Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 220

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 220: Jonah POV

Kyan and Kaif, in their Lycan form, are barbaric and uncivilized. Jax was completely battered, and our back leg was broken when his fist came down on our back before he kicked us. Air rushed around me, and my vision blurred at the f0rce and speed as we crashed through the conservatory wall; the air knocked out of our lungs with a wheeze. There wasn’t much left of this side of the house; just the frame remained and one side of glassleft.

I could feel Kyan was trying to fight off the urges rushing through him, fighting off instincts as they were now starting to tire. Neither of them had control in this form, K*ll or be K*lled.

Kaif could be rational, almost human in nature when Kyan had complete control, but they became the thing of nightmares in their shifted form.

glassrained down on us, a large shard slicing through my side, and Jax howls in pain. Kaif also howls, pain radiating through me everywhere, but finally, Kyan regained focus and was fighting for control back, his consciousness coming back to him when Lucas walked out behind me.

The growl was more like a roar as he went to charge at his Uncle, and Jax f0rces himself up again, blocking his way. Lucas realizing what he walked into, froze, remaining entirely still.

I tried to push on the blood bond, not sure how it worked, but I could feel Kyan through it, and he could feel me. His mind was consumed with instinct, driven by the darkest parts of Kaif. Their Lycan form was terrifying. I never voiced it, but I didn’t have to.

Kyan knew he scared me sometimes and had even come close to K*lling me a few times. If it weren’t for them weakening every time I am injured, I would surely be dead by now.

I am alive because of the blood bond; in this form, I am linked to Kaif and Kyan; in our human forms, I get slivers but not everything. Exactly why we made the bond in the first place, I was Kaif’s keeper in a sense, but to stop him from K*lling me, I had to feel him

and him me when he hurt me. The sh*t you do for best friends take a beating, then get a beer afterward and high-five it out.

Kaif’s eyes were locked on Lucas; Lucas was about three seconds from sh*tting his pants, but he knew if he moved a muscle , Kaif would attack in a heartbeat. Jax growls at Kaif , whose eyes dart down to us, he shakes his head, raking his claws down the sides of his face, and Jax whimpers as our flesh tears too.

I could see Kaif trying to remember who we are and what we are to him before he whimpers and leans down, shifting back, and Kyan is left panting on the ground beside me, his hand reaching out and stroking our fur.

“Thanks, Jax! ” He breathes, and I feel my bones rearranging, my broken leg snapping back in place. I lay back on the gra*s*s, also trying to catch my breath. He smashed us up pretty good. I feel his hands reach for the wound across my stomach.

“Oi, no touching the merchandise, don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea, ” I tell him, and he punches me in the arm. I looked over to see Lucas had gone back to safety within the house and let out a breath of relief.

“f*uc*k up, and hold still. And did you have to call him an oversized Hyena, ” Kyan asks before reaching out and ignoring me, slapping his hands away. He always felt terribly guilty afterward, but I was used to it, saved me from going to the gym.

“He liked that one huh, I will have to remember it then, “

“Want me to heal you or not? I swear you have rocks in your head antagonizing him like that,” Kyan growls at me. I feel the coldness of his magic seep into me, and I fight the urge to be sick.

I hated the feeling of his magic; it was so unnatural and sickly feeling. I imagined it was like what death felt like.

“Well, at least you will be ready when it comes time to fight for your Alpha title,” Kyan says, and I nod. I had to challenge my father in two months, I was stand-in Alpha now, but the official title hadn’t been claimed yet, though I have been called Alpha for years.

“What is it?” Kyan asks, sensing my unease. “Nothing, ” I tell him.

“Bullsh*t, you may not be able to feel me in this form, but I can still feel you,” He says, holding up his hand. We both had identical scars running down our palms from the blood bond. I look at mine, the skin raised along the line.

“If I take the Alpha position, what goes on with this, ” I ask him, and he shrugs.

“I find another way; I will think of something, ” He says, his brows furrowing.

“What if I don’t want to be Alpha anymore, ” I mutter, and he turns his head to the side, observing me.

“You have been training for it since you were a kid; you have always wanted this,”

“I did always want this, but it is different now. I don’t want the same things, “

“What do you want then? You are giving me whiplash with your indecision, like the stupid paint all over again for the casino theme. We changed paint codes seven times, ” Kyan mutters, shaking his head.

” Eight, but I will let your bad memory slide, ” I tell him, and he chuckles, shaking his head.

