Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 102

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 102

We had been waiting at the meeting place for over an hour. The later Andrei became, the more anxious I started to feel. Also I didn’t really like this place after last time going into heat here.

“Where is he?” I ask pacing the hallway for the hundredth time.

“Kat, he will show. I spoke to him this morning” Ezra says from where he was sitting at the table.

“And he said he would be here an hour ago, Ezra” I tell him. Mateo pulls a chair out beside him.

“Just sit down, you are making me dizzy with all your pacing, he will get here when he gets here” Mateo says.

What if he K*lled him, or what if they had an accident, god knows because he hasn’t messaged or anything. Walking over to the table I pick up Ezra’s phone going through his contacts when it suddenly gone from my hands.

“What are you doing?”

“Ringing him” I tell him, plucking the phone from his fingers only for it to be snatched off me again.

“I already spoke to him, sit down” Ezra says pointing to the chair. I rolled my eyes at him and resumed my pacing. This was ridiculous, he was the one that wanted us to meet him here and he couldn’t even show up on time.

“Kat, sit down or I will take you home and leave your father with Andrei” Ezra tells me and I stop pacing, looking at him.

“I am not going anywhere until I get my father back” Mateo sighs, making my eyes dart to him.

“What?” I ask him.

“You are being a b*tch” Mateo says.

“I am not, he set the time and the place and can’t even show up on time, so don’t call me a b*tch when he is now over an hour late” I tell him.

“Kat, sit down,” Ezra says.

“You f*uc*king sit down, or leave and I will deal with Andrei myself” I tell him and he growls at me.

“You are really getting on my nerves Kat, sit down o r I will fcking make you. You have been a fcking brat for the last few days and I am sick and tired of your f*uc*king tantrums when things don’t go your way, so sit the f*uc*k down” Ezra yells at me.

Yet my entire body was hot, I could feel my blood boiling, sizzling making me angrier and angrier. I couldn’t explain it, I have been getting angrier and angrier over the last few days and I knew I was being a b*tch yet I couldn’t control it.

“Go f*uc*k yourself, I am sick and tired of you ordering me around like some fcking lap dog Ezra” His eyes flicker, Maddox coming to the surface and I blinked before finding him in front of me.

Ezra fighting for control and he manages to reign him in but I found a pissed of Ezra a little more concerning because he was usually calm and placid compared to Maddox but I soon realised, I pushed him over the edge when he grabs me and shoves me into the chair, his fist coming down on the table next to me, making me jump before I glare at him..

“Say it again Kat, I am f*uc*king warning you. Shut your goddamn mouth” Yet the words left my lips before I could once again control my vengeful tongue.

“Go f*uc*k yourself” I spat him, he moved so quickly I had no time to react when I find myself thrown on top of the table, my back hitting it so hard it knocks the air out of my lungs. His entire body trembling as he lent over me. Mateo jumps to his feet yet I start laughing.

“You won’t hurt me” I tell him, laughing.

“Don’t tempt me kat, if you were anyone else you would be dead by now” He says so calmly it sent chills down my spine.

“And there is my Gemini Luna” Comes Andrei’s deep voice. Ezra lets me go and I sit up before seeing Andrei standing in the hallway not having heard him pull. He had a smug smile on his lips.

“How did I know showing up late would tick her off” He chuckles and I lunge at him. Ezra’s arm wrapping around my waist before he tosses me in the chair.

“Sit down, move once more kat so help me god, I will f*uc*king beat your a*s*s” Ezra snaps at me while I glare at Andrei.

“I may have been scared by the look she is giving me if she weren’t so small” Andrei taunts and I get up again, only this time Mateo grabs me, I wanted to hurt him, wanted to smack the living daylights out of him.

“Stop taunting her Andrei” Ezra says while I struggle against Mateo’s vice-like grip.

“If you can’t control your mate Ezra feel free to hand her over, I will gladly take her off your hands” Andrei says.

“I can handle her just fine Andrei, now where is Derrick?”

“Close, but I am not handing him over till I get a*s*surance first” Andrei says, taking his jacket off and sitting in a chair across the other side of the table. Mateo sits down pulling me with him. Andrei smiles at me, his eyes not leaving me. He c**ks his head to the side watching me before his eyes flicker, his wolf coming forward for a second.

