Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 108

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 108

I grab a towel before walking out the back. Andrei, Mateo and Ezra were standing in the backyard talking away as I walked over to them with the towel dr@ped over my arm. Moments later we could hear rustling in the forest and Andrei instinctively turned before walking off toward the treeline on the right hand side.

Halfway across the long backyard Angie’s wolf steps out of the trees looking around nervously before seeing Andrei walk toward her, her wolf seems cautious of him before stopping, like she was paralyzed on the spot.

“Is she going to run off?” I wandered aloud to Ezra when I watched her wolf sniff the air before racing towards him. Her wolf tackled him yet he seemed to be expecting that as he grabbed her wolf. I start walking over with the towel knowing Angie will want it so she can shift back, her wolf all but mauling Andrei, licking his face and jumping all over him as he sat on the ground with her wolf thrashing in his arms.

“Alia, I want to meet your human” I hear him tell her wolf, who was excitedly attacking him.

Her wolf was not listening to him but he didn’t seem to mind as he kept pushing her face away trying to get her to shift back. “Little wolf, your human. Shift for me” he commands her wolf and she whines but I could tell he wasn’t commanding her to hurt her because I barely felt his aura and she didn’t look pained, he was simply getting her wolf’s attention.

I hand the towel to Andrei before hearing bones snap as Alia listens to him, Andrei wraps the towel around Angie pulling her on his lap.

“I am so sorry about her” Angie tells him clearly mortified over her wolf.

I walk off giving them space, it would be awkward meeting your mate n@ked in front of other people.

Walking back to Mateo and Ezra we head inside, leaving them be.

“Well that’s one way to get rid of Angie” Mateo says, slapping Ezra’s shoulder who chuckles.

“If she wants to go with him” Ezra says, making coffee. Marge was making sandwiches, I swear she was like a ghost you never heard her come in or leave she suddenly just pops up out of nowhere.

“I will make extras since we now have two extra guests” Marge says and Ezra gives her a nod.

The next week passes by in a blur, Andrei had been staying here most days so he could be with Angie till she decides to go back with him.

Every day we had been working on trying to get me to shift and I was over it, nothing we tried to do worked and I was becoming frustrated with the constant arguing with everyone to be left alone, Ezra had been distant and barely said two words to anyone and had been running pack runs most nights instead of returning home, which would always end up with Mateo and I arguing with him over working too much.

It had now been two days since I last saw him, though Mateo did find him passed out on the border when he went looking for him yesterday only to be ordered to go home. Mateo also wouldn’t let me leave to go get him either and said I was too hot headed right now to not cause an argument.

We also heard word back from our scouts that they noticed trucks coming too and from Jackson pack, supplies being brought into town instead of him sending his men out to get them.

Which led us to one conclusion: he knew our packs were watching his, which was no surprise, he should have expected it, but it left Ezra on edge wondering why he hasn’t let a single pack member leave the town.

Andrei also offered to let my father go and return him but I told him to keep him for now. I was done with all the lies and until what’s left of my family decides to start being truthful I was not going to be trusting anyone.

Mathias also translated the scrolls and it was exactly what Andrei told us, which was a relief because as excited as I was about having a new

family member it was hard to trust him, knowing he was telling the truth gave me a sense of relief that not everyone was out to get me, but still I would only trust him as far as I could throw him, he said so himself not to trust anyone but my mates and I was doing exactly that.

“I am leaving and heading home today” Andrei tells me, making me open my eyes to look at him where we sat on the gra*s*s. I found this meditating crap pointless but he insisted every goddamn day that we do it.

“Is Angie going back with you?” I ask him and he smiles, he does every time someone mentions her name.

“Yes, I will be picking her up in an hour, but I wanted to let you know I was going. That’s why I stayed last night, I was hoping to let Ezra know but he once again isn’t home” I sigh.

“It’s fine, she can leave. I will tell him if he ever comes home” I tell him.

“So you are happy if we call it off early today” I chuckle at his eagerness to see Angie.

“Yes go get your mate” I tell him getting up off the ground. I was glad my @sswas going numb, and I was getting nowhere feeling for some energy I just don’t feel or think I possess.

