Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 279

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 279: Kyan POV

My heart nearly stopped when I watched my magic crash into her. She disabled my magic with her words, making my panic even more heightened because I wouldn’t even be able to take it back. All-consuming fear hit me as I saw mine and Eziah’s magic bleed into her with the f0rce of a bomb, yet she took it in and remained standing.

That was a magnitude of magic no one should have survived. Yet she deflected my spell, I lost control, and I could have k****d her, but she blocked it and sent it back. Sending it hurdling into me, forcing me to re-a****b it. That shouldn’t be possible. She shouldn’t be breathing, let alone still standing.

Power oozed and rippled out of her like a pulse; the darkness that tainted her spilled out and carved the shadows into her skin like it does me before she simply walked out of the room. I stared after her, shocked, and she simply walked out unaffected.

Getting to my feet, I glanced at Eziah, who was still picking himself up off the floor. I wanted to k**l him, but I had to check my mate first. The bond was deadly silent and numb, almost cold, as I ran out the door after her. The lights in the hall flickered the further she moved away.

The buzz of electricity in the air was supercharged as she got in the elevator, the lights above it beeping as she stepped inside, and I ran toward her forcing my way in before the doors shut.

Marabella still had her back to me as she pressed the b*tton before turning to face me. When she did, I took a step back, my back hitting the closed door. Shadows tainted her, slivering under the skin like leeches, writhing within her. She seemed dazed as she stared at me vacantly, one eye black as coal, the other the color of burning embers.

“Ella?” I whispered, and she blinked, tilting her head toward me.

“He is my brother. You don’t have to like him, I know he can be a p***k, but you will not touch him,” she says so coldly, and calmly I briefly wondered if it was my Ella at all. Her voice was unwavering as she stared at me, making me realize I hadn’t even answered.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured, reaching out to her, but she just stared at me until I gripped her arms and ran my hands up to her shoulders. Her skin was ice cold under my palms. She sighed as sparks ran across my palms and up my arms along with something else.

Something I knew wasn’t my father’s magic, wasn’t the shadows; it was protective, warm, lukewarm, but not at all like the coldness of the magic that usually ran through her when I felt my father’s magic or the icy feeling of the shadows. This power was different, seeking mine out before retreating when it touched the shadows inside me.

Yet my touch seemed to awaken her as she blinked, the color in her eyes flickering.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to lose him twice. I wanted to be sure,” she murmured. I wanted to ask what she meant when suddenly the feeling of her magic or whatever had a hold of her extinguished like someone just switched it off, and with it, the power d*ied. The elevator dropped, plummeting quickly to the ground.

The sudden drop had us hit the roof, and my stomach dropped as I grabbed her. Alarms inside blared as the elevator descended, the emergency brakes squealing as it tried to kick in and slow us. My hands slammed into the metal, yet my magic fizzled in my fingertips, still having not returned.

“Kyan!” she screamed, yet I couldn’t stop the elevator. We were going to d*e.

Her fear was palpable through the bond when she screamed again. It wasn’t my name she called but my father’s. “Dominic!” she shrieked, clutching her head, and closing her eyes. At first, I thought my father answered when the elevator jolted, and she crashed on top of me.

Both of us hit the floor, yet when I looked at her, it was the same dark, consuming magic that had a hold of her last time. Both eyes b****d brightly, a demonic shade of burning embers when her eyes opened. Her entire body shook, and the elevator binged. The doors opened, and my staff stood outside the doors looking horrified.

“Alpha?” I heard, yet my eyes were stuck on my mate as I s****d in a breath. Looking up to find we had stopped on the ground floor.

“Please tell me that was my father,” I whispered, catching my breath while she sat up, her legs straddling my waist. She looked at her hands but shook her head.

“I… I don’t know,” she whispered, her entire body shaking violently, tremors running through her. Her face was pale as a ghost, and blood gushed out of her nose. Her eyes suddenly rolled into her head, and she fell forward, collapsing on top of me.

The energy radiating off her d***g out and exhaustion smashed against me through the bond. She b****d herself out. Something I had only seen a few times when my father had done it when I was a kid, witches b****d out with too much power, but I knew whatever coursed through her wasn’t my father’s magic.

It was something else, and whatever she had done, she had awoken something, something I found terrifying. Something stronger than the Octavian bloodline, something with power more potent than the shadows.

I clutch her to me, trying to catch my breath and the doors close when one of the security staff f0rce it open with their foot near my head. Moments later, the fire escape doors were tossed open, the alarms blaring.

I could feel Jonah getting closer and hearing their footsteps running toward us before Eziah barged into the elevator with Jonah. Eziah stared down at her, glancing around the elevator nervously before leaning down and taking his sister. I growl at him, but he growls back, scooping his arms under her.

“Gemini, she f*****g needs me. Let her go,” he snaps, and I reluctantly let her go allowing him to take her. Her body was limp in his arms, and her head rolled back as Jonah offered me his hand.

He pulls me to my feet. My entire body shook from the adrenaline coursing through me. Kaif stirred wildly within me, wanting to come forward; my magic was paralyzed, and so was he for now.

“Back up,” I commanded my staff, and they took off, allowing us out of the elevator. Eziah looks at me with a worried look on his face.

“What happened to her?” he asked.

“What do you mean? I don’t know. We were fine. Then she cut the power out to the elevator,”

“I can’t heal her,” he said, lifting her and pressing his ear to her chest. I could hear her heart beating in her chest, so I knew she was alive, yet the same tentacles of darkness writhed beneath her skin, up her neck and arms like wiggling black veins, moving up her face.

“She b****d herself out. She took on too much power,” I tell him holding my arms out for her, and he glares at me, holding my gaze before sighing and passing her back to me.

“My magic has no effect on her. She is my twin. Your magic did this,” he growled. I shake my head.

“Mine can’t touch her. We are twin flames, Gemini twins one and the same,” he snarled.

“I know, but it wasn’t mine. The magic she used wasn’t my father’s either,” I tell him cutting him off. He looks down at her before looking at me, disbelieving. Like he thought I would intentionally hurt her. I wanted to punch him, and my anger ignited once again.

“Let’s just get her home,” Jonah says, gripping my shoulders, his chest brushing my back as he squeezes them. His worry makes mine worse, yet his closeness seems to calm the anger coursing through me, and I nod.

“I’m coming with you,” Eziah says. I went to shake my head, but he growled.

“I am staying with my sister, or she comes with me,” Eziah snaps, his eyes burning brightly in a warning. Yet his warning doesn’t frighten me.

“We may need him,” Jonah whispers next to me, and I sigh, looking down at her.

“Fine,” I snapped, walking off toward the fire escape to walk down to the parking garage. I would take the stairs. I am never getting in an elevator again.

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