His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 70

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 70


‘I love you.’

The words echo in my mind as she flings her arms around my neck, and I capture her l!ps in a k!ss. The crowd’s cheering blurs away and all I see, feel, and smell is her. She’s everything. There’s something unexplainable about having someone fvcking love you for you. Her words replay in my mind a thousand damn times. She loves a monster who isn’t worth loving, can this even be real? Does she want to stay by my side, the way I want her to stay?

I wasn’t meant to be Luna.. I was meant to be Queen… her words come back to me.

Will she stay?

Imagining a future with her… to wake up every day to her, to fall asleep every night to her…

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to tell her that I feel the same, so all I do is k!ss her like it’s the first and last fvcking time. ple@sure rushes through me and as much as I know we have things to deal with, there’s nothing more I want to do to her than fvck her senseless. I keep k!ssing her as I carry her away. The moment I turn the corner, I push her up against the wall, letting go of her a-ss so I can trace my hands over the curves of her lush body.

“You… were… fvcking amazing.” I breathe between k!sses. I’m fvcking hard for her but she’s not letting up either, breaking any control I have left as she grips the back of my neck.

It’s my woman in control, but she’s confident in taking what she wants. Her bre-asts are against my che.st, soft M0@ns leaving her l!ps as we fight for dominance, a game that I plan to win but will allow her to play for a bit. I grab her bre-ast, gr0@ning as I s*ck on her tongue before I move back slightly, flicking her tongue with my own.

I k!ss her neck, the intense urge to mark her overcoming me, but although I had seen that incredible aura out there. I can’t reallymark her without her consent no matter how much I want her but I know that she can take it.

The scent of her blood pulls me and the urge to taste her almost overpowers me. My eyes blaze red, her thundering heart like music to my ears, and I s*ck hard on her neck, trying to control myself. She whimpers against me, the scent of her arousal only adding to the haze that surrounds me. I feel drunk on her…

Hearing footsteps approach, I frown. I want to take her away from here, but it’s Dad and is that, Philomena?

“Zed…” She whimpers and I almost don’t fvcking care who’s coming, hearing that tone of hers, but they’re close and she hears them too.

A cute pout crosses her face before she lets her legs down, now blushing as if she’s just realised what we have done. I don’t let her go, touching my forehead against hers.

Somehow… I’ll express what she means to me… when I get the chance..

I look her over, her hard n!pples are outlined against her top and her back where celia had torn her clothes is bare. I can see she’s healing pretty well. I pull my own top off and pull it over her just as Dad and Philomena round the corner, both stopping dead in their tracks as they look us over.

Philomena looks appalled when she spots me as she takes in exactly where my shirt is.

Why the hell does she care anyway?

Her gaze dips down and I almost smirk at the gasp that leaves her at my fvcking hard-on before she turns away.

“Y-your majesty! Perhaps now is the wrong time!”

“For what?” Evangelina asks, despite blushing. I don’t give a rat’s a-ss about her shock.

“Yeah, it is the wrong time, yet you two still had the gall to follow us. What do you want?” I ask coldly.

“We just.. We wanted to see if Evangeline is ok since she hasn’t been checked by a healer.” Dad says, watching Evangeline with a small smile on his face.

I’ve never seen the duo hang together before…

I c*oc*k a brow. “If her leaving the grounds making out with me wasn’t enough proof that she’s ok, then I don’t know what the hell will be. Cut to the chase. What the hell do you really want?”

Evangeline moves closer and I pull her against me, k!ssing her cheek before glaring coldly at the two before me. If they wanted to ‘talk’ now, it pisses me off because they had the chance on many occasions. Both Dad and Philomena could have prepared us for a lot, rather than leave us both in the dark. I almost k*lled Evangeline; the way she was treated made her want to run away from here…

“Let’s take this to my office.” Dad states, it’s a fvcking command, not a suggestion, and although I could defy him, I think we could use some answers from both of them.

Ten minutes later, I’m sitting in Dad’s office, with Evangeline on my th!gh, whilst the old hag is looking more and more appalled by the second.

“Do you have a problem?” I ask her the moment Dad shuts the door and walks over to his chair.

“Not at all.” She says with a face that says she does.

“Good.” I say, running my hand up Evangeline’s th!gh.

The old hag clears her throat and my eyes flash. “Keep at it, and I’ll fvck her right here.” I snarl, making her leap from her chair.

Evangeline gasps, and I hope she knows I’m fvcking kidding.

