Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 77

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 77

Waking the next morning, I roll over to find both Mateo and Ezra not in bed. I could hear the shower running so opened the bathroom door to find Ezra.

Str!pping my clothes off I climb in, shutting the shower screen behind me.

“Was wondering when you would wake” he says k*ssing my head as he washed himself.

“Where did Mateo go?”

“To have coffee with Jasmine, I just hope he takes it ok, why didn’t you tell me,” he asks.

“I don’t know, I just didn’t think it was our place to say anything, it’s between them,” I tell him.

“Yeah I didn’t have the heart to tell him, I was kind of hoping things would work out” Ezra answers. Though I could feel he was nervous about something, his worry was eating at me.

“You ok?” I ask, pouring shampoo in my hand.

“Yeah I was thinking of going and seeing Mathias and having a look at the information he has on healers, It would be better if we had the scrolls”

“About that, mum no longer has them” I tell him hoping he wouldn’t blow up, surprisingly he just sighs.

“You don’t seem upset about that” I tell him and he shrugs, pulling me under the stream of water and rinsing my hair out.

“Nothing surprises me when it comes to your mother,” he says before stepping out and giving me the shower to myself. He wraps a towel around his waist leaning on the sink basin.

“Do you want to come with me to see Mathias?”

“Yep be interesting if we can find anything, I will finish my shower then get dressed”

Ezra was waiting downstairs for me, standing by the door when I came down.

“Finally, let’s go” he says, grabbing my hand and dragging me toward his car. Walking around the passenger side I stop.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that, hang on a sec and I will get something to clean up the glass”

“Do it when you get home I can just sit in the back” I tell him, opening the backdoor and sliding to the middle.

“That from the other day?” I ask while clipping my belt up.

“Yeah Maddox did it, we didn’t have a key and needed the remote to get inside” Ezra says starting his car. We drove into town, but drove directly past the hospital turning up a street not far from it.

I hadn’t been to Jasmine’s house before it was quite nice and had cottage-style gardens out the front. And was a single-story brick house that had been rendered and had metal lizards hanging on the wall on either side of the front door. Pulling up in the driveway Mathias comes out.

“Morning Alpha,” he says as I climb out of the back of the car. “Luna ” Mathias nods and I follow him inside. Mathias leads us down a long hallway from the front of the house. The house looks quite small from outside which was rather deceiving when you realise actually how long it is, we walked past two living areas one on each side, multiple bedrooms and a galley-style kitchen and a bathroom before coming to the back door. He opens the door and it leads outside to more cottage gardens and with a gazebo in one corner. Off to the side was an outbuilding.

Mathias walks over before pulling a key from his pocket and unlocking the white door and I find it is an office, shelves and shelves of books lined the walls, a desk in the center that also had a table beside it with jars of different herbs and specimens.

Mathias runs his fingers over the bookshelves grabbing some down along with some old journals.

“Sit down where you like, you may just have to make some room. I am Sorry about the clutter in here” Mathias says and I grab a stool sitting on the end of the desk while Mathias brings over books and papers, and some journals. Ezra pulls a chair over while sitting beside me and Mathias hands me a huge journal full of notes, the paper was thick and looked really old but also had newer pages that had been added.

Ezra picks up a book flicking through the pages.

“Not sure if it will help, like I said there isn’t much information just secondary and notes, Observations over the years by those who met some, Like I said I never expected to come across a Lunar wolf that’s how rare they are” Mathias says also taking a seat at his desk.

“The one Kat is holding probably has the most information, I acquired that during my medical training from am old professor”

I opened the leather book, mostly it had old drawings of different wolves and abilities they showed before coming to a summarised version.

“There are this many healers?” I asked and Mathias stood up looking over the desk, Ezra looking over my shoulder.

“Yes, they are who have been discovered over the years” Mathias says sitting back down.

Looking down at the page I start to read, finding it all fascinating.

Spiritual healer

Origins believed to be blessed by the Moon Goddess as a gift from birth.

Last discovered 1758


Cause of death unknown

Abilities, able to cleanse and remove negative energy from one’s soul also able to destroy a mate bond by touch, completely erase all traces of being marked.

Lunar wolf

Origins, believed to be blessed with the gift of life and cursed with death.


First known existence 1478 believed to have shun the moon Goddess, name unknown

Last known Lunar wolf 1741 woman named Marabella, gave birth to twins, child unknown

Ability to cure any illness or injury with a k*ss, or touch. Cursed with taking on the fatalities of the healed, the bearer becomes weakened from using gifts, and is known for having white wolves.

I scanned the rest, the list was never ending and they all seemed to be from the latest the 1800’s and didnt provide much information, nothing that I didn’t have from the dreams, I could probably fill in a few of the blanks for Mathias from what I know already. Turning the page I looked at the next page, my eyes scanning the information when a picture caught my eye. It was a picture of what looked like two crescent moons back to back touching with a bigger circle around them, sort of like a pentagram but with two Crescent Moons instead of a star.

Gemini Healer.

Last discovered 1301


Cause of death Suicide,

Abilities, healing in one touch or k*ss. K*ll with one bite, believed to have had venom that could K*ll and mirrored Water hemslock and wolfsbane.

“What about this one?” I ask Mathias seeing as it was the shortest explanation and also the most intriguing.

