Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 182

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 182: Katya POV

Andrei called me and told me the news last night. What I wasn’t expecting was a call from him at lunchtime to say Dominic had interfered and he was behind all of it. How the heck did he manage that within a few hours of the Alpha meeting.

Andrei told me of his demands and I was half tempted to go through with it. From what I heard of this Clive from Andrei it made my blood boil.

Andrei said to look for any dirt I could find on him, and I had already pet*itioned for the laws to be changed not even an hour later was it rejected saying I needed support from other Alpha’s. Sitting at Ezra’s desk, I combed through the pack laws looking for anything that could help.

It didn’t matter what I found though, I knew Dominic would find a way around it. He was dirty and he didn’t like that he was supposed to answer to me now. I never said he had to step down.

Either way he would have some role in the packs. He was Alpha of Alphas, I never wanted his title to begin with, but the moment things got out about Jackson’s pack the rumors started and he obviously felt threatened.

He can keep his title, none of us want it anyway we were well and truly above Alpha’s of Alpha’s. We weren’t taking anything from him, we were just adding a new title to the mix, one higher than his. If he didn’t challenge me in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess.

“Still no word from Seline?” Ezra asks, walking into the office. I hop out of his chair and he sits down before I plonk back down on his lap.

“No, she will come when she isn’t busy. I feel she is hiding something from me though”

“Like what?” He asks, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“ I don’t know, she has become more distant and her answers have been shorter, or more cryptic” I tell him.

“ Since when is that anything new, you know she likes to speak in riddles”

“I know, but it’s different. I don’t know last time I saw her she looked tired” I tell him which was really strange. Seline always had this certain air around her, she was always glowing and looking perfect but lately it was like something was haunting her.

“Who knows, maybe confront her, you are

technically a Goddess now and her prodigy so why not demand answers?” He says and I sigh. He taps the book in front of me.

“Exactly what are you looking for?” I shrug “something that will help I guess, have you actually read this, I don’t think any laws have been updated since the l8oos” I tell him looking at some of the ridiculous laws.

“Nope, I just know the ones that we actually use now”

“Well did you know it is illegal to ride a horse backwards, up a main street?” I chuckle.

“What? That can’t be real?” He says, turning the book and looking at it.

“Yep real and it’s right there” I tell him pointing to it.

“Oh here is another stupid one. It is illegal to possess 50 kgs of potatoes” Ezra laughs.

“Who would want 5okgs of potatoes?” I tell him, shaking my head.

“Probably someone with a taste for homemade Vodka. From the prohibition maybe” Ezra chuckles.

“And here is another, Bars are required to stable, water and feed the horses of their patrons. I think you’re right these laws are severely outdated and some are utterly ridiculous” he shakes his head.

“Yes, I think someone actually needs to go over and amend some of these, like this one for instance. If a man finds their mate and the mate is underage, you have a right to take them, apparently to preserve their maidenhood to ensure purity” I tell Ezra and he scrunches up his face.

“Maybe flick through the newer laws, where did you even find this?” he asks.

“On your bookshelf” I tell him flicking through the dates to find this century, law had been added over the years but none removed”

“When was the last time laws were changed?” I asked him curiously.

“Not while I have been Alpha that is for sure” Ezra tells me. We searched every law. Nothing helpful but I did find something and I was waiting for Ezra to come back to ask him what he thought of it because he went to make more coffee.

When he returns I look up smiling, praying I was right. “Why are you smiling?” He asks, placing the mug down in front of me.

“I wanted to ask a question actually. Pack courts, it says, are decided by a panel of judges all of which are Alpha’s, and a law can’t be passed unless at least half the states Alpha’s agree on the change” I tell him.

“Yes that is correct, I don’t see how that helps Andrei though” He says.

“Well not one Alpha would sign the pet*ition or appear in court for me” I tell him.


“What about the Luna’s, they are technically Alpha females, why does it have to be the Alpha of the Pack, there is nothing stating the Luna’s can’t sign off on it”

“You expect them to go against their mates and Alpha?” Ezra asks.

“No, but the majority of them are mothers. The Alpha’s won’ t help because of Dominic and their loyalties to him, but the woman might. It was clear at the meeting they didn’t like being pushed off to the sides, they are just as important as the Alpha, their role within the packs is just as important”

“Kat, I’m sorry but I am telling you not one Luna will go against their mate and Alpha”

“You’ re wrong, I am not asking them as Luna. I will be asking them as mothers. If I explain the situation surely one would sign. If I could get one to step up beside me, I reckon the rest will follow. They want change, Ezra. They want a say. And this law is ancient and absolutely ridiculous.

No child should be f0rced to go live with someone because they are a blood relative, especially if that person isn’t a safe option. Human laws are about the child, yet pack laws are outdated and it is

about the bloodlines, tell me one werewolf that still has Lycan DNA?”

“None, everyone knows that, and I am pretty sure when that law was made it was from when we still had royals and it was more about keeping the royal bloodlines pure, you know cousin f*uc*king” Ezra says before cringing.

I shudder, not that I had anything to worry about because I had no cousins and today was a modern century but that just showed how badly some of these laws needed to change because some were barbaric.

“Then why are still going by Lycan laws?” I tell him. Ezra sighs and rubs a hand down his face.

“Exactly how do you plan on speaking to the other Luna’s”

“Well in today’s day and age, we have a thing called social media and we have Electricity to charge the phone sitting on your desk” I tell him and he rolls his eyes.

“So you are going to fk every Luna, or ring them”

“ If that’s what it takes” I tell him. He huffs before digging through his filing cabinet.

“What are you looking for?”

“Pack lists, so you can search up the Luna’s names and the packhouse numbers, what are you going to do if the Alpha answers though, you know you can’t command over the phone, it doesn’t work that way”

“Play d*um*b ask if I can speak to their Luna because I am so hopeless and need to get parenting advice, I have a collicky baby apparently and looking for help” I tell him and he chuckles.

“Here, I will leave you with this while you Luna talk. Sing out if you need me” He says, kissing my forehead and leaving me with Alpha Directory.

I set to work writing the most recent Luna’s names and their contact details. All while trying to figure out what had got into the Moon Goddess, I was beginning to worry and I knew she was keeping something from me.

I have been trying to contact her since the Alpha meeting about the strange vision Jonah gave me but still no word from her. I also needed to ask about the twins and Dominic and this darkness that won’t leave completely like it used to.

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