Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 133

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 133: Kat POV

12 hours earlier

“See I told you I just stood up too fast” I tell Mateo as I sat in the uncomfortable doctor’s office chair.

“No, doc you don’t understand Ezra and I both felt it, It is hard to explain. Can you check her again” Mateo says. Mathias sighs before looking at Mateo.

“There is nothing to see Mateo, the ultrasound came back fine, besides her blood pressure being a little high I have no concerns about her health, Kat is fine. Your babies are fine Mateo” Mathias tells

him yet Mateo was adamant something was wrong and it was starting to get on my nerves, he had the doctor poking and prodding me for the last hour and checking every little thing and it was just a complete waste of time.

“If it makes you feel better I am on call at the hospital tonight anyway, if she has another whatever thing you think is happening just bring her in, but she appears to be fine Mateo” Mathias says when Mateo was clearly about to start ordering more tests.

I felt like a pin cushion with the jabs they had given me, checking sugar levels and blood. I just wanted to go home and stuff my face and maybe have a nap.

“Please can we go home now you are being silly, I am fine” I tell him, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.

“Fine but anything, you feel anything no matter how small we come back” Mateo says and I nod thinking he is being way too protective and cautious. Heaven forbid I fart he would probably have asked them to catch it and have them test that too.

“Fine, can we go home now please?” I ask. My h!ps were K*lling, my feet were K*lling, I was the size of a blimp and I wanted to sleep, maybe a foot rub but definitely sleep.

Mateo nods before standing and helping me out of my chair. He nods to Mathias who had a silly grin on his face. I still had just under a month to go and I had a feeling Mateo would bring me down here for any reason no matter how stupid it was.

The entire car ride home Mateo was quiet and I could feel his worry through the bond. I reach over gripping his hand and he lifts mine k!ssing the back of it.

Pulling up out the front Ezra was home early and was waiting out the front for us as he sat on the step. He stood when he saw the car, coming over to open my door before offering me his hand to help haul my fat a*ss out of the car.

As soon as I stood up, my l!ps were covered with his as he k!ssed me, his hands rubbing the sides of my belly as he deepened the k!ss, his tongue playing with mine before he pulls back when I pushed on his shoulders needing air.

He chuckles, pulling away only for his l!ps to trail down my cheek and jaw to my neck.

“Ezra don’t, I am all sweaty and gross” I tell him.

“I missed you, what did the doctor say?” he asks as Mateo walks around to my side of the car.

“That she is fine” Mateo grumbles and It was clear he did not agree.

“ I am fine Mateo, you worry for no reason” I tell him and he goes to walk off annoyed. I sigh, knowing no matter what doc says he was going to worry either way.

Ezra reaches for him, tugging him against him, he wraps his arms around his shoulders and Mateo growls at him when Ezra runs his hands over Mateo’s chest, pulling him flush against him. I watched Ezra k!ss Mateo’s mark before nipping it. I loved watching them like this,

loved how Ezra was always taking of him too none of us ever felt left out.

“ I know you are worried, we feel it again, we take her back and don’t leave until they figure it out even if I have to command the entire hospital” Ezra tells him. Mateo mumbles something before turning in Ezra’s arms. Mateo goes to k!ss him but Ezra pulls away playfully, his l!ps tugging up when Mateo growls at him, pushing him against the car and pressing his weight against him before Mateo k!sses him.

Ezra gr0@ns, k!ssing him back and I shake my head laughing while walking off toward the house. Ezra has constantly been h*rny, and says that the pregnancy hormones are changing my scent.

Yet I was too big to be comfortable for s*e*x, and everytime we have tried I feel like a camel with the hump of a baby bump in front of me and I can never stay in one position long enough without being in pain.

I was nearly back to the house when Ezra scoops my legs out from under me making me squeal at the sudden movement. “Put me down before you hurt your back, I know I weigh as much as a baby elephant”

“My baby elephant” Ezra says and I growl at him.

“Your not meant to call me one”

“You said it, not me. You are beautiful” He laughs, k!ssing my cheek and trying to pull me closer. Mateo opens the front door holding the door open.

