Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 286

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 286: Marabella POV

A month and a half Later.

“No. I’m telling you it goes there,” Dominic argued with my father Mateo.

“Then what is this piece for? You have it upside down,” he replies holding the piece of wood. They both looked at my other father holding the instructions while I rocked in the chair rubbing my huge round belly, I looked like a beach b*ll.

“I say, just s***w it together, get some hex scr*ws and duct tape,” Andrei says and they all look at him as he holds the drill.

“And that is exactly why you p@ssthe tools,” mum tells him. She plucks the instruction’s out of dad’s hands and turns them the right way up, clicking her t0ngue.

“Out of all of you, you have half a brain cell between the lot of ya,” scolds my mother.

“Yeah leave it to the a*s*sembly Queen,” Sage says, pointing to herself and plucking the drill from Uncle Andrei’s hand.

“Fine. We will start on the chest of draws,” Dominic says, turning to the other a*s*sembly kit.

“No,” mum, Sage and I say in unison, all of them look at us, like they were scolded children. I press my l!ps in a line at their hurt faces.

“We want to help,” my father Ezra says looking hurt.

“You’re a little rusty on the tools, probably safest you,” she glances around the nursery, her eyes falling on the washing basket of washed baby clothes.

“You can all help by folding and hanging,” she offers. They mutter between themselves before agreeing and making their way over to the huge basket of everything I washed from the baby shower.

Sage lets out a breath watching Andrei and shaking her head as Andrei holds up a tiny little onesie. Both my fathers rummaged through the little coat hangers while Dominic wandered off before returning with an ironing board and iron. He sets it up by the window and grabs a little shirt setting the clothes out while mum and Sage start putting the crib together.

I watched rubbing my growing bump. Not long now, I smiled to myself when Jonah wandered in with an iced tea. I sit up and smile as he looks around the room at all our family. He raises an eyebrow when he notices his father being scolded by Dominic about ironing etiquette.

“Why does it need to be ironed? The kid won’t care about creases,” Andrei whined. Dominic clicked his t0ngue and his eyes went wide as he looked over at my father folding some clothes and setting them on the shelves inside of the huge wardrobe.

“No, you must color coordinate them. What is wrong with you?” Dominic scolds, pushing inside with them and rearranging the baby shirts on one of the shelves.

“What s**t are you dribbling now? They are color coordinated, everything is blue,” My father Ezra retorts pointing at the shelves.

“This is light blue, that dark blue, and this is more of a teal than blue,” Dominic says, holding them up to show him. My father shakes his head.

“Now we know where Kyan gets it from,” Jonah says nudging me with his elbow. We stared at our fathers arguing shades of blue and the how it should be arranged in the walk in wardrobe.

“Ah, perfect,” Andrei says, holding up the tiny shirt he had just ironed and examining his handy work. I watch the iron start smoking on the ironing board and Sage sniffs the air turning her head to look at him as the iron burns a h*le through the cover on the ironing board. He gasps while picking it up.

Looking around frantically. I shake my head and laugh as Dominic steps out and Andrei quickly throws the shirt he had ironed over the b**n mark to hide it from him.

“Ah, see, no creases,” Dominic says looking at the little ironed shirt before turning back the basket to retrieve another and he hands it to Andrei, who looks relieved he didn’t notice the charred fabric beneath the shirt he just ironed. I sip my tea while trying not to laugh as the four huge men argue over the nursery set up. All of them bickering.

Mum and Sage put the crib together in record time and the chest of drawers while they were still arguing over the clothes. Mum clicks her t0ngue and shakes her head, Sage laughs and rolls her eyes as they bickered over the stupidest s**t.

“Where is Kyan?” I asked Jonah and he leans down pecking my l!ps and rubbing his hand over my belly. “Baby proofing the d**n manor because apparently the baby is coming out 18, walking and with a job,” he laughs. I giggle, and rest my head back on the headrest and rest my eyes. Kora yawns in my head tiredly. I must have drifted off because I woke to hands scooping me off the reclining rocker. Kyan smiles down at me and k!sses my nose.

He walks out of the room to the room next to the nursery. Our room and I could hear all our fathers arguing in the hall.

“Ah, what are they arguing over now?” I whined.

“Over their titles, your fathers want to be called pop,” he tells me.

“Ah, and so does yours,” I gr*an.

“Just put some names in a d**n hat, and pull one out,” Sage says, getting up them.

“They bicker more then children,” I hear my mother say.

“God help us when this baby is born,” Kyan says when I hear footsteps running up behind us. Kyan steps aside for Jonah to rush past us. I look over at him as rushes into the room only to see him nearly trip over the baby gate.

“B****y lift and pull,” Kyan growls. Jonah yanks on the baby gate trying to open it.

“Lift and pull,” Kyan snaps.