Andrei left after saying goodbye to Mateo, and Marge who left not long after him. Walking over to the fridge I grab a bottle of water out, Mateo walks in his hands going to my hips.

“I like your brother but damn it is good having the house back to ourselves” Mateo says and I agree, maybe Ezra might come home now that Andrei has left but I doubted it because everytime we tried to mindlink him he would shove us back out.

“He will be home when he gets home, stop stressing about him,” Mateo says.

“ I know but it still pisses me off, he could at least

tell us why he won’t come home”

“Do you know if he has at least let Maddox out?” I ask him worried because he has refused the last two times I asked him to, and I haven’t even been able to contact Maddox from Ezra locking him away.

“Not sure but I don’t think so” Mateo answers as I put my now half empty water bottle in the fridge.

It was once again 1o PM at night and he still wasn’t home. “Kat just come to bed, he is fine. You would know if he wasn’t” Mateo says from his position in bed. I glare at him, how could he say everything was fine when Ezra hadn’t been home for going on 3 days now.

And the only thing we get through the bond is silence from him blocking us out, it was not only annoying but it was really starting to grind my gears that he continued to ignore us.

“Kat bed, come on it’s late, and I have to be up early. Please get in the bed woman” Mateo whines.

“I just don’t get what is up with him, he tells me not to run away from sh*t and that’s exactly what he is doing, he is a hypocrite” I snap at Mateo.

“Argh just get in the bed please, my eyeballs are like sandpaper, please kat”

“Then go to sleep, I am not asking you to stay awake with me” Mateo growls at me before tossing the blanket back.

I step away from him as he approaches, glaring at him, he goes to grab me but I pull my hand back. “Fine, I will get in the bed” I tell him, stomping over to it.

I flop on the bed and he sighs running a hand down his face before climbing back in bed. He jerks me toward him before pulling the blankets up.

I stare around the room too wired to sleep when I feel Mateo’s fingers f0rce my eyelids shut. I slap his hand away. “To sleep, eyes must be closed” Mateo says.

“I’m not tired” I tell him.

“Well I am and your eyes are like a beacon so close them it is like sleeping with a lamp on” Mateo mumbles pressing his face in between my shoulder blades. I blink fighting sleep wanting to wait for Ezra, but Mateo was right.

The roof lighting up from the glow of my eyes was pretty annoying, like someone flicking a torch on and off every time I blinked. I had noticed the more and more angry I got the brighter they burned so eventually I succumbed to sleep, giving in and trying to sleep even though the bed once again felt empty on Ezra’s side.

Waking the next morning Mateo rolls me toward him, “Morning” he mumbles pressing his lips to mine.

“I thought you had to do something this morning” I ask him when I feel his lips travelling down my jaw to my neck.

“Already done it, been awake for a while already” He says against my neck before nipping at it with his canines. His hand palmed my bre@st through my thin cotton shirt. Mateo pushes his knee between my legs forcing them apart before moving between them, his er*ction pressing against thigh.

“Where is Ezra?’ I ask him but he shrugs to preoccupied, trying to shove my shirt up before peeling it off me. Mateo’s hot mouth moving to my bre@st as he latches onto my ni**le. I run my fingers through his hair and he growls softly before I hear the tearing of my cotton shorts.

“Oi I liked those” I tell him but he ignores me and I sigh, his lips moving lower before he disappears under the blanket, I feel his teeth graze my hip before feeling his warm breath fan my c*ore as he shoves my legs apart before settling between them.

“Do you think he knows what Maddox did?” I ask him before feeling his tongue lick a line straight to my cl*t before s*cking it in his mouth, I m*an softly bucking my hips against his face, his hands gripping my thighs pulling my legs further apart as arousal floods me, His mouth licking and s*cking relentlessly making me cry out, when I feel him shove his finger inside me..

“Maybe that’s why he isn’t coming home?” Mateo stops before pulling the blanket back.

“You want to stop and talk?”

“ I can mult*itask and I didn’t say stop” I tell him, shoving his head back down between my legs. He growls but resumes making me chuckle at him.

I go to ask him something else when he stops again. “I am two seconds away from gagging you” He says.

“Fine, fine I will stop talking” I tell him before tugging him back up towards me. He smiles bringing his lips to mine.

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