Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 236

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 236: Kyan POV

“Lucas, have you seen my phone?” I call out to him. I was running later; I should have left already.

However, I was contemplating not going after Jonah’s threat. I knew he told his dad, who in turn told hers. I wasn’t worried about them doing anything. They stood no chance if they did. I didn’t need Kaif Kaif to take them down, but could I risk hurting Marabella any more than I have.

Today I would do it, I would set her free of me, I would end this finally, and she would be safe away from me.

“Lucas! ” I call out again when I get no answer.

“No, did you check your room?” Lucas calls out. Of course, I checked my damn room. I growl,

frustrated; it had all my videos stored on it, though I had them backed up on my g* ** *e drive, but I still liked having them. They were the only thing that helped me keep control of Kaif when he was anxious.

He usually settled instantly when I would play the videos of Mara that I kept secretly. I had videos from when she was a baby right up until now. I suppose one would probably think it was creepy that I watched her without her knowledge.

Yet it isn’t hard to tap into her family’s security cameras, though she hardly spent time in any of the main areas, however, when she did. I always saved them, so Kaif Kaif had something to watch.

Hearing footsteps, I turn around, looking toward the stairs of the foyer.

“No, luck?” he asks, and I shake my head.

” If you find it, ring Jonah and let me know,” I tell him. I had to get to the challenge; I promised I would go. He had been waiting for this day since he was a kid, and I would make sure no matter how much of a terrible idea it now was going, that I would be there for him.

Though it would be awkward now that KaifKaif had marked him. I still can’t believe he would betray me like that? Betray us?

“You left me no choice,” Kaif snarls.

“There is always a choice, ” I tell him while walking out to my car.

“Then make the right ones, and I won’t have to take drastic measures, ” He growls back.

“You know only mates are supposed to mark each other, and Jonah isn’t my mate,”

“No, but he was right about one thing, Mara was always supposed to be his too,”

“How so?”

“I don’t know, I could sense it when I marked him; he shared her essence, “

“Essence maybe because he had been with her all night, ” I tell him, but he disagrees.

“No, I can’t explain it, he is like, I don’t know the glue, the one that holds everything together, her opposite if you like,”

“Opposite, that makes no sense, “

“With darkness come light, Jonah is the light, but I don’t know, it’s more than that,” He muses.

“Well, figure it out, let me know,” I tell him, starting my car.

“You don’t seem very upset about me marking him,”

“He is like a brother, though how this will work when he becomes Alpha is beyond me, you mate marked him, I am not about to leave the City, and I sure as hell won’t be with Mara and ah, definitely not with him,”

“You always think of s*e*x. You know, relationships back in my day weren’t about s*e*x. None of this try before you buy crap; you cou1dn’t even have s*e*x until you courted and married the lady and got parental approval,” KaifKaif says.

“Yeah in your day, you thought the world was flat, and that bad smells caused disease,” I tell him, shaking my head.

The drive took a couple of hours, and as I pulled onto the long stretch of road, I was suddenly nervous about seeing Mara. Should I apologize? Should I just steer clear until it is all over then approach her to reject her? I was definitely out of my element here.

Parking, I noticed the entire pack stared in my direction. Here we go, I thought. I could see Mateo and Ezra on the hill like they were waiting for me. I roll my eyes.

“You’re on your own,” KaifKaif says, and I growl at him.

“Aren’t I usually against you? ” I scoff, pushing my door open only to see Mara walk out of the Packhouse with Sage. Sage stops and my stomach sinks. I felt terrible. It was clear she knew by the glare on her face. Marabella stops staring at her before looking over her shoulder and noticing me.

She looks back at her Aunty, who suddenly starts walking in my direction and Marabella tries to stop her, but one look from Sage and she drops her head.

Sage storms past her in a blaze of glory. “I expected better of you. I f*uc*king expected so much better,” She snarls at me. Everyone stopped to watch, and I saw her hand twitch a few seconds before her palm connected with my face.

I swallow, unable to meet her gaze, instead looking toward Marabella. She had her hands cupping her mouth like she couldn’t believe Sage just hit me, her face turning red with embarra*s*sment as the entire pack started crowding around.

” Explain yourself. You dare try.. Try… ” Sage couldn’t bring herself to say it. Tears spring in her eyes and her lip quivers.

“You have disappointed me,” She says. My stomach dropped. She was like the mother I never had, and her words stung more than her hand.

“I’m sorry, ” I tell her, meaning every word of it.

