Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 151

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 151: Sage POV

We drove to Kat’s Pack, it wasn’t like what I expected. It was so much larger than Andrei’s Pack and picturesque. The Pack house was a mansion and I had never seen a house so large. It was three stories and had gardens and looked like something out of a movie, not a thing out of place, even the hedges trimmed perfectly.

Andrei pulls over just as a man walks out of the treeline completely n@ked. He had dark hair and was athletically built, muscle on muscle with some serious Alpha vibes coming off him and it made me uncomfortable and I wondered who he was.

He was good looking but in a different way to Andrei, he was so clean looking despite having clearly just shifted, whereas Andrei was more get your hands dirty and hands on and reminded me of someone that does hard labour, his build was bigger, whereas this man had an 8 pack Andrei

was to big for that yet packed with muscle and his body hard like a rock. Andrei clears his throat awkwardly, pulling my gaze away from the man who suddenly stops before covering himself with his hands as he looks at the car.

“That is Ezra Kat’s mate, eyes off” Andrei tells me. My mouth falls open, at his words, sh*t I upset him. Andrei growls and this Ezra taps on his window, his hands covering his privates and I keep my eyes to the front. I don’t understand why Andrei was angry. I was just wondering who he was.

“Sorry didn’t see your car until the last second, you must be Sage? I’m Ezra” He says, making me look over at him, I wave awkwardly.

“Hi” I sat just as awkwardly. He smiles looking back at Andrei whose jaw was clenched. Exactly what does one do exactly when someone is standing there n@ked, not that it bothers me so much, with werewolves nudity was expected but I didn’t fancy shaking his hand knowing it was just covering his junk.

“I promise, I usually wear pants you just caught me coming home” Ezra adds and I nod keeping my eyes ahead.

“It’s fine brother, go get dressed and let Kat know we are here” The man nods and turns to walk away when Andrei calls out to him again.

“Is Derrick here?” Andrei asks.

“Don’t think so but he said he was coming over” Ezra tells him and Andrei nods before winding his window up.

“You shouldn’t stare Sage, I don’t like you gawking at other men, or if you are going to, don’t do it in front of me”

“I wasn’t gawking, Andrei. He just appeared. I was wondering who he was”

“You were perming, don’t try to deny it, Sage you are sitting right beside me” Andrei says when Sierra adds her two cents worth. “He is jealous, Donnie just lost his marbles at me too” Sierra tells me and I roll my eyes. Andrei growls, making my eyes dart to him to find him watching me. I could feel how angry he was through the bond, simmering and bubbling like a pot of boiling water.

“You know that is rude right, rolling your eyes?” He says and I am shocked by his change in att*itude.

“I wasn’t rolling them at you but Sierra, she said you’re jealous” I tell him.

“Of course, I am, I just caught you perving on another man” He says like it is so obvious with his temperament.

“I was not perving Andrei. I have no interest in your sister’s Mate. I was just wondering who he was, that is it” I tell him, unclipping my seatbelt.

“Just keep your eyes to yourself, Kat is possessive. I want her to like you” He says, does that mean she doesn’t like me? Kat seemed nice when I met her but I barely knew her. Surely she couldn’t hate me.

“Possessiveness seems to be a family trait with this lot” Sierra mumbles to me. I was still stumped that we were even having this argument. Did he seriously think I was attracted to Ezra?

“I am not attracted to your brother-in-law Andrei” I tell him with a sigh, hoping he drops this conversation and stops making me feel uncomfortable. I rub my arms with my hands not really knowing what to do, do I get out, should I wait? I wanted to see Kat again but now I didn’t know if it was worth causing more arguments by me going in there, maybe I should wait in the car. I was never good around other people and I suddenly wanted to go home not wanting to offend anyone further.

It was a pleasant trip and we talked the whole way. He even explained Kat’s strange relationship with not one but two mates, so why did I have to notice the man step out of the trees and make things weird? Now I was questioning everything and feeling like sh*t.

