Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 210

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 210

I could care less what she thought as I felt the tension leave Sage as she pressed closer, her ear to my chest. Malik is unfazed by the noise, used to me using it on Sage as he glances over at Jonah, who tucks his head next to his mother’s, and they both seem to calm down. Donnie, I could hear, was talking to Sierra, trying to make her more at ease.

Her doubt has been the biggest challenge, and she has a lot of influence over Sage, and her reluctance to believe, was not helping me convince Sage. Sierra should have had a clue when the heat finished Donnie told me, but Sierra was in as much denial as Sage.

She kept saying to us nothing good ever happens for her, that she never has or will be able to have pups. Donnie and I had no idea what she was talking about, but she kept insisting something about the cycle never changes, the cycle can’t be beaten, that she was doomed for eternal misery. Whatever the heck that means.

It sometimes angered me knowing she was feeding the same nonsense to Sage, but she did not even understand the weird things she sometimes says.

Sage said she always says strange things but doesn’t know if Sierra fully understands what she is saying either.

I asked Kat about it, and she only told me that Sierra knew more than she realized and some traumas linger even after death, that a cycle has been on an endless loop, but she can’t tell me more than that, something about knowing too much can alter things and some things are best left unknown.

“The best calming device, one we all have but most forget to use, yours would be a little more potent though, Alpha,” Mathias says, making me jump.

Sage also jerks upright, none of us hearing him walk in. Mathias laughs softly.

“How is your granddaughter?’ I asked him, knowing Jasmine was his daughter.

“Quite alright, gave my daughter quite the scare, but she is fine; Jasmine wraps that baby up in bubble wrap,” He says, shaking his head.

“But how would she breathe?” asks Jonah, and Mathias chuckles.

“Exactly, but it was just a figure of speech. Now come on, let’s see what is going on with your mother,” Mathias says, waving for Sage to follow him.

Sage reluctantly hops up, her anxiety skyrocketing, and Jonah looks to Malik. “You can come too, Jonah,” I tell him when he goes to walk over to him. Malik spins him around and gives him a little push towards us, and Sage grips his hand, Malik then pulls his phone out to look at it.

We follow Mathias into his office; he goes over a few things before sending Sage to pee in a cup and takes some blood from her when she returns. Jonah watches Sage get poked and prodded with avid fascination. Once he has the blood, he hands the specimen and blood vials to the nurse, who walks off with it.

“Come on, next room over,” Mathias says, getting up from his desk and walking out before stopping when Sage speaks out.

“But, we should wait, wait for the test results to come back.”

“Most sure way to know is to have a look, Luna,” He says before walking off to the room next door. Jonah was watching curiously, not understanding. He hops off my lap and follows after Doc.

“Come on, mum,” he calls, and I nudge Sage, who was chewing her fingernails. I pull her hand away, her thumb bleeding where she had chewed off more than her nail. Clicking my tongue at what she did, she looks away but hops up, following Jonah.

Sighing, I followed her, and Malik was still sitting in the waiting room on his phone.

“Lock the door, just in case she flips out,” I Mindlink him, “Already have, did it the moment you went in the doctor’s office,” He replies. I smiled because he was so observant, which made him an irreplaceable member of our pack. I have to tell him what to do very often, and he usually knows before I say anything.

Mathias was setting up when I walked in, and I closed the door, flicking the lock. Doc doesn’t say anything about it, just nods before motioning for Sage to lay down. She does stiffly, and Mathias looks over at me.

“Well, make yourself useful, calm your mate,” He says, trying to tug Sage’s shirt up. Her hands fisted at her h!ps as she clutched it.

“Anytime now, Alpha,” Mathias says to me; I was about to ask what he meant when Donnie f0rces forward.

“Idiot,” Donnie says before he starts purring ridiculously loudly. My face heats, but Doc doesn’t even glance up. “Now, Luna, I need to tug this up; I can’t if you are holding it” Mathias chuckles, and Sage startles.

“Oh right, sorry,” She exclaims, and I step over to her. Jonah was kneeling on a chair watching Doc.” Interesting fact about purring; it lowers blood pressure and works as an analgesic/sedative on she-wolves.

