His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 97

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 18 18 Into Play


It’s the following day and I’m going to try to talk to her. She’s wearing a very appealing black lace bra and thong as she admires her body in the mirror. Or should I say Evangeline’s body? Either way, I can’t deny that she’s a dangerous temptation.

“Do you want to have some fun? You enjoyed it the last time.” She says as she turns and advances on me. She runs her tongue along her lips before she bites down on her lower one.

Her hips sway sensually and her scent fills my nose. Still, Evangeline’s but it’s a little different

I can’t explain it… She is in her body, after all.

“Not like this.” I say. The plan is not to anger her. “How about we take it slow?”

“You didn’t seem to want slow last time.” She counters.

“I didn’t know it was you… now that I do… let’s not forget you’re you and deserve to be treated equally.” I say huskily.

She frowns, watching me suspiciously before she climbs into my lap, running her hands up my arms.

It feels like a betrayal to Evangeline and although it may be her body, it’s not her, but I have to keep Evelyn calm.

‘And I thought you wanted to help her.’ Zerachiel scoffs.

‘Helping someone and wanting to f*uc*k them is two entirely different things. You’re acting like a woman, jumping to conclusions.’ I snarl back.

‘‘Then what do you have in mind?” Evelyn says, running a finger along my lips.

I take hold of her wrists, pulling her hands down to my chest.

“Break this curse on all of us.” I say quietly, caressing her hands. Play smart… Her eyes soften and she nods.

“Ok” She says. She’s about to get off when she suddenly presses her lips against mine.

I stiffen, moving back sharply and her eyes flash black as she glares at me suspiciously.

“As I said, let’s take things slow.” I say, kissing her hands softly. Don’t hate me, Evangeline….

‘Yes, keep kissing her and she’ll expect more.’ Zerachiel sneers.

‘I know what I’m doing. I need to keep her in control. The bottom line is she holds Evangeline’s power, that of the moon goddess. Use your brains. Have you ever considered that perhaps you’re doing more harm than good?’ I shoot back. I’m f*uc*king struggling not to unleash my irritation on him. I’m trying to hold on to the path Evangeline has set out. Work with me.

He goes silent and I look at the woman on my lap. Cupping her face, I kiss her forehead gently. “Come on, we need to discuss this with the king.”

“Discuss what?” She asks, pulling away. I can sense her anger as she watches me, but the truth is no matter how much she doesn’t trust me, she has feelings for me- or at least for Zerachiel and as much as I hate to admit it, I will use that against her.

“A plan to break the curse, just as Evangeline wanted. She’s not here, but I still want to do as she wished.” I reply, standing up.

Her heart’s thundering and she frowns.

“You just want to lock me away! Remember, I am the most powerful now!” Her eyes flash, her aura growing, and I cross my arms, not letting her get to me.

“No, I’m not locking you away.” I growl. Not yet anyway. She doesn’t trust me, and I don’t blame her.

“I’m not a fool. Everyone always tries to trick me!” She says, edging away from me, her hands glowing as she looks at me with such hatred that it makes me uneasy.

Her words shouldn’t have bothered me, but they do. I feel Evangeline was onto something. “I’m not going to, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I know you’re dangerous and I know what you’re capable of, but I swear on Evangeline, that I am going to do what she wanted me to. We are going to find a solution. The reason I have asked Dad for a meeting is because there are things we need to figure out. This isn’t about you. You have already threatened to out me and, of course, as the rightful heir, that can happen.” I explain calmly as I advance on her, satisfied when her heart skips a beat. “Anyway… you will be there beside me for the meeting.” I say quietly, coming to a stop before her and running my fingers through her hair… Evangeline’s hair… “So go get dressed.”

Her eyes widen before she nods slightly, and a small devious smile crosses her lips.

“Ok. Just make sure you don’t mention that I am in control of Evangeline’s body… or things will go downhill fast.” She hums.

I don’t trust her, but at the same time, I’m keeping her close.

“I don’t intend to.” I reply coldly.

She smiles, her eyes glinting. “Perfect.”

‘Are you actually going to allow her to attend the meeting?’ Zerachiel sounds hesitant.

‘I just said that, didn’t I?’ I don’t bother explaining myself further.

He isn’t ready to listen and even if I won’t share everything with her; I need to keep an eye on her.

It’s a while later and there’s a few of us in Dad’s office, the tension is f*uc*king thick thanks to Dad having his Beta, Jason, here when I brought Kash, there’s Chasyn, as well as one of Kash’s half-brother’s Adonis and on my request Isa, Alistair and Lucia. With the last two looking nervous to be in the room.

I’m f*uc*king regretting having them all together as the atmosphere is f*uc*king draining.

Evelyn is sitting on the center seat opposite Dad, legs crossed, clearly enjoying the tension that taints the room.

Dad keeps looking at her and I have a feeling he can sense the change in her. There’s a glimmer of concern in his eyes, one that he isn’t addressing, but I plan to mind link him tonight and fill him in on everything just in case things go wrong…

I have just finished filling in the gaps on what they didn’t know and on what we have learned with Lucia, Isa, Kash and Alistair, giving their input as well. Leaving out that Evelyn is now in control of Evangeline’s body. She added a few comments, but she was far quieter than Evangeline would be.

