Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 106

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 106

Shaking my head at Angie’s strange behaviour I walk inside to find Mateo sitting on the couch, Maddox sitting on the floor beside him, staring at him while Mateo side-eyed him, they seemed to be having some sort of standoff. Walking in, Maddox turns his head looking at me and I raise an eyebrow at him. It was so unlike Maddox to be so sookie and I wasn’t sure I liked it, he didn’t feel like our normal grouchy wolf, I had grown accustomed to.

I walk around and I sit on the lounge beside Mateo, Maddox forcing his huge body on the lounge and laying across our laps.

“I swear he thinks he is a lap dog” Mateo muttered trying to get comfortable under his weight.

Maddox growled at his words but laid down, he ran the entire length of the couch, his tail hanging off the end.

“You know you’re heavy right? ” I ask him but he just whines at me.

“What did Angie want?” Mateo asks, resting his head back on the back of the couch.

“Wanted Ezra’s signature for the death certificate, I signed it though and she was dropping it back in for me”

“Yeah Ezra is going to take that pretty hard when he comes back, he has always tried to make sure he wasn’t like his father” Mateo tells me and I nod.

Maddox hops off the lounge before walking upstairs. “Think he is alright?” I ask Mateo.

“Think it is because of the topic” Mateo says watching Maddox’s furry body disappear up the stairs.

“He isn’t like his father, I have heard a bit about him, but Ezra doesn’t really like talking about him” I tell him.

“nobody does, he was a piece of sh*t. His wolf was just as bad, you think Maddox is bad sometimes, he got nothing on his father’s wolf, didn’t care if they were women or children he would K*ll them when he got out. I swear his father used to let him out deliberately just to instill fear amongst the pack, used to use Ezra like a punching bag when he was kid would even make him train against his wolf before he even had one, my dad got ripped apart a few times trying to save him from his fathers wolf.

No child should be f0rced to train against a wolf, especially one that has no control” I nod in agreement, I hated training against my mothers wolf when I was in Jackson’s pack let alone being a child trying to fend one off.

“ When Ezra K*lled him it was like everyone could finally breathe again, no longer walking on eggshells, the entire pack stepped up to help him run the pack until he could do it on his own” Mateo tells me. We sit in silence for a few moments, listening to Maddox walking around upstairs.

“What did Andrei have to say before we woke up?

You should have woken us when he got here, kat, that was pretty reckless of you going to meet him on your own” Mateo says, turning his face toward me.

I shrug. “Just that my dad abandoned him and his mum and left them as rogues for his mates, that my mother Katherine’s other mate raised him” I tell him.

“Just when we think there are no more secrets your family can possibly hide” Mateo says.

“Yeah makes me wonder if everything was a lie, I just can’t believe he would abandon his own kid, what a kick in the guts that would have been for Andrei, I am surprised he doesn’t hate me because dad left him and made a new family” Mateo nods.

“He may have in the beginning, he seems genuine though. I looked at those scrolls, will need to give them Mathias, he speaks a few different languages he should be able to interpret them for us”

Hearing water running I look to the ceiling. “Ezra must have control again” I whisper to Mateo who also looked up at the ceiling hearing the old pipes rattle throughout the pack house.

“I will go get dinner, you should check on him”

Mateo says.

“Wait, you’re leaving?”

“Yes, now I know Ezra is back and Maddox won’t lose it, I need to go check patrols, and drop this in to Mathias, doubt Ezra will feel up to it. I will bring dinner home, go check our mate” Mateo says

before getting up, he grabs the scrolls off the coffee table before bending down and pecking my lips.

“Make sure he is alright, I will be back soon” Mateo says before grabbing his keys from the hall stand and walking out the door. I head upstairs and can hear Ezra in the shower.

I wait on the bed for him to come out. I could finally feel him through the bond and he seemed to be having a mix of emotions.

Hearing the water shut off around 10 minutes later, the door opens, a billow of steam flowing out the door before Ezra steps out in just a towel.

“You’re back” I tell him and he nods walking into the closet. I follow him, leaning on the door frame watching him.

“You ok?”

“Drop it kat” Ezra says and I sigh.

“Mateo went to check patrols, said he will grab dinner on his way home” Ezra nods but doesn’t say anything, just gets dressed in shorts and a shirt and steps past me.

I follow after him only for him to walk into his office and shut the door in my face, I twist the handle but find it locked. I press my lips in a line before walking to the kitchen, clearly he wants to be left alone.