Kyan stands before offering me his hand and pulling me to my feet.

“You never answered, ” Kyan says, picking up shredded clothes and tidying as we walk back into the ruined Conservatory.

“Leave it, ” I tell him, and he growls, trying to clean up the mess; he hated untidiness and disorder.

“Keep walking, send cleaners tomorrow,” I tell him though I did not doubt after I left he would be back out here cleaning. He growls, and I see his fingers twitch with his OCD tendencies. Rubbing his temples, he storms off through the Conservatory’s left and into the central part of the house.

This place felt haunted, creepy as f*uc*k. The shadows, I swear had eyes, and it is so dark and cold feeling in this house. Kyan starts walking up the steps, and I stop next to the old grandfather clock.

“What about Marabella?” I ask him, and he stops looking over his shoulder at me. A growl escapes him before he continues walking toward his room.

I sigh, following him, and he flicks the light on. I catch Lucas peeping out the crack of his bedroom door across the other side of the second-floor landing.

“I know your there Lucas, you can stop hiding now, ” Kyan calls as he walks into his room. Lucas never used to be scared of Kyan until Kaif broke his arm and took his sight in his right eye.

“I wasn’t hiding,” Lucas calls back.

“Because peeping through the crack isn’t hiding, chill old man, he is alive, no bod*ies tonight, ” Kyan says, grabbing a pair of sweats out. He slips them on and before chucking me some pants.

“So, Marabella?”

“What about her,” he snaps, though he pauses sitting on his bed.

“Are you going to tell her? She showed me the message you sent her,” I ask him.

“No, and neither are you. Not that you could even if you wanted to,” Kyan says.

“No, I can’t tell her that, but I can tell her what you are. You never slipped that into your blood bond, seriously; who adds a non-disclosure to a blood bond?”

“I do because I know you love her, and I don’t need you blurting out every little detail to her,”

“How long have you known, and why didn’t you tell me?” I ask him, wanting an answer; he kept this secret for years. Has he always known or just once he turned of age?

” Since I was nine, ” and he shrugs like it was no big deal to keep that from me.

“That’s all I get since you were nine. Didn’t think to tell me that the one girl I have ever shown interest in is your f*uc*king mate?”

“She isn’t my mate, I haven’t marked her, and I am not going to,”

“So you are rejecting her then?”

“No, Kaif won’t allow it, ” he drops onto the edge of his bed, putting his head in his hands. I growl at him; Jax is also pissed off at his words.

“How did you know?”

“I have had Kaif since I was three; I could sense her. And dad told me too; he had a vision about her,”

“That’s why he took the bullet for her. That’s what you meant at the funeral when you dropped your Talisman into the coffin and sealed it in there” Kyan nods. I know he regretted doing that; he didn’t realize that it would lock permanently by dropping it in there.

It was not the best memory I had with Kyan digging up his father’s grave only to find his Talisman reinf0rced the coffin and permanently sealed it. I lean on the door frame, watching him, his entire body tense at the mention of Mara. My whole body trembled with rage, and Kyan raised an eyebrow at me.

” So you don’t want her even though your dad d*ied for her?” I ask him trying to understand his reasoning. How could he not want her? How could his own mate not be good enough for him?

“I never said I didn’t want her,” Kyan mumbles.

“Ah yeah, you did, bro. But where the f*uc*k does that leave me? I am not going to watch you run off into the sunset with her; you should have told me.”

“You have a mate out there, Jonah, so drop it; she is my mate, not yours. I will do as I please with her,”

“Like f*uc*k you will, you think I will sit by and watch you destroy her?”

“She isn’t yours! ” Kyan bellows before squeezing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose when Kaif tries to press forward again.

“f*uc*king coward, she is your mate. If you don’t want her, reject her and let me claim her, Kyan, at least I will look after her,” I snap at him.

“Jonah, enough. I am not arguing over my mate with you,” I shake my head, looking toward the creepy grimoires he keeps in his room, trying to figure out a solution. I couldn’t let Mara go. It was more than wanting her, I needed her. I wouldn’t just walk away from her.

I had three people in this world I would d*ie for without hesitation, my baby sister, the one being a twat and sitting right in front of me, the other back at the penthouse waiting for me to return home.

“So what now?”

