Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 39

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 39

Kade’s POV:

I should have listened to that sinking feeling in my gut when I first locked eyes with Alpha Garrett.

I should have realized why Aurora’s unique eyes were so familiar.

It was because I knew her father, Alpha Garrett exceedingly well. It was known he had a daughter, born from his mate but there had been no rumors of another child.

In the werewolf community, illegitimate children hold the same standing. An Alpha’s first born is in line for the position, regardless of the woman who carried the child.

It didn’t take long to figure out. The day Alec and I had gone to Aurora’s house, only to find Garrett standing in the doorway, arose some suspicions. The two of us knew for sure when we saw Aurora and Garrett out at the restaurant. His eyes were copied onto her face, his nose and cheekbones identical.

Aurora had in fact taken after her father.

The moment we found out the truth, a sinking feeling formed in my gut. Garrett had never liked our family, always coveting what he couldn’t have. He was jealous our territory spanned farther than his, including a few major cities in our reach.

What worried me most was Aurora. Garrett was a bloodhound when he wanted something, and I knew Aurora wouldn’t be able to handle it. She had been close to breaking down the day at the restaurant, for reasons still unknown.

The night we found her beaten replayed in my dreams, reliving the fury of finding her broken and alone. Alec had dreams of that night as well, only dare mentioning it when the two of us were alone.

Aurora had been a weakness neither of us saw coming, and yet we couldn’t seem to let her go. Her secrets drove the two of us mad. When she moved in with Garrett, we were f0rced to stay away.

We hadn’t a clue if Alpha Garrett was aware of our connection to Aurora, and wondered what the repercussions of that might be. It was against our law to keep mates away from each other. Garrett was bound by law to hand Aurora over to us.

Alpha Garretts house was completely unguarded, meant as a taunt to my brother and I. He knew he was safe in our pack, allowed to be on our territory for his daughter.

The day everything went to sh*t, Alec and I got a phone call from Tori.

Aurora had been in school that day, something that surprised Alec and I. She had let us touch her so willingly, giving into the mate-bond she tried to resist. It had taken all of our collective willpower not to take Aurora in that empty cla*s*sroom, completing the mating bond before she knew the truth.

As much as we wanted that, we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. We hadn’t revealed the truth to Aurora to protect her. Her fragility was obvious, and the last thing we wanted was to scare her off.

Tori had called us Saturday morning, frustration lacing her tone the moment I picked up. Alec and I weren’t close with Tori and had our own friend group we stuck with, but Tori was Aurora’s friend which made her important. Tori would tell us of her conversations with Aurora, and how she was doing that day. Aurora didn’t confide much in Tori, a fact that pissed her off to no end.

“Aurora told me what happened to her face.” Tori scoffed, her tone abrupt and angry.

Without taking a breath, Tori continued her train of thought.

“Grace saw her hanging around you two and tried to scare her off. She wouldn’t give me much detail but she seemed shaken up. Apparently, Grace threatened to hurt me if she told anyone. The human girl Autumn was in on it too, they set Aurora up.”

Tori’s word vomit took a moment to sink in. Alec had long ago paused his video game, his dark eyes locked on my own. A ripple passed between the two of us, our facial expressions mirrored as murderous rage flowed through our body.

Grace had never been more than a toy to me, one who had long pressed her boundaries. Regardless of the countless times I had told her the truth, Grace refused to accept it.

“We’ll deal with Grace. Did she plan to do anything about this? Or was she content remaining afraid and quiet?” I murmured, fighting to keep my voice even as my eyes remained on my brother. My anger shined through in my words, and I wondered why Aurora wouldn’t tell the two of us. Regardless of her thoughts towards us, she knew she could trust Alec and I, the mate-bond told her that much.

“You know how she is.” Tori grumbled irritably, “Always trying to deal with things herself. It was hard enough getting her to admit what happened, and even then, I didn’t get many details.”

Alec was dressed and ready to leave before I hung up the phone. His dark eyes held the same murderous tint as my own. Within five minutes we were leaving the house, the plans we had for today pushed back.

