Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 105

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 105

I try to do as Andrei asks with his deep breathing, but it was hard to stifle my giggles when I could hear him breathing deeply, I was just waiting for him to break out in a shaman dance. Cracking an eye open, I find his eyes closed as he took this very seriously.

He looked quite funny, especially from his size sitting cross-legged and his back straight, meditation was never my thing, so I kind of found it pointless. But I still tried to be a good sport and closed my eyes, listening to his deep breathing and trying not burst out into a fit of giggles.

I lose track of time as we sit there, the sun making me sweat profusely while he tells me to search for m y mind’s eye or some whacked voodoo crap. Feeling fur brush my arm, I open my eyes to see Maddox sitting beside me with his head c*oc*ked to the side as he watches Andrei, Maddox deep voice flitting through my head.

“What is he doing?”

“No idea” I tell him, looking to my side Mateo was laying on his side on the gr@sswith his head propped on his hand. I try not to laugh when I watch him clean his apple on his shorts before biting into it loudly. The crunch of his crisp green apple sounded loud in comparison to Andrei’s deep breathing, I see Andrei open up his eyes before glaring at Mateo.

“What, just watching you do your weird panting just pretend I’m not here” Mateo tells him sending him a wink.

“It’s called meditation”

“You call it meditation, I call it panting like a heffer but please continue bet the lad*ies love you panting over the top of them like that” Mateo tells him and Andrei growls at him. Mateo however was unfazed by him and continued to eat his apple.

Andrei turns and looks at Maddox he chuckles,

shaking his head, “ Seriously Ezra, I mean her no harm you can shift back, I am not going to attack my own sister” Andrei tells him.

“That’s Maddox, not Ezra. Maddox hasn’t given him control back yet after Kat turned demonic, I tried to ring you but you never answered your damn phone” Mateo tells him.

“What do you mean, kat turned demonic?” Andrei asks and I also look at him wondering what the hell Mateo was talking about.

“Kat, she” Mateo looks at me worriedly while I wait for him to explain what he meant.

“She lost it, became angry and she almost seemed insane ” I pulled a face at what he said, he sounded insane, I have no memory of anything happening after we left the meeting.

“Ezra had to mark her again to subdue her and then Maddox took over, came home last night drenched in blood after he K*lled some sh*t and one of our patrollers”

“What? You K*lled someone? Maddox please give Ezra back control” I ask, looking at Maddox but he gets up and walks away with a growl. He didn’t seem angry, in fact, I couldn’t feel anything emotion-wise coming from him at all, like he felt nothing.

“So it’s already happening” Andrei mutters, making me look at him. He looked deep in thought.

“What’s happening?” Both Mateo and I ask at the same time.

“Jinx” Mateo says and I roll my eyes at him.

“The madness, it comes with being a Gemini, you need to get her to shift it might help. Any time she heals someone it will get worse, the last Gemini wolf K*lled his own mates by accident then K*lled himself”

“The journals said they d*ied, never said anything about him K*lling them” I tell Andrei.

“Yeah well I have Josiah’s actual journal, plus one o f his mates, everytime he healed someone, his behaviour became erratic, but even before that, before he first shifted after becoming what he was, his mates spoke of him sleep walking and that his anger was explosive, his behaviour erratic. After he K*lled his mates, his journal was nearly unreadable, his thoughts that manic he went completely insane.

Some of the things I found said that a Gemini wolf’s mates can take the darkness that comes with being a Gemini, share it if you will. That must be why Maddox took over when Ezra marked you, the madness that was in you transferred to him”

“So I will go insane?” I ask him, horrified. This was meant to break the curse, not give me a new one.

“Not necessarily, as long as you don’t bring back the dead, it should be manageable, plus we have all different medications that can help these days. Back then, they didn’t have mood stabilizers or know what to even call schizophrenia or different mental illnesses, we have resources that can help these things in today’s day and age. But yes, everytime you heal someone it takes a piece of you, you are essentially giving a piece of yourself to them and you are taking the death from them, that would be enough to send anyone mad Kat, so just stay away from dead people, but there is more, for you to heal someone, or bring them back from the dead, you have to K*ll someone to harbour that level healing ability, a life for a life essentially, small things are fine like a wound or whatever but to heal someone who is dead or critically injured that will mean K*lling someone else”

“Well I don’t plan on bringing back the dead, or K*lling anyone” I tell him.

“Then you should be fine with your mates help, but you need to shift, it helps because once shifted you can recharge off the moon, kind of like you did when you were a lunar healer, keeps not only you strong but your mind too” Andrei tells me.

“I don’t get it, how do you know so much?” I ask him.

“Anthony, you should meet him sometime, that’s why your father came to my territory, he thought Anthony had something to do with your mothers death, but in fact it was me.

I needed those scrolls from Jackson to put the final pieces together” Andrei says. I go to get up at his words but he puts his hands up pointing to the gra*s*s. “Please let me explain before you turn homicidal” I sit back down deciding to hear him out, he had given us more information than anyone so far.

“I know what I did to help Jackson was wrong, Kat. But your family has a lot of secrets, you have only seen them in a certain light, it’s only now that you are really learning who they are, eventually you will learn to trust no one, not even me.