“Nothing, go back home and drop Marabella back to her mothers tomorrow, “

“That’s it, what happens if she goes into heat, Kyan. You want to send her home by herself. She either belongs here with you, or you reject her. Pick, you can’t have it both ways, but don’t think for one second I am going to forget about her,”

“I reject her Kaif will K*ll me, I claim her she d*ies Jonah, is that the answer you wanted,”

“You make no sense; Kaif is her mate. He won’t hurt her, Kyan, “

“No, I already lost my father. I can’t lose her too. You think I don’t want her? I Fcking love her. I always have, you know this, but this is the only way. The only f*uc*king way Jonah.” Kyan sighs, he looks defeated as his shoulders slump, and he rests his elbows on his knees.

“She isn’t strong enough to survive Kaif, he f*uc*king K*lls her, dad saw it, she d*ies if I claim her. I d*ie if I reject her, and there is no way Kaif will share her; he isn’t like Maddox. He won’t suddenly catch feelings to you, “

“I never said we have to be mated to each other. I know Kaif isn’t like Maddox, and I sure as hell don’t swing that way; I like soft hands and un -hairy faces, ” I tell him with a shudder.

“Besides, Kaif won’t K*ll me. He couldn’t without K*lling you, ” I tell him.

“It won’t work, Kaif doesn’t share, I won’t share, and you can’t honestly say you would be comfortable

sharing her, and what if she doesn’t want to be shared?”

“But that wasn’t an outright no? ” Kyan growls, and his eyes turn to onyx pits as Kaif growls at me too. Ignoring Kaif and his possessive hairy *ss.

“So, it isn’t because your father d*ied for her? I know you struggled with that for years, but you could have told me she was your mate, ” I ask him.

“No… yes… I don’t f*uc*king know. I hate her … but I don’t, I know it isn’t her fault, but she still angers me ” He sighs. I move into his room, further pushing off the door, careful not to touch anything just in case.

You never know, with all this witchy mumbo jumbo, the sh*t in his room is probably possessed like the rest of this creepy house. I shudder thinking of the finger in the jar. Why would you keep that?

“My father d*ied for her, and for years she was fine, then once she started school she stopped f*uc*king living, he d*ied for no reason, I can’t even have her, and if I did somehow manage it, I don’t think I could forgive her,”

“Forgive her for what, she was Fcking baby,” “For throwing it away, she threw my father’s sacrifice in his f*uc*king face. He sacrificed himself for her even though he knew I couldn’t keep her, he d*ied for her, and she is just wasting oxygen by refusing to help herself, I can’t baby her, she needs to be able to look after herself, I can’t trust her to protect herself around Kaif, and if she can’t do that I can’t be with her.”

“This is ridiculous; you are being a d!ckhead. She can handle whatever this is. She is your mate. That’s why she is bonded to you, “

“What part of I K*ll her did you not understand?” “You won’t K*ll her,”

“Dad saw it, I have seen it, Jonah, my visions aren’t wrong,”

“No, but they are sometimes out of sequence, misinterpreted, they don’t give you all the answers, so you can’t be sure, “

“I watched her d*ie in my f*uc*king arms, in this Fcking house. I broke her neck; I think well, that is what it looked like. I strangled her or grabbed her too hard, but I definitely K*lled her.

Dad saw the same thing, but he couldn’t tell what started it, mine was the same, just bits and pieces, and then you hate me for K*lling her,” I shake my head. It didn’t make sense; I wouldn’t let him K*ll her. If Kaif got free, I would feel it.

“And that is the only reason because you think you will K*ll her?”

“That is enough, just get back to Ella,” He says, I rarely heard him say it, but sometimes it slipped out of him. His old childhood nickname for her. Kyan also seemed to realize what he said. He holds a finger up.

” Don’t,” He warns, and I smirk, shaking my head.

“Get home; you can b*tch at me tomorrow. You are covered in blood, and I have a headache, ” I shake my head, walking into his bathroom and removing the pants he gave me. I wasn’t about to go home drenched in blood.

“Use the other one, not mine; you always make a mess, ” He gr0ans.

“Wanna scrub my back,” I taunt. “f*uc*k off, wash your own damn back, “

“Love you too, ” I retort, turning his shower on in his ensuite before stepping under the spray.

“And don’t you piss in my shower, “

“Already peeing, ” I call back, laughing. He growls at me.

“Just helping you out with your tinea, “

“I haven’t got tinea. I will be back, and you are bleaching that shower before you leave, ” Kyan snaps before I hear his door shut. I laugh to myself before grabbing the soap.

“Oi, grab me a towel,” I sing out from the shower. I just hear him reply with something, but not clear enough to understand what he said.

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