Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 131

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 131: Andrei POV

Kat managed to talk to her but she shifted back to her wolf before I could even see or talk to her. Kat then b!tched me out for putting a muzzle on her and I suddenly felt ashamed at what I did. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t have much choice and unless I f0rcefully marked her to get her in the house.

Being a rogue I have no command over her, yet Kat did which I wasn’t sure she would. But I felt relief knowing Kat being the Queen of Alpha’s had influence over all wolves, not just pack wolves.

Kat brushes my mates fur at least I had her name that was one thing I guess. She then stands and comes and gives me a hug and I walk her to the door and unlock it. I turn to see if Sage was going to run for the door but she just sat on her hind legs shaking like a leaf. I could smell she was scared of Kat leaving her with me.

“Can you make her shift back, maybe command her” I ask Kat and I hear Sage whimper behind me, I look over my shoulder and she presses herself against the wall like she could get it to swallow her and save her.

“You want her to shift back she has to do it on her own, I won’t f0rce her”

“How am I meant to communicate with her when her wolf won’t even reply to Donnie in that form”

“Figure it out, Andrei I am not forcing her”

“You can’t be serious, what am I supposed to sign to her or something come one kat that is ridiculous”

“She feels safer in that form, she doesn’t know you and she doesn’t trust you yet” Kat says standing in the doorway. It was making me nervous having the door open because I knew if she ran Kat would order me to let her leave.

I growl when I suddenly hear Kat voice in my head as she f0rced the link, I couldn’t f0rce the link to her yet it always spun me out when she did it to me, perks of being a Queen.

“She knows you can’t mate with her in that form Andrei, I can guarantee if you shifted she would shift to her human form” She says her eyes pinning me on the spot.

“Why?” I ask her.

“ She watched her parents and her mate d*ie at the hands of the rogues that had her, she has been on that damn chain before she shifted, since she was kid Andrei, her shifting between forms was her only way to stop them raping her, yet even that didn’t stop from beating her into submission” Kat snaps at me.

A growl tears out of me and my hands clench at her words, my Alpha aura forcing its way out in pure rage at her words.

Hearing a yelp I look over at Sage and I realise I scared her.

“ Shh, he won’t hurt you Sage, I promise he wasn’t mad at you” Kat tells her yet she still remains tense. She must have said something to Kat because Kat nods to her before glaring at me.

“Give me the muzzle,” She says, holding out her hand. I gr0@n but retrieve it and hand it to her.

“This the only one you have?” She commands and I press my l!ps in a line before stalking off toward the basement door. I unlock it.

The basement smelt heavily of bleach and I pull the door closed behind me not wanting to kat to see what is down here in my t*ortur*e chamber. Going over to the wall I grab the four other muzzles before stomping back up the steps and opening the door.

Sage backs away from me, her eyes on the muzzles in my hand. I walk over and hand them to Kat.

“See no more muzzles, but don’t bite me” I tell Sage and she whines looking at Kat. I could see she wanted to go with her.

“Have you got any she-wolves that would come stay for a night or two?” I ask her not liking the idea but if it means I can get her to shift back even long enough to speak with her. Kat thinks before looking at Sage.

“Would you feel better if I had someone come over tomorrow to stay here, a woman maybe ” I had no idea what sage said to her but Kat nodded.

“You can stay tonight by yourself, I will have to organise someone”

“Maybe one of the older members, a motherly figure” Mateo suggests to her. Kat nods to him.

“I will send someone tomorrow okay, I promise if I can’t find someone ” She looks at me for a second and I sigh.

“If she can’t find someone we can go stay with Kat” I tell Sage not really wanting to but I would if I have to.

“Did she reply, what did she say?” I ask kat, this non-communication thing was going to drive me nuts.

“She just asked if it was only one night she would be by herself” Kat tells me. I fight the urge to growl at her wanting to be away from me, instead biting my tongue. I nod to Kat before watching her leave and I close the door behind her. Turning around I find Sage frozen to the spot, her eyes on the door.

Ignoring her potent fear filling the room I walk past her toward the kitchen, ignoring the way she recoiled. I start cook dinner, throwing together a lasagne.

I placed it in the oven before stacking the dishwasher and I could hear her walking around upstairs. When I am done I mindlink Zane to come over.

He was at my door after a few minutes and I heard the knocking. Opening the door, I let him in. Sage must be hiding somewhere but I knew she couldn’t get out.

“Can do me a favour and run into town for me, you can take my car” I ask him not really wanting to leave my mate here alone.

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Clothes for her”

“What size?” He asks and I scratch the back of my neck. I had no idea what size, but she wasn’t very big from what I could see when she was crouched next to Kat. I could see all her ribs and her spine.