“He locked himself in his office” I mindlink Mateo.

“Figured he would, just leave him be, I will try to be quick” Mateo mindlinks back.

“Ok see you when you get home ” I tell him before cutting off the link. I go to the kitchen to make coffee before mindlinking Ezra.

“Coffee?” I ask him but I get no reply, yet I could feel him listening before he closes the link. I refocus on making my own when my phone starts vibrating on the kitchen counter where I left it last night. Picking it up I see a text message from a number I didn’t recognise before realising it was Andrei.

Andrei : Will be lunchtime tomorrow, had something come up with my mum Me: Ok, how did you get my number?

Andrei: Am I not allowed my sister’s number? Asked Mateo for it. Now you have mine.

Me: No, of course you can have it, just didn’t recognise the number, will see you tomorrow then, hope everything is ok.

Andrei: Yep she is a tough old duck, see you at lunchtime.

I place the phone down before making my coffee.

The next day.

Angie POV

“Angie get up” My mother booms from downstairs. I gr0@n not wanting to get up before hearing muffled laughter. I roll over in my bed, my eyes fluttering open to see an @sscoming toward my face. I shriek before it suddenly sits on my face. His laughter grows louder before the bastard rushes off.

“Mum!” I scream. Wiping my face, only to find it covered in peanut b*tter. That’s it, I was going to K*ll him. Seriously, who wipes peanut b*tter on

their @ssand sits on someone’s face, I feel sorry for his future mate. I see my brother Myles laughing face, as he sticks his head around my door. 1

“Looking good sis, new face cream?” He says as I jump out of my bed.

“ I am going to K*ll you” I shriek as I jump off my bed. I chase my brother out of my room and down the hall skidding along the floor and into the wall as I reach the stairs. My brother jumped down the stairs to get away from me before he raced toward the kitchen to hide behind mum.

“No running in the house” My father yells to us as we dart past his office door. I tackle him, and he shrieks as I start punching into him, his laughter only angering me more.

“Hey what’s going on?” My mother says coming out of the kitchen with a tea towel over her shoulder.

“He put peanut b*tter on his @ssand sat on my face while I was asleep again” I tell her before punching him in the shoulder as hard as I could.

“Bloody grub” I tell him before getting off him, I kick him in the side and he grunts. My mother hands me the tea towel before giving him a stern look and pointing a finger at him. I wiped the crud on my face.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop antagonizing your sister?” She says.

“She didn’t look like she had enough beauty sleep, thought I would give her a facial” my brother tells her. My mother shakes her head throwing her hands up in the air while my brother continues to laugh on the floor.

“I give up, you are all pack of ferals” My mother says walking back toward the kitchen. I hated being the only girl, and having to put up with my brothers.

I growl at him before walking away.

“Come on Angie don’t be like that, it was just a joke” Myles calls after me.

Walking into the kitchen, my mother hands me a plate of pancakes, my other four brothers sitting at the table devouring their like animals, they all try to hide their laughs as I walk in.

“Morning sis” My oldest brother Tate says before snickering, I flip him the bird before sitting at the table, before he reaches over and stabs one of my pancakes with his fork trying to steal it, in turn I stab with my fork.

“Get your own ” I tell Tate but he still takes one off my plate despite my fork sticking out of his hand.

“Just did” He says and I glare at him, he pulls my fork from his hand and I sigh before getting up and grabbing a new one only to turn around to find my plate now empty.

“MUM! ” I dob, she turns glaring at them. “You boys will be the death of me I swear” She tells them before handing me her plate. “I will make some more,” She says.

“Leave your sister alone ” She scolds them before pouring more batter into the fry pan.

“Angie you have laundry duty today after training, Tate you can do the back lawns, and Myles for your disturbance you get to bleach all the bathrooms and toilets”

“That’s not far, that’s usually Angie’s job” Myles whined while I stuck my tongue out at him. Tate shakes his head at him before hopping up.

“Jasmine is staying the night mum, she should be here around 5, said she had to do something before coming over” My mum smiles, she loved Jasmine she had become quite close with everyone.

“Well I will go do the lawn” Tate says just as my father walks in.

“No training first, Alpha doesn’t like you slacking” We all gr0@ned, we trained enough at school but every morning dad still makes us train.

“Fine but I am pairing up with Myles” I tell him, glaring at my brother.

“Ooh scary” Myles taunts me and I roll my eyes at him. I pick up a piece of pancake on my fork covered in maple syrup. I flick it at him, smacking him in the face as it slid down his cheek.