Kind of works similar to a siren call in a way, that’s why she calms down, works on kids too or anyone we have a strong connection with, but more so She -wolves, And you being an Alpha, it would be stronger,” Mathias says, while squirting some jelly on Sage’s belly.

“Well, I didn’t know that, but I knew it calmed her,” I tell him before Sage clutches the bottom of my shirt. I grab her hand and purr again while Mathias turns dials before moving the device over her stomach.

” Oh, it’s a tummy TV,” Jonah says, and Sage looks away, focusing on something behind me. I press my l!ps together, rubbing circles on her hand with my thumb.

“Correct, Jonah. Good boy, we can have a look inside mommy’s belly.” He trails off, pressing b*ttons, and I could feel Sage’s anxiety turning to acceptance as she stared off. I move my hand, letting hers go, and she instantly grabs my shirt again like it offered some relief from her fear.

Cupping her face, I wiped the tear that slipped away with my thumb, knowing she was looking off to hide how scared she was of me and Donnie being wrong.

“Ah, there we go,” Mathias says, making my head snap to him.

” Now, let’s see, give me a sec. I am a bit rusty; this isn’t usually my job, one moment, ” Doc says, fiddling with dials and b*ttons. Sage’s heart was hammering in her chest, yet she never once looked at the screen.

Kneeling beside her, she was staring off, so I grabbed her hand. I placed it in the center of my chest so she could feel the vibration, her eyes closed, and she let out a breath, her heart rate slowing when I heard another come across the speakers attached to the ultrasound device.

Jonah leaned forward as Mathias pointed to something on the screen before glancing over his shoulder and smiling before looking at Sage, pressing his l!ps together, frowning before shaking her arm.

“Sage?” Mathias says, but she shakes her head. “What is it?” Jonah asks.

“Well, that sound is your brother or sister, and this right here is a baby growing in your mummy’s tummy,” Mathias tells him, and he smiles.

“A baby,” He gasps excitedly. I looked down at Sage, who seemed to be stuck in her head, muttering under her breath to herself.

“That’s not your heartbeat,” I whisper to her. I got no reaction from her. Gripping her chin, I f0rce her to look at me.

“That isn’t your heartbeat; it’s our pup’s, look,” I tell her. Her brows pinch together.

“You are pregnant, Sage” I tell her, and Mathias turns the speaker dial-up and the baby’s heart rhythm is easily noticed as it is faster than her racing heart. Leaning down, I press my l!ps to hers before smiling against her l!ps.

“I’m pregnant?” Sage murmurs, and I nod, unable to stop from smiling, and her head whips to the side to look at the screen. Mathias zooms in, blowing up the image on the screen.

“Yes, Luna, you are indeed pregnant, quite the miracle,” Mathias tells her. Sage seemed shocked as she looked at the screen when Mathias handed me some tissues without glancing behind himself. I take them, wiping Sage’s face as tears roll down her cheeks.

“We are going to have a baby,” She sobs in disbelief, and I nod. Sage takes the tissues from me as she tries to stop her tears while staring at the screen. Jonah was busy examining the screen when Mathias passed back more tissues.

” She still has some,” I tell him, my voice cracking slightly.

“They aren’t for her, Alpha,” Mathias says, and Jonah looks over at me.

“Why is everyone sad?” he asks as I take the tissues, quickly wiping my face, not realizing I was the one blubbering like a baby.

“They aren’t sad tears Jonah, they are happy,” Mathias tells him.

“So that’s what Cooties look like, huh!” Jonah says, and I snort, looking over at him. Mathias gives him a strange look, and Sage chuckles.

“But how did the Cooties get in there?” he asks, looking over at me.

“Cooties?” Mathias asks him.

“Yep, Casen said Dad was giving mum the Cooties, and the Cooties would turn into a baby,” Jonah explains and Mathias chuckles while shaking his head.

“Well, this Casen seems very knowledgeable about these Cooties,” Mathias states.

” He is, so where is the spitting wand?” Jonah asks, looking at me “The spitting wand?” Sage asks, looking at me, and I hadn’t heard this part before.

“Yeah, Casen, said dad would use the spitting wand to give you the Cooties.

“Casen will be getting his spitting wand broken when we get home,” I tell Jonah. His brows furrowed as he looked back at the screen.