“I’m about to p**s, my d**n p*nts,” Jonah snarls, giving up and stepping over it. Kyan shakes his head and uses his foot to lift the little gate and his knee to push it open. Kyan sets me on the bed while Jonah whines and m***s in the bathroom, rattling something.

“What the f**k, this one too! Man you are taking this too far,” Jonah growls.

“Just wait, a d**n second,” Kyan growls. I glanced into the bathroom at Jonah who was squirming undoing his zip hopping from foot to foot. Kyan shakes his head and Jonah growls, turning to the shower and sighing.

“Jonah what the f**k!” Kyan growls as Jonah sighs, relieving his bl*dder in the shower.

“Who locks a d**n toilet seat,” Jonah sighs, closing his eyes like it was the best feeling in the world.

“The baby could fall in,” Kyan says, stalking off out the door. Jonah turns the shower on, muttering under his breath before zipping his p*nts up.

He washes his hands just as Kyan walks in with a mop and bucket. He thrusts it at Jonah.

“I rinsed the shower,” Jonah tells him.

“And now you bleach the shower,” Kyan says. Jonah growls, snatching the bucket from him.

“I wouldn’t have to if you didn’t lock every toilet in the d**n place. I nearly pissed my p*nts,” Jonah scowls.

I rub my belly and Kora sighs. “Family, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” she grumbles. “Poor kid is going to be smothered with affection,” she says.

“What does Kaif think?”

“Thinks he wants to beat them all upside the head. Jax he just says let em go,”

“And you?” I chuckle. Kora sighs.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Kora murmurs, happiness blooming inside her making my heart swell.

Another Three weeks later

Kyan POV

We were on our way home from Mara’s last appointment, Jonah walked ahead opening the car door. Her feet were so swollen, and she reminded me of a duck with the way she waddled toward it. I grip her elbow as she g****s sitting down in the front seat. Jonah tosses me the keys and climbs in the back.

I caught them while watching Marabella fight with the seatbelt as she tried to pull it over her round belly. Jonah quickly leans over from the backseat grabbing it and pulling on it gently instead of yanking on it like she was doing. She sighs, closing her eyes and her cheeks turning pink.

“You’re not still seriously embarra*s*sed,” I ask her as I climb in the driver seat. Jonah chuckles behind her and she growls at him.

“How was I supposed to know I only shaved half? It was a touch and feel job, you could have told me,” she snaps.

“Hey, we both offered to help you shave,” I tell her while pulling away from the curb. She huffs, folding her arms over her chest and her belly growls hungrily.

“You, my boy, are making me fat,” she mumbles and I pull into McDonalds. I place our order through the drive through before stopping at the window. Marabella was always craving their horrid apple pies, I ordered extras knowing if I don’t Jonah or I would be doing a night run in here to get them, or dad.

Not that he ever complained, he doted on her and I swear she was becoming spoiled. Dad always scolds me when I would complain, stomping out of the house to get whatever it she was craving.

“She is growing a child, you and Jonah got your jollies off, now get her a d**n apple pie and stop complaining,” he snapped at me last night when she woke me at 1 in the morning wanting one.

We waited for our food when all of our phones started beeping and a messenger group chat came through.

We all open the group chat labelled family.


I coughed on my spit and Jonah snickered behind me.

Dominic: Barbeque starts at 5:30. Time to What sort of you want? Or I could make one? Or both?

Jonah: Need something stronger than to get me to try

Jonah chuckles behind me. I shoot him a look over my shoulder and Marabella chuckles at his reply.

Andrei: Well, that escalated fast. Just me or is it getting in here.

Dominic: How cool are these emoji things? So cute. Mara told me about them, so thought I would try, they are so simple.

Mateo: I love a bit of and

Jonah: So you bringing your down for then @Mateo?

Eziah: D**n Daddy Dom, I like a E, but ain’t anyone touching my

Dominic:??? I think I have some and

I watch the speech bubbles pop up saying someone is typing and Jonah laughs behind me and I turn my attention to Marabella. Her face heats and she laughs when another message pops up.

Mateo: You can get special cream for that!

Dominic: Whipped cream?

Mateo: Na, you can get cream.

Dominic: I will have to remember this.

Sage: This sounds interesting, is it compulsory to participate?

Dominic: Huh?

Katya: I never pictured you being a

Dominic: I could probably find to go in?.

Jonah: This is the best.

Kyan: Dad just

Ezra: WTF

Dominic: Don’t be late. What does WTF mean?

Sage: Don’t worry Andrei always gets there early these days.

Katya: @sage I feel ya. like it’s a race.

Kyan leaves group chat…

I turn to Mara who looks away pressing her lips in a line trying not to laugh as she continues reading the messages coming in.

“You can explain to my father that he just invited everyone to a s*e*x party,” I tell her shaky my head. The woman passes me the bag of food and I snicker, handing it to Ella only to hear Jonah chuckling in the back.

I glance at him in the mirror and shake my head knowing he was stirring the pot further.

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