I was unsure how to rea*s*sure Andrei that I wasn’t perving just simply trying to figure out who it was and you can tell a lot about werewolves by their build.

The man was too pretty looking for my liking, Andrei though was more manly looking and handsome in a different way or maybe I was biased seeing as Andrei is my mate and the bond had been growing stronger with each passing day.

Andrei lets out a breath rubbing his temples. “I’m sorry Sage, I’m just on edge because I haven’t marked you yet, just ignore me” He says pulling his keys from the ignition.

“Come, Kat was asking about you the other day, we should go inside, they are waiting” He says opening his car door. I open mine and step out

into the sun. The sun is warming me up and Andrei walks over to me and stops beside me and I grab his hand. His hand grabs mine, engulfing it before he starts rubbing circles on the back of it while we walk toward the huge house.

Before we reach the door it swings open and Kat comes out. She looked tired but happy as she stood on her tippy toes to hug Andrei.

He let my hand go to hug her back and pecked her cheek, she was so short compared to him her feet leaving the ground as he stood upright to hug her, looking at them you wouldn’t think they were related he towered over her or maybe that was because he was Alpha.

“Hey sis” He says and it was weird watching him with her, he places her pack on her feet and she smiles brightly at me before hugging me and then gripping my face.

“You ok?” She asks and I nod smiling at her, even tired she was so bubbly it was hard to not find her smile contagious.

“Dad should be here soon, he just messaged” Kat says walking inside and into the living room. Mateo was sitting on the couch when we walked in and he called out to Andrei.

“Finally you are here, maybe you can talk some sense into your sister for me” Mateo says and Kat growls at him.

“Why, what’s going on?” Andrei asks, walking around the couch and sitting in the one across from him. I see two babies in his arms snuggled up nice and warm.

Both of them wide awake and staring a t their father. Mateo gets up walking over and offers one of the babies to Andrei who instantly snaps her up. I a*s*sume she is a girl because she is in a pink blanket.

Though I was shocked when he handed the son to me. I look at Kat unsure but she nods encouragingly to let me know I could hold him so I hold my arms out and Mateo places the boy in my arms.

I made sure to support his little head but he had good neck control as he peered around before peering up at me. His gold eyes staring at me and I had never seen eyes like theirs before meeting Kat , they look otherworldly and so bright.

“Well first, Kat hasn’t shifted in god knows how long because of the pregnancy and then never leaving home, but that’s not all Ezra put Marabella in Eziah’s crib and she found out and lost the plot and reckons it is dangerous, yet they slept soundly so we want to put them together to try and get some sleep, kat says no because of the Ssss” He suddenly cut off with a growl from Kat.

“Don’t you say it, you know I hate it being mentioned” Kat growls, cutting Mateo off. He throws his hands up in the air before falling back on the couch behind him.

“See what I mean?” He says waving at his mate.

“Saying the word isn’t a bad thing, there should be more awareness about it kat, more research” Andrei says though I was a little confused but I wasn’t willing to ask seeing how upset Kat just got over whatever Mateo was about to say.

“I am sure it is not that big of a deal for them to sleep together, maybe that’s why they aren’t sleeping Kat, they can safely co-leep together” Andrei says before looking down and cooing at the baby in his arms her little mittened hand escaping the blanket and Andrei shakes rubs her covered hand. Andrei told me about Marabella and Eziah making me wonder if that is why her hands are covered yet Eziah’s aren’t.

I didn’t understand how it worked but believed him, there was just this weird air around Kat, something that warned you she was more than an average werewolf and something dangerous. Looking at the twins I got that same vibe.

“As for the shifting, you know you need to shift Kat, you don’t want to risk exploding around them do you?” He says, nodding to the babies in our arms.