“I’m not who you should be apologizing to,” She says before walking off. She pauses when she gets to Marabella’s side and grabs her arm before turning to look at me.

“Andrei is inside with Jonah,” She says before tugging Mara away and toward the training grounds. I watch them go before heading inside. Her fathers start walking down toward the packhouse, and I gr0@n, ignoring them and heading inside.

Andrei was sitting on the stairs when I walked in with no shirt on and a pair of shorts. He didn’t even look up as I entered. Instead, his fists clench on his knees, and his jaw clenches before he rises and walks over to me, stopping beside me. He doesn’t even look at me.

“You hurt my niece, “

“I know, I wouldn’t have gone through with it, you know me, Pa,” he nods.

“Your right, I do. And you know me, you know how we handle things, ” I press my lips in a line and nod once before spotting Jonah on the top of the stairs watching us.

“You block him out, he doesn’t need to feel it, but you get in that ring afterward, you take your punishment, understood?” Andrei says.

“Yes, Sir,” I sigh, and Jonah looks away.

“You’re lucky I know you, you’re lucky I love you like my own, if you were anyone else and you had gone through with it, you wouldn’t be breathing, Kaif or not, I would have found a way to bury you for what you did,”

“I know you would, but I wouldn’t have, “

“I know, I know my boys, I know what they’re capable of, and you aren’t capable of being that monster, but I know you did it to scare her, I know

your reasoning, but I am telling you now, your reasoning is wrong and now you pay the price for your mistake, ” He says before walking out the door.

Jonah looks away from me and folds his arms across his chest. “You see Mara yet?”

“Yes, and mum, ” he nods, walking down the steps toward me. “And?” “And what?”

“f*uc*k Kyan, you need to fix it,”

“I know, I will I am rejecting her after the challenge, ” I tell him, and he growls.

“You do that, and I will f*uc*king hate you, “

“What else do you want me to do? I can’t keep her and I doubt she would want me after today ends anyway,”

“You’re a bloody idiot, “

“No, you are for thinking this was ever going to work. I K*ll her, Jonah, K*ll her. I have told you this,”

” No, you have some blurred out image of what you think you did to her; we don’t know for sure, “

“I do know for sure, Jonah, she was dead in my arms,

“Just.. f*uc*k. Why do you gotta be so complicated, ” I rubbed my temples was I the only one here that was trying to protect her, everyone trying to f0rce her death? What is it with everyone?

“You need to get ready,” I tell him, and he sighs.

“What?” I ask and he shrugs before biting his lip. “What is it, Jonah?”

“What happens when I win?” “What do you mean?”

“We are bonded in more ways than one, we can’t be apart now without weakening each other, “

“We will figure it out,” he nods, running his fingers through his hair and I grip his arms.

“You want this. You have trained for this, ” I tell him, and he looks at the ceiling and I could feel his worry through the bond, feel his anxiousness but also something I couldn’t decipher.

I slap his arm. “Go get your title,” I tell him and he nods.

“Yeah, I should get out there, ” The moment we walk out the door, I am punched. What shocked me most is, that it was Mateo that hit me. I expected Ezra, but it was Mateo who sat me on my @ssbefore gripping the front of my shirt. Ezra quick to his side and grabs his arm.

“You touch my daughter again, and not even the gods will protect you from me,” Mateo snarls as Ezra yanks him back.

“Save it for after, ” Mateo snarls at him, and I thought he may actually swing at his husband for stopping him. Mateo lets my shirt go before shoving me back on the ground.

“You hurt the wrong girl. No one touches my girls, “he sneers.

“Dad?” Mara whispers behind him, looking horrified like she was torn on whose side to pick. Jonah grabs my arm, hauling me to my feet, and Mateo wraps his arm around his daughter’s shoulder and tugs her away. Ezra watches me when his eyes flick to his wolf.

“You f*uc*ked up,” Maddox growls at me, and I nod, wiping my lip that dribbled blood down my chin.

Kaif enjoying my pain.

“I know, ” I tell him, and he walks off. Jonah nudges my shoulder with his and I glare at him.

“What you deserve it,” he shrugs.

“So do I gotta worry about Kat coming to smack me next, “

“Na, Eziah wanted to come and she is currently at home making sure he doesn’t rush over here and act out revenge,”

“Eziah? What’s he going to do, heal me to death?” I laugh and so does Jonah.

“He has more than healing powers,” Jonah says and I look at him.

