Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 175

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 175

The caterers brought the food out, placing plates in front of everyone. The Alpha of Alpha’s watching everyone and everyone in the entire stadium tucked into their meals except us. It felt wrong, just the vibe and the way the Alpha kept watching our table. Andrei pushes his plate aside and I see him mind link who I am a*s*suming is Sage. As his pack was too far to mind link with.

Mateo also pushes his plate aside and I don’t even bother looking at m y plate. I didn’t trust a single person here except my family and it was clear they had got the same vibe as not one of us ate or touched the drinks placed before us.

“Something wrong?” Dominic says and I feel his hands grip my chair behind my back. Ezra’s eyes trained on the man standing behind me and I know he was getting ready to lurch out of his chair if needed.

“We ate on the way here” I tell him not even bothering to acknowledge his presence behind me.

“Eat!” He orders and I see Andrei falter as he fought the command, his knuckles turning white as he grabs the fork provided.

“No, put it down Andrei” I command and everyone gasps at me over ordering Dominic. I heard his claws slash through the back of my seat but I knew without a doubt that if he made one move to touch me Ezra and Mateo would be all over him in a heartbeat ripping him apart.

Ezra rises from his seat reaching over and grabbing my plate and holding it up to the Alpha.

“Eat it” Ezra says and I know he didn’t use his aura, just telling him. His aura pulled close, not showing how strong my mates truly are.

“I don’t eat Salmon” Dominic says before stalking off back to his table. All eyes were pointed at us and I could feel Dominic’s eyes boring into my back. Ezra sits down, his eyes trained on the man sitting at the table behind me. I didn’t bother looking back and Andrei nodded to me in thanks.

But that it just proved our point, that something was done to our food, whether he liked Salmon or not I was unsure but to prove a point he would have accepted the plate but he didn’t. Ezra waves one of the caterers over and tells them to clear the table.

My eyes scan the crowd of nervous Alphas before landing on my father who was standing guard over Marge and Sage as well as the kids.

The Luna’s stared at him nervously and it was obvious they thought it odd he would be in that section and I also noticed no other Beta’s were here, this meeting strictly for Alphas and their Lunas. My father however was unfazed by it.

For the most part everyone remained quiet and the atmosphere tense, it felt like it took forever when everyone finished and I got up to use the bathroom. Andrei followed me and stood outside the toilet doors. After I am finished we start making our way back to the table.

The plates had been cleared and everyone was waiting patiently for Dominic to do whatever the heck he was doing.

Walking