Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 165

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 165

Donnie whimpers loudly in my head knowing she had hurt herself. “Stop Sage he will be back soon, he will calm down” I hear Zane speaking to her.

“I’m right here” I tell them coming up behind them and Zane jumps, having not heard me come in. Sage looks around him, her eyes all puffy and face blotchy. Her eyes are bloodshot and she sniffles.

“Did you? Did you find them?” she asks, her voice breaking.

“I did” I tell her, she drops her head in her hands. Zane s*cks in a breath standing up and I crouch beside her, Zane watching us worriedly.

“They are out the front of the packhouse” I tell her and her head snaps up.


“They are children except one of them, you should come out and meet them” I tell her.

“They’re alive?” Zane asks and I frown at him. Did my entire pack really think that little of me to K*ll innocent children?

‘We have K*lled hundreds of people Andrei’ Donnie reminds me and I swallow looking at Sage. Tears ran down her cheeks as she waited for me to answer. I cup her face in my hands, wiping some tears from her face with my thumbs.

“They are alive, but they are scared, ” I tell her.

“They’re alive?” She asks, looking at Zane then back at me and I nod.

“Yes, I wouldn’t hurt children” I tell her and she grabs my hands kissing the inside of my palm when she turns her face into it.

“How many?” Zane asks.

“Come see for yourself” I tell him, standing up and pulling Sage with me.

Opening the front door I look down at Sage who wipes her eyes on her jumper sleeve.

“I never should have locked you inside, I am sorry. It just scared me knowing you were so close to the borders” I tell her and she nods.

“I’m sorry for not telling you” she says and I kiss the top of her head.

“What are they cooking out there, smells… ah mouthwatering” Zane says and I sniff the air but can only smell rogue and the fire. We step into view of everyone walking slowly over when I hear a growl behind me making me look at Zane behind me. He was staring over my shoulder and I looked out to see what he was looking at.

The she-wolf also stared at him before her tail starts wagging and she is almost bouncing on the spot. A high pitched whimpering noise leaving her lips before she started running at us. I growl shoving Sage behind me and covering her when I hear the rearranging of bone and Zane smashes into me.

Zane makes a noise that almost sounds strangled and I spin around only to find the she-wolf was no longer a wolf but back in her human form clutching onto him. Her face buried in his chest as she started sobbing clutching onto him.. Zane looked between shocked and crying as he clutched her back, his hand in her hair holding her to him.

Everyone stares shocked and I see Paige get up looking at her sister in fear.

“I got you, you’re safe now” I hear Zane whisper to her. I clear my throat seeing all my mens eyes locked on them in shock and awe.

“Ah hm” I motion to the girl in his arms and he looks down realizing his mate is n@ked.

“Ah sh*t um” He turns her, shoving her toward the entrance out of view and I hear everyone start laughing while Zane was frantically ripping his shirt off to cover her. Sage laughs beside me and the girl looks around Zane, her eyes widening like she hadn’t even noticed Sage standing there.

“You’re the luna?” She says just Zane tugs his shirt over head.

“But you’re a rogue?” the woman says, looking between me and Sage. Her eyes linger on my neck before looking at Sage’s and I know she must find it odd that I wore her mark but she didn’t have mine.

“I am…Andrie is my mate” She says.

“But you’re still Omega, he hasn’t marked you yet?” She says, eyeing me.

“ I’m Sage and he will just been a little distracted, ” Sage says, looking up at me. My stomach does a backflip at her words. For so long I have wanted to but I refused to get up my hopes.

“Nora, ” She says looking at Zane who looked like he was about to swoon.

“Oh um, I’m Zane” He says, snapping himself back together and she giggles at him. I have never seen him so d*um*bfounded. Nora looks out at her siblings, her brows furrowing, before she looks at Zane.

Zane looks at them too now, noticing them. “ Family?’ He asks her and she nods looking to me.

“You don’t have to be rogue no more ” He tells her and her eyes instantly dart back to Sage and I.

“You and your family have a home here ” I tell her. “What about Jonah?” She asked, making me glance at the boy who was sitting between a group of my men rolling the apples back and forth with them. He seemed completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

Being rogue they all smelt the same to me. “ Jonah?” Sage asks and I point to the boy playing with the apples. Her eyes soften before she looks back at Nora.

“Of course your siblings can stay, ” Sage tells her.

“He isn’t our sibling we found him in the mountains” Nora says and Sage’s eyes whip up to me.

“He stays too until we find his parents, do you know them?” I ask her and she shakes her.

