Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 280

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 280: Jonah POV

Something had spooked Kyan. Whatever he witnessed, it frightened him. I knew not to ask, not while Eziah was sitting next to me. I glance at Kyan in the rear vision mirror. Mara was on his lap, cradled to his chest while he whispered to her. His magic slowly returned, and I could feel Kaif’s presence return as I pulled up at the manor.

Getting out of the car, I grab Mara’s bag she dropped in the elevator and pull it over my shoulder before opening the back door so Kyan could climb out with her. Eziah climbed out of the passenger side and looked up at the dark mansion.

Kyan glances over his shoulder at him, and his lips pull back over his upper teeth, revealing his canines before he adjusted Mara, her head resting on his shoulder as he placed her legs around his waist, his arm under her a*s as she slouched forward against him.

Eziah walks around the car, ignoring his anger. I could tell he didn’t want to be here but knew he wasn’t going anywhere until he knew Mara was alright.

Kyan walks toward the house flicking his wrist as his power returns and every light in the house turns on, lighting it up like a candle in the dark. Rushing ahead of him, I unlocked the door and pushed it open, letting him p@ssme. Eziah walked in behind him. Kyan headed straight for the stairs.

“Just remember whose house you’re in, Eziah. P**s me off I have plenty of places to bury your body,” Kyan snaps as he walks up the steps toward our room. Turning, I face Eziah, who stared after him.

“You need to tone it down a few notches,” I growl as he glared at Kyan’s back, climbing the last few steps.

“Tone it down? He f*****g started it,” Eziah retorted.

“No, you did when you k****d his uncle so cruelly. I get you had your reasons, and I am glad we have her back, but he has lost everything and everyone close to him, and you act like what you did has no effect on him,”

“What else was I supposed to do?” Eziah snapped.

“F*****g apologize. You don’t have to be a d**k about it. Now knock it off,” I tell him.

“Then tell him to give her to me, and I will f*****g leave,” Eziah snapped but so did Jax as he lurched forward, taking control, my hands suddenly around his throat as I pinned him against the wall. Eziah glares at Jax, and I f0rce control back, and Eziah smirks when I do.

“You are nothing but an entitled brat sometimes. For once, get your head out of your a*s. Hating him gets you nowhere, Eziah. It only hurts Marabella, and if it came down to choosing, I would pick the mate bond over you, and I know Mara would too, so get it together or lose her. Kyan isn’t your f*****g enemy. He’s her f*****g mate!”

“And I’m her brother,” he snarls.

“Yeah, you are, so I don’t want kyan to f*****g k**l you because you can’t keep your trap shut for once. Your snarky comments aren’t needed here,” I tell him, shoving him back.

“I was trying to help him,” Eziah says as I head for the stairs.

“Then help and stop being a j**k,” I tell him, walking up the steps. Kaif suddenly comes forward through the bond, and I felt him take over Kyan.

Walking into the room, Kyan’s hands glowed as he pressed them to the sides of her face. He looks over his shoulder at me.

“What are you doing?” I ask, stepping into the room.

“Channeling her, to find the source,” comes Kaif’s voice instead of Kyan’s.

“Kyan, know your forward?”

“He is with me,” he says before his eyes go past me, and I hear Eziah step in behind me.

Kaif growls, and his eyes flicker, but he turns back to look at Marabella.

“Did you find anything?” Eziah asks him, and Kaif growls, turning to look back at us. His canines had protruded, but I could tell Kyan was with him, and their fear coursed through me from them both. My stomach drops as Kaif’s eyes flick to me.

“She’ll be fine,” he says, and I let out a breath, then his eyes go to Eziah.

“Time to figure out how to open that coffin,” Kaif says coldly, his glare threatening to set Eziah on fire.

“So now you want my help,” Eziah snaps, and I growl at him.

“You only had to keep your mouth shut,” Kaif snapped, rising to his feet and shifting. His body rippled, and he cracked his neck standing up, his head nearly scraping the roof as I craned my neck to look up at him.

“Here we go,” Eziah mutters, and I want to strangle the idiot.

“She had her reasons for not wanting him to know, and now I have no choice but to tell him.” Kaif snarled.

“Well, the cat is out of the bag, f*****g get over it,” Eziah says, and Kaif takes a step toward him. Eziah rolls his eyes, unafraid of him, but Kaif wasn’t like Kyan. Nothing frightened me more than the monster that stood in front of me.

“Yes, and you made him lose control. You have no idea what you have done, what you have awoken,” Kaif growls, gripping the front of his shirt. He lifts Eziah so they are nose to nose, his feet dangling in the air.