“Where do you want to go?” Ezra asks.

“To our room, I want to nap” I tell him and he starts walking up the steps.

“Is our room finished?” He asks Mateo.

“Yeah the fumes shouldn’t be too bad but she isn’t sleeping in there tonight, maybe tomorrow I want to leave all the windows open and let it air out” Mateo tells him and Ezra stops on the second floor.

“I want to go to our room”

“No, Mateo said it is still fumey” Ezra says I sigh knowing he won’t budge. Ezra places me on the bed before reaching down and pulling my flats off.

“You ate today?” he asks and I nod my head laying down and placing my head on the pillow.

“Did she keep it down?” Ezra asks Mateo.

“ She has only eaten toast and half a sausage roll” Mateo tells him. Ezra leans over me as I roll on my side. His huge hands rubbing my bump softly before he k!sses it.

“I will make you something to eat” Ezra says and I yawn already about to nod off for my catnap and Mateo lays down beside me, his hand going to my bump as he wrapped his body around mine spooning me. I don’t know how long I had been asleep before Ezra was forcing some dry crackers with jam on them down my throat.

“Eat and I will leave you alone ” He says. I growl at him but quickly scoff the food down before laying back down. Ezra pulls the blanket up over Mateo and I before climbing under it himself.

“You are napping too?” I ask him and he shakes his head, holding up his phone.

“I can work off my phone, go to sleep” He says, pulling my head on his chest while Mateo was curled against my back. I don’t know how long I was asleep for when this cold feeling settled over me, really cold and I started dreaming. I tried waking myself up. The cold feeling was unsettling yet the dream was too vivid to pull myself out of it and I felt like I was really there.

“Well isn’t this a strange dream?” I say to Seline. I was in what appeared to be and office. This was one fancy office, bookshelves lined the walls from floor to ceiling and a huge gold desk sat in the room. All whites and golds and so filled with light.

A huge round fountain sat in the middle of the room and Seline was leaning over it looking into the water. She looks up at the sound of my voice.

“Kat?” She says almost alarmed.

“Hey, what’s up. Why did you pull one of your dream things?” I ask her.

“How did you get here?” She asks, standing up straight and looking confused.

“What do you mean? You pulled me here” I tell her, confused.

“No, I didn’t Kat, what is happening on earth, how did you get here. I didn’t bring you here ” She asks, grabbing my arms and looking at my face.

“Ah, I was sleeping Seline, you brought me here” I tell her and she shakes her head.

“Kat I didn’t bring you here, something must have happened” She says letting go and rushing back to her huge bird feeder fountain. She washes her fingers through the water. Water splashing out of it.

“You shouldn’t be here, there is only one way to get here Kat, something is wrong” She said splashing water everywhere before she gasps. I walk over to the fountain and peer in.

It wasn’t a fountain at all but some sort of portal or something where I could see Ezra and Mateo and myself. I was sleeping when Mateo and Ezra both jerk, clutching their necks when I notice it. Black tendril-like veins spreading across my face and arm. Ezra jumped up and shook me by my shoulders.

“No, something is wrong, you shouldn’t be here” Seline says splashing the water and more images pop up of me at Andrei’s then earlier when I felt dizzy.

“What do you mean Seline what’s going on?” I ask her, starting to worry.

“Kat, if you’re here, I need to get you back there. The fates are fiddling with my prophecies”

“Get me back? What are you talking about?” I ask her and she turns, grabbing my arms.

“Kat if you are here I have done something wrong, I need to figure out what happened, you shouldn’t be here, to be here that means you are dead” She says turning back to the fountain and splashing water and searching the past in its waters.

“What have I done, where did I go wrong?” She whispers her eyes frantically staring at the water of my memories.

“I made you a goddess, I did everything right. I don’t understand” She whispers.

My heart pounds at her words, I was dead. I d*ied but how?

“You can get me back there though right, what about my babies?” I ask her and she looks at me, her eyes widening.

“The gemini twins” She gasps, muttering to herself, repeating the words she used when she blessed me and brought me back to life as she paced. She stops looking at me. “They need to get those babies out,” She says.

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