His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 42

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 42


Hours have passed, but I can’t get the rule book out of my head…

Consummate the marriage before the tournament? How!

All I can think of is everything that can go wrong if we do that, but without it… it means we can’t even participate…


Just think Evangeline, if you weren’t an omega, you would have to be marked too. But the downside is, once the rest of the couples all mark one another until they go into heat, no one will even know if they are mated, unlike me… I have a feeling that rule was put there because I am unable to be marked due to being wolfless.

I shudder at the possibilities of what could go wrong; it isn’t that Zedkiel is that bad… but this life, this rank, it’s all a façade…

I sigh heavily, running my fingers along the spines of the leatherbound books that line the shelves in the royal library. I don’t even know what I’m looking for, but I need something to keep my mind off everything.

1 had spent two hours with Alistair, and I am exhausted. He gave me all his theories about what our test may be but regardless of what it will end up as; I know I just need to think smartly and with a level head. I’m hoping I can at least do that.

Glancing around the library, I see that it is mainly empty. There is scarcely anyone here and I appreciate the silence. To my dismay, I had also learned that all the couples will move into the palace the night. before the tournament’s first day.

The double doors to the library open and I turn to see Lucia peek in, her eyes lighting up when she spots

“Luna Evangeline!” She whispers loudly. I frown slightly at that title.

“Evangeline.” I correct her, as she hurries over, trying her best not to run and remain graceful.

“You’re the Luna now… congratulations on your wedding…” She says, lowering her head to me politely as if just remembering all that.

I reach over, and place three fingers under her chin and tilt her head up and shake my head. “Lucia… I’m still Evangeline… your friend, or I hope we were friends.” I say.

“Of course, we were- I mean we are… but you are a Luna now.”

“And it changes nothing, so tell me why you were looking for me?” I say.

She nods, smiling gently before she looks around and then reaches into the bag she is carrying. “I got your something.”

“Oh, for me?” I ask in surprise, not expecting anything.

She nods as she takes out a small rectangular box, its plain white with gold writing on it.

“Here.” She says, holding it out to me.

“Thank you…” I say, as I take it. My heart skips a beat as I flip the lid open. My eyes widen when I look at the gold bracelet that sits on the suede cushion. A delicate chain with three charms on it set with pearls.

“I found out your birthday is June the third, so you’re a Gemini, hence the zodiac charm, a pearl pendant. for your birthstone of the month of June, and a good luck charm to help you through this tournament.” She explains, looking at me with a smile, but I can see she’s worried I won’t like it but… I love it, I’ve never ever had such a thoughtful gift.

“Thank you.. it’s….”

“Do you like it?” She asks softly.

I nod vigorously before I step forward and hug her tightly. “I love it, thank you, Lucia.” She hugs me back before I step away. “I really do.”

I know, some may say, that my birth date is wrong, but I know deep down Alpha Aeron only said that to make me feel better. The Oracle is never wrong. I push the gloomy thoughts away and instead admire my bracelet.

“Here, would you like to wear it? I’ll put it on you.” She offers gently.

I look up and nod, “Yes, please! I will wear it for the entire tournament, although I’m sure you are rooting for your prince to win.” I tease.

She chuckles, blushing before she shakes her head. “Can I not root for both you and him?”

“Yes, you can.” I smile as she takes the bracelet out of the box and places it around my wrist, my eyes fall on the one around her wrist, it is almost identical to mine, but instead of a Gemini charm it has a Pisces charm and two different birthstones.

She sees me looking at it and once she h0oks mine up; she moves back. “It’s mine and Prince Chasyn’s birthstones.” She explains softly, playing with the ruby gemstone.

I nod, feeling an ache inside at the fact she couldn’t have the man she loves…

“It’s gorgeous too.” I say, “We are twinning.”

“We are!” She says, holding her wrist out to mine.

It may seem trivial to some, but for me, it is special to share something with a friend…

I look up and our eyes meet. I smile at her, feeling the gloom of the morning fade away. She had cheered me up nicely!

“What are you doing in here?” She asks, now scanning the shelves.

“Just looking for a good read.” I say. “Preferably about the Chamber of Truth, its origins and how it came

to be.”

“Oh, those books won’t be here. You will have to ask the Third Prince for access to the private area.” She replies.

I feel disappointed and sigh. “Oh… well, I guess I’ll ask Zedkiel. Shall we go?”

“Zedkiel?” She whispers, her eyes lighting up as I blush.

“Ah! He wants me to call him that.” I mumble, making her giggle.

“Of course… You two look very in love.” She teases, making my cheeks burn even more.

“I’m leaving,” I say with a pout, leading the way out of the room. She laughs softly as she follows. I bid her farewell and head to my quarters, remembering that Zedkiel said we would visit the oracle today. I better go back before he searches for me…

It is an hour later when Zedkiel enters the bedroom. I had actually found a book on his shelf and had begun reading it but had fallen asleep reading, that is until the door slammed open shocking me. I jerk. awake, my heart thumping.

“Do you need to always bang the doors?” I ask, rubbing my eyes, freezing when I realise what I had just said. I swallow hard as I look up slowly, only to see him watching me emotionlessly.

“I can if I want to.” He says before walking over to the bed and taking something out of his pocket. “Here.”