“So you will help fix your mistake,” Kaif said his voice ice cold like the feeling running through me.

“And why would I do that?” Eziah snapped.

“Because if we can’t wake him to take his power, and the power in her gets out like that again, it could f*****g k**l her,” Kaif says, letting him go.

Eziah drops to his feet and glances at Mara on the bed.

“But you said she would be alright?” Eziah stammers.

“Idiot, now where is Celestes grimoire?” Kaif demands.

“In Mara’s bag downstairs,” I answer him, and he heads for the door ducking his head as he steps through it.

“Kaif?” I call, and he stops looking back in at me.

“What do you need?” I ask him.

“We need to wake Dominic,”

“What?” I ask, confused, looking at Eziah, staring at his sister.

“We don’t think he is d**d,” Eziah answers, and I look at Kaif.

“This is what she was keeping from us?” I ask and Kaif nods again then growls, glaring at Eziah.

“But for now I need to take his magic from her,”

“Why, he gave it to her,” Eziah asks, spinning on his heel to look at Kaif.

“This is why magic shouldn’t be played with carelessly, you can only harness so much, and she can’t harness more than she already is, you awoke it,”

“Awoke what?”‘ Eziah and I ask at the same time.

“Our child’s,” Kaif says looking at me.

“You got her pregnant?”‘ Eziah asks, and I s*****w. Kaif raises an eyebrow at me.

“Kyan has more control than that. Blame our mate,” Kaif says though I could tell he wasn’t angry, just more concerned. Kyan told me this could happen, and I didn’t think. I knew trio mates always shared DNA. Looking at Mara, guilt smashed me. Kyan was right; I may have caused the curse to continue.

“Jonah!” Kaif says, and I look at him.

“It’s not your fault. It’s d*ic*kheads,” Kaif says.

“I didn’t knock her up,” Eziah snapped, pulling a face.

“No, you just f0rced our child’s magic to awaken to protect its mother,” Kaif snarled before stalking off. Guilt hits me as I follow after Kaif, when Eziah calls out to me.

“Jonah,” I stop glancing at him.

“I’m sorry,”

“I’m not the one you have to say sorry to,” I tell him walking out to follow my mate.

I catch up to Kaif on the stairs. “What if we can’t wake Dominic?”

“He has to wake,” Kaif murmurs, walking across the foyer.

“But if he doesn’t?”

“I won’t lose her,” Kaif says.

“Kaif!” I demand as he grabs her bag off the chair. He looks over at me.

“Can you Chanel that much power?” I ask him.

“I can hold Kyan’s and mine, so yes,” kaif answers.

“That’s not what I asked,”

“It’s Octavian magic. Kyan is Octavian, Dominic is Octavian, I can take it,”

“I know, but each generation gets stronger, doesn’t it? Kyan can barely contain your magic and his own,”

“Kyan will be fine,” Kaif answers. Yet I knew he was hiding something.

“What happens if you take Dominic’s magic?” I ask.

“I a****b it,” he says simply.

“Kaif!” I snarl.

“I a****b it, and take Dominic’s place,”


“We open that coffin and can’t wake him. We have the daggers,”

“I’m not following,” I tell him.

“One takes life. One gives it. We open that coffin and can’t free Dominic. You use Celeste’s dagger on me, the one used on Luna,” Kaif murmurs.

“You want me to K**l Kyan?” I ask horrified but Kaif shakes his head.

“There is a reason that talisman was always kept by the Octavians, in case they had to k**l me if I couldn’t break the curse and gave into the darkness. I am done losing mates, done losing my children, we can’t wake Dominic, you use the dagger on me,”

“I am not k*****g Kyan. Are you insane,”

“It won’t k**l Kyan, but it will k**l me if used on me in this form,”

“Mara would never allow that,” I tell him.

“That’s why I asked you and not her, you are my guardian, and if it comes to choosing between them and me, you choose them. You won’t let me k**l her, and I won’t have her k**l our child,” Kaif says, snatching the book out of the bag.

“She can handle the darkness, Kaif,”

“That child is the darkness, Marabella isn’t a normal wolf, she is Gemini twin, that baby she is carrying has more power than anything I have ever seen before,”

“What do you mean?”

“Dark and light, Jonah, that’s what a Gemini is, but what happens when darkness meets darkness,” my brows furrow.

“Octavian bloodline is a demi-god-witches, though,” Kaif nods.

“And she is the daughter of the moon goddess. That baby is the first in history, a Gemini god,”


“Octavian bloodlines stem from the gods, and so does hers. Let’s just hope it has your temper. God help us if it has mine,” Kaif says, walking back up the stairs toward the third level.

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