His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 25

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 25


“I. may I go to the shops with Lucia?” I asked as he walked over to me and circled me as he did earlier.


“Prince Ch-Chasyn’s Omega.” I explained, my heart thumping when he stopped behind me.

I gasped when he ran his knuckles down my back, tracing his mark. “Do you want to go?”

“Yes, Alistair said I could do with more clothes… and other items. So if I could please go-“

“Fine.” His hand suddenly left my back, and he walked over to his desk. Opening the drawer, he took out a black wallet. “Take my card.”

I looked up at him as he took out a single card and held it out to me. I hesitated for a moment before slowly taking it from him. Perhaps I could get those oils instead of waiting for Alistair and the online request to get them.

I wished I could earn my own money… I didn’t want to rely on him forever. Was this how life was going to be?

Me asking him for money every time I needed it?

The code is 6363.” He narrowed his eyes as he observed me intently when I didn’t reply. “I’m warning you, Little Omega, if you try to run… I will hunt you down.”

I shook my head, “No. I wasn’t thinking of leaving. I promised not to run again.. I was just wondering if perhaps I could do something to earn money.” I braced myself, readying for his wrath as I squinted my eyes shut, only for silence to greet me. I cracked open an eye, peering at him, my heart thumping, only to find him watching me with a sharp, calculating look.

“Why? When I’m offering you money?”

I looked down for a moment before taking a breath. He hated when I stuttered. “Because I don’t want to mooch off others. When I lived with the Welhavens, I did a lot of extra jobs to earn a little extra…”

“Like what?” He asked, sitting down in his seat, his long legs stretched out in front of him.

Like what? “Well, nothing big, but I tutored some pups, I babysat.. and I even worked in the café in the city centre one summer, too.”

He scoffed. “You’re mine now. You don’t need to do such measly jobs.”

I guess that was a no. “Oh ok…”I turned away, pausing, and looked back at him. “I-I could do something in the palace? Maybe help in the kitchen or library?”

He raised his eyebrow, and I felt a wave of anger roll off him. “You belong to me, Little Mouse, not the castle, and I would prefer it if you remember that” He growled.

“Yeah.. I know… I’m sorry for asking” I replied quietly. I walked to the door and when I looked back at him, a thought came to my mind. He had claimed me… but did he even know my name?

“Spit it out.” He snarled, making me flinch. I guess I had wasted enough of his time.

“I wanted to say… My name is Evangeline… Evangeline Rose, N-not Little M-mouse or Little Omega.” Why did he call me little? There was nothing little about me.

He simply smirked coldly but said nothing and so I left the room, hurrying downstairs as I slipped the card into my pocket.

Oh, I should have asked him how much I was allowed to spend! Oh well, ‘Il be sensible.

I just hoped Lucia was waiting for me. What if she had left already?

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her by the door with two guards.

“You came! Great!”

“Yes.” I responded with a smile.

Maybe I had m ore than one friend here.. Lucia was nice.

It was an hour later, and we were in the town centre.

Lucia was shopping, but I realised she wasn’t buying clothes in her own size, but I didn’t ask why or who they were for. I looked at the tag on a few items, with those prices, but none called to me. Nothing was worth that price!

“This would suit you,” Lucia said, holding out a long red dress.

“Backless too…” I murmured, but I didn’t want it. Just being out here in the fresh air was enough, walking along these streets.

What exactly did I even want to buy anyway? Hmm, I couldn’t remember.

Oh, I missed being here… the last time I was here was with Sinclair..

“Ah, I need those nightdresses..” Lucia murmured, pointing to a rather raunchy lingerie store.

Or more like a s*e*x store! Goddess, must I go in there!

Yes, I must because Lucia was pulling me along whilst the guards decided to wait outside, for the first time not following us inside. Thank the goddess for that, at least!

“Lucia sh-shall I stay outside with the guards?” I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, after all, outside a shop like this with men? No. no. no!

“No, no, I will pick out an item for you too.”

With no room to argue, I was suddenly surrounded by the flimsiest, s3xiest lingerie I had ever seen. Just envisioning myself in this stuff was making my face burn. I saw Lucia caress a pale blue slip, a sad gentle smile on her face. “This one’s perfect.”

I looked at it, realising it was not her size once again and I was unable to stop myself from asking her. “Who are you shopping for?”

She looked up from her basket where she had carefully folded the night slip into. “Oh, Alpha Prince Chasyn’s mate “

I stared at her in shock, not expecting that answer.

Celia’s words about Omegas having sloppy seconds came to the front of my mind and I found myself frowning. I get that I should be ok with that… but it didn’t sit right with me. How are Omegas and even chosen Lunas meant to be ok with this?

“Does it hurt?” I asked softly.

She smiled gently and shook her head, but her eyes and face said otherwise. “I’m used to it, when Prince Chasyn found his mate… he stopped being int!mate with me because he didn’t want to hurt his Luna.. but he still visits me, and we talk… he tells me his troubles and I listen… Sometimes he falls asleep in my quarters … This bond we have is far more beautiful than before..

But you will d*ie alone.. without even being able to find your own love. Yearning for a man who will never come to you. His selfish claim tied Lucia to him and now he would just cast her aside? This wasn’t the life I wanted.

“Here, now go try this on, I’m sure Prince Zedkiel would love it.” She didn’t give me a chance to reply, gently nudging me towards the changing room.

“Lucia I really don’t think that-“

“Please, for me?”

I couldn’t refuse her and when she pushed me into the small cubicle and shut the door, I was about to sigh when I froze, realising that I wasn’t alone in here. The shadow of a man merged with mine against the white wall and I spun around, my heart thumping in fear.

But when I laid eyes on the person before me, my heart skipped a beat, unsure of what to think or how to react.

A flicker of excitement and happiness rushed through me, yet it was mixed with panic and fear of being caught.



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