Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 132

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 132

I noticed he used a fork to cut up his food, while he actually gave me a knife to use. I wondered if he did it so I wouldn’t be worried or if he was genuinely unconcerned about my ability to cause him injury with it.

I pick up the knife and he stares at my hand for a second before looking down at his plate again using his fork to cut his own food again. I cut a piece off before popping it in my mouth.

“Kat said you had a mate” He says not like it was a question more a statement. I nod chewing slowly.

“I had a mate, her name was Angie she was K*lled in pack war” He says and I see his eyes flicker to his beast and his hand clenched tightly around the fork for second before his grip loosens.

“Is that why there are no women here, I can’t smell and she-wolves” I ask and he looks up a little shocked that I actually answered him.

“Yes, our warriors were away helping Kat’s pack, we didn’t think the other pack would attack mine, they were all K*lled including the elderly and the children. We didn’t get back in time” He says and I could tell by the look on his face that he felt guilty about what happened to his pack.

“Your mate? I see he never marked you” He says, staring at my neck. I look at his and can see the faint outline of his mark that had scarred his neck.

“He didn’t get a chance, they K*lled him when they realised” I tell him.

“How long ago?” He asks.

“Couple months ago, a pack east of here they stumbled across him, he was nearly dead” I tell him.

“What do you mean, near Kat’s pack?”

“Yeah, same scent so I a*s*sume he must have been one of her pack members. We were camping just outside pack borders, they couldn’t find food and set up there. We could hear wolves fighting when it d*ied down. They went searching to see if they could find anything left.

They thought it might have been a bear or something to eat. Instead they brought him back, he was barely breathing and was torn to pieces”

“So that’s how he d*ied, he was dead before he could mark you?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No, I recognised him instantly, my wolf kept talking to his wolf, keeping his wolf calm and alert for him to try to heal and his wolf said his Alpha attacked him.

When they fell asleep I started licking him trying to heal him and he eventually woke up and realised I was his mate, the rogues wanted to use him as ransom but he when he realised I was his mate he tried to break the chain and they woke and K*lled him”

“I couldn’t picture Ezra attacking his own pack members, Ezra isn’t like that, ” Andrei says.

“Well he did but then the rogues K*lled him anyway and dumped his body close to the border but not before they made watch them rip him apart, he was pieces by the time they were done with him”

“What was his name?”

“Lyle he said he was a border patrollers, one their warriors” I tell hIm.

“I can ask Ezra if you want where he is buried, they should have found his body if the rogues left him on the border, Angie was from the same pack she is also buried over there, we can put something on their graves if you want” He tells me.

I just nod not like it will do anything it won’t bring him back or change the fact this man was now my mate. He stands up picking up his empty plate before holding his hand out for mine which was also empty. I hand it to him and he takes it.

“Thank you” I tell him, that was first real meal other than raw creatures I had eaten in years.

“See he isn’t so bad Sage, maybe we can stay” Sierra says.

“Yeah everyone shows their true intentions eventually Sierra”

“Want to watch some TV?” Andrie asks before walking out toward the living room.

Andrei POV

She was talking, that was something, though she kept her distance as she sat on the edge of the couch ready to run at moments notice, no matter how much or how little she talked it was obvious she didn’t trust me of my intentions.

Half way through the movie though I could see she was fighting sleep as her head would lul to one side before she would jolt back awake. Her eyes nervously went to mine to make sure I hadn’t moved off the other couch, yet her efforts to remain awake were futile and eventually exhaustion won as she eventually passed out.

Quietly getting up I walk to the linen cupboard and grab a blanket before walking outback out and place it over her. She doesn’t wake so instead I decide to sit on the floor beside her. Donnie had been annoying me constantly needing contact with his mate, but I knew touching her in any manner would freak her out so he would just have to settle with being close to her because that is all I could allow him at the moment.

Her scent filled the air and I rest my head on the side of the couch getting comfortable and for the first time since Angie d*ied I felt tired, not wired, not antsy and uncomfortable in my own skin. Sleep, something I took for granted for years until I found I could barely achieve a night’s rest.

I was unsure of how long I remained asleep for when I suddenly woken by Sage tapping my face, her fear perfuming the room and instantly making me alert to find her pressed back against the couch her knees to her chest as she stared at the hall when I hear the buzzer of the door alarm ringing and Zane’s voice flit through my head.

“Finally Alpha, I couldn’t wake you and have been standing out here for ten minutes” I get up before looking at Sage.

“It’s my Beta, I will be back” I tell her rubbing my eyes and walking to the front door. I press my hand on the panel and hear the door unlocking. I pull on it and Zane was standing there with a few bags in his hands.

I see it is daylight and realise I must have slept all night, by the sound of the morning birds and the quiet outside it was early in the morning.

“I was going to drop these off last night, but by the time I got back it was after midnight” He says handing me the bags and my wallet. I open the door wider letting him in and he walks to the kitchen like he does every time he comes here, the man had a serious coffee addiction and I swear he was go% coffee. He stops at the door leading into the living room and speaks to Sage who seemed a little nervous about his presence as her eyes darted to me.

“Luna” He says and she looks at me.

“This is Zane, he is safe Sage he won’t touch you none of my men would” I tell her yet it was obvious trust was going to be slowly earned with her. “ Coffee?” He asks before walking off and I nod following after him.

I lean on the counter trying to wake up. “You slept” Zane states and I yawn.

“It appears so” I tell him though I felt like sh*t and coffee was definitely needed when my phone starts ringing in the hallway on the hallstand. The noise getting louder as I walkback out to retrieve it only to walk directly into Sage, my hand barely grabbing her before I knock her backwards on her a*s and I manage to catch myself on the door frame before standing upright and pulling her with me, her body flush against mine and damn did she feel good pressed against me.

“Your phone” She says and I realise she was shaking in my arms. I let her go and she instantly stepped out of reach. “Thank you” I tell her, taking the phone from her to see it was my father calling. I answer it, placing the phone to my ear.

“Yes Derrick” I answer.

“Have you heard from Mateo and Ezra yet?” He asks.

“Should I have, kat was here yesterday?”

“Kat has been taken in for an emergency C-section, thought I would tell you” He says.

“Are the babies alright?”

“They are fine it is Kat that isn’t”

“ I’m on my way” I tell him before hanging up and Zane looks at me.

“Everything ok Alpha?”

“No, I need to get to my sister” I look at Sage trying to figure out what to do with her before deciding to ask her.

“Do you want to come, or you can stay here?” I ask her.

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