Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 224

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 224: Kyan POV

My skin itched and burned fiercely at her betrayal, anger coursed through me, making my blood boil. She was mine, and I never expected her to do such a thing. And with my best friend of all people.

“You mean your only friend? I told you to mark her,” Kaif snarls in my head. I expected more of her; we were mates. Jonah, I knew he had feelings for her. It is evident in the way he never shut up about her. It honestly didn’t shock me. However, how strong Marabella’s feelings for him in return did.

I was more shocked that she still had feelings for him after finding her mate. I thought it was a crush she had, she had always been rather shy, and I knew there was something there, but for it to be so strong after realizing I was her mate astounded me.

Jonah did warn me he wouldn’t stop pursuing her, but the fact she reacted to him still really ground my gears. Jonah, however, was full of happiness and bubbly as f*uc*k; I knew he would be annoying as hell when he got here. I could feel him getting closer, and he wasn’t the least bit apologetic. Kaif growls, feeling Jonah’s emotions so heightened.

I stare down at my last message, she better show up and be brave enough for once to confront me, or I will drag her @sshere, kicking and screaming, and lock her away in my basement.

“No, next time, you will mark her and keep her before Jonah takes her from us, ” Kaif snarls.

Kaif stirs angrily under my skin when Jonah’s car pulls up outside, and I find myself stalking out of my room and jogging down the steps. Kaif wanted to K*ll him, and so did I , though I knew that wasn’t an option since he was tied to us.

Jonah lets himself in with his key just as I reach the foyer. A growl escapes me and echoes around us; he raises an eyebrow at me, unfazed by me rushing toward him. My fist connects with his chin and lip when I punch him. Blood gushing out and spilling down his chin and onto his shirt, making Jonah glare at me.

He growls at me before wiping his mouth the back of his hand.

”I f*uc*king liked this shirt, d*ic*kwad, ” Jonah snaps at me. Looking down at his grey shirt with some emblem on the front. He gr0@ns, tugging at his shirt to see the bloodstain on the front along the neckline.

He huffs, and I ball my hands into fists, Kaif pressing beneath the surface, his aura washing over me as he tried to settle down; if I didn’t punch him, Kaif may have come out and ripped him to pieces again, though he seemed to relax a little his thoughts on Marabella and the pull to go to her was more potent, he wanted to bring her here where he could watch her and keep her away from Jonah, but something was nagging at him also , something he wasn’t willing to share even with me.

”Do you have any idea how hard blood is to get out of clothes?” Jonah snaps, tugging it off with one hand and tossing it at me. The shirt hits me in the chest, and I grab it.

“That’s it, that’s all you got to say?” I ask him, and he smirks, folding his arms across his chest. Kaif fought against the urge to shift as fur replaced skin on my arms yet he was more angered at me than Jonah, which I didn’t understand. He blamed me for letting it happen, which angered me more; I never told him to kiss her.

Jonah rubs his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm, Oh yeah, I kissed your mate. Do you want details now? Or did you feel it? You felt it, huh? By the way, My sister punches harder than that, “ he says, punching my shoulder on his way past me and heading toward the kitchen.

Kaif growls at him furiously at his lack of care, yet still, he blames me and not Jonah.

“Enough, Kaif, I ain’t got time to deal with your homicidal a*s*s, get over it. Blame f*uc*kface, he should have marked her, but I probably still would have done it, not as if I kept it a secret from you; I am here, aren’t I?” Jonah says, slipping into the kitchen.

I push through the double doors after him, and he rummages through my fridge before grabbing a can of coke out, he slides one across to me on the island bench, and I grab it before it slides off onto the floor.

“You seem to be taking it pretty well, “ Jonah comments, and I glare at him, which he shrugs, infuriating me more before I sigh.

“More at her, “ I admit ; I honestly expected Jonah too, he was never subtle about what he wants and I knew he wanted Marabella.

”Why at her, I kissed her not the other way around?”