Chasyn keeps glancing at Lucia, and I can see he seems conflicted. I’m not sure if it’s because he didn’t expect her to know so much or something else.

‘‘That’s… a lot to take in.” Dad sighs heavily.

I hadn’t told them every little detail, but I have covered the vital points, and stressed the importance of this plan and having hope that the vampires may have certain answers we need, without telling them exactly what those were. I finish off by telling them what Kash had been commanded.

“… and bottom line, they want me. If I go, there’s a chance this war can be avoided” I say, making Dad’s eyes flash.

‘‘No. That is a bad idea, Zed.” He says quietly.

‘‘Alpha, I do think that them going to the vampires, to at least try to stop this war, might work. Zedkiel is, after all, one of them, too.” Jason says quietly.

‘‘Perhaps it will help us, but he isn’t one of them -he is one of us, Beta Jason.” Chasyn says firmly.

I see Kash frown, but he doesn’t add anything to his dad’s remark. He had made it clear to me not to mention his bite to anyone.

I know he doesn’t want them to know, but I also hope that it doesn’t f*uc*king come to bite me in the a*s*s. Either way, we’re going to find an answer to heal him.

From every angle, we are running out of time and I’m not wasting any more.

‘‘We’ll take the way through the countryside. If we keep to the mountains, we will get closer to their last place of camp without being detected.

“Then we need a team.” Dad says uneasily. “I’m still not happy with this…”

“Why not? Don’t be so uncertain. I mean, you slept with a vampire and you’re not keen on us going and trying to stop this war?”

I see Kash try to hide his smirk along with his brother Adonis, who ducks his head. They are f*uc*king similar, even if Kash refuses to admit that.

“This is the only lead we have.” Isa says quietly. Jason glances over at his daughter, who has not once looked towards him: she doesn’t even spare him a glance.

He made his bed, and now he can f*uc*king lie in it….

Dad frowns as he looks at me. “You should be glad I did. You were the fruit of that.” He grumbles and Chasyn smiles.

“Father, how did you get Zedkiel when he was a baby, anyway? I mean, were you in contact with a Vampire-female?” He asks.

“And not only any vampire but Zeina Aton, a royal… Correct?” I say quietly.

His eyes flash with surprise before he stares down at his desk as all eyes turn to me.

“That… how is that possible?” Chasyn asks, shocked.

“None of your concern, she was… that’s not important.” He says curtly, his voice holding a tone that meant that it was the end of the discussion, but not for me. I plan to ask him later. If he’s withholding something, I need to know what it is.

‘It is, because it comes down to why they want me now?’ I say through the link, but I don’t wait for a reply, glancing around at the others.

“Time is running out. The stars align in roughly five weeks’ time. We need to defeat the curse before then.” I say seriously as I walk over to Dad’s desk and look down at the map that Kash had presented us with, outlining a trail leading us to the vampires.

“Then let’s put a team together. If you are doing this, you need the very best by your side.” Dad says quietly, watching me as if trying to read me.

As much as I’d rather travel with the bare minimum if we are attacked or if Evelyn loses control… I do need a team.

“I wouldn’t recommend this becoming general knowledge, especially with the fact that there is an enemy in our midst.” Chasyn says. “You need to choose a team carefully.”

“I agree.” I frown picking up one of Dad’s daggers that stood on a stand on his desk and playing with it.

“I’m in.” Kash says, “You don’t have a choice.”

“I’m glad you are.” I reply with a small smirk before I stare down at the map as the others, begin discussing, but my attention is on the path I plan to take… Crossing close to the pack of Godric Astorath… 

A team that isn’t big enough to be caught… yet one that is powerful enough…

“Evangeline won’t be going, will she?” Dad asks, concerned. “Perhaps I should go instead.”

“Yeah, I don’t f*uc*king think so, especially when you were planning to go to war. This pack and the alliance still need you, especially until this curse is broken. I’m going. Not you.” I growl.

“I agree with Zedkiel, and I must go.” Evelyn replies, smiling, but Dad just looks at me sharply.

“Zed, you are being foolish. She can’t go.”

“She will be.”

“Zed… she needs to be safe.” I know he’s more worried about the future and securing the future ruler, but the thing is there won’t be a future if things continue down this path.

“And I will keep her safe.” I say with a frown. My eyes flash and I know he gets the signal to end the conversation.

I can sense the unease in the room, but no one dares to defy me.

“This is not up for debate; I’ll have my team ready by tomorrow afternoon and we set out at dawn the following day.” I say quietly, playing with the dagger in my hand, I flip it, letting go of it and it spins in the air before it pierces through the middle of the map, and slices right through Dad’s desk, embedding deep into the solid wood.

I turn away and glance out at the clouded sky.


I’m going to do this your way… combined with my way.

I’m going to save you, just… hold on.

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