“No we only found him 3 days ago, he doesn’t say much” Nora says watching him worriedly.

“We’ll figure it out, you should go see your brother and sister, they look a little freaked out” I tell her and she looks at Zane who was googly eyeing her like she was made of gold.

‘I hope we didn’t look that stupid when we found our mates’ Donnie says and I chuckle at him.

“Zane your mate” I tell him, trying to tell him to get his sh*t together.

“Yeah I found her” he says stupidly and she laughs at him.

“No, you idiot”

“Huh? ” A few of my men overheard and laugh at him.

“You will have to take it real slow with him sweets, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed” Clay calls out.

Zane growls at him menacingly and Clay sits down a smirk on his face but not willing to rise to the challenge. Clay wasn’t stupid, Zane would chew him up and spit him out but it seemed to drag Zane back to his surroundings.

Zane leads her over to her siblings and Sage looks up at me and I could tell she wanted to go over to them too. “Go on” I tell her and she darts off in their direction.

I looked over at the happy faces of everyone congratulating Zane and welcoming them. I wasn’t sure how I felt but seeing Sage’s face light up I knew I did the right thing bringing them back. I kept my distance, watching from afar and Sage kept looking over at me but I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s mood so decided to sit next to the fire furthest from them.

I zoned out of the chatter wishing to the goddess that the storm in me would settle. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, uncomfortable with the feeling of rogues on my territory, I could feel it swirling in my gut that intruders were about but I ignored it as best I could when something hit my foot. My eyes opened to see Jonah had rolled an

apple and was sitting across from me waiting for me to roll it back. He was shivering, his clothes still dripping w*et from the fire having not dried him enough.

“Come here” I tell him and he walks over. I grab his shirt, tugging it off him before removing mine and pulling it over his head. It fell to his feet but we didn’t have children clothes here.

“Better?” I ask him and he nods, pulling on it before sitting back down and taking his w*et

trousers off. I reach over grabbing them and his shirt draping them over a log near the fire to dry.

“Why do you sit alone, don’t you want to play with the rest of them?” he asks. I look over at Sage who was watching us, her head c*oc*ked to the side while she chewed her fingernails.

“It’s quieter here” I tell him and he nods.

“My dad liked the quiet too” he says and I look at him.

“Where is your dad?” I ask him and he shrugs. “Your mum?”

“They left me in the cave to see a man about joining his pack, he gave them money but they didn’t return” He says.

“They left you on your own?” he shakes his head.

“No, they left me with uncle Lior. He went to find food but never came back” He says, my stomach sinks. I had heard that name before and I look at Zane and open the mindlink.

“That rogue I K*lled a few months back, his name was Lior right?” I ask him and I see his head stick up above everyone else’s to look at me.

“Yeah why?” I swallow looking back at Jonah.

“Doesn’t matter” I tell Zane.

“Do you know what pack your parents were going to join?”I ask him but he shakes his head.

“What about the man’s name that spoke to your parents?” he pipes up excitedly.

“Yep, I remember his name, Jackson, Jackson Blackwell. He was nice. He said we could join his pack if mum and dad helped him. Do you know him?” Jonah asks me. I growl before I could stop it and he jumps.

“I should go… I need to do something” I tell him getting to my feet. Jonah also stands up.

“Can I come?” he asks. “No, I have to—”

“I can help, I will share my apple with you” he says holding it up. I could feel eyes on me as he held the apple up offering it to me.

I noticed Sage walking over to me and I knew she could feel my tumultuous emotions. I felt sick, I K*lled his uncle, his parents were more than likely dead and this kid had been in a cave for months but worst of all his parents helped K*ll off my pack. My head was

spinning and my anger bubbling within my veins.

“Mr Andrei?” Jonah says, tugging my hand and drawing my attention back to him. Sage stops beside him.

“Jonah, maybe come play with us” She says softly but he shakes his head.

“No, I am helping Mr Andrei ” Sage looked at me worriedly but I couldn’t tear my eyes from the boy.

“Andrei?” Sage whispers and she looks on the verge of ripping the boy away from me. Donnie was uneasy in my head pacing and whining.

“Do you like marshmallows?” I ask him. My voice sounded foreign to me, yet I was best to be surrounded by my pack, I couldn’t risk hurting someone.

“What’s a marshmallow?” Jonah asks. “Then you should try one, let’s go cook

marshmallows” I tell him and he smiles a big toothy grin at me nodding his head. “Come on” I tell him, tugging his hand toward where everyone else was sitting around the fire.

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