“No, of course not but I am worried my milk will dry up or something” She says, walking around and sitting on the couch next to Mateo. Ezra walks out with a tray of coffee, placing it on the coffee table just as the front door opens.

An older man comes inside, Kat sticks her arm over the back of the couch waving at him.

“Hey pumpkin” the man says and I realise the resemblance between Kat and him instantly and know this is their father though Andrei must take after his mother I couldn’t see many similarities beside the eyes and lips.

“Hey dad ” kat says smiling and the man rubs his hands together excitedly coming over to us before reaching down and plucking the baby from Andrei’s arms. He cradles her before turning to me.

“You must be Sage” He says, leaning down and kissing my cheek.

“Nice to meet you I’m Derrick, since no one decided to introduce me” He says looking at both Kat and Andrei. “The rude ones dad” he says and I smile. He sits next to Andrei on the couch. Andrei reaches for his coffee and I could feel something through the bond, like he was unsettled. He has a few mouthfuls before putting it back on the tray.

“How are you son?” Derrick asks Andrei, the tension between them awkward and I felt strange feelings I couldn’t understand through the bond coming off Andrei.

“Good Derrick” He answers flatly before reaching over and fixing the baby’s mitten that was coming off Marabella’s hand while his father held her.

I stared down at Eziah before Andrei leaned over my way and I could tell he was itching to hold him. I never pictured Andrei to be a family man, more like the sort of person who would have a kid because it

was expected, yet seeing him with his sister and the way his eyes lit up around his niece and nephew. I realize I got it wrong, he did want a family. He takes Eziah from my arms, rocking him back and forth and rubbing his back. I watch as Andrie sniffs his little head.

“I love baby smell” He says, smiling down at his nephew. I feel my heart twist feeling all his love for them through the bond yet I won’t be able to give him that, sh*t we haven’t even kissed let alone got to that stage, but I knew now how gut wrenching it must have been for him to find out he was stuck with a mate that can’t give him a family.

When he said he didn’t care I had hoped that maybe this could work but now seeing him holding them and speaking baby talk to them, I wondered if he would still think that after a few years when that really hits home that I can never give him kids.

“Won’t be long and you will hopefully have some little ones to Andrei, now you have a mate” Derrick says, I swallow watching Andrei’s reaction to his father’s words. I knew Derrick didn’t know but it still stung seeing the hope in his fathers eyes.

Andrei doesn’t answer for a few long seconds when his eyes flick to me and he grips my knee and I see Kat watching me out of the corner of my eye. I look at her and it is like she is looking straight through me, a faraway look in her eye.

“You boys should start the barbeque sometime today, I am starving and I am sure Sage is hungry” She says suddenly and Ezra and Mateo suddenly start doing paper scissors rock before Ezra gr0@ns and gets up when loses.

“Come Andrei, we are on cooking duty” Ezra says and Andrei hands me back Eziah.

“Go on you two can go too, up and out of here” Kat says dismissing Mateo and her father.

“But I won” Mateo whines and I smile at him, he seemed like a sulking child right now.

“I never said you have to cook but outside now” She says pointing to the door. Derrick laughs, handing Kat Marabella back and Derrick pats Mateo on the chest on his way past.

“You heard her, up probably best we leave anyway unless you want to s*cked into girl talk”

“Ah fine, I could use a beer or ten anyway” He says with a sigh following Derrick out.

“Sorry about my father” Kat says and I nod, Kat had gifts. I didn’t try to understand them, just accepted she had them.

“How is my brother doing?” She asks, sitting on the couch beside me.

“What do you mean?” I ask her.

“I mean with the K*lling of rogues, has he stopped torturing them?” She says.

“You know?” I ask her and she nods, brushing her daughter’s cheek gently. I smile watching her, she was a few years younger than me, yet she seemed older in some ways.

I shrug not wanting to get Andrei in trouble off her but I also didn’t want to lie to her either.

“He doesn’t have any down there at the moment” I tell her and she lets out a breath.

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