His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 87

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 08


We have returned to our original quarters, and for a moment I think he’s about to leave when he enters and shuts the door. I turn to him, stepping closer and look up at him.

I know my love has a temper. He diffuses as fast as he gets heated up and I’m ok with that. Even if it does scare me at times. I place my hands on his upper arms.

“I’m sorry.” I say gently, gazing into those golden-green eyes. Goddess, his eyes are so gorgeous..

“It’s fine. Let’s try to be on the same page going forward. If you want to handle matters once you’re crowned, you are welcome to, but I am an Alpha, Little Mouse and as much as I respect you, I do not like to be told what to do.” He says. His gaze dips to my lips, making my heart pound and I nod.

“I wasn’t trying to tell you what to do, I just.. there’s this feeling inside, a bit like how I felt before I forfeited the match against Vienna.” I whisper, turning away from him. The unease is still there in the pit of my stomach.

“Then… maybe you’re right.. I’ll question him and we’ll figure this out.” He says quietly.

“Thank you, but I promise next time I’ll talk to you first.” I reply, my breath hitching when his hands snake around my waist and tug me back against him. One hand press against my stomach.

“I’d appreciate that, my s*e*xy little queen.” His lips meet my neck, and I close my eyes, savouring the ple@sure that washes through me.

“Zedkiel, I found some answers in the chamber… Raziel spoke.” I whisper. He tenses and moves back slowly, but he doesn’t let go of the grip on my waist.


“I think I know what we need to do, to break the curse…” But how do I tell him that only one of us an survive… That I have promised Evelyn to be the one to go?

“Oh, yeah?” he asks.

“Yes, but it’s complicated. I need to go to the realm of the gods.” He lets go of me and turns me to face him, c*oc*king a brow. “Did you hit your head or something?”

I frown. “I’m serious and no, I did not.”

“Yeah, well, how the hell can mere mortals go to that realm?” He asks.

He pauses for a second and his eyes narrow. “Is it because you are the goddess’s daughter?”

“I guess.” I reply, sighing heavily. “There is certainly a way.”

I can’t tell him about what I am… not right now. I flip the light switch on, realising we are still in the dark. It’s strange not really needing the light.

“Zed. if I were to go, my body will become Evelyn’s, would you-“

“I’m not letting you go alone.” He snarls.

My eyes widen, and I shake my head. “But not everyone can cross into the immortal realm-“

“I don’t care, if you’re going there, then I’m going with you.” He growls. “And I’m warning you, disobey me, Little Mouse, and I will lose it.” Lose control…

“Ok, we’ll work something out, but if you come with me, then who will be able to be here with Evelyn and what of the approaching war? We have less than six weeks, Zed?” I ask softly.

He frowns. “I don’t know. We can put you into a sleeping state or something. I know.. the enemy is at our doors and time is already limited.. Why do we need to go there?”

“Because we need to end the entire mess created by Selene and the Eternal God where it all began…” I whisper. “Raziel, Evelyn, Selene, they all deserve freedom and happiness. We deserve that.” My eyes sting knowing that there isn’t a future for us as a couple.

I will sacrifice myself. After all, the worth of one is nothing compared to the lives of many. Perhaps in heaven, we will reunite..

I take a slow breath, trying to calm my emotions. His eyes darken, and he steps closer. “That is no small feat, Evangeline, I know you want to save everyone but there is a war coming.” He whispers, cupping my face.

“I know but you can stop it Zed, you are the only one who can,” I whisper softly, gripping his wrists as I stare up at him. He frowns, about to move back when I hold on tight. “You are their rightful King.. you are the son of Zeina Aton, the last survivor of the royal bloodline. You are their rightful King.” His heart thuds and he pulls away, his eyes blazing red.

“So now I’m one of them?” He sneers.

“No! I mean, not in a bad way. We need to talk to them – didn’t we agree to this Zed? I’m just saying as their rightful king you can make a difference; you will have more power. After all, maybe that is why they are attacking? Perhaps we need to know why. We need to try-“

“Do you think we didn’t try? I sent Kash to try to negotiate. Their fu.cking leader refused!” I Growl.

“Did he try to speak to them? Who is their leader? Is it Zeina? I don’t think they will k*ll their own. They abide by their rules strictly! We need to ask your dad about her. We need to try to reach out-“

“I a*s*sure you they refused.” He trails off and I watch him. Something has occurred to him.

“What is it?” I ask sharply.

“I need to talk to Kash.” He says quietly.

“Why…” I ask curiously.

“What if.. What if they said something to him.” He frowns, running a hand over his head. “I’ll call him. Let’s see what he says before jumping to conclusions.”

I nod and look around the sitting area. Everything is completely clean. My gaze falls on the table, remembering what Zedkiel had done to me on it and my cheeks burn at the memory, despite the pressing matters at hand.

