Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 44

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 44

She caused me to be beaten up by Zachary. Because of her, I was removed from my glorious job as manager of the HR department and relegated to just a security guard at the entrance.

Whenever his colleagues saw him, they would look at him in a condescending manner.

His friend and subordinates who used to be close to him avoided him like the plague.

While his rivals seized upon the opportunity to trample on his dignity.

To him, it was all Charlotte’s doing.

“It’s delicious.” Charlotte finished the last beef sandwich and licked her lips to savor every last bit. “No wonder the Devil orders food from them. He really has good taste.”

“Shh…” David quickly reminded her. “The last time you went missing for three days, the HR department wanted to sack you. It was Mr. Nacht who stopped them. Not only are you ungrateful, but you also even call him names. That isn’t right.”

“Huh?” Charlotte was surprised. “Did you say the Devil… I mean Mr. Nacht saved my job?”

“That’s right.”

David explained in earnest what happened that day, “After you left and didn’t come back, Mr. Collins called you but you didn’t answer. The next day, he had no choice but to inform HR. HR decided that you had to be fired for leaving your station without permission.”

David continued, “When Mr. Collins requested me to get a case form from HR, I bumped into Mr. Ben, the president’s a*s*sistant, there. He instructed the HR manager to retain your position and cla*s*sify it as if you were on leave.”


Charlotte was extremely shocked to hear that it was the Devil who saved her job.

“Next time, don’t call him names anymore. Or else he might fire you for real when he gets angry. Where did you go look for a job? I’ve worked in a few different companies before and realize Divine Corporation offers the best pay and benefits. Furthermore, there’s career progression too…”

David continued to ramble on with a serious face.

However, Charlotte only had one question in her mind. Why did the Devil help me?

Does he intend to keep me as a toy? So that he can continue to torment me?

That has to be it… he really is crazy.

But it’s okay since I have his attention, it means I’m still of some use to him.

Just when she was pondering about it, a car alarm rang out from afar.

Charlotte was given a fright but David was a lot calmer. “Perhaps, one of the bosses scr@ped another car while parking causing the alarm. I’ll go take a look.”

“Wait, let’s go together.” Charlotte quickly packed up the leftovers.

“You take your time cleaning while I head there first.”

David was extremely responsible and he dashed toward where the sound was coming from.

After packing up everything and preparing to bin it, Charlotte suddenly felt something like an evil come from her back…

She turned around subconsciously. Before she could react, a stake of crates from behind her toppled towards her.


Along with the shout, a white shadow shot toward her and pulled her into his embrace, shielding her from the crates.

When she felt his muscular chest, a familiar sense of warmth and security greeting her.

Opening her eyes, she saw Hector’s dashing face and her heart almost melted instantly.

“Lottie, are you alright?”

Hector’s eyes were filled with gentle concern. Despite his furrowing eyebrows showing the pain he felt, he was more worried about Charlotte’s safety.


When she regained her senses, Charlotte realized that Hector was hurt by the crates because he protected her. There was a cut on his forehead and blood was slowly oozing out. His left arm seemed to also be injured as he could hardly move it.

She became extremely anxious. “You’re injured. Did you fracture anything?”

“I’m fine…”

“Mr. Sterling!” A few of his bodyguards rushed over. “Get the doctor, quick!”

“No!” Hector stopped them. “We are at Divine Corporation, not Sterling Group. We mustn’t cause Mr. Nacht any alarm…”

“But you…”

“Mr. Nacht!” Owen exclaimed.

Charlotte looked up and saw Zachary standing in the middle of the corridor, looking at them from afar with an awkward smile.

His gaze was as frosty as ice.

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