“Huh?” Jonah shrugs.

” No, idea, but he spends a lot of time in the Moon Goddess realm. Apparently, he has other gifts but keeps them hidden. I am not even sure Kat fully knows what he is capable of. The only reason I know is Rose told me she saw him playing with light or some crap,

“Playing with light?” I ask. He shrugs.

“No, idea bro, no idea, the kid can be weird, but then again, none know of what Mara is capable of either, no one willing to go near or touch her gifts,”

“Can’t say I blame them,”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asks.

“Doesn’t matter, but they are best not touching her. She disabled me like it was natural to her,”


“She didn’t tell you?” I ask, a little skeptical. “Tell me what?”

“She disabled my magic, she … you know what,

never mind, you have the challenge to focus on, ” I tell him.

Everyone moved away from us as we approached, and the ring wasn’t a boxing ring, more like a dirt patch about as wide as half a football field. Everyone circled around the perimeter, eager to watch the Alpha challenge.

“You got this,” I tell Jonah and he nods. The moment I took my place on the sidelines to watch, everyone moved away like I had the plague. I could see Marabella a few meters away, and Sage was speaking to her, and she seemed upset about something, opening the bond I had to her, I felt her worry, and at first, I thought it was for Jonah, though that was there, I soon realized after a few moments it was more for me.

Sage tries to stop her as she starts walking over to me. I glance away from her, hoping she stops when I see Mateo grip her arm, she shakes him off only for Ezra to step in her path.

They seem to argue before he points in the opposite direction of me. I feel his command wash over her through the bond. I don’t expect the growl that tore out of her as she stomped off.

“Don’t you dare ignore her,” KaifKaif snarls at me. “I don’t want to cause her more dramas,”

“She is our mate, she wants us, and her fathers commanded her away, “

“That’s a good thing, Kaif, ” I tell him when he lurches forward, making me stagger. I hear a few people off to my left gasp as Kaif’sKaif’s aura slips out, Jonah stops glancing over at me, and I wave him off.

“My mate, ” KaifKaif snarls at me.

“Stop, I will talk to her after, ” I tell him when he shoves forward again this time. A growl slips out me from him, angered that her fathers would prevent her from coming to us.

“Your willing to let me take a beating from them, but hey, you want to K*ll them for stopping her coming over,”

“You deserve a beating. I don’t deserve them stopping me from being around my mate, “

“You do get we are the same person, right?”

“No, you are a moron, I’m not,” He says, and I roll my eyes. However, thankfully the challenge starts and distracts him. I watched the challenge for a bit,

Jonah and Andrei waiting each other out, trying to look for an advantage over the other, Marabella, I could feel her anxiousness as she watched.

Feel her fear Jonah would get attacked, her fear and worry bleeding into me, but Andrei wasn’ t a match for Jonah, not after spending years training with his father but also spending years surviving KaifKaif.

I was so absorbed in the challenge that I didn’t see Marabella escape her father’s until she touched my arm. I glance down at her, her eyes glued to the fight, when Jonah is suddenly tossed across the ground by Donnie , and Marabella jumps in panic as Donnie approaches Jonah’s fallen form, but I knew Jonah was waiting him out.

Looking for an opportunity before he shifted, looking for an opening. Marabella gasps as Donnie charges at him, and Marabella goes to step forward in panic when I grab her waist. I shouldn’t have. yet the urge to comfort her overwhelmed me as I tugged her to me.

I wrapped my arm around her waist, bringing her flush against my body. Kaif purred content and calmed down with her closeness.

“He is fine. Watch, ” I whisper to her as Donnie pounces, my grip tightens as she jumps, but Jonah shifts at the last second, ducking under him and tearing into Donnie’s stomach. Donnie growls, landing on his side before attacking again. Jax was quicker as he pivoted again at the last second and tears into Donnie’s flank.

“He is wearing him down,” Marabella whispers, and I nod against her shoulder.

The fight seems to go on forever, both of them drenched in blood with chunks torn off each other when Jax takes a brutal attack. Donnie breaks his hind leg between his jaws, and Marabella whimpers, the sound nearly costing Jax as he glances at her; Donnie ripped into his side, giving him no choice but to shift back.

“Shh, he is fine, ” I tell her, but she shakes her head. “His leg is broken; he can’t fight like that,”

“He heals quickly; he has had worse injuries, watch,” I tell her. Jonah easily maneuvers even with his broken leg, regaining the advantage. He keeps his weight off it while it heals.

