Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 181

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 181

Derrick pats Andrei on the shoulder and Andrei growls but lets Clive go stepping away from him, his canines protruding and I take a step toward Andrei before Derrick yanks me behind him.

“At least one of you is smart” Dominic says nodding to Derrick before looking at me over Derrick’s shoulder, he smirks before his eyes flick to Andrei. There was something off about this man, the vibe he gave off made my skin crawl and it was more than his Alpha aura it was him in general.

“Tell your man to bring the boy over,” Dominic tells Andrei.

“No, have you seen his record, he doesn’t want him, he just wants what he gains by taking him?” Andrei replies.

“Clive has every right to file for the boy, he is family and a rehabilitated man, now hand the boy over”

“Is this because of the Alpha meeting? I knew something was going on because there is no way a judge would award custody to a piece of sh*t like Clive Steed. What do you want, Alpha Dominic? I will take this to the courts, you can’t award this man custody”

“It’s amazing what power and money can buy, just like you trying to buy the boy back. What I want, I’m about to get the moment you hand that boy over. See Clive here owed my Casino a ma*s*sive debt, but then little Jonah needed a home, so when I found out Clive was his uncle I made him an offer. I would clear his debt and find him a pack to join, in exchange for him taking on the boy.

Your sister made an enemy of the wrong man, so when I received an email the other day looking for blood relatives of Jonah and that you were seeking to adopt him, I couldn’t help myself.

I was planning on signing those documents for you, well until Katya yesterday decided to humiliate me, so I made a few calls. I don’t like to waste an opportunity to get revenge and since I can’t get to Katya right

now I went after the next best thing, her family”

“You would really give an innocent child over to this man, you are a f*uc*king father, would you trust your kid in his possession?” Andrei asks him.

“Not my kid, not my problem. I couldn’t care less what becomes of the boy, all I care about is showing Kat who has the real power. She may be Queen now but she will never be able to rally the packs behind her, she will never have control and this is just one way I am showing her that”

“You f*uc*king bastard, he is a boy” Derrick spits at him.

“And what about you Derrick, you are hardly winning father of the year, didn’t you toss Andrei here aside. That alone shows me what kind of man you are, you are no one to judge Clive. I have the documentation here ” He says, clicking his fingers.

“Fight all you want in the courts for the boy” A man gets out of the car passing him a folder and Dominic hands the folder to Andrei.

“You will never get him back, not unless you tell Katya to rechallenge me and stand down from her title, that folder contains Clives references saying he is a reformed man, the parenting courses he has completed or it says he completed anyway, times and dates can be changed with a little influence, records can become lost. On paper Clive looks like a very respectable man and a good candidate for little Jonah. I have even written my own recommendation on what I think is in the best interest of boy and that is Clive.

You have money Andrei, but you don’t have the power I have to change what I have done. Now you want the boy, tell Katya to admit defeat and announce that she is stepping down, then and only then will I have the ruling overturned, until then” He looks over at Malik, his Alpha aura rushing out.

“Bring the boy” Dominic demands and Andrei steps toward Dominic, his hands clenched into fists.

“I wouldn’t recommend doing whatever you are thinking of doing Andrei or would you like me to show you what having true power is. I could command your entire pack to K*ll themselves and they would have no choice but to obey, or I could order you to give me your lovely mate, and you would be f0rced to watch me take her away from you. Don’t tempt me, because I could destroy you in ways you never thought possible.

The boy isn’t even yours, don’t make me take everything from you just to prove a point. Do as I ask and I will have the boy returned back to you, until then he belongs to Clive” Malik was drenched in sweat by the time he walked the short distance toward us. His movements were painful and robotic as he tried to fight the command unsuccessfully.

Jonah reaches for me and I take him from Malik. Malik lets out a breath, Dominic’s aura slipping off him. “ I don’t want to go” Jonah whispers and I clutch him to me.

“I know, it’s only for a little while” I tell him, while glaring at Clive. Jonah hugs me tighter and I bite my lip to stop it from trembling and squeeze my eyes shut to stop the tears from spilling. We break and it was going to scare him more than he already was.

I rub his back and after a few minutes Andrei takes him. He looked so small in Andrei’s arms but right now we put the entire pack at risk if we disobey. But now we knew who we were up against, we could figure out a way to get him back.

Casen brings his bag over and I hand it to Clive. “ There’s clothes in there and some toys, also his vitamins the pack doctor recommended he take” I tell him. Clive snatches the bag from my grip and walks over tossing in the window of the car.

“Hurry up, I haven’t got all day” Clive tells Andrei who growls at him. Andrei places Jonah on the ground and pulls the phone from his pocket.

“I will ring you everyday, make sure you charge it like I showed you,” Andrei tells him. Jonah nods, taking the phone. Andrei also slips a small piece of paper folded up with his number in Jonah’s pocket.

When Clive grips Jonah’s arm and yanks him toward the car. Andrei moves quickly at the man’s harsh treatment, punching Clive in the face before his father jerks him off a stunned Clive.

“He has to leave with him, don’t make it worse for him” Derrick growls in Andrei’s ear.

“Are you just going to let him do that?” Clive spits at Dominic before opening the door and pushing Jonah toward it. Jonah gets in the car and Clive slams the door. I step past Clive to try to calm down Jonah who was crying hysterically and open the door plugging his seatbelt in and wiping his tears.

“Shh, you will be ok, it’s not for long, we will get you back” I tell him. He nods and I p@sshim his bag and he hugs it to his tummy.

“Don’t forget to ring us if you need us” I tell him.

“I need you now” He whispers, glancing out the windshield at his Uncle.

“I know, I know buddy but for now we can use the phone ok, we will see Kat and make this all better? But for now I need you to be on your best behaviour, and stop the tears because it’s only for a little while” I tell him.

Exactly how do you explain to a child not to provoke the person that has now been given custody of him. Those are words that should never be said to a child, they shouldn’t have to fear the person caring for them, we are meant to be their safe place, the first person they run to. Not

the person they hide from and cower from. Yet I knew he wouldn’t be getting cuddled and his tears wiped by this man.

“That’s enough, get away from him” clive calls out.

I press my lips together to stop from saying what I truly thought of him, I didn’t want to make things worse for Jonah but Andrei gripped Clive’s shirt, ripping him to him.

“ If you lay one finger on that boy, I will hunt you down and you will meet the man I used to be” Andrei growls at him before letting him go.

“Get your hands off me, what still nothing, what use are you if you are going to let him toss me around like that?” clive spits at Dominic.

Dominic’s aura rushed out at the disrespect he was shown. Clive drops to the ground clutching his head. “Don’t forget who you are speaking to mutt, but most of all don’t forget I am also a father and I don’t like child abusers, so heed his warning Clive. I let you have the boy, I never said hurt him” Dominic spits at him before looking at Andrei.

“ Speak with Kat, then you get him back, you and I both know the boy stands no chance at a future with him” Dominic says as Clive gets up and walks over to the car and climbs in.

“And that’s exactly why my daughter is better off as Queen, she would never sacrifice a child for her own gain” Derrick tells him.

“Your daughter is a small girl that entered into the game of politics with men she will never be able to compare to or control. There are other ways to dethrone a Queen, I am offering her the easy way out. Tell her to do what I said, then you get the boy back” Dominic says, turning on his heel and getting in his car. Clive smirks starting the car and reversing out before taking off in a cloud of dirt and dust. Taking our hearts with him as we watched helplessly.

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