Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 190

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 190

“Right this way” She says and we walk past all the round tables and towards the kitchen.

“Tom, two men are here to see you” the woman tells him before disappearing. A man in his early twenties comes over with his hand out.

“Tom, which one of you is Andrei?” “I am” I tell him, shaking his hand.

“No, offense my friend but I need to see some ID. I am not going to hand a kid over if I am not sure you are the person the boy asked me to ring”

I grab my wallet and hand him my ID and he looks a t it before reaching over and grabbing his phone off the bench. He pulls a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, the same piece of paper I wrote my number on and gave to Jonah before he was taken.

“Just a precaution” He says and I nod, not caring, just glad he wouldn’t have handed Jonah over to anyone else. He calls my number and my phone starts ringing in my fathers hand. He shows the man and he nods as he reads the number.

“Do you mind if I take your picture to show Jonah, so I can verify you are the man he asked for?” Tim asks and I shake my head.

“Go for it” I tell him and he quickly snaps a photo before rushing off out the back somewhere. My father looks around at the chefs, most of them staring at us and we must look out of place. We chucked on the first things we grabbed and I was in a wrinkled shirt and jeans. My father dressed in a tank top and jeans.

“He came, he came for me” I hear a squeal and look toward the door Tim walked through. Jonah comes running toward us and I rush over, scooping him up and hugging him tight while burying my face in his neck.

“You came for me” he says, his arms tight around my neck.

“Of course I did, I will always come for you Jonah. You are mine, I never should have let you go” I tell him.

“You promise?” Jonah asks.

“ I promise, I will even pinky promise ” I tell him and he pulls back smiling. He holds his pinky up and I grab it with mine before kissing his cheek.

“I missed you so much,” I tell him.

“I missed you too, I can come home right, you will take me home?” he asks when I notice the handprint on his cheek, his ear red and I turn his face. A growl emanates out of me and my father starts coughing loudly making me realise I am surrounded by humans.

“I am taking you home and you are never leaving again” I tell him and he nods resting his head on my shoulder.

“Thank you,” I tell him Tim.

“It is fine, I am just glad he didn’t get hit by a car, he nearly caused an accident when I grabbed off the road” Tim says and my stomach drops.

“He said his uncle was supposed to be watching him but he didn’t want to go back”

“Custody dispute, he won’t be going back there” I tell him.

“I am glad, he has a few bruises on his arms and legs. I was nearly tempted to call the police until I spoke to Dominic Octavian. I rang him an hour ago. He said to let you take him”

“You know Dominic Octavian?” I ask him.

“Yes, Dominic owns half the City, everyone knows who he is, I rent this place off him. Good man but not someone I would want to cross but anyway I know what you are, so it was probably best I didn’t ring the police, he needs to be with his own species” He says but not in a harsh way.

“Bye Jonah” Tim waves to him.

“Wait! ” My father says, trying to give him the envelope full of cash.

“No, I don’t want anything, he is a good kid. I am just glad he is okay” Tim says, walking off back to his station in the kitchen.

“Come on, let’s get you home” I tell Jonah and he nods against my shoulder. We walk out to see Malik talking to the woman at the service counter. “Ah that’s them ” He says rushing over.

“Hey Kiddo, ” Malik says, brushing Jonah’s hair from his face.

“You look tired, you can sleep on the way home” Malik tells him. We walk out of the restaurant and Malik shows us where he parked. I place Jonah in the back with my father who takes him. He was already dozing off and I found bruises on his arm in the distinctive shape of a handprint. His little cheek is bright red and he looked exhausted like he hadn’t been sleeping well.

“Andrei, let’s get him home” My father says.

“I will be back soon, put the heater on for him”

“Andrei, you heard Tim. Dominic could be around here somewhere”

“I don’t care where Dominic is, I want Clive” I tell him, shutting the rear door before he could say anything else. I looked over the building rooftops where we were parked around the side of the restaurant.

“Stay with them” I tell Malik before walking off and heading toward the Casino. I move through the crowds of people before turning the corner and seeing the Casino. Valet were out the front and armed guards. Crossing the street I walk toward the front entrance. The guards are staring at me and I see a few call across their radio’s as I approach the doorman. He opens the door and I ignore the staff at the front counter heading for suites above the casino.

Taking the stairs two at a time. I hear footsteps behind me. Looking over my shoulder I see two guards following me. A sniff of the air proves they are Werewolf and both had Beta Genes. They keep their distance but continue to follow me through the corridors while I look for the room Clive and Jonah were in.

Walking up yet another flight of stairs I stop looking at the guards behind me.

“I am a*s*suming Dominic knows I am here?” I ask and one steps forward. He was a stocky build with a shaved head and scar across his eyebrow.

“Yes Alpha Andrei”

“Take me to Clive’s room now, I am sick of walking in circles” I watch his eyes glaze over and know he is mindlinking. The other man’s hand hovered over the gun at his waist.

“This way” The man says, point ing toward an elevator. We step in and the guard presses the b*tton to the second highest floor which I knew were units.

“He put them in a unit?” I ask the guards and they both nod. When the elevator opens up the man speaks again.

