Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 150

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 150: Ezra POV

It was early morning when I finally walked in the door after patrol duty. The sun is just starting to come up. I close the door as quietly as possible before reaching down and tugging my shoes off and placing them by the door. I head for the showers on the bottom floor. It had been a few weeks since the twins were born and we were all dead on our feet, functioning on autopilot, our days blurring to one long never ending one.

Mateo barely leaves the house and Kat is suffering from baby blues. I don’t know what we all thought parenthood would be like, we all had ideas but didn’t expect it to be this tiring.

They never slept or if one did the other was awake screaming the place down. Yet as I step further into the house to head toward the bathroom downstairs.

I stop when I see a figure on the couch and Mateo’s scent hits me, making me wander into the living room. I look over the back of the couch to find him asleep with Marabella and Eziah on his chest.

I run my fingers through his hair but he doesn’t stir completely out. I was about to go shower before stopping once again. Paranoia eating at me, in case his arms go limp and he drops one. I know he would never forgive himself so I quickly walk back over to him and walk around the couch.

They are both rolled up tightly in their blankets looking like baby burritos. I carefully take Marebella first before slipping my hand under Eziah’s b*tt to the back of his head and picking him up and cradling him in my other arm.

Mateo is still dead to the world and I chuckle at the sight of him, surely he couldn’t be comfortable sleeping like that but I wasn’t game enough to wake him knowing he wasn’t getting much sleep.

I was faring a little better than the both of them, sleeping in the spare room so I could help with training and border patrol but still the extra work was slowly catching up with me.

I quietly walk upstairs to the bedroom and into the nursery. I place Eziah in his crib before turning to put Marabella in hers when she starts to stir. sh*t! I think to myself, my paranoia was going to wake the entire bloody household up.

“Put her in with Eziah” Maddox says in my head and I turn looking at his crib for a second. Kat was going to K*ll me. She was paranoid about SIDS, constantly checking they were breathing and tucked in their blankets tight enough, even the position they lay in had her up and checking them.

The word was even banned from the house, just mentioning SIDS was a bad omen Kat would say. But Maddox had been saying to put them together since they were born, yet we never tried it not wanting to upset Kat.

“I place Marabella next to him before grabbing the little baby blanket and tucking it into the sides of the mattress to hold them in place.

Marabella squirmed a bit and I held my breath as I watched her, waiting for her ear piercing scream when she turned her face toward Eziah, both of them breathing in each other’s faces when she huffs before going back to sleep.

I quietly sneak out, tip toeing and making sure to avoid the one creaky floorboard in this room, every time one of us left the nursery was a mission. Since they have been born I have learnt how noisy the house is.

I knew every floorboard on this floor that creaked, knew which door handles jiggled too loudly, every noise this house made, had us cringing as we stepped out of the nursery, like playing a game of hopscotch to avoid any noises that would wake the twins. Using the bathroom up here was a huge no, no if you didn’t want Kat to skin you alive.

The pipes always gr0@ned so if they weren’t awake, I never used it. Grabbing the baby monitor, I find Kat sleeping face down, spread eagle on the bed n@ked except her bra. I shake my head when I see my pillow propped under her and can guarantee it will be covered in bre@st milk.

“We need to tarp the bed, those b**bs are like fountains now” Maddox says and I stifle my laugh.

I head back down the stairs and slip into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I placed the baby monitor on the sink basin where I could still see it.

It had a little camera so I could see them sleeping in Eziah’s crib. I Str!p off before hopping under the hot spray and w*etting my face before grabbing the soap and washing myself.

I was halfway through my shower when I felt Mateo stir, the bond coming alive with the buzz of his energy when I suddenly feel his panic course through me.

Hearing his frantic footsteps made me rush out of the shower wondering what was wrong with him. Rushing down the hall and turning into the living room just as he bursts out of

it, colliding with me and knocking me to the ground flat on my back. His panic stricken face looks at me, confused.

“What is it”

“The babies— ” But I cut him off.

“In their crib, calm down they are fine” I tell him, gripping his face in my hands and he lets out a breath.

“I thought?” He shakes his head, trying to regather himself.

“Thought what? They got up and walked out the front door” I ask him with a laugh. He swats my chest with his hand.

“No, I don’t know, I freaked out when they weren’t in my arms” He says rubbing a hand down his face.

“ I didn’t want to wake you ” I tell him, sitting up and so does Mateo who was still on top of me. He holds his hand out pulling me to my feet and I head back toward the bathroom and Mateo follows me in.

“I will make you coffee” he tells me before noticing the monitor and looks at it before his head whips in my direction.