“He’s on his way.” Zed sighs, going over to the sofa and sitting down. He places his head in his hands for a moment before exhaling and looking up.

“Zed. is Kash somehow related to the Beta?” I ask, remembering seeing the resemblance.

He nods, “Beta Jason Lane is Kash’s father.” I look at him in surprise. “But I thought Kash’s surname is Donovan?” I murmur.

“It is his mother’s name, Beta Jason is married to another and has two sons. Kash’s mother Melanie Donovan was the woman he loved from a young age, yet he was engaged elsewhere, a treaty put together by my grandfather. And although he and Melanie had one child on the way, there was no way to break the engagement. After all, the pack would have seen it as a betrayal, although we aren’t exactly allies.” Zed sits back as he looks at me, continuing.

“They agreed to remain neutral as long as we stay away from their territory. So Jason married the woman who was from the Night Shade Pack, the same pack as Danciana. Her name is Hilda, and they are still together..” Zed says quietly.

The Night Shade Pack… was a pack several hours away… A pack of beasts. I never knew the queen was from them..

I shudder, realising why Jason couldn’t refuse the alliance, but I frown. “And then Isabella? Is she Hilda’s child?”

“No, she’s Kash’s sister fully.”

“So, he married, yet stayed with Kash’s mother?” I ask. Zedkiel raises an eyebrow, tilting his head. “Yes, but she passed on a few years ago, committing suicide, and because Kash knows she did it out of heartbreak… It’s been years since Jason even visited her. Slowly he backed away from then and now, Kash will not publicly acknowledge his father.”

“Oh… that’s awful, how can he have kept both women.. that’s heart-breaking.. men are such… animals.”

“It’s not that surprising to have more than one woman, Little Mouse.” He smirks. My irritation rises as I frown. “So, you’re saying at some point you might consider it?” I growl. His smirk only grows. “Maybe… or perhaps a few omegas, I mean-“

“Fine, go ahead, but remember, when you do, consider me gone. I will not share you.” I say, my anger flaring inside of me, my eyes flashing as Luna growls menacingly in my mind.

“But I thought you were leaving me, anyway?” He asks arrogantly, his eyes full of amusement. His irritating smirk is still there, and I stride over to him. “You know I won’t. I love you.”

“I know you do.” He replies c*oc*kily, but I realise he’s enjoying this.

“Stop it, it’s not funny.” I glare at him.

“It actually really is. Are you possessive of me, little Omega?” He teases, yanking me into his lap. My heart skips a beat, and our eyes meet, and I grab onto his shoulders as I straddle one leg. He was making fun of me… and I fell for it..

“Yes, I am! You said you’re mine… so why are you thinking of taking others?” I ask, trying to suppress my anger. Luna’s growl in my head only aggravates me further.

He brushes my hair back. “Actually, I said that you are mine, and besides, I like it when you get angry.” He replies, amused. My heart thuds and I shake my head. “I don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry, rest a*s*sured there is no other woman for me aside from you and there won’t be.” He says quietly, pulling me closer.

Our noses brush and I Wrap my arms around his neck as our lips meet in a sizzling kiss, the pent-up emotions we’ve both been fighting take over, our tongues fighting for dominance, a fight I lose happily, as his hand grips my neck, his tongue running over my lips before he captures my lips once more, s*cking on my tongue, a M0@n escapes me and he throbs against me. His other hand leaves my waist now, sliding under my dress, and Squeezes my a.ss.

A gr0@n leaves his lips. ‘Fu.ck, I cannot get enough of you.’

A knock on the door makes me jolt back, as reality hits and I blush. “That must be Kash!” I whisper.

“And let him wait.” He says, refusing to let me go. I tilt my head, “Patience… we’ve waited all day… we can wait a little longer.” I say.

“Ah, that punishment is pending…” He murmurs.

“Later,” I whisper seductively. I give him one deep kiss before I move back, just as the door opens and I know Zedkiel linked Kash to enter.

I quickly attempt to climb out of his lap, but he gives me a tap on the a.ss. I blush even more before he allows me to change position, so I’m sitting sideways, but he refuses to allow me to get up.

Kash smirks, watching us. “Did you call me to watch the show?” He asks mockingly.

I shake my head vigorously, utterly embarra*s*sed, whilst Zedkiel simply c*oc*ks a brow.

“Close the door.” He commands. Kash obeys, before crossing his arms. “Why do I feel like I’m not going to like this?” He remarks lightly.

I wrap my arm around Zedkiel’s shoulder, unable to stop myself from resting my head against his neck. Today has been such an exhausting day.

“That depends… Tell me, is there anything about your trip that you aren’t telling me?” Zedkiel asks dangerously, his eyes fixed on his friend.

Kash’s smirk falters and my heart sinks when I hear the change in his heartbeat.

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