His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 92

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 13


I spent the morning in the off-limits library, a place that is not open to the public. Only a select few are allowed to venture here. A place that feels like it has not been disturbed in years, these books contain such precious history and are preserved by magic, but I can feel the spells have weakened greatly, some not even holding up on half the books resulting in them becoming unreadable.

The musty smell of dust and old books has seeped into my nose, ticking it. I have sneezed plenty of times.

I found two books on vampires earlier that I hoped might have some answers, but I decided not to look at those here, placing them aside to take and study when I’m alone.

Alistair has been a blessing, lightening the mood considerably when seeing the large piles of faded, battered books to go through. At the same time, trying to make sure we don’t damage them further.

Alistair is sifting through them, trying to organise them, whilst Lucia and I bury our heads in the old scrolls and books.

However, even after a few hours, there is nothing much, almost as if certain parts of our histories had been purposely removed from here. There are a few books that also contain missing pages. Something that we noticed a few times.

There was one more thing that I noticed. There is no mention of the moon goddess being on earth… which only pushes me to think that I am definitely correct. I was never able to make it this far.

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I am hoping that this time we can get past what everyone thinks and what fate wishes for.

No matter what is thrown at us, we will make it through.

“Look, Evangeline,” Lucia says, coughing as a puff of dust fills her nose.

“It’s so dusty! My hair will need a good wash after this.” Alistair says, wafting the dust away from his face as he takes the book from Lucia and carries it to the table.

“Thank you, Alistair.” She smiles as she takes the seat next to me. “Here.”

She flips open the book and I lean over to see what it is, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there’s something in here.

The book in question is falling apart, and she has dug it out from somewhere far at the back. From what I can make of it anyway, it’s at least several centuries old and I can see the glimmer of magic that is fading, ancient magic used to preserve it.

“Here… look, it mentions a calamity that took place several centuries ago.” She says, pointing to a page that is barely readable.

“None shalt forget the calamity of the gods. Their punishment was for us. The blood yonder marred the lands in the wakes of the fall of the beloved rulers at their own hand… destined to a fate of doom, did rid ‘t doth take us years to rise from the betrayal of our beastly king…”

It’s difficult to read, the writing and the words from a time long gone. “The haunting of his sins will terrorize the dreams of many a lost night. Ay, he did take the life of his queen and did leave us with none to guide us. Woe to the hybrid king, woe to the beast upon two…”

It cuts off there, and I stare at the next page or where there should have been the next page… a few pages have clearly been torn from here.

“I’m not sure of the wording, but I feel it’s something?” She asks hopefully.

I nod. “I think so…”

Beastly king… hybrid king… madness… the life of his queen. History is repeating itself and we needed to avoid that at all costs.

“Thank you, Lucia…” I say, standing up with the book. “I need to show this to Zed.”

“Anytime.” She says, her eyes full of worry. “Evangeline…”

“Hmm?” I ask. She smiles gently, but she can’t hide the concern from her eyes.

“Please take care of yourself.” She whispers.

I frown slowly and nod, tucking a strand of my black hair behind my ear. I wasn’t sure why my hair returned to black, when I had tried to summon my powers just to make sure they had been the same.

Luna was asleep in my mind and I didn’t want to disturb her over my hair, let her rest…

“I will, things are going to be alright.” I promise her as I pick up the two books on vampires as well. I am determined to find the answer to save Kash.

He is the only friend Zed has and the only family Isa truly has. I still feel sad for them, knowing their father isn’t really a part of their life.

“I’ll head back.” I say,

“And I will walk you.” Alistair states.

“I’ll keep looking. If I find anything I will let you know.” Lucia says as she picks up another book.

Something tells me there is nothing more to find… but we will stop only when everything is thoroughly checked.

“And I will return once I drop our queen to her king.” Alistair says with a wink.

“Thank you so much.” I truly appreciate that I’ve found two souls who I can call friends.

Zedkiel mind links me, telling me he’s busy and so I decide to head back to our bedroom. I wonder what Cole said to him.

I leave the library with Alistair, lost in thought. Earlier, I had asked a healer about vampire bites, using the excuse that I am doing some research for the upcoming war. Sadly, they don’t have any cure save putting the inflicted down, to save them from pain and losing their minds.

That isn’t a solution for Kash.

Reaching our bedroom, I bid Alistair farewell before entering our quarters. I frown as I’m hit by a scent other than Zed’s… Isa?

I scan the room, hearing the sound of two racing hearts and voices.

“I know Azariah is my son.”

That’s Zed’s voice… my heart is thundering as I feel unease grip me as I silently place the books down and walk towards the office.


My stomach churns as Zed’s words replay in my mind ‘is my son…’ What is he going on about?

He doesn’t have a son, or I would know…

I reach the office door that is ajar, Isabella’s scent is strong in my nose and I suddenly feel uneasy. Something holds me back, telling me I should step away and make a sound but I can’t help myself from peeing inside.

But nothing could have prepared me for the agonising pain that rips through me.

Zedkiel has his arms around her in a far more intimate manner than he did when he greeted her in the gardens that first night… his hand is caressing her back as she clings to his shirt.