“Wait here” I tell him, walking up the steps to see if I could find her and get her to tell me what size clothes she wore.

“Sage?” I call out to her, she doesn’t make a sound and I am f0rced to follow her scent. Walking into the spare bedroom I find her wolf under the bed. She growls her cerulean blue eyes peering back at me as I got on all fours and looked under the bed.

“Do you know what clothes size you are?” I ask her. She just stares, she should be able to mindlink me being I am her mate yet she remain silent. Just stares at me. I sigh getting up and heading for the door when Donnie speaks.

“Extra small she thinks” I stop.

“ Sage spoke to you?” I ask him but he shakes his head.

“No Seirra her wolf told me, her human is angry she told you” I nod leaving her be and going downstairs.


“Extra small and grabs some in small just incase, make sure they are warm too” I tell him before handing him my wallet.

“Anything else?”

“Um hair ties and a brush, I don’t know girlie sh*t I guess” I tell him.

“This would be so much easier if there was some women here” He mutters, I pretend to not notice but I knew my men were lonely.

“You will find your mate” I tell him and he nods before I open the door letting him out.

“Hopefully those that lost theirs get a second chance too” He says and I nod, I hope the same thing.

Closing the door I head upstairs hoping her wolf may speak some more. I grab some towels and some of my clothes, she will have to roll the pants to hold them up if she decides to shift back. Walking into the bathroom I set them on the basin before walking into the spare room.

“Zane has gone to get you some clothes, you can shower if you want. I put some clothes in the bathroom and you can lock the door, I mean it Sage I won’t hurt you” I tell her.

She doesn’t move and I walk out heading back downstairs. I sit in the living room turning the TV on and watching the news while I wait for dinner to cook. After about 2o minutes I hear the bathroom door close, but when 10 minutes p@ssand I don’t hear the shower running I walk up the steps. I stop at the bathroom door and knock on it.

Sage POV

That woman said he wouldn’t hurt me, Sierra wanted to take him up on the offer to shower, mainly she wanted a rest of being in this form constantly. I try to take back control as she comes

out from under the bed. She pops her head out the bedroom door looking toward the stairs yet I could hear the TV was on downstairs and I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“ Sierra, go back” I tell her when she steps into the hall.

“I don’t think he is like them” Sierra tells me.

“We don’t even know him, stop being blinded by the bond” I tell her but she ignores me instead suddenly shifting back and retreating, her voice a soft murmur in my head.

“We can shift back if he tries anything” She tells me but I was too busy making a dash for the bathroom, my breathing heavy as I closed the door locking it. Goosebumps rise on my arms, my skin exposed to t he air, making me cold.

I stared at the door wondering if he would come in, the thought petrified me. My heart is racing in my ch3st. I wait a few seconds before looking around the bathroom. I found some clothes on the basin and two towels along with some socks.

Turning, I looked at the shower yet it didn’t have any taps to turn it on. The bathroom was nice and very clean, I could smell the cleaning chemicals like it had recently been cleaned, it smelt the same as the basement and made my nose burn and eyes water from the toxic scent.

I wave my hand under the shower head, before turning it. “How does it work?” I asked Sierra before feeling her peer out, she seemed just as confused.

Hearing footsteps I tense before hearing a knock on the door. “Let me shift” I tell Sierra but she shake her head. Has she already forgotten what they have done to us, how could she leave me vulnerable in this form.

“There is a door separating you, and if he wanted to get in he wouldn’t have knocked” My wolf tells me. I think for a second she did have a point. He knocks again.

“Answer him” My wolf urges.

“Sage is everything okay?” Andrei asks, everything slows down except the fast fluttering of my heart as panic takes over. My arms and legs feel like dead weight.

“Sage?” he asks again. I grip the door handle to make sure it is locked, the knob rattling in my shaky hands yet it was still locked.

“I can’t turn it on” I tell him though my voice sounded so small I wasn’t sure if he heard.

“Next to the light switch is a black panel, tap on it” he says, I look for the black panel he mentioned and find it. I tap on it, my fingers shaking uncontrollably.

“You find it?” He asks, I nod before realising he couldn’t see me.

“Yes” I tell him.

“There is a circle with a line through it, press it and a shower head will pop up on the screen then press on it, the water should be at the correct

temperature” He explains. I do what he says before hearing the spray shoot out of the shower head.

“I will be downstairs. I put an extra toothbrush in the shower niche already, come down when you are done for Tea please ” He says and I hear him walk off. I place my hand under the water and find the temperature good like he said before stepping under the spray.

I sigh feeling the hot water, so much better than the streams and creeks. I grabbed the soap and lather my skin, the water turning brown as it ran down the drain, my hair was a matted mess and took three washes before it was somewhat clean looking.