My intentions are good right now but people change kat, I do mean it when I say I mean you no harm and I couldn’t see a reason for me wanting to go against you, but just remember everyone has a tipping point, everyone has something they would K*ll for. Don’t trust anyone, only your mates. Secrets get people K*lled. You will learn that, one way or another”

“Exactly secret do get people K*lled, so why do you want my venom?” I ask him.

“Nothing to do with you kat, but if you must know. I want it for Jackson. Anthony raised me and after knowing what he did to my stepfather and my mother, I want revenge but that is all I will tell you”

Maddox comes back sitting on the gra*s*s, while I ponder his words, all this talk of secrets was making me think of the biggest one I was keeping from my mates, that our future may not mean Mateo is in it, making me wonder if maybe telling them, may alter future events that moon Goddess gave me.

“He is a big f*uc*ker? Isn’t he, looks even more ma*s*sive when he isn’t trying to K*ll someone” Andrei says, staring at Maddox as he tries to sit across my lap.

Andrei chuckles at him while I try to shove him off, embarra*s*sed at his behaviour, Ezra would be horrified seeing Maddox act like a clingy pup in front of another Alpha.

“Funny how much like animals they truly are, our wolves are lethal but only our mates can make them act like that, Donnie is always on the lookout for his, becomes quite annoying at times. Yet just like Maddox he would K*ll without hesitation just like I would” I push him off only for Maddox to go crush Mateo. I shake my head at his behaviour.

“Just like the darkness there is a peak then they crash, that’s why he is being like that. One extreme or another, you will find your moods will be the same, one minute you will be clingy like he is being right now, seeking comfort, the next you will want to K*ll them” Andrei says while we watch Maddox lay on Mateo’s back, Mateo tries roll out from under him only for Maddox to start l*cking his face and neck. Andrei shakes his head at him and laughs to himself. Did look rather funny considering Maddox usually only came forward when wanted to hurt someone besides with us he never acted like this.

“I have the scrolls in my car, you can have them but it tells you nothing I haven’t already said but if you can find an interpreter you are more then welcome to have them” Andrei says.

“Yes that would be good” Mateo ch*okes out as Maddox mauls him with his heavy body rubbing himself all over him like a cat.

“Don’t suppose you know how long he will be like that for?”

“The fact he appears to be coming down from what he took from you, I say a few more hours and he will shift back, he seems calm though, is he speaking to you in the mindlink?” Andrei asks and I nod.

“Then he should return soon, Maddox is basically running off instinct and blocking the human part out of him out, Ezra will be fine, but would be best if you shift soon, it won’t be as bad next time, I should head off but if you want to follow me to my car I will give you those scrolls, I will come back tomorrow, it is getting a bit hot out here anyway” Andrei says hopping up.

I followed him to the car, Maddox also following me as he kept trying to grab my hand in his mouth.

Andrei hands me the scrolls before shocking me and giving me a hug. “Always wanted a sister” He says before climbing in his car. He honks his horn on the way out and I wave to him before he disappears.

“Can honestly say, Andrei really isn’t that bad” Mateo says coming up behind me, he wraps his arms around my waist and rests his chin on my shoulder, Maddox kept trying to put his head up m y shirt and trying to move Mateo’s arms from around me. As we were about to turn around and head inside though I saw Angie pull up.

Mateo gr0@ns not wanting any more visitors. But Angie hops out anyway before stopping near us.

“Hey” She says approaching us, she eyes Maddox worriedly but he was paying her no attention instead trying to grab Mateo’s arm still. Mateo lets me go and calls Maddox with him as he heads inside and I shake my head at them.

“What are you doing here?” I ask her, turning and heading for the house.

“Nothing, just came to drop this off, I was volunteering down at the funeral home, told the director I would drop it in for her to save her the drive” She hands me a document.

I open and find a death certificate. “This the man Maddox K*lled?”

“Yeah, he was only new to the pack, no family so that makes it a little easier but dad said he was a nice man, just at the wrong place at the wrong time” Angie says before sniffing the air.

“Ezra just needs to sign in and drop it into her” I nod before sighing, I still can’t believe Maddox K*lled someone, Ezra always said his pack was family, and it kind of s*cked that because of me he K*lled one of them.

“Well I will see you tomorrow” She sniffs the air again before turning and then stopping.

“Did you buy a new perfume or something?” She asks and scrunch up my eyebrows.

“No, I smell of sweat. I have been outside all day” She shakes her head with an odd look on her face.

“You just smell nice ” She says before walking to her car.

“Wait,” I tell her and she stops.

“Can I sign this?”

“Yes, just needs to be signed off by an Alpha, you are one so I say it would be alright” She says before opening her car door and rummaging through her glovebox. She hands me a pen.

I sign hoping if I do, Ezra won’t feel too bad when he comes back and realises what Maddox did, maybe he won’t remember. I lean on her car window and sign my name when Angie sniffs me, I look at her over my shoulder. Her face barely an inch off mine.

“ Sorry, you just smell different, so I…. don’t know you smell nice” She says looking at me oddly. I hand her the paper and she gets in her car before driving off. I thought her behaviour odd, she never sniffs me and all I could smell was my mates and the lingering scent of Andrei when he hugged me, but other than that I smelt the same only sweaty “ Hmm” I thought as I headed for the door.

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