“Third door on the right” He says and I nod walking off down the corridor. Just as I am about to kick the door in, it opens. Dominic stepped out and blocked it. He cleaning blood off his hands on a tea towel before he tosses it over his shoulder and back in the room.

“Try not to break anything and make it look like an accident for the tourists, I hear the balcony views are amazing up here” Dominic says, patting me on the shoulder.

“You aren’t going to try to stop me?” I ask.

“Would you like me to?” I shake my head and a growl slips past my lips.

“ That’s what I thought, I may be prick but I would never hurt a child, and to think he thought he could under my watch sickens me, I saw Jonah.

When you are done take the boy home where he belongs” He says looking over my shoulder at the guards.

“Clear the ground below the balcony, I believe we have a jumper” Dominic says and I smirk.

“I will be over on Tuesday to check on Jonah, and see Sage. Tell Kat to come if she wants, I will see you then and I will bring Kyan, the boy has no one to play with, it would be good for him” He says before walking off toward the elevator and talking to the guards.

The moment he steps away from the door, I see Clive bleeding heavily and wiping his face. He looks up and whimpers, the entire room stunk of beer and whiskey. I shut the door and lock it and he jumps up with his hands out.

Gripping the back of my shirt I take it off hanging over a chair. “Don’t want to get blood on it” I tell clive.

I feel Donnie press forward, my claws slipping from my fingertips and Clive shrieks like a little girl darting behind the table to put distance between us. He grabs a chair, lifting it to use as a weapon. He swings it at me and I grab it, tossing it away before lunging at him.

His screams are like music to my ears as I grab him. I punch him in the gut and he doubles over before I bring my knee to meet his blood*ied face. His head snapping back with a sickening crunch as his nose breaks.

Dragging him to the kitchen, he struggles digging his heels into the floor and I smash his face into the counter repeatedly while turning the burner on.

He crumbles to the floor and I hunt for a knife in the drawers. Finding one, I crouch in front of him before plunging the knife into his thigh.

He screams loudly, his leg bouncing as he tries to pull the knife out but couldn’t bring himself to do it. His hands trembled that badly and the knife was all the way to its hilt.

“You laid your filthy hands on my son” I tell him, yanking the knife out. He screams again when I grab his hand, bringing the sharp knife done on his fingers and severing three of them cleanly. Sweat coated him as he screamed and begged, crying out as I cut each finger off.

“You slapped a 6 year old” I tell him, slashing his face before gripping his head. I drag the dulling blade down his face and he paws at my hand with his nubs left for fingers.

Grabbing his ear, I pull it before cutting it off. His screams are dying out as he starts to lose his voice and I haul him upright to the stove. The burner was bright red as it reached maximum heat.

“No, no, no” he begs, pushing with his legs and palms against the oven as I drag him toward it. I slam his face down on the burner and he thrashes and screams. I hold my breath, the stench of burning flesh and face hair makes me want to puke. Ripping him off it, he sags against me having passed out. I start dragging him toward the balcony.

Pushing the sliding doors open I am hit with a chilled breeze. Dominic was right. The view from up here was great I thought as I hauled his lanky body toward the barrier. I toss half his body over and he gr0@ns waking up. Before pushing back against me, I growl at him, and he looks at me horrified over his shoulder. A cruel smile tugs at my lips and I grab his face.

“You hurt him for last time” I tell him before shoving him over, his hands flailing about trying to catch onto air as his body falls over the edge. I step out of sight and listen for the thud. Screams sound out from below before I hear his body splat on the concrete. No way he would survive that fall, we were nearly 5o stories in the sky.

Walking back into the apartment, I turn the burner off before retrieving my shirt. I open the door to find Dominic waiting in the corridor leaning against the wall.

“You came back,” I tell him.

“Yeah something delicious about hearing a grown man scream” Dominic says, pushing off the wall.

I pull my shirt over my head and walk toward the elevator hitting the b*tton, the doors open and I step in and so does Dominic.

“ I suppose I should call in the clean up crew, ” He says.

“Yes, the kitchen is filthy” I tell him. His eyes glaze over as someone mindlinks him. The elevators stop and I head for the main doors when Dominic grabs my arm.

“Fire exit, I will handle the police, but best you aren’t seen leaving out the front. I will have the footage taken care of too” He says.

“Why?” I ask, as he opens a side door that reads fire exit.

“Like I said before I hate child abusers, and I feel responsible for what happened. I didn’t think he would hurt his own nephew, doesn’t matter why though we are both fathers and werewolves, this can’t get out to the media Andrei, we aren’t so different you and I. Now get your son home while I deal with the authorities”

“I will see you Tuesday then”

“That you will” He nods before heading toward the front exit.

I walk out and head back to my car, a crowd has formed around his body on the ground further up the street, police cars lined the street and I crossed the road heading back to the car. Climbing in, Jonah is asleep and my father looks at me.

“What happened?”

“I took care of it with Dominic’s help” I tell him. “He helped you?” My father asks and I nod.

“Yes, he is bringing Kyan over for a play on Tuesday” I tell him and my father shakes his head shocked and I was shocked too but he seemed genuine and let me trash one of his units.

“Let’s go home”

“Yes, and you should ring Sage, she has been ringing constantly” Malik says.

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