Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 197

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 197: Andrei POV

I sent Sage to bed after we showered, going downstairs I head to my office. Zane and Malik were already waiting for me, having let themselves in.

“How’s Nora?” I ask Zane.

“Scared, she said she has had run ins with that particular camp before, she recognised one the bod*ies and said it was definitely one of the Reaper Wolves”

“Reaper Wolves?” I ask Zane and he nods, dropping some paperwork in front of me.

“Found these online and printed them while you were in the shower” He tells me and I glance down at the printed pieces of paper. f*uc*k!

Here we were thinking they were just a normal rogue camp but turns out they were part of some criminal organisation that even the human population knew about for their crimes. By the looks of it they dabbled in drugs and trafficking which I was surprised to find Rogues willing to put that much attention on themselves with the human media.

Some humans were aware of our kind and smaller local towns had suspicions but with Dominic being involved with human politics and high ups most of this sort of stuff was swept under the rug or covered up.

All packs pay monthly contributions to Dominic and he in turns pays off the human governing areas to turn a blind eye and keep people out of the werewolf communities in this area. It wasn’t in our best interests to be known widely to the public.

We could be hunted down and experimented on or just hunted. Humans had a tendency to panic and knowledge of werewolves existing may cause widespread panic and hysteria which is not good for anyone.

“What a stupid name to call yourself, Reaper wolves” Malik says reading over the paper. I just put down when I found an old newspaper article with Dominic’s picture.

He appeared in the background and was shaking the mayor’s hand. While the main picture was of a few men sitting in the gutter being arrested with their heads down, human police behind them but I knew they never would have made it to human prisons and it would probably explain why Dominic was in the background of the picture.

“That’s Dominic, do you think he had something to do with the attack?” Zane asks, leaning over my shoulder. Malik moves around my desk and looks over my shoulder to read the article as well.

“No, Idea” I tell him, before grabbing my mobile. I look for Ezra’s number and ring him. The phone rings a few times before he answers.

“Hello?” His voice sounds rather strained through the phone.

“Bad time?” I ask him, wondering why he was breathing so hard, was he working out?

“Ah depends, is it important?”

“Kind of, we were attacked tonight. I wanted to ask you a question” I tell him when I hear Kat in the background ask who he is talking to but he doesn’t answer.

“Is everyone alright?”

“Yeah we are now, but have you heard of Reaper wolves?” Ezra gr0@ns and I pull the phone away from my ear thinking it was a strange response and look at the screen.

“Ah what was the question again?” He asks.

“ If it is a bad time I can call back, clearly you are distracted by something”

“No, I am just f*uc*king your sister, it’s fine I can mult*itask” He chuckles. I growl before going to hang up.

“Joking, I am joking, ” Ezra says. “She is actually s*cking my d*ic*k” “f*uc*king pr!ck, when I see you”

“You will high five me” He says and I growl.

“Fine, fine. Mateo, stay with Kat, I will be back in a second, I have Andrei on the phone” Ezra says and I hear Kat start going off in the background about being on the phone to me and not telling her.

“I don’t know what’s more disturbing knowing my father is in the house with you and listening to that or you gr0@ning in my f*uc*king ear like some p*rn star” I tell hïm.

“Derrick isn’t home, he went to his storage locker to retrieve something, so be quick because I have a date with your sister’s vag!na” Ezra tells me and I hear Malik and Zane snort while listening to him. I glare at them both and they put their hands up before sitting on the edge desk and pretending not to listen.

“So what did you want to know?”

“Reaper wolves, have you heard of them?”

“That’s the rogue gang, a bunch of p*ss!es if you ask me. I have had a few run-ins with them when they stepped over my borders. Our governments have been tracking them, but they move around too much and no one knows where they are permanently based. I know a while back a heap of them were arrested and Dominic had them K*lled, so why are you asking about them?”

“They are the ones that attacked us, the rogue camp that is joining my pack was having issues with them and we had a run in with them this morning, then tonight they attacked my pack, so Alpha Dominic is aware of them?”

“Yeah, do you not listen in meetings?” He asks but I don’t remember hearing anything of this rogue gang.

