Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 73

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 73

“Ah Ezra, so why have we called this meeting?” He says, shaking his hand. “Mateo” He nods and Mateo nods back.

“Jacksons pack, Andrei this is my mate Kat” He says introducing me to the man,

“Kat this is Andrei from Moss Valley Pack” I shake his hand and he grips it firmly staring at me.

“You have the strangest eyes” He says, c*oc*king his head to the side, yet he still hadn’t let go of my hand.

“Thanks I think,” I tell him.

“So you finally found her, Ezra?” He says and I try to pull my hand from his grip but he doesn’t let go.

“Andrei let my mate go” Ezra warns him and he releases my hand.

“Apologies Luna, forgot I was holding it” He says, turning around and walking toward the desk before he holds a finger up shaking it in the air. “Though I am interested in where you found this Lunar wolf” Andrei says pulling a chair out and turning it so it faces me.

“She is a pack member”

“Now, that is a lie, obviously she is now because you have marked her, but I searched every she-wolf here when I came looking for my mate last time, Ezra. She was not here last year” Andrei tells him.

“So am I a*s*suming right that she was one of Jacksons wolves? ” He asks, resting his elbow on the table.

“You a*s*sume right, but like you said she was, she isn’t any more”

“Interesting,” He says. Two more cars pull up, one around my age and definitely the youngest of the three men. I also noticed their Beta’s remained outside chatting amongst themselves like they were all friends.

“Alpha Nicolas, this is Kat my mate and you know Mateo” Ezra says and once again the entire thing happens again, Nicolas does a double take. But doesn’t try to touch me.

“Interesting mate you have there Ezra congrats,” Nicolas says, he appeared to be only mid-twenties around the same age as Ezra and Mateo with a shaved head and cold blue eyes”

“Nicolas is the Alpha of Cold Creek pack” Ezra answers. And I nod suddenly starting to feel very uncomfortable. My hands were becoming clammy, and I could feel a bead of sweat run down the back of my neck. “Nice to meet you,” I tell him.

“The third and youngest one comes in. “Harley nice to meet you Luna, Ezra ” He says, shaking his hand. So I a*s*sume he is from the Howlers Forest Pack.

They all took their seats yet they all kept glancing at me, especially Nicolas and Andrei, while Harley didn’t seem as inquisitive.

I could barely concentrate and I could feel something was seriously wrong with Kora. I abruptly got up my hands leaving marks on the table from how clammy they were. Ezra grabs my arm as I walk past.

“You okay?” He asks and I nod to him before Mateo gets up following me. I walk to the bathroom w*etting my face with the cool water trying to cool down.

“Kat, you okay?” He asks.

“Yeah I just need to lay down” I tell him suddenly feeling dizzy. Mateo grabs my arm escorting me to one of the offices before laying me down on the couch. The moment my back hit it, I lurched forward grabbing the little white bin next to the desk and throwing up.

“Sh*t” Mateo says, pulling my hair back from my face before handing me a tissue. I wipe my mouth with it before laying down.

“I will go get you some water and a drink” He says walking out. He returns with bottle water and I rinse my mouth out before spitting it in the bin to rid the bile in my mouth.

Mateo then passes me a can of coke cracking it open for me.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah I don’t think I should have skipped breakfast” I tell him knowing sometimes it caused me to become nauseous.

“Just rest, I will come get you when the meeting is over,” Mateo says, helping me lay down.I nod closing my eyes, my head was pounding and spinning, closing my eyes was making the feeling worse. Yet opening them I could barely see a thing through my double vision.

“Kora?” I whisper, yet I get no reply. I felt like I was falling even though I was laying down and it was so hot, sweat running off me and drenching my blouse. “Ezra!” I mindlink.

“Not now Kat, having issues. I know you’re sick just hold on a sec” he says before I hear all hell break loose in the room beside me.

I felt on the verge of passing out and hop up staggering to the desk for the bottled water, I try grab it but my vision was terrible when I see the desk coming toward my face, my hands falling through air as I try to clutch it. I feel my head come in contact with it, feel my blood trickle down into my eye as I hit the carpet.

I could vaguely hear arguing and fighting but couldn’t do anything but lay there waiting for the room to still.

When it does, I try to mindlink Mateo and Ezra but get no reply, crawling to the couch, I pull myself up before using the furniture to find my way to the door.

I turn the handle and open it to Mateo between Andrei and Ezra trying to break them up, Nicolas yelling at both of them and Harley sitting looking rather bored of the situation. I couldn’t even understand the words they were saying, or see who threw the first punch.