“So how have things been at home?” He says looking at Ezra then Mateo.

“We aren’t here for small talk Andrei, what do you want”

“Well that is where you are wrong Ezra, I came to chat, check on Kat” He says and I push off Mateo’s knees only for him to yank me down again.

“Sit still, stop, what has gotten into you” Mateo whispers.

“Quite the temper she has there, must be fun living with her” Andrei says.

“Andrei stop, just tell me what you want please, so I can get my mate home” Ezra says sitting in the chair next to me and Mateo. Andrei chuckles putting his hands up in mock surrender.

“Fine, I want her venom,” Andrei says.

“You want what?”

“Her venom, see Gemini wolves have venom like a snake, when provoked they bite and that bite is lethal. So, you want your father back Kat, I want two things, your venom and I want Jackson” Andrei says folding his arms across his chest.

“Why do you want her venom?” Ezra asks.

“That is none of your business, but I want her venom. You don’t need to know the reason” Andrei tells him before looking back at me, he smiles, while I glare at him.

“How’s your wolf?” Andrei asks, his eyes bickering.

“You said you could help” Ezra said, cutting me off before I could say something, I looked at Ezra biting my lip to stop myself saying something I will regret.

“That’s right I can, I want to. Got a bit of a soft spot

for Kat, seeing as she is my sister” Andrei says, making my head whip to him.


“Ask your father when you see him, he will explain. Ask him who Anthony is” Andrei says, smiling brightly.

“We are not related,” I tell him. He was Ezra’s age, maybe older, There was no way he was related to me, we don’t even look alike.

“Like I said ask your father when I hand him back, but I can a*s*sure you Kat, you are my little sister, well half sister, but sister all the same” He says and Ezra sits back in his chair and I could tell he was thinking.

“So this help, what can you help with?”

“Well for starters I can tell you why she is so irritable, short wicked if you like?” Ezra nods telling him to go on.

“She needs to shift her temper will only get worse until she does, get her to shift, I get my venom, you get daddy dearest back”

“I can’t shift, Kora is gone” I tell him, becoming annoyed again.

“You are a Gemini wolf, a Wolf kat, you can shift, you just need to learn how. Kora may be dead now but you don’t need her, you don’t need a wolf to shift Kat, because now you are the wolf and you won’t have venom until you shift, and I need you to shift, so I will come over everyday until you do, say 7 A.M. tomorrow alright with you?” He asks, looking at Ezra.

“What do you mean Kora is dead?” Mateo asks.

“In order for Kat to break the curse, she had to d*ie. To be brought back, Kora gave her life for Kat and merged with her, Kat basically absorbed her life f0rce, so kora is dead” Andrei explains, Ezra growls but I know it was Maddox and not him. Ezra shakes his head before turning to Andrei.

“You want to come to our house?” Ezra asks him and Andrei nods.

“Fine but don’t be late for god sake. I will tell my men to let you p@ssthe border”

“I am not working with him” I tell Ezra.

“You are and you will be Kat, end of argument” Ezra says. I go to say something when Ezra glares at me making me remain quiet.

“Enough I will deal with you when we get home, so sit there be quiet” Ezra warns and I sigh.

“So, everyone is on the same page?” Andrei asks.

“Wait when do I get my dad back?”

“Once you shift, now I will go home and prepare, and I will see you tomorrow morning, hopefully in a better mood” Andrei chuckles while getting up from his seat.

“What no!”

“Put her in the car Mateo, f*uc*king tie her if you have to” Ezra snaps at him. Andrei chuckles, only irritating me more when Mateo suddenly tosses me over his shoulder before walking outside and throwing the car door open, he tosses me in the back of the car.

“Enough” He growls when I try to get back out to demand my father back. Mateo slides in beside me before ripping my seatbelt across me and buckling me in.

“Kat, if you don’t stop, Ezra will snap, just sit still and stop provoking him more” Mateo says, gripping my hands as I try to undo the seatbelt. I see Andrei walk out with Ezra before Andrei leaves. Ezra walks over to the car opening the back door.

“You drive, I will deal with her” Ezra tells him and Mateo hops out Ezra taking his spot beside me, I shrink back when he turns and glares at me.

Maddox taking his place before he unclips my belt and rips me onto his lap.

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