“See that dad, she threw food at me ” Myles says.

“Didn’t see a thing, isn’t that right princess” My dad says kissing the top of my head. While Myles glares at me. Daniel and Steve laughed at him when dad didn’t scold me.

“That’s right, Daddio ” I smile. Being the only girl

also had its advantages, I got away with murder mostly, them not so much.

Once we finished eating dad had us all in the backyard sparing. I gladly kicked and punched the living daylights out of Myles for putting his @sson my face. On the last round, I had just pinned him again as my father watched critiquing us when Myles stooped to cheating, his fist connecting with my br**st.

I hissed clutching my b*ob, “Not so c*oc*ky now princess” Myles taunts tapping me on the shoulder as he gets up. I grab him kneeing him in the balls, he drops like a sack of potatoes, his voice sounding more like a mouse as he hissed out some lovely words. 1

“Walk it off Myles” My father tells him.

“She hit me in the balls” He ch*okes.

“And you punched me in my lady nuts” I tell him, kicking him in the leg. Brothers, love me but wanna K*ll me. I think when I feel someone try to mindlink me. Jasmine’s voice flitted through my head.

“Meet me at Kat’s. I have something I want to tell you both” Jasmine says.

“Aren’t you coming here tonight?” I ask her, “Yes, but I wanna tell my besties first, please, please meet me at Kat in like half an hour” Jasmine begs. I gr0@n but tell her yes.

I Didn’ t really want to go to Kat’s, the Alpha still hasn’t forgiven me, yet I did miss Kat. Both her and Jasmine have shown me what real friends are. I just hope I can fix mine and Kat’s now strained relationship.

“We will, will just take some time” Alia my wolf tells me, she has been a little off since yesterday when we saw Kat, I don’t know why but something was different about her and she smelt amazing, mouth watering good. Walking inside, I quickly race to all the rooms and grab everyone’s dirty laundry and then dump it in the washing machine and flick it on before quickly getting changed. A shower will have to wait, I wanted to find out what this news was Jasmine wanted to share.

Just as I am rushing out the door my father steps into my path. “Where are you going?”

“To see Kat, and Jasmine”

“You did your chores?” He asks and I nod.

“I will hang it out when I get home,” I tell him.

“Not too late missy, you are still on punishment” My father tells me.

“Ok dad” I tell him, escaping past him and heading for my car.

The drive to the Packhouse was long and boring, but pulling up. I could see Jasmine’s car already there and saw Kat at the door talking to her, so I arrived just on time and I didn’t have to worry about Ezra opening the door to yell at me more. Alia was excitedly jumping around in my head for some unknown reason urging me to get out of the car.

I park my car next to Jasmines and climb out seeing as both girls were waiting for me by the door.

“What is this news you want to share?” I call out to Jasmine as I lock my car. She happily bounces up and down and I could see Kat was just as confused as me.

Making my way to them, Alia was pressing beneath my skin. “See if she smells the same, sniff her”

“I am not sniffing her, you were embarra*s*sing yesterday” I tell her when she f0rces slight control making me embrace a startled kat. “Nice to see you too” Kat chuckles as I throw my arms around her. My face was heated at what Alia made me do before she suddenly sulks, kat smelt like Kat, the weird scent no longer around her from yesterday, even I felt Alia’s disappointment but shoved it aside.

“Ah what about me, just barge past and steal hugs leaving me behind” Jasmine says and I smile before quickly hugging her.

I step back and she has a mischievous grin on her face, her eyes sparkling brightly with her excitement. “So you’re going to tell us?” I ask her as we walk through the house and into the kitchen.

“Tell you what?” Asks Mateo who was eating some cereal at the table..

“Jasmine reaches into her back pocket, before handing me something” I realise it is a pregnancy test. A little plus sign in the window.

“No! Are you pregnant? I’m going to be an aunty?” I squeal jumping up and down with her.

“Gross that means you had s*e*x with my brother” I tell her pulling a face.

“I would be less worried about her screwing your brother and more worried by the fact you are holding something she peed on” Mateo says scrunching up his face.

“Congrats Jas, happy for you” Mateo says, getting up and hugging her shoulders before dropping his bowl in the sink. He pecks Kat’s cheek before walking out leaving us by ourselves.

“Do you know how far along, ooh we can go baby shopping” Kat exclaims also just as excited.

“About 8 weeks” Jasmine squeals excitedly.

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