I can’t breathe. It hurts too much, as if someone has thrust a knife straight through my chest.

‘Cheat.’ Evelyn’s voice comes in my head and I feel Luna stir as she’s awakened too.

No… Zedkiel… he wouldn’t cheat…

It’s too intimate… he said there’s nothing between them… but I know there was… even if there isn’t anymore…

I stare at them, feeling as if I’m drowning, hoping for Zed to move away… Step away from her, Zed… But he doesn’t…

“Am I interrupting?” My voice is unrecognisable, powerful and cold as Luna lets her hatred surge forward. ‘Rip her off our mate!’ She snarls.

They spring apart, ever so guiltily, their faces pale. Caught in the act.

“Evangeline…” He looks shocked- confused even. I asked him if there was anything between them… he lied…

“Excuse me.” I say, refusing to cry. I refuse to allow her to see how she affects me.

‘‘No Evangeline, it’s not what you’re thinking!” Her panicked voice ridden with guilt comes, but I am done. “sh*t!”

I break into a run, although both Evelyn and Luna want me to turn back and attack.


I slam the door shut behind me, running down the hall. I just need to be away from everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever moved as fast as I am now, not wanting to be found or caught by anyone and above all, Zedkiel.

‘Shift.’ Luna’s voice comes. Her voice is full of anguish too. I don’t hold back. I’m about to shift when someone steps into my path, blocking me.

“Whoa… whoa, Eva!” I gasp as Kash grabs my arms.

‘Let me go!’ I command through the link, knowing my voice will betray me.

“Zedkiel needs to talk to you.” He says softly. I can sense the confusion in his voice as he’s f0rced to let go of me. So Zedkiel linked him.

“Then tell him I don’t want to talk to him.” I sneer icily, my voice shaking. “He can do as he wishes.”

He’s shocked by my tone but I don’t care, sidestepping him only for a familiar scent to reach Zedkiel…

“Evangeline, please listen to me.”

I don’t want to speak to him! But because I know he won’t allow me to leave just like this, I turn. My eyes blazing as I spot Isabella coming, running behind him.

That stab of betrayal still hurts intensely and I glare at Zedkiel, whose eyes hold genuine regret.

Regret doesn’t change what happened. Luna’s whimper of pain as she looks at her mate fills me but I don’t care… I’m not the wolf counterpart who will easily fall for those beautiful eyes, even if I do love him…

He told me he was busy… he’ll talk to me soon, only for him to be hugging her!

His red eyes are full of fear and worry as he watches me, approaching me slowly as if he knows I’ll run if he makes any sudden movements.

“Stay away.” I snarl, Luna’s voice blending with mine.

“Don’t do this Evangeline, Zerachiel can’t-”

“I don’t care.” I hiss. “Don’t cause a scene.” I glance around the hallway and although it’s empty, you never know who might hear.

‘‘What happened, Isa?” Kash growls as he looks at his sister, who’s fighting back her tears.

‘‘A misunderstanding.” Zed replies. Go ahead, defend her.

‘‘Yes, I just saw the two of them in one another’s arms… discussing a son.” I whisper, trying to hide my pain.

“Evangeline!” Zed growls as he glances around the hallway.

Isabella gasps as Kash freezes. I feel as if I’ve been slapped by his harsh tone. I step back as Kash turns to me.

“What?” He asks quietly.

“Let’s take this somewhere else.” Zed says, “I will explain everything to the both of you. Come on, Little Mouse.”

“So, you can try to persuade me? I asked you if there was anything between the two of you!”

“You can keep him; I am not staying with a liar.” I end with a whisper, glaring at Isa.

Those words crush me, ripping through my chest, and I’m unable to stop the tears from spilling from my eyes.

I feel the strain on our unsealed bond, the crushing agony of Zed’s emotions, but I can’t deal with this… not when he lied to me.

He’s in front of me in a flash, grabbing my arms. His aura flares around him like a harbinger of death and his grip on me is painfully tight.

“Take it back.” He snarls.

“No. I gave you the chance to tell me about her, but you didn’t.” I whisper. How could he?

“No, there is nothing between us, please believe me, Evangeline, Zed has never slept with me! Azariah is my son and Zedkiel is not the father!”

“Isa!” Zed thunders.

“I’m not going to stand by and let your relationship be ruined!” Isa whispers, fighting back her own tears as she looks at him pleadingly.

I don’t know what to feel, I can see the worry in Zedkiel’s eyes, the concern for her… and I don’t know, I really don’t know what they are to one another but one thing I do know is, he does love her. What son?” Kash asks dangerously.

“I’ll tell you… just fix this.” Isa hisses to her brother.

I yank free from Zedkiel’s hold.

“Do not try to follow me. I’m going for a run and no one is to disturb me!” I snarl, letting my command burn through me. I feel the waves of energy ripple off me, and a powerful gust of wind fills the hall.

“Evangeline.” Zedkiel tries.

I cast him a glare as he stares at me in shock, but I really don’t care. Turning, I shift and run down the hall and out of the palace. I guess I can command Alphas too…

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