I brushed my teeth and just stood under the water enjoying the warmth and the feel of being clean. My neck was still aching, and I don’t think it would ever stop from having the chain so tight against my flesh for the last 11 years. I rubbed it and

despite spending most of my time in wolf form I could feel the ridges in my skin from where it sat pressed against my skin.

Getting out I rub a hand over the large mirror. My hair was still knotted and I couldn’t find a brush anywhere so I tried to untangle it with my fingers but gave up.

I looked different, I can’t remember the last time I looked in a mirror, probably before they took us. I looked like my mother or I think I did, my memory of her was a little grainy these days. Felt like a lifetime ago that she was here.

Staring at the scar that ran the length of my face, it marred one side of my face. I could still feel the heat in the blade as he held it over the fire before dragging the blade down my face as he tried to get my mother to shift back. Looking away I try to

shove the memory away and turn toward the edge of the sink basin. I pick up the clothes he left, I sniff them and can smell his scent all over them. I dry myself, my fingers trailing over my ruined body, no that I was clean there wasn’t many parts of me that weren’t scarred or disfigured in some way.

“Don’t look, ” Sierra tells me.

“How can I not, look at them” I tell her.

“Everyone has a past, ours just shows on our skin”

”It’s not the past, we are still in the same mess with a new monster” I tell her but she shakes her head.

“We don’t know that” She says as I pull the shirt over my head. I then grab the pants and socks, putting them on only for the pants to fall to my feet the moment I stand up straight. I even tried to roll them but they were ma*s*sive on my frame.

“We can walk around like this Sierra let me shift back please ” I beg her tears brimming in my eyes knowing I would be pantsless with them falling down.

“No, Sage. I am tired. I need to rest please. If he tries anything I will shift but until then just see what happens. His wolf is nice, I don’t think he is like the other men” She says.

It was hopeless she wasn’t going to help until he was trying to K*ll me. I feel anger at her simmer within me as I reach for the door handle and open the door.

“Something smells nice, better than the rodents we usually eat” She says, how could she trust him so blindly, she was acting like a love sick pup, how could she forget he is a man?

I feel her urging me toward the stairs and I look over the bannister but don’t see him. Clutching the pants to hold them up I walk down the steps. The TV was still on and the soft murmurs of voices filled the living room. I stick my head around the corner to see if he is in the huge room.

He wasn’t in there, turning around I found him directly behind me though he didn’t move and I nearly had a heart attack. He moved that silently I didn’t hear him come up behind me.

“I sent someone to get you some clothes, come tea is ready” He says before suddenly turning away and walking off.

“See he could have K*lled you before you even noticed, he didn’t maybe he isn’t that bad”

“That’s what mum and dad thought when they let those three men in our camp, look how that turned out they are dead and I am alone” I tell her. Yet she didn’t agree, following the smell of what he was cooking. I step into the kitchen, he was bending over and getting something out of the oven.

“There are drinks in the fridge if you’re thirsty” He says though he keeps his back to me. That kind of irritated me because that meant he knew I was no threat to him. I was no threat to anyone and he knew. I would never turn my back to anyone. No one can be trusted.

“You can sit down,” He says, turning around to face me. His eyes dart down to where I am clutching his pants trying to keep them up.

“Sit please, talk, anything instead of staring at me like I am about to K*ll you” He says pointing to the dining table. I walked over to it sitting down in the chair that faced him.

“How old are you?” He asks, grabbing some plates done from the cupboards.

“It’s your age, can’t hurt you by asking questions” He mutters but I still heard him.

“23 I think” I tell him and he nods.

“ I’m 28” he tells me. I nod, was I supposed to care about age, was that something that was important?

“You had a mate?” He asks. Barely I thought to myself, that was over as quick as I met him. I say nothing.

“How long were you with those….. People” He finally finishes before looking at me.

“Too long” I tell him, looking out the windows. I tried them already. They have no opening and are perspex.

“Why don’t you have windows?” I ask him and his eyes dart to them.

“So people can’t get in”

“Or out” I mutter under my breath.

“That is the other reason, but my last mate was K*lled because people got in the house, so I built this place. It is safer” He says before suddenly walking over toward me. I jump up the chair falling and hitting the ground behind me.

“Um” He clears his throat, his head turning upwards.

“Your pants” He says and I look down before scrambling to get them up my legs. I move grabbing the fallen chair.

“I won’t hurt you, here eat” He says, sliding a plate over to me. He places his down before moving to the fridge and opening it. He grabs something before turning around and handing me a bottle of water. He waves it at me and I take it quickly.

I watch as he sits down before doing the same.

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