His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 98

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I couldn’t believe it took so long to finalise a team. As I sat there with Kash, I was hesitant, and in the end, I have rounded it off to people I know. During that time Evelyn feasted on gr*a*p*es while watching us, as she swings her legs from where she’s sitting as she turns back to the television. Something she clearly enjoys, it’s currently some horror show and every time something disturbing happens, she cackles like a witch.

“Do you need him?” Kash asks regarding Adonis.

I sigh. “I know you don’t want him around, but this is a mission, and I need efficient warriors. If it was down to that, I mean, I wouldn’t even take you, but I’m hoping they have an answer and a way to heal you.” I say quietly as I shuffle some of the papers with the warrior stats on them around.

“We’ll see…”

‘We will find a way.’ I say firmly through the link.

‘Yeah, but if we don’t… take care of Isa for me…’ He says quietly. His face is unreadable, but I realise that in that moment he’s sentencing himself to die…

‘No. Because you will f*uc*king make it.’ I reply icily.

He doesn’t respond and instead sits back. “Chasyn didn’t offer. I’m surprised since he acts like he cares.” He says, changing the topic entirely with a small scoff.

I sit back, observing him. “So you never really shared why you can’t stand him.”

He frowns and shakes his head. “Nothing to share.” He replies, looking down at the map on the tablet.

Tilting my head, I frown. “It bothers you until this day, and I know for a fact it involves his favourite Omega Lucia.”

His heart rate picks up a little, and I almost smirk. As I presumed…

“You know Lucia belonged to my family; she was meant to be mine. I had already made it clear that I would be claiming her, that’s until Chasyn saw her and immediately staked his claim… of course, Dad would never refuse a royal.” His voice is low, and I can sense the anger in him. I get it, omegas were something that once you set your sights on one that you wanted, it was hard to get over it. If Kash had already decided on having Lucia as his, only for someone else to claim her… that must have been rough…

“Why didn’t you come to me?” I ask.

He c*oc*ks a brow. “I had no right. Her family worked for the Lanes.” He mutters. “I think it annoys me more that he doesn’t even treat her well.”

His father’s family…

“Then go fill that empty spot, with Zedkiel as your soon-to-be king and I, your queen, I will give you her!” Evelyn says confidently.

Well, she definitely was listening to us.

We both stare at her as she pops a gr*a*p*e in her mouth. I’m not sure how she thinks that’s ok… but I’m certain her heart is in the right place.

‘I doubt that.’ Zerachiel scoffs.

“She loves Chasyn, regardless if she’s just cast aside. I’m over it, over her. It just annoys me, though.” He shrugs.

“Well, maybe you’ll have some luck and find your mate. That will make you get over the situation completely.” I say, and I look up sharply when I notice the change in his body language. His hand stops from reaching for one of the files that are strewn across the table. ‘Don’t tell me you’re f*uc*king withholding S*hi*t from me again.’ I growl through the link. Kash shakes his head. ‘No, I may have imagined it. Besides finding out who Isa’s mate is, I think we’re all riding on a wave of bad luck.’ He replies, before turning back to the papers. “Right, so who does the final team consist of?”

I reach for the file I’ve compiled, knowing he’s done with that conversation. “Kash Donovan, Ragnar Vilkas, Jeremiah Vilkas and Adonis Lane. We keep it small; we move faster and inconspicuously.”

“And me.” Evelyn adds, frowning in displeasure.

I have to admit she’s a tad cute with her huffy behaviour, but it stings not being able to have Evangeline beside me. I missed her far more than I was ever going to voice. Not when Evelyn’s anger came out whenever I mentioned her.

Wait for me Little Mouse… I will come for you…

‘Ragnar?’ Kash murmurs through the link, clearly not trusting him.

‘I know he’s rough around the edges, but he likes being in the midst of the action. He isn’t one we need to worry about.’ I reply confidently.

“Stop mind linking.” Evelyn growls, making Kash raise an eyebrow.

‘She’s a creepy little psycho. I prefer Evangeline.’

‘I do too!’ Zerachiel says to me in response to Kash. I don’t reply, my heart squeezing at the mention of Evangeline.

“Yeah… me too…’ I say to Kash before I stand up. “Mind if I go to have a word with I ask Evelyn, my father?”

She shrugs as she bites into a strawberry.

“You’re the one who doesn’t trust me and doesn’t want to leave me alone, right?” She smiles chillingly, her eyes turning black. “Who knows who I’ll k*il*l, right?”

“No. I do trust you and that’s why I’m asking, and if I return and you have done nothing wrong … Zerachiel may want to spend some time with you.” I say quietly.

Her eyes return to normal, widening in surprise.

“Oh?” she says, trying to hide the way her heart is racing.

