His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 20

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 20


When I awoke the following morning, there was no sign of the prince, and I wasn’t even sure if he had returned last night; the bed on the other side didn’t look slept in. I got dressed in one of the outfits that were given to me. I chose a red dress with a black mesh panel on the back and neck area. It was up to my knees, and I was grateful for that. I paired it with one of the many pairs of s3xy heels. The majority of the clothes were red or had some red in them. Was this what the head omega meant when he asked what colour to give me?

I remember Grandmother once saying how each Alpha had a colour and an insignia.

I was grateful for the toiletry pack that had been given to me with the items sent to me yesterday.

Once I had washed my face and brushed my teeth, I decided to go get breakfast. I was extremely hungry after all.

An hour later I was fed and felt so much better, the pangs of hunger were now satiated. I made sure to ask about Zedkiel’s breakfast, but I was told he usually asked if he wanted anything to eat. I was then sent to the head Omega’s office again where Alistair was now circling me, one hand on his wa!st, as his eyes ran over me critically.

“Oh, come on sweetheart, square those shoulders.” I obeyed, fixing my posture, remembering just how I was taught… “oh much better… “.

“Alistair! Just tell her how things work and send her on her way!” Dolores snapped. “She won’t be here for long!”

I knew what she meant by that… They were all just waiting for me to drop dead, or should I say be k*lled?

“Oh relax, we have time, besides, I like this one… can she be mine?!”


He looked at Dolores pleadingly, a pout on his lips, and the woman frowned. “Fine! Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of her duties!”

“Oh, thank you, sunshine!” He exclaimed happily, now turning to me and clasping his hands. “You are now my mannequin of art, my muse! Now before I can play with you, I need to tell you the important little tidbits. But tell me first, do you know how to apply makeup?”

“A little.” I replied.

He shook his head. “No, every morning I want you to come to me, I will dress you up. When I am done with you, you will be the most ravishing Omega in the castle!”

“If she lives.” Dolores added frowning.

A sliver of fear settled in me again, but I wanted to stay positive, I mean I had survived this far… maybe just maybe I can somehow last.

“So, here is a list of rules to follow, and I will explain each one thoroughly. Now since we don’t know what is expected of you, it is clear that his keeping you in his quarters means he likes you as a bed warmer!

You may ask Antonio to bring breakfast to the room in the morning to save you time. You must remain in bed for as long as your Alpha wishes. You must always be dressed appealingly as his omega and since he said he will mark you… then you will hold the status of the chosen Omega of the third prince… and since you are the only one your status will be second only to his Luna when he takes one.”

Celia’s words about being there for sloppy seconds made me shudder. I didn’t get this… Long ago, the fated bond existed between two souls, where many would leave their omegas once they found their mates. Why had things changed so much that men took multiple omegas under their wings and kept them even after finding their Luna.

“If he takes a Luna.” I heard Dolores mutter. It was obvious she didn’t think I’d survive long anyway, so I ignored her, not wanting to let her words get to me.

Alistair continued telling me the rules, while pacing around me as he gave me a form to fill out. It was just a general form that asked for minor details such as height, eye colour, hair colour, name, pack, and date of birth. I paused when I looked at the section at the bottom for your wolf information.

“I don’t have a wolf.” I said quietly, making him freeze. The excitement that had been building within him suddenly seemed to deflate like a balloon, and he sighed, but it was only for a moment.

“Oh well, you are surviving without a furry beast!

Now let’s focus on the positives. Here is your personal tablet, you may place orders of anything you or your Alpha may need, however, there’s a monthly budget please try to stick to it… if he does claim you, this will increase, but we all know you may need marry pairs of clothing and lingerie, so those are on top of the budget… You may not contact anyone outside of the castle unless your Alpha gives you permission!”

I looked down at the tablet, seeing the place where I could place our orders in the database. Maybe some oils and things to help relax the prince might work…

Oh, and perhaps I could order some nice, Comfortable shoes.

“Remember to stick to the dress code, and all orders will be approved or declined by myself. Since you don’t have the mind link, we need to find a way that the prince can summon you… I’m certain you can’t be kept in his quarters constantly, once you are marked, you will be able to move around the castle and venture out.

