His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 16

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 16


Hours had passed and night had fallen, only then did I feel in control enough to return to the palace.

k*lling Odette wasn’t smart… I should have k*lled the b!tch instead… My relationship with Alcazer was already strained, and this would have just made it far worse.

I returned to my room to see her curled up in the corner, her arms wrapped around herself, her face held dried tear stains and she was fast asleep. Like the rest, she feared me too… Perhaps I should just k*ll her too… Why was I even keeping her?

She wasn’t even ideal to warm my bed… incompetent and useless.

Turning away, I grabbed some clothes and went to shower, knowing my father wanted me at the family meeting he had called. It was funny how he was far too afraid to do anything to me.


I showered and dressed quickly before taking a final glance at the woman on the floor.


I left my room and headed to my father’s office. The few people I passed in the halls paled at the sight of me, it was obvious that the death of Odette had already become common knowledge. Reaching the Supreme Alpha’s office, I pushed open the door, letting it hit the wall behind me and bounce off.

They were all here, all six of my brothers. Alcazer was sitting, with Chasyn standing behind him, a hand on the shoulder of the clearly distraught man.

They all turned to me, but I didn’t care looking at the man standing behind the desk.

“Zedkiel, take a seat.’” Dad said seriously.

“Hm,” I replied as Alcazer glared at me, I didn’t miss the way Chasyn’s hold on him tightened.


I’m certain he didn’t want to join his mate because if he touched me, I wouldn’t mind ripping him to shreds too.

“What happened today should never have happened.” Dad said, his voice tense and grave as he looked at me seriously. I almost smirked, not missing the glimmer of fear in his eyes.

This was our Alpha of Alphas.

“No, it shouldn’t have, and I demand justice, father!” Alcazer shouted.

I c*oc*ked a brow, “Your woman dared to disobey me, when I told her to step aside.” I snarled, my eyes blazing red.

“Enough.” Father’s strained voice came, and he sighed heavily. “What happened Zedkiel, for you to attack your own sister-in-law-“

“Attàck father? He murdered her!” Ragnar thundered, interrupting him, slamming his fist into the wall.

The room was full of Alphas, yet none of their auras bothered me, even combined, I’d k*ll them all.

“I have nothing to explain, I’m sure the b!tch, who is sadly still alive, told you her version.” I scoffed, taking a seat and placing my feet on Dad’s desk.

“She told us how your omega wh*re-” My eyes blazed, and in a flash, I was in front of Alcazer, but the twins blocked me.

“Calm down, Zedkiel.” Drystan said quietly. “Alcazer, there’s always more than one version of the story.”

“That woman is not to enter this castle, or I will k*ll her next,” I growled sitting down again.

Father sighed heavily. “You k*lled your sister-in- law, Zedkiel, not only someone who was a part of this family but the daughter-“

“Part of the family for a few months, she can be replaced.” I sneered.

His eyes flashed, but he was still too afraid to argue with me. “This has caused tension between the Huntington family and us. He is a powerful Alpha, Zedkiel – one whose support we need. Especially with the growing unrest and attacks.” Dad continued. “This kingdom needs an heir, and for that reason, I’ve decided to give our people what they want. I will hold a tournament where all seven of you will compete against one another for my throne.

“A little unfair, isn’t it?” Draven smirked coldly. “I mean, we all know who is the strongest.”

“I a*s*sure you; it will not only be a test of brute strength. But wit, leadership, and compassion are needed to rule, and the one who displays all these values will take the crown.”

“So, are you serious about this father?” Chasyn asked, frowning seriously.

Of course, he’d just love to be king, I scoffed internally.

Well, he did seem the ideal one… but I also knew the moment any of them came into power, the first thing they’d do is get rid of me, or try to.

“I am, the tournament is already in the process of being planned, there is.. one vital rule for all of you to be eligible… to join this contest.” Dad turned his back on us for a moment before he turned back to us, seeming tense. “Each participant must be married, or no entry. A woman grounds a man, and a king needs his queen by his side to rule.”

“That’s unfair! I just lost my wife!” Alcazer shouted.

“And you will be the only one who I will give a little extra time to find a new wife. Grieve her death, son, there are many women who are able to step into her shoes, many who will be willing.. yet choosing a queen to rule by your side is a very important decision. A woman can make or break a man.”

“I a*s*sume someone gave you that… idea, all those fvcking Alphas just want their daughters to marry into the royal family.” I smirked coldly.

Dad’s frown told me I was correct.

“I doubt any would vouch for you though or even give you their daughters.” Ragnar sneered.

I frowned deeply, realising what he meant, if I was to compete… I’d have to take a wife. One who I knew wouldn’t last the night in my presence… I paid no attention to the rest of the conversation realizing that father had done this on purpose or he had been pushed into a corner to do so…

“Zedkiel can enter too? After the omen of his Blood Ritual?” Ragnar asked arrogantly.

My eyes flashed as Alcazer scoffed. “That in itself should stop him from entering at all, father, that or the fact he k*lled his sister-in-law.!”

“All can enter.’” Dad said firmly.

“It doesn’t matter.” Draven remarked, running a hand through his hair. “After all, no woman will last as his wife, he’ll be expelled from the tournament right at the start.”

I stood up not bothering to listen to the rest of this foolish conversation, and walked out. My anger was rising, the events of my blood ritual returned to the forefront of my mind as I made my way back to my quarters.

There was nothing I had done to receive such an omen that night.. Was it because I wasn’t a pure blood? Did the moon goddess hate me because I wasn’t only a fvcking Lycan?

Either way, this throne was going to be mine. The tournament will be dangerous, and I knew that many would use it to play dirty. The others would approach the other packs to pick an ideal wife and to win them over… Something told me they would be the judges of this stupid tournament. Allies and enemies would be formed…

Something about it gave me an ominous feeling. A tournament meant it would be held for the public…

Was it wise with the current attacks?

I entered my quarters, shutting the door behind me, I was hungry, even though I had gone for a run, I hadn’t hunted to satiate the growing desire within me, and now that sweet, tantalizing scent that filled my room reached my nose. My eyes darkened when they landed on the pretty little Omega sleeping unknowingly on the floor.

I l!cked my lips slowly, the intense urge to go to her overtook me, and I was unable to stop myself from closing the gap between us…

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