”Well, for one, she kissed you back, and secondly, I can’t K*ll you. Marabella, on the other hand, will be punished, ”

”Punished? What are you going to put her over your knee and spank her, ooh can I watch? ” Jonah asks, and I growl at him. ‹

”Hey, if there is spanking involved, I want to watch. Then I can rub it better be the good one, while you….

You just be you. I will win, either way, so keep up the douchebag act. It’s really working wonders for you, ” I chuckle at him as he wiggles his eyebrows; he just kissed my mate and was acting like it was nothing If it were anyone other than Jonah, they would be dead by now.

Kaif was still undecided about inflicting pain on him, but he also knew he would inflict pain on himself. Still, Marabella’s feelings for him had him convinced he would only be hurting her by doing something to Jonah, which astounded me he would come to that conclusion at all. Why wasn’t he trying to tear me apart to get to him? It had me baffled.

Kaif wanted her, and he didn’t care how he got her, but he kept something from me, which had me worried because it wasn’t directed at Jonah but Marabella.

”She didn’t care about our feelings, ” I tell Kaif as he observed Jonah through my eyes; he snarls before I am suddenly sprayed in coke when my claws slip out and puncture the can I was holding, spraying coke all over me. I jump , rushing to the sink to discard the can, and I growl at Kaif.

”Should have marked her, ” Kaifs hisses at me while Jonah hands me a tea towel, and I snatch it from him, wiping my face and the front of my tank top, the c*rotc*h of my grey sweats saturated, making it look like I pissed myself.

”Chill, bro , it’s just coke. Go change them, ” Jonah says while I fight the urge to go shower the syrupy mess off me. The desire becomes too strong, and I hear Jonah laugh as I walk out of the kitchen; Kaif knows I’m not too fond of mess, and now I feel sticky. He deliberately did it to get on my nerves.

Walking into my ensuite, I turn the shower on. ”You seriously going to shower? Just get a w*et cloth and wipe yourself clean, geez.”

”It won’t help , ” I shudder, kicking the door shut but leaving enough of a gap that I could hear Jonah easily as he moves around in my room.

I yank my clothes off, chucking them in the hamper before stepping in and instantly reaching for the soap. I washed quickly before shutting the water off, grabbing a towel, and wrapping it around my waist.

Walking into the bedroom to get dressed, Jonah was lying on my bed, wrinkling the straightened comforter while flicking through the pages of one of my family’s grimoires, Celeste’s one. The pages were old and delicate, and he didn’t have gloves on.

Walking over, I take it from him, setting it back in its air-tight box, and Jonah sighs loudly.

”It makes no sense; Celeste created Kaif; why curse him to your bloodline every twelve generations?”

”Because my bloodline was his first vessel, and because he K*lled Luna, “ I tell him, wondering why he was suddenly taking a keen interest in the Octavian Curse. He rarely asked questions, just trusted I knew about what I told him.

“But she created him; how could you curse your own creation?” Jonah asks.

“She didn’t. Do you not pay attention, “ I ask him before sighing.

“Why the sudden interest in my family’s curse anyhow,”

“Well, if we are sharing a mate, I want to ensure you don’t K*ll her, or Kaif does,”

“We are not sharing a mate; Marabella is mine, and I won’t share, neither will Kaif.”

“What’s kaif say, still a definite no?”

“Yes, f*uc*king no, she is mine,” Kaif growls and answers before shoving forward angrily, and I struggle to f0rce him back. Jonah pores emit the scent of his fear before he stifles it, knowing it would fuel Kaif if he got a good enough whiff of it.

Kaif settles and seems to think for a second, his mind working overtime as he thinks of the situation and his anger dwindles slightly; he hated the idea of Jonah touching Marabella, yet at the same time, he worried Marabella would hate us more if he hurt him.

I trusted no one more than I did Jonah. He would keep her safe from us, yet I knew it would never work. Kaif wouldn’t handle seeing them together; feeling them through the bonds was one thing, but seeing it, he would be uncontrollable. Marabella’s feeling for Jonah stumped him, and he seemed in shock just how strongly they both felt towards each other, his mind going to Luna and what he did.