“Venture out?”

My heart leapt in excitement and hope, a glimmer of a life that might be almost normal flitting before my eyes. Alistair noticed and patted my cheek.

“Things will get better.” He said with a smile.

“If she-“

“Oh Dolores, get that stick out of your washboard behind! She’s alive!” He snapped, rolling his eyes, making her grunt, and I had to bite down on my cheeks just so I didn’t burst out laughing.

“Thank you, Mr. Alistair.!” I said with a smile. He gave me a wink while examining my hair.

“Not at all, I will see if we can get some sort of smart watch or something so the Alpha can beep you when he needs you! But he didn’t really say anything about your insignia… has he said how he will mark you?”

I shook my head, I knew the other prince’s omegas wore some sort of symbol that showed they were claimed; often, it was in the form of a necklace or other jewellery that must never be removed. It was kept on the omega by magic, and only death could remove it. Just thinking of that made my stomach sink.

He nodded, “Perhaps you can ask him tonight?”

“I will.” I replied, although I wasn’t sure I could… After all, his mood was… strange.

Alistair smiled faintly, almost knowingly, as I looked down at the tablet in my hand. “There are a few things I think the prince could use; may I order them?”

Yes of course and then I will take you to the omega’s lounge, right after I do your make-up and I think a little trim… I’m not liking how your hair is always in your face.”

An hour later, I stared at the inches of hair on the floor, my hair that was once much longer was now up to my wa!st, but the shorter length gave it a lot more of a bounce, he had cut me some bangs to frame my face, and to my dismay, he had pinned my hair off my face. The make-up was light yet very eye -catching, and somehow I didn’t feel like I was looking at myself..

He was busy polishing my nails as I stared at the woman in the mirror. He looked up and gazed in the mirror. “See how beautiful she is? Carry that confidence, and life becomes easier.” He whispered.

I looked at him for a moment before staring at my reflection once more. His words resonated in my head along with Grandmother Philomena’s words.

Display confidence and the world will feel your energy. I had been raised with the teachings of a lady, if I implemented them, maybe the likes of Celia wouldn’t be able to hurt me… maybe…

“Now come, for now, this ribbon will work as your mark of being claimed..” He said, placing a satin red ribbon no wider than an inch around my neck and tying it in a bow. I picked up the bag that included the tablet, a charger wire, typical castle routines and special dates, a map of the castle, and the rules. For a moment I felt like I was back in school but sadly there was no end to this life…

We walked through the halls, and I looked up at Alistair. “‘May I ask a question?”

“Ask away.”

Hesitating, I clutched the bag tighter despite trying to walk just the way grandmother would be proud of me. “Yesterday… the third prince… he… with the second prince’s mate… will. will they hate me? It was because of me…”

Alistair looked around, his face becoming serious, and he placed a finger to his lips in warning, his hand resting on my shoulder, and he guided me into one of the side rooms. “Be careful of what you say in the open. Look my dear.. no one will challenge the third prince; however, it may make others hate you.

Just be careful who you befriend in these walls… with the rumours of the tournament rising everyone is on edge.”

I nodded, and somehow, I felt as if I had just found myself a friend within these walls…

We continued until we reached a quieter part of the castle, as Alistair explained to me. “This is usually the claimed omega quarters, each omega has his or her own room here where the princes will visit them when desired… especially the mated princes who keep their omegas away from their Lunas, I don’t know what the third prince will decide for you yet… we shall see..”

I nodded, keeping my chin up and when we entered what looked like a huge lounge, the light chatter from the women and the few men instantly d*ied down. So, these were the claimed omegas…

I recognised Lucia, Nadia, and others at the ball. I could tell which were the top Omegas from their clothing, each one was now looking at me calculatingly and some were even hostile. “Lad*ies and gentlemen, this is Evangeline Rose, the claimed omega of Alpha Prince Zedkiel Vilkas. “

If the room was silent before… it just dropped even further, the sound of my own heart thudded loudly in my ear…

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