“Oh that one a gemini healer, no one knows how he became what he is, they believed he may have been a typical healer but something happened to him, he is the only known record we have of a gemini wolf. Was the only one in existence. That picture of the Moons was located on his body; they never said where they found it, but it was said to be cursed upon him, the gift of life and death”

“So he K*lled himself” I asked and he pulled the book over, looking it over.

“That’s what it says my professor said he found a document but I don’t have it anymore got ruined in the floods few years back, but apparently when they found him he had gone insane and bit himself, injecting himself with the lethal poison his glands contained”

“His glands?”

“Yes, similar to how we can heal with our saliva, he was said to have another set of glands that could K*ll with one bite, kind of like a snake in a way. Unfortunately that’s all the information we have on him. He was the only one in existence and because he was insane when he was discovered they couldn’t get much information as to how he came to be” Mathias explains.

“Is there a reason that one piqued your interest, are you hiding a mark I haven’t seen yet Kat” Mathias chuckles and I shake my head.

“No, he just had the least amount of information and I found the picture interesting” I admit and he nods.

“Yes when I was in med school I found all this fascinating hoping we could recreate it, but obviously you are to be cursed or blessed by the Moon Goddess so no way to replicate it of course”

“So at least on the lunar wolf, I can add my own notes to it as long as you’re happy to help Kat, I can leave your name blank but we know it is genetic among the oldest female in each generation”

“Yep, and it is a blessing and a curse for cursing out the Moon goddess, um what else….. Oh and my wolf becomes stronger and faster and can heal on her own on a full Moon as long as she is in sight of the Moon” I tell him and he starts writing notes down. Ezra sits back in his chair while I basically recite my dreams, his fingers gently rubbing the back of my neck. Mathias however was frantically taking notes, like it was the best thing he had ever heard while to me it wasn’t that fascinating, just making me realise just how much of a freak I was.

Mathias, Ezra and I scoured pages for hours going over everything yet hardly getting any answers. Hearing the door open, I look over to it and see Jasmine pop her head in. She looked nervously at us, like she wanted to run and I remembered Mateo and her got coffee this morning.

“Mum wanted to know if you two were staying for dinner?” Jasmine asks, she couldn’t even look at Ezra and by his body language he was ticked off with her for not telling Mateo.

“No, we should head home, we can grab something on the way” Ezra says.

“Do you mind if I keep this for now?” He asks Mathias holding up the old journal.

“Not at all Alpha, just return it when you are done with it” Mathias smiles at him. Ezra nods and I turn back to find Jasmine was gone, the door clicking shut softly. Mathias walked us to our car and we got in. Ezra though I could tell was in a bad mood now that we ran into Jasmine.

“You okay?’ I ask him after we got Mcdonalds.

“Yep, but I can’t get ahold of Mateo” He says through gritted teeth.

“What do you mean?”

“ he keeps shoving me out and now the link is gone, like he’s asleep, usually I can wake him but not this time” Ezra answers. I nod maybe he was having an afternoon nap. The drive took around twenty minutes before we pulled up at home. Mateo’s car was in the driveway so we knew he was home. Ezra parks next to his car.

“Oh for the love of god” Ezra mutters, making me look at him before I notice Mateo’s car was smashed in at the front end and Mateo was slumped over the steering wheel. Ezra gets out before opening his door and all I could smell was liquor. Mateo nearly fell out of the car as the door opened and would have if Ezra hadn’t caught him before tumbled out.

“Come on big fella, let’s get you inside” Ezra says and I put everything on the bonnet before grabbing his other arm and helping carry a passed out Mateo toward the house.

“Argh he is heavy” I tell Ezra who stops pulling him up higher before using his free hand to slap him softly.

“Buddy you need to wake up, so we can get you in bed” Mateo mumbles incoherently but doesn’t wake.

Suddenly Ezra’s eyes bleed black Maddox coming forward.”Let him go kitty, I will get him” Maddox says and I step back when he tosses him over his shoulder. I run ahead, opening the front door for him.

Maddox carries him up the stairs and I go ahead opening his bedroom door before Maddox lays him down in his bed before turning around to face me.

“Kitty” Maddox purrs before brushing my cheek softly with his hand, I watch as he gives Ezra back control, his eyes returning to normal.

“Man haven’t seen him like that since his mother d*ied a few years back” Ezra says before bringing the bin in the corner of the room over and placing it next to the bed.

“Come we can check on him later” Ezra says as he walks towards me. When Mateo mumbles something.

“What did he say?” I ask knowing Ezra was closest to him.

“Said always second choice, I think” Ezra tells me as we walk out. We go back outside and grab the stuff from the car before coming back inside.

“How did his mother d*ie?” I ask, come to think about it, I didn’t really know much about him well not personally anyway.

“Which one?” Ezra asks and I look at him.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Mateo was adopted, his bio parents d*ied when he was 8 in a car accident, he was raised by an omega woman she was also our house cleaner, when she found out Mateo lost his parents she took him in and raised him, he was staying with us for a bit but that was never a permanent solution, not with my father”

“She adopted him?”

“Yep, Mateo’s real mother and mine were friends, so she knew him and when they d*ied she raised him, she passed away 3 years ago. Her name was Andrea she had no kids and never found her mate, she d*ied in a rogue attack” Ezra tells me.

“You think he will be alright?” I ask Ezra and he nods, walking me back to our room.

“He should be” Ezra says.

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