“Must have missed it, plus I missed heaps when mum was sick” I tell him and he sighs.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this but it may help. If you need men just ask I will send some over, but honestly if you want help with them, ask Dominic. You could be Dominic’s worst enemy but when it comes to Reaper Wolves he will back you”

“Why is that?”

“That’s how he found his mate, they had her working a corner in the City when Dominic stumbled across her, she was beaten pretty badly by her pimp and she stumbled into his Casino looking for help, they laced her with wolfsbane and she nearly d*ied unable to heal from her injuries.

Security was called and Dominic went to investigate why when he saw her. He hunted every member of the Reaper Wolves in the city and K*lled them for her, including one of the bosses which was quite shocking” Ezra tells me.

“Why would it be shocking?” I asked him.

“Because the head boss was actually a woman, she started it and her mate helped her, Dominic has been hunting her mate ever since ” Ezra explains.

We chat for a while longer before hanging up. “So what do you want to do?” Zane asks me.

“ Speak to Dominic tomorrow about them, see if his pack is willing to help us. In the morning I will ring a bus company and see if we can hire a bus to get out to the camping grounds”

“ Sounds good, I will handle the bus if you want. I will ring when I wake up in the morning” Zane tells me and I nod.

“Fine, you both might as well get some sleep. I need to go check on patrols” I tell them.

“No need. The entire pack is on border patrol, none could sleep afterwards and I think it has dragged up old memories for a few” Malik tells me.

“Casen and Vince?” I ask him.

“They wanted to go but I said no, they settled for going to watch over Nora’s siblings” Malik tells me.

“And you two?”

“Borders once done here” Zane answers and I shake my head.

“Try convince a few to head in and try to sleep, everyone will be exhausted otherwise and we need everyone alert, we don’t want anyone falling asleep on shift”

“We will try, I will tell those on duty when rogues got in to head home ” Zane says and I nod before getting up out of my chair.

“What time is Dominic getting here?” Malik asks.

“11 in the morning, my sister and father should be here around 10” I tell them and they both nod.

“Okay, get some sleep Alpha, we will sort borders and patrols out” Malik tells me as I walk them out.

I don’t know what I would do without them and my father.

“Also Wednesday pack meeting, need to make sure everyone is okay and not struggling, I know a few struggle badly with PTSD, so pack meeting for welfare checks Wednesday lunchtime, if they say they haven’t got time, tell them to make time, everyone is to show up no excuses” I tell them.

I tell them before watching them leave. Shutting the door I set the alarm before heading upstairs and checking Jonah. He had kicked his blanket onto the floor and I scoop it up draping it back over him before pecking his head.

His dinosaur teddy tucked under his arm while he s*cked his thumb in his sleep. I gently pull it out of his mouth before rolling my eyes when he shoves it in his gob again.

Walking out and into my room, I find Sage fast asleep drooling on my pillow. I take my pillow tipping it over and she growls at me as I climb in bed beside her before realising it is me.

Her body molding around me as she chucks her leg across my waist, her arm Ringing across my face. I move it off placing it across my chest only for her to toss it back across my head. Giving up I leave it there too tired to try to wrangle her in her sleep.

Sage POV

I was in a place of sleep where you aren’t quite ready to wake up. Rolling over my eyes flutter at the light coming in when I see wide eyes barely an inch off my face making me nearly jump out of my skin, fur sprouting across my arms from the fright.

“Hi mum” Jonah says, his face right in mine as he blinked down at me. I try to get my racing heart under control.

“You scared me,” I tell him.

“I tried to make breakfast but I broke it” Jonah tells me. I blink trying to understand what he meant and I sit up rubbing my eyes.

“What do you mean you tried to make breakfast?”

“I wanted to surprise you and dad” He says when I notice he is covered in flour. I blink taking in his tiny body.

“I tried to make pancakes like pop, then they exploded, shh” he says, holding his finger to his lips and waving for me to follow him.

“What exploded?” Andrei says rolling over and propping himself up on one elbow.