Alec and I were supposed to be meeting Alpha Julian, a man who had earned his title purely by coincidence. Julian was the leader of a group of rogues, quickly growing in size throughout the years. Alpha Julian had earned his title a month ago, and made good use of his time.

His claimed territory overlapped with our own. His meeting was to discuss a potential treaty, and a possible reshaping of our own land.

Alec’s the nicer twin between us two, quick to come to an understanding. I tend to be rash, living in the moment with little care for consequence. The only thing similar about the two of us are our looks and outrageous temper.

While our parents stepped back and let us take the reins, they monitored every decision we made closely. Alec and I had never let them stop us; we had willingly stepped up to take the role. While they advised our decisions, they stepped back and let us take control. It had been hard for Dad at first, but he had never been one to enjoy relinquishing control.

We had yet to tell them about finding our mate. Neither of us looked forward to the conversation, unsure of the outcome. Twin’s sharing the same mate had never happened before, then again there have never been twin Alpha’s before either. Aurora belonged to Alec as much as she belonged to me. Neither of us worried what others would think, as we wouldn’t change a thing about meeting Aurora.

They were both in the kitchen, laughing as my Dad made breakfast. Dad was cruel at times during his reign as Alpha, but always had a soft spot for Mom. They were the picture-perfect image of what mates should be.

“About time you two woke up.” Our Mom chuckled; her eyes bright as she looked at our Dad.

Alec and I looked identical to our Dad. The three of us had the same dark chestnut hair, deep brown eyes and nearly the same facial features. Our Mom stood out next to the three of us. Light blonde hair fanned her slim face, the barest trace of lines around her eyes and mouth. Bright eyes the color of seafoam, nothing like the dark eyes that belonged to her husband and sons.

“Were pushing back the meet time with Alpha Julian.” I got straight to the point, wanting to waste as little time as possible.

“Anything you guys need to talk about?” Mom looked between the two of us, her seafoam eyes scanning the angry features of our face.

“No.” Alec shook his head, his eyes hardening.

“Do what you think is right.” Dad could see the anger in our eyes, as well as our impatience.

Alec and I left the house, peeling down the road towards Grace’s house.

When we had first took the position of Alpha, we decided to choose two Beta’s. Having been raised by their side, we chose our two best friends. Jason and Zane are two of the best warriors in the pack, and both took the position as Beta’s. The downside of that decision was the constant barrage of voices in our head. There was rarely a moment of silence with Jason and Zane around.

‘Push back the meeting with Alpha Julian.’ Alec was first to speak through the mind-link, directing his words to Jason and Zane.

‘How far back?’ Zane’s voice overlapped Jason’s in the mind-link.

“Three hours?” Alec turned and asked me, his eyes hard as we sped down the road.

“We can get information from her in two.” I turned my eyes from the road, a grim smirk on my l!ps.

‘Push it back two hours.’ Alec responded, cutting the mind-link short before they said anything further.

The two of us were silent as we pulled into Grace’s driveway. Her parents had been K*lled when she was young, hardly old enough to remember them. Her Aunt had raised her, but from a distance. Money whenever she needed it, maids to cater to her needs, but her Aunt never provided affection or restrictions. Grace had let her life turn her bitter, intent on ruining anything good.

I knocked on her front door, my sight turning a sickly shade of red. My wolf clawed at the edges of my mind, telling me to break down the damn door.

Grace had failed miserably to hide the flash of fear in her eyes as she opened the door. A coy smile played on her l!ps as she glanced between the two of us, but I could still see that tiny trace of fear lingering in her eyes. She had asked countess times if Alec and I would share her. My patience ran thin as I continued to refuse her suggestion.

“Kade–” My name left Grace’s l!ps, my self-control wavering as I shoved her inside the house. I stopped as her back slammed into the wall. Fear bled into her eyes as she realized that we knew.

“It doesn’t matter. You won’t see her again.” Grace chuckled; her face flushed from my grip on her throat.

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