“Yeah.” I reply.

‘I am not spending any time with her.’ Zerachiel hisses.

‘You are.’ I growl. ‘For Evangeline.’

Evelyn nods. “Well, I was going to watch another movie on the television. Kash can keep me company until you return.” She declares, looking at him.

Kash nods as he gets up and grabs the remote. ‘If I’m dead when you return, you’ll know why.’ He says with a smirk.

‘You’ll live.’ I reply, heading to the exit.

I can feel her eyes on me, and stopping mid-way, I f*orc*e myself to turn and walk back to her. Bending down, I kiss her cheek.


‘‘I’ll be back.” I say to her, and I don’t miss the soft smile on her face. She nods.

‘I don’t know what you’re playing at.’ Zerachiel growls.

‘I’m showing her compassion, something she is never given.’ I reply curtly.

‘Even when she’s the reason, our mate isn’t here?’

“Yes, because she’s the only pathway to our mate.’

He grunts, not responding as I mind-link Dad to meet me in the forest, it’s time he told me everything regarding Zeina Aton and exactly how he and she came together….

Twenty minutes later, we were walking through the forest, and I’ve asked him the question. He’s quiet as he walks with his hands in his pocket.

‘‘Some things are better left untold, Zed.” He says quietly.

‘‘Not when there’s a chance that I may see her… I want to hear the truth from you before her…”

Growing up, I had heard the rumours, some darker than others, and I know despite never questioning it… I now need to know the truth.

‘‘That’s true… I wonder if you’ll see me the same way…”

Unease fills me as I watch him emotionlessly. Do I want to know? I’m beginning to doubt myself seeing the seriousness on his face. This isn’t about wanting… I needed the truth.

‘‘Only one way to know. Tell me the truth.” I say quietly.

The wind blows through the trees, as if they are whispering the truth that my father has kept from me.

‘‘A long time ago, we encountered a camp of vampires, and as expected, a fight broke out, and we won… We k*il*led the men and took the women as spoils of the win.”

My stomach sinks a little, although deep down I had a feeling that it was something along those lines…

I stop, the smell of the earth filling my nose as a cold wind blows viciously through the trees as I look at my father. His eyes meet mine and I hold his gaze as I look him dead in the ask the one question I wish I never had to. eye and “So tell me, did you r*a*p*e her?”

A small frown creases his brow, and he looks away. “Not exactly.”

I scoff. “It’s a yes or no.”

It wasn’t any different from the claiming of omegas. For centuries women were taken as spoils but since Evangeline has come into my life, I see things differently. She was an omega who could have gone through what we have normalised. Something that now makes my stomach churn.

“There’s no yes and no, it’s one or the other.” I say quietly.

He smiles wryly. “She was spunky and appealing, despite what she was, and I told her if she spent the night I’ll let her leave, she agreed to my condition for her freedom.”

“And you weren’t worried she’d bite you?”

“I kept her g*agged.” He says pointedly. Do I want to know this crap?

‘You asked.’ Zerachiel remarks.

“That would be called r*a*p*e.” I counter icily.

“It would, aside from the fact she decided to stay willingly for a grand total of three days and even when I removed her gag, she didn’t attack when I a*s*sure you she had plenty of chances to bite and more.” He replies smugly and I internally gag. I don’t know why the f*uc*k I asked.

“She was the enemy.” I say coldly.

“She was… but I was young, and we didn’t think of the political side. She left on the third day, and I never heard from her again until one night she returned with you.”

So, she brought me here.

“She was distraught, and told me to keep you safe, that you were clearly one of us, not one of them.”

“I’m a hybrid. Was that not clear?” I ask coldly.

“As a child, I didn’t pick up on it and neither did she. You were more Lycan than Vampire and if kept there, you could have been k*il*led… She saved your life by bringing you to me.” He says quietly.

“She didn’t do me any favours nor did you by raising me. You both were the reason I was born. It was only right to do so.” I say, not waiting for a reply. I turn, ready to return to the castle, when he places a hand on my shoulder.

“Zedkiel, listen to me, Zeina may not be a threat, but the High Lord who stands as the steward of the vampires is dangerous, they only recognise male heirs as king and if you go there, they will want you dead for who you are. I fear you will be drawn into their games and die… The Steward is dangerous, be warned.”

I don’t reply, and he doesn’t try to stop me. I walk back through the trees, his words ringing in my head.

Then perhaps it’s time that this so-called Lord learns exactly who I am.

It only proves that Evangeline was on the right path… I just wish she was here with me… I need her.

I mind link the men who are going with me tomorrow.

‘We leave before the first rays of dawn.’

They murmur their responses of affirmation and I gaze up at the cloudy skies that block out the moon.

It’s time to take the next step.

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