”

“Still acting tough, aren’t you? Very well.” Helena grinned wickedly and said, “You want a man so very badly, don’t you? I’ll grant your wish!”

With that, she turned to her bodyguards. “All of you, serve Mrs. Sterling well. She’s been denied pleasure for too long and is desperate for a man’s touch!”


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