“Kat will flip out if she finds them like that” He says, seeing them both in the same crib.

“They shared a womb together, they will be fine, and they are still asleep. Marabella stirred but instantly stopped when I put her in bed with Eziah” I tell him, stepping back under the water to finish my shower.

“Well you can deal with her than”

“I will she doesn’t scare me,” I tell him. Mateo folds his arms across his chest and leans on the basin with a smirk on his face before he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Really? Then why did you bail the other night and leave me to fend for myself when you washed the baby’s clothes in the wrong washing liquid. She b*tched me out for a good half an hour about chemicals and reactions to baby skin”

“I had work to do”

“Liar, you bailed the moment you saw her walk out of the laundry with their clothes in her hands, bloody chicken”

“I am not chicken, she was in a mood and wanted blood”

“So you did run from her wrath” He says. I chuckle, shaking my head knowing I was guilty.

“You abandoned me and let me take the wrap for it,” Mateo says, clicking his tongue before smiling. I laugh watching him slip out of the bathroom. He was right, I would take on the world for Mateo but if it comes to me facing Kat, he is on his own. She was h*rmonal.

One minute she was perfectly fine the next she was getting upset at me for breathing too loud or crying over the simplest things. Or demanding to know why I am angry when I am not, that’s just my face, why can women have resting b*tch face yet I can’t?

I shower quickly before hopping out and drying myself when Mateo walks in with some boxer shorts for me. I take them from him before slipping them on. Mateo grabs the baby monitor and we both walk out to the living room and flop on the couch.

My feet were K*lling from being on them constantly. I reach for my coffee, taking a sip of it before placing it back on the coffee table and sitting back.

“f*uc*k I am tired” I mumble, but I still had pack training at 10 A.M., then Andrei and Sage were coming over at 1.

“You can go climb in bed with Kat, I will stay up and wait for them to wake” Mateo says but I shake my head, turning and putting my feet on the couch before grabbing his arm and tugging him over to me and between my legs so he is laying with his cheek on my chest.

His stubble was scratchy and I let out a breath relaxing. I can’t even remember the last time I spent much time with either Kat or Mateo. Life was chaotic and there never seemed to be time or when there was, everyone was too tired or I was in and out and we were like ships passing in the night.

“No, lay with me for a bit” I tell him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and tugging him closer. His warmth and the smell of his skin was calming. His scent was overwhelming me yet I ignored my own desire just wanting him close.

“I am thinking we should alternate, I want to get out of the house” Mateo says and I look down at him and he turns his face to look up at me. Not this again! I gr0@n internally.

“Are you sure, last week you said the same thing and every hour you were coming back home to check the twins” I tell him. He would feel guilty leaving them and miss them like crazy, then he would feel guilty for leaving Kat even though I was here, then feels guilty because I was doing his jobs so he can stay home. Mateo falls silent.

“I don’t mind doing your workload, I know you hate leaving the house” I tell him and he nods.

“Yes but it drives me nuts being stuck in the house,” He says with a laugh.

“How about instead of jumping back into a full schedule you just let me know when you want to work instead of changing rosters etc and confusing everyone.

Maybe see if Kat wants to come, she hasn’t shifted in a while and it is making me anxious” I tell him knowing her moods get worse without shifting.

“Maybe Andrei can convince her but will you be right with them on your own?” Mateo says and I nod.

“Yes, if not I can ask Marge to come over, she is always offering to help if Kat would let her” I tell him.

“Sounds like a plan” Mateo says, shifting closer and lifting his head so he is leaning over me. I grip his shirt tugging him to me, my lips pressing to his and his instantly part as he kisses me back.

I smile against his lips before my tongue slips in his mouth and I grip the back of his neck tugging him closer and holding him there not wanting it to end.

Mateo gr0@ns and I could feel his hard c*oc*k pressing against the inside of my leg. I reach between us grabbing him through his flannelette pajama pants and he gr0@ns into my mouth before grinding his hips against me, his hand fisting my boxer shorts.

f*uc*k I loved this man, loved both my mates, I missed this, missed being with them. Mateo tugs the side of my pants down, his hand gripping my h.i.p intending to h.i.p me over when we hear Eziah cry out. Mateo sighs, pulling away and dropping his forehead on my chest in frustration.

“I will go” I tell him and he sits up to let me up. I peck his lips heading for the stairs.

When I returned with Eziah, Mateo had passed out again on the couch. “Come on little man lets feed that turn turn” I tell Eziah who was munching on his fist. I go to the kitchen to make a bottle from the bre@st milk Kat has stored in the fridge.

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