The agony of her death, I cou1dn’t risk either of them like that, and for once we both agreed on something, he knew he was a monster, and he tried not to be, but instinct always won with Kaif, he knew it, and I knew it.

Kaif sighs, realizing it too; it is what his curse is about, after all, this was his punishment. To be forever alone, to know love only to have it taken away and lose it.

“Your thinking about something?” Jonah says, and I shrug, pulling on another tank top before tossing him one.

“Put it on, so I don’t have to look at those damn n*pples,”

“Careful I may pierce yours while your asleep next, “ He tells me before pulling the top on.

“Don’t f*uc*king touch me in my sleep,” “Yeah, yeah. It would be worth it though, “

“Really, you want another broken arm? “ I ask him, and he shudders while remembering the last time he startled me in my sleep. Kaif’s reflexes are always quick, especially when I am asleep.

Kaif broke his arm in three places and accidentally dislocated his shoulder, thinking we were being attacked again.

It’s been twenty years, and that day constantly played on my mind, how things could have gone differently if dad had not got there in time; he thoughtful for a second.

started training me after that day, every morning and every afternoon, Lucas taking over when he d*ied, the same routine. Morning and night, and I still did it daily, but mainly with Jonah, Lucas feared me, and he should.

He could never match me; no one could. Jonah only by the bond because it weakened Kaif, tying our life to Jonah’s had consequences, but it was for the best, especially without my talisman.

I needed some way to help restrain him. It was initially meant to be Lucas, but with him aging and his outright fear as I grew older, he would have only angered Kaif K*lling us all.

“Should I be worried about the party on the weekend?” Jonah suddenly asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Why everything is organized, I saw to it,”

“I mean with Marabella being there, Kaif… I mean, you won’t do anything, will you?”

“Just keep away from her, “

“You know I won’t do that, Kyan, so why ask?”

“Just do it for now, until I figure something out, “

“You know you could always tell her, tell her what Kaif is, what you are. Marabella won’t care; she will still want you, “

“That is exactly why I can’t tell her; it will end badly, it always does for Kaif; he can not be tamed, “ I tell him. “Yes, but this is the first time Kaif has had a guardian; I won’t let him hurt her,” Kaif seemed thoughtful for a second.

Optimistic for once, he didn’t care who he hurt to have her ; there was only one problem it was always his mate and himself. He would be his own destruction.

If history was anything to go by, it continuously repeated, and I couldn’t allow that until we broke the curse, not until we knew for sure she was strong enough to survive him. Because if he marks her, he will mate her, which will K*ll her; his love for her would be her end.

Jonah’s phone starts ringing, and he moves around fetching his phone from his back pocket. He looks at the screen before showing me, and I growl when I realize it is Marabella.

I wave at him to answer it, and he does. Kaif wanted to snatch the phone from him to scold his mate about kissing him, but upsetting her more held him back.

I honestly couldn’t understand him; he wanted to K*ll Jonah but blamed me; he wanted to punish Marabella for her betrayal but didn’t want her to hate him. I was getting a headache from his whiplashing emotions, none I could understand.

However, when Jonah answered, and her frantic voice came through the phone, warning Jonah to stay away from me, he snapped, lurching forward before I even registered he had control, her concern for Jonah sending blind rage through him.

Jonah jumps also thrown off guard as Kaif shifts, tearing my skin off to shift faster before lunging at Jonah while I tried to hone him in, yet I was fighting a losing battle as I felt us start to merge, his instincts becoming mine.

The sliver of our humanity I clung to gave away, as those instincts were telling us to K*ll him for while I tried to hone him in, yet I was fighting a losing battle as I felt us start to merge, his instincts becoming mine. The sliver of our humanity I clung to gave away, as those instincts were telling us to K*ll him for touching our mate.

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