“Ezra?” I call out staggering into the hall between the conference room and the office.

“Kat?” Ezra says and I wipe my eyes trying to see when I hear a terrifying growl.

“Kat! Mateo get her out of here” Ezra screams, just as the three Alpha’s suddenly shift, clothes shredding everywhere and I didn’t understand what just happened.

“Mateo now” Ezra screams before shifting and tackling the big grey wolf as he jumps onto the table.

Maddox rips into him and fur and blood is everywhere when I am suddenly hit from the side. Claws sinking into my back, yet I couldn’t feel pain just hear the tearing of my flesh and the weight on top of me before it was suddenly gone.

“Run Kat, you’re in heat get home” Mateo screams to me as I try to pull myself up but slip on my own blood on the floorboards in the hall.

‘kora?’ I scream as I rush out the door, falling face first on the concrete. The big wolf Maddox tackled bounding out after me followed by Maddox.

The wolf missing me as Maddox knocks me out of the way before it attacks me and finally Kora f0rces the shift. Yet I could tell she was weak, I felt numb and hot, pain not registering yet, and Kora I could feel was weak as we ran toward the packhouse.

Howls sounding from everywhere when Kora suddenly shifts back, leaving me face down in the dirt.

‘Kora’ I shriek, getting on my hands and knees.

‘,heat’ she breathes rapidly, almost panting.

” I can’t help Kat, heat is in human form not wolf form’ she breathes, trying to catch her breath. ‘run kat, they can smell it from miles’ she says as I will my feet to move. Howls sounding from every direction. I thought it just made you h*rny why do I feel so sick? I think.

‘it’s because it’s your first heat, made so you can be caught by prospective suitors’

‘ suitors? I have a Mate’

‘doesn’t matter just don’t stop’ she pants trying to lend me what’s left of her strength.

I was on the verge of passing out, each step becoming agonizingly slower then the last before finally I collapsed, pain rippling through my stomach.

“Kat, you need to get up,” Mateo says. Yet I couldn’t see him when I feel fur brush against me before hearing fighting, again. My ears are ringing making everything muffled.

“Ezra?” I murmured my voice barely audible to my own ears.

“Currently fighting three Alpha’s I can’t touch you Kat, get up” Mateo says but I feel myself fading before hearing more wolves fighting. I hear shifting yet am too weak to move.

“f*uc*k!” I hear someone’s voice, it sounds familiar before I feel hands grab me and feel them running.

I gr0@n trying to see who it is when they are tackled, my body goes flying and I hit the ground with a hard thud.

More fighting yet no one touches me.

“20 meters Kat, just need to get 20 meters, you have to get up” Mateo says before grunting.

‘Come on get up’ Kora says, forcing me on my hands and knees, my claws slipping out when I feel a surge of adrenaline hit me, yet I feel it is Ezra’s not mine but nonetheless it gets me moving. Running for the packhouse.

I could see it and run up the steps gripping the handle before I am ripped back by claws sinking into my ankle. I shake my leg before seeing Mateo tackle the wolf.

“Side draw Kat the remote,” he says slamming the wolf on the ground, he wasn’t even shifted but I could see wolves running at the house and could feel Maddox was injured but still fighting. I rush inside slamming into the hall stand, ripping the draws out and finding the remote.

I start hitting b*ttons wondering what it’s for when I suddenly hear roller shutters. Looking at the windows, I see them start to drop and let out a breath of relief when I hear the glassdoor in the kitchen shatter making me look in its direction.

“Mateo!” I scream.

“Kat, I can’t get locked in there with you” he calls just as a sandy coloured wolf growls from up the hallway next to the stairs. It growls menacingly and I pick up the drawer.

“f*uc*k, f*uc*k f*uc*k” Mateo yells before sliding under the shutter of the front door.

“Kat room!” Mateo yells just as the wolf lunges at me. I duck sideways before throwing the draw at it. It hits it in the face and I hear the roller shutters lock in place, hear wolves hitting it as I rush up the stairs, praying Mateo can deal with the other wolf.

When I suddenly hear a loud whimper before hearing a snap. Looking down Mateo was standing over it, the wolf limp on the ground and I knew it was dead.

“Lock your door,” Mateo says. Looking up at me, only it wasn’t his eyes no more, but Ares his wolf’s. My heart skips a beat and I run for my door, locking it.

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