Sage stared amazed at the printout from the ultrasound the entire way home, like she was worried it would disappear and not be true if she looked away. Pulling up out front of the packhouse, I was excited to be home and wanted to rest.

Malik stretches, also tired before hopping out of the car. I open the door for Sage, and Malik unclips Jonah’s seatbelt. I could see some of our patrollers returning, and I told Sage we would tell the rest of the pack tomorrow, wanting to let it sink first, and she agreed. “Thanks, Malik,” I told him.

“Anytime, Alpha,” He says before walking toward his house. Jonah skips around the car and over to us when I spot Casen walking back from patrol.

“Oi, Casen! “

“Yeah, Alpha,” He says with a wave, little sh*t. He starts jogging over toward me and I head toward him.

“I just want to check the spitting wand,” I tell him, and he stops in his tracks. Malik laughs as Casen starts backing up.

” Run, Casen. He said he’s going to break it,” Jonah screams out to him from behind me. Casen takes off running, only for Malik to chase after him and grab him. He starts squealing as Malik wrestles him to the ground, Casen thrashing as he tries to escape.

“I warned you to watch what you tell Jonah,” I growl, and Malik pins him on his stomach with his hands behind his back before winking at me as I stop beside him.

“It wasn’t me; it was Vince; I only told him about the Cooties,” Casen shrieks.

“Is that so?” I ask, looking down at him. Vince comes out of the treeline, also coming off patrol.

“Clay, grab him,” I call out to him. Vince looks over a t me before looking at Clay, who gives him a little wave. Vince’s eyes go wide before he shrieks and darts off for the treeline, but Clay tackles him before tossing him over his shoulder.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, whatever it was, it was Casen,” He shrieks as Clay marches over with him before dropping him next to his twin.

“Do you know anything about the spitting wand?” I ask Vince.

“Huh, the what?”

“Spitting wand,” I repeat, and he seems to think before his mouth opens and closes like a fish.

“No… No, that was Casen. He told Jonah about Sage being in heat, telling him you were going to use a spitting wand to spit Cooties in Luna,” Vince dobs.

“You traitor, I am your brother, and you just give me up like that; I would have taken half the blame for you,” Casen growls at him.

” Hey, I told you to let Malik explain what it was to him; besides, you don’t scare me, but the Alpha does,” Vince retorts.

“Traitor,” Casen sneers.

“You’re free to go home or watch,” I tell Vince. He laughs, getting up and moving over to the porch and sitting down to watch his brother.

Malik chuckles as Casen begins to struggle. “Just remember you gotta sleep sometime, old man,” Casen tells Malik.

“Old man?” Malik asks before grasping both hands in one of his and ripping Casen’s pants up his a*s*s.

“You’re young, you’re so young,” Casen squeals. Malik lets him go, and Casen growls at him before trying to squirm out from under him.

“That’s what I thought,” Malik laughs before looking up at me.

“What do you want to do with him?”

“Cut off the spitting wand,” Vince screams out from the porch steps.

“Shut up, traitor, don’t give him ideas.”

“That does sound like a good idea, remove his pants,” I tell Malik, and Casen screams like a girl, and Clay comes over laughing, helping Malik pin him down.

“Anything but that, I will give you a toe, the little finger, anything but that” He screams.

“You aren’t really going to cut it off,” Vince Mindlinks and I look over at him.

“No, of course not, but I am tying him to the tree in his underwear,” Casen squirms and squeals as Clay and Malik Str!p him down to his underwear.

“I’m going to K*ll you, Vince, just you wait, I am… I am…. I am going to fart in your pillowcase,” Casen screams at Vince, who was laughing as we hauled him over to the willow tree and tied him to it.

“Wow, so scary. You do realize Vince will probably go do that to yours while you’re tied to this tree,” Malik tells him.

“He wouldn’t dare,” Casen says, appalled. “Well, when you get pink eye don’t blame me,”

Malik tells him before slapping his cheek softly. I laugh, turning to walk back to the packhouse.

“Wait, how long are you keeping me out here?”

“Just overnight”

“What?” he shrieks, and I laugh.

” But it will get dark and cold. What about spiders?”

“Use your spitting wand to fend them off,” I retort. “Yeah, give it the Cooties,” Malik tells him as we part ways. I headed home. I figured I would let him sweat for a few hours first before I untied him.

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