“The pancakes, I tried to use the mixing spoon but it was too hard to get the lumps out, pop says you have to get out the lumps.

But my arm started aching so I put it in the thing that makes the bzzz noise but then it exploded, but I saved the chocolate chips” Jonah tells us before holding out his hand to show us the melted chocolate.

“This is what’s left, I ate the rest” He says, his little lips making a kissy face and I chuckle.

“Okay let’s see this explosion” I tell him tossing the blanket back and grabbing my dressing gown before following him out.

I stood horrified in the kitchen doorway, batter was everywhere, even on the roof. The kitchen was covered in flour and batter. Andrei runs into my back as he walks in before stopping.

“What the…. How?” He says with a gr0@n, shaking his head and I step aside.

“I told you it exploded, ” Jonah says with puppy dog eyes.

“Jonah you shouldn’t use a blender, you could have cut your fingers and where is the lid?” Andrei says and I walk into the pantry to grab some cereal out. Andrei hands me a bowl and spoon and I make Jonah some coco pops sitting him at the table.

“It didn’t have a lid” Jonah says and Andrei shakes his head before rubbing a hand down his face. “It is too early for this,” He mutters.

“Buddy, you don’t cook by yourself. You should have woken one of us” Andrei tells him, looking at the mess. Walking to the sink I grab a chux.

Looking around I had no idea where to start. Andrei grabs the mop and wheels the bucket in before filling it up in the laundry. I start scrubbing the cupboards.

An hour later and we were finished and I was dressing Jonah when Andrei sang out to let me know Kat and her family were here. Jonah bounces down the steps as Andrei opens the front door letting them in.

“Mateo walks in with Eziah in his arms before placing him down and he looked too small to be walking but was cute too watch as he stomped his feet clapping his hands.

Ezra walks in with Marabella while Kat and Derrick bring in some baby items for the kids to play with and nap in if needed. We set the kids up in the living room and put some cartoons on while Andrei and Ezra wandered off to the kitchen to talk while making coffee.

“Hey” Kat says, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek after setting everything down. Marabella was crawling on the floor chasing after her brother as he walked around before stopping next to Jonah, she tried pulling herself up by trying to grip his pants but the mittens made her fall back to her hands and knees.

“Jonah, leave her mittens” I tell him as he tries to pull Marabella’s mittens off.

“But she doesn’t like them, ” Jonah says.

“ She has to leave them on sweety” Kat tells him but Jonah shakes his head.

“No, it hurts, she doesn’t like it” Jonah says, trying to pull her mitten off her little hand.

“Jonah, no!” I tell him, walking over to him but Mateo reaches for Marabella instead and she starts crying when he picks her up.

“That one, it hurts, ” Jonah says, pointing to her left hand. My brows furrow and so do Kat’s when Mateo pulls her mitten off before Kat shrieks rushing over.

Her little pointer finger swollen and red, a piece of cotton from inside the mitten had wrapped around her finger and cut the circulation off. Kat quickly unwraps it before healing her finger by kissing it. Marabella smiles and babbles happily.

“What, what’s going on” Ezra comes barging out.

“Marabella had cotton wrapped around her finger” Kat explains.

“That must have been why she was crying in the car, I just thought it was because she hates the car” Mateo says checking inside the mitten when we all turn to look at Jonah.

“How did you know?” Kat asks him.

“ She showed me, in my head ” Jonah shrugs, she cries in my head and held her hand up” Jonah says and I look at Marabella.

“She showed you?” I ask him.

“She doesn’t like them,” Jonah says sitting on the floor. He rolls the fabric ball to Eziah and he squeals trying to copy and roll it back but unable to.

We watch Jonah playing with the kids for a bit. Marabella followed him around, giggling as she crawled after him and her brother when I heard a car pulling up. We left the front door open knowing Dominic would be here soon.

“That must be Dominic, ” Andrei says and I get up following Andrei to the door. Walking outside Kat and Ezra follow us out. Mateo stayed to watch the kids. Dominic gets out of the car before walking to the back door and opening it. The other door swings open and his son climbs out of the car. He looked like his father.

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