“Oh my!” Philomena says, staring at Dad as if he can stop me from saying or doing anything.

“Zedkiel does and says as he pleases, I apologise on his behalf.” Dad says apologetically and I c*oc*k a brow, not missing how Evangeline suppresses a smile, turning her head away from me.

Sounds like he’s talking about a fvcking Pup.

“Na, I’m not, I just don’t let old crones dictate their opinion on me, especially after discarding my woman the way you did, even when she begged not to be.” I growl. That is something I won’t ever forgive.

Evangeline places her hand on my shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I’m sure you know exactly why I gave her to you.” Philomena replies in a hostile tone. “I did my part.”

Evangeline’s heart thumps loudly, and I frown.

“Keep talking, and go right back, because we wanted to talk to the both of you… I presume you both knew or know that we are mates?” I ask coldly.

Silence falls.

“No. I did not.” Philomena says, staring at us with curiosity and surprise that she tries her best to mask. I c*oc*k a brow.

“Oh?” So she really did cast Evangeline aside.

“When I was young, you took me to the Oracle, correct? What did she say?” Evangeline asks her.

The two women look at each other and I can sense the tension between them, but I can also see the sadness in Evangeline’s eyes. I wrap my arm tighter around her, hating seeing her feel like this.

“She simply stated that when the time is right. to give you to the Hybrid Prince. At the time I did not know which prince she meant, however, I took my chances on Prince Zed-“

My eyes flash as I stand up, placing Evangeline down. “So you didn’t even know that I’m the one you were supposed to give her to?! Get out!”

“Zed.. let her speak.” Evangeline says softly, cupping my face as she f0rces me to look into those soft hazel-coloured eyes of hers. A drug that calms me.

“Make it fast!” I snarl at the old hag.

Dad’s standing now, and tension rolls around the room in waves.

“Sh-she told me that Evangeline was the child of the scriptures. That was all. I initially expected something great from her.. but when she did not shift-“

“You simply wanted to get rid of her.” I cut in.

“I don’t think she means-” Evangeline tries, but I know people far better than she does…

“Trust me, I know how their minds work. Not everyone has the compassion you do, Little Mouse.” I look at the older woman, not missing the tense clench of her jaw as she stares haughtily ahead, but I know I’m right. She disgusts me.

“Tell me, Philomena Welhaven, if Evangeline displayed some impressive strength as she did out there tonight? You would have kept her for your grandson, correct?” I hiss.

She doesn’t reply, stubbornly staring at the far wall. I’m fvcking correct.

“Zedkiel…” Dad tries, but I hold my hand up, stopping him.

“You cast her aside to save that pup when she appeared useless and now… now when you saw her aura out there on the grounds… you realised you want to be back in her good graces, in the good graces of the king! Take an oath on Selene and prove that I’m fvcking wrong,” I growl menacingly.

She’s cunning and she will always look for her own benefit in every situation before others…

“Tell me!” I roar, making Evangeline flinch.

Dad looks worried, but all I can see is the look of bleak hope in Evangeline’s eyes. She needs to learn that Philomena Welhaven never had her best interest at heart, no matter how hard it is.


“Fine! Yes, I did think she’d be an asset to our Pack!

Yes, I was going to obey the Oracle but there is nothing wrong with expecting a little something in return! After all, we fed and clothed her! Why shouldn’t we benefit from it?!” Philomena growls. “It’s the rule of life!”

Evangeline tums and I can sense her disappointment. She wraps her arms around herself before she speaks.

“I will make sure you are compensated for feeding and clothing me.” She says quietly. “Excuse me.”

She rushes to the door and opens it as I glare at the older woman before looking at Dad; Ill talk to him tomorrow..

“Evangeline!” I call, striding out of the room before breaking into a run, I see her turn a corner and catch up to her, “Evangeline!”

I grab her arm, spinning her to face me, about to speak, when I see the tears streaming down her cheeks. She’s hurting and broken.

Rage flares up like an inferno within me as I pull her into my arms, caressing her hair as she cries into my che.st. She is too good… To think Philomena Welhaven had her own intentions… as much as I hated them all; I didn’t want her to think no one cares for her. I need to ease her pain.

“She might be a fvcking loser, like her grandson, but I a*s*sure you, Aeron cares for you.” I say quietly.

She looks up at me, with her eyes glistening with tears, and I know at that moment, I will destroy the world for her if I have to.

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