He is swift on his feet, lithe and moves with precision, Donnie may be lethal, but Jonah had speed his father couldn’t compete with.

Jonah sidesteps, kicking his father’s wolf in the head with his broken leg, and he had him. Donnie knocked down and all Jonah had to do was make him submit. He wraps his arms around his father’s neck.

Marabella calls out excitedly, and Jonah glances at us. Jonah looks at his father struggling in his hold, trying to break free when Andrei shifts back, trying to get out of the ch*okehold. Jonah had him when he suddenly let go.

Everyone gasps, wondering what’s going on.

Andrei gets to his feet, going on the offensive again when Jonah drops to his knees and bears his neck submission.

“What are you doing? You had me,” Andrei growls at his son. Everyone Looks around, trying to figure out what the heck happened.

“Jonah? ” His father hisses, and Jonah suddenly gets up, and Andrei lets out a breath of relief but Jonah bows to him before walking off and heading toward us.

I noticed Rose a bit away from me and hadn’t noticed her until now. Jonah scoops up a pair of pants and tugs them on.

“Jonah?” Andrei calls. Everyone else watching. He had him. He would have won. Once he has pants on, he makes his way over to his sister and she glances up at him.

“What are you doing?” She asks him, looking out nervously toward her father.

“It’s all yours, sis,” Jonah says, gripping your shoulder.

“I don’t want it,”

“But you have trained for this. You wanted this, Jonah?” Jonah shrugs before glancing over at Marabella and I.

” Now I want something else; you will be great,” he says, leaning down and kissing her head. He then turns and walks toward us. I stare at him, gobsmacked. What the f*uc*k just happened?

I unwrap my arms from around Marabella and she moves toward him, and he wraps an arm around her walking toward me.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“I don’t want the title; I don’t need it,” he shrugs. “You’re just giving it up?”

No, it should have been hers, to begin with, the pack doesn’t need me, Rose will take over just fine, but you do need me, and I can’t be here for them when your in City,”

“We could have worked it out Jonah, you didn’t have to give it up for me,”

“Yeah, I did. I am Kaif’s guardian. I intend to see it through. I promised to remain by your side to watch over Kaif. I intend to keep that promise, and I can’t if I’m here, ” Jonah says.

“You’re a bloody idiot; you could have been an Alpha,

“Technically, I already am. Your mark made me one anyway, “

“But this is your home?” Marabella says, looking up at him. I glance at her, and Jonah kisses her head.

“Not anymore, it’s not”

Andrei comes over to talk to Jonah with Sage and Marabella steps over to me when I see Ezra and Mateo approach us.

“I didn’t tell them, I swear, ” Marabella whispers.

“I know, I am not angry; they are trying to protect you, ” I tell her.

“Mara go to Sage,” Ezra says, but Mara shakes her head.

“Now bub,” Maddox says, coming forward and growling at her.

“Please, just drop it,” Marabella says, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Now!” Mateo says, his eyes turning black as his wolf steps forward.

“No!” Mara says, positioning herself in front of me. I stare at her, wondering how she could side against her fathers after what I did.

I grip her arm, and Mateo growls menacingly.

“It’s fine, do as they say,” I whisper to her, but she shakes her head.

“You’re my mate, ” is all she answers.

“And I did wrong, now go,” I tell her before walking past her. Mara grips my arm, making me stop.

“Kaif?” she asks. “Staying out of it,”

“But Maddox,” She glances over at her father.

“I’ll be fine, ” I tell her, and Sage comes over, rubbing her arms gently before glaring at me. I nod, walking to the center, shrugging off my jacket before rolling my shirt sleeves up to my elbows.

” Let’s have it then, ” I tell them as Andrei, Mateo, and Ezra, start heading my way, caging me in.

I watched as each of their wolves came to the surface and the ripple of anger surrounding me was apparent when the entire ground suddenly started shaking like an earthquake. The ground ripples in a wave and Ezra, Mateo and Andrei, stagger for a second.

It wasn’t my magic. I knew that much when Eziah suddenly stepped forward.

“Eziah?” Ezra asks. Eziah flicks his wrist and the ground trembles before splitting and cracking, heading toward me and stopping at my feet. What the f*uc*k? Kaif presses forward, also not expecting magic, but I could feel the ripple of energy oozing off him.

“Leave him; he is f*uc*king mine,” Eziah growls before stepping into the ring. “You shouldn’t have touched my sister, “

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