I look at the slim black device in his hand and my mind instantly goes to the phone I have hidden in the sofa in the other room.

He c*oc*ks a brow and I know he didn’t miss the way my heart began racing or the way I had probably paled. I need to get rid of that phone Sinclair gave me before he ever discovers it. It could ruin everything.

“What’s wrong? Never had a phone?”

“N-no, I mean yes, I have!” I say, taking it quickly. “Thank you.”

“Just in case I need to get in contact with you, and since you can’t mind link, keep it close.” He says, frowning slightly as he watches me. “You look guilty…

I shake my head quickly, shutting the book that lay on the pillow, hoping he thinks it is because of that.” No, not at all. I just… it’s the second gift I got today…”

“Hmm… Second?” He asks, and I hold up my wrist.

“Omega Lucia gave me this.” I say. He frowns, taking hold of my hand and yanking it up as he observes it. “Hmm. Come on, let’s go to the oracle.” He says, dropping my hand and I stand up, feeling nervous.

I follow him to the door after placing the phone on the bedside table.

We walk down the hallways, passing people, but apart from clearing the path for Zedkiel and lowering their heads, no one seems curious about where we are heading just wanting to be clear of us.

We reached the door to the Oracle’s quarters, and I take a deep breath, feeling nervousness overcome me. He glances down at me before he takes hold of my wrist and knocks hard on the door.

Remembering the last time I was here, I was branded…

The door swings open and I feel the same odd atmosphere settle over me.

‘Let’s not go in there.’ The voice in my head returns, but it’s different today. Angrier and commanding.” Leave Evangeline!’ It sounds shrill, panicky even, and I frown.

Are these memories? Or am I going crazy?

I frown, allowing Zedkiel to lead me into the room. The Oracle is standing today, her hands are folded in front of her as she watches us emotionlessly. “I was expecting you.”

“We have some questions that you will answer.” Zedkiel says coldly. His eyes flicker red as he looks at her.

Her eyebrow rises, but she doesn’t react, swiftly looking us over. Her eyes linger on me, and I feel as if she’s looking into my soul.

“That, of course, depends on if I can…” She says as the door shuts behind us.

“There’s a link between us, correct?” Zedkiel asks her sharply.

“I cannot say anything.”

“You must answer to the royals.” Zedkiel reminds her dangerously.

She doesn’t say anything and purses her lips. “I will answer only one question. Choose it wisely.”

Zedkiel’s eyes flash and I feel his anger rising. “You will-” I place my hand on his arm and shake my head.

“Can we ask one question each?” I ask, frowning slightly.

She raises an eyebrow, and I can’t make out the expression on her face.

“Very well. Choose carefully for once you have asked the question it cannot be changed.” She says calmly. She looks at Zedkiel, who clenches his jaw.

“Then how about you answer what the mean-”

“Zedkiel.” I say, cutting him off again. “Let’s come back after we’ve thought the questions over.”

“Wise.” The Oracle says, turning her back on us. “Now please do leave. There is much I need to do.”

“We need answers Little Mouse.” He growls and I find myself smiling slightly.

I missed that name. I really am strange… “But we need to think them over carefully. We can’t lose this chance.” I whisper.

He frowns before he turns and yanks the door open. The unease that had been building in my mind eases. away the moment I step out. I look over my shoulder as Zedkiel tugs me away and I see the Oracle. watching me. Our eyes meet and only when the door snaps shut is the eye contact broken making my breath hitch.

What was that about?

My mind is a whirl as Zedkiel leads the way, still holding onto me, and I don’t even realise that we are halfway back to our quarters until I’m called.

“Luna Evangeline!”

Zedkiel comes to a stop, and I look up as one of the omega’s bows his head.

“Alpha Prince Zedkiel. There is an invitation we were commanded to give to Luna Evangeline herself, it is from Alpha Sinclair Welhaven of the Silver Mountain Pack.” He says trying to hide his fear. Zedkiel frowns and he snitches the embossed envelope from the man. Zedkiel rips it off and I lean closer, looking at it.

‘You are invited to the wedding of Sinclair Welhaven…’ I don’t read the rest feeling a sting of pain inside. and it’s not over Sinclair getting married but the fact after everything… now he wants to invite me to a wedding?

Zedkiel growls, making the omega flinch as he backs away and I give him a nod, letting him know he can leave. I’ve been there and wished there had been someone who would let me run away. Sometimes Alpha Aeron or Sinclair would try to give me a chance to escape when facing Grandmother Philomena’s wrath.

“An invitation to that fool’s wedding? Like hell, we’re going to go.” Zedkiel snarls about to tear the invitation in half when I place my hand over his, stopping him from tearing it.

“No, we will go. I think we need to show everyone how nothing will shake us.” I say, frowning slightly.

Zedkiel’s frown softens, and he looks back down at the card in distaste.

“Are you sure you want to go?” He asks venomously.

“If you go with me… please?” I ask, my heart thundering. I know I’m pushing it…

He clenches his jaw and nods. “Fine, we’ll go.”

“Thank you…” I say, my heart skipping a beat at the fact he has agreed. “When is it?”

Zedkiel holds the card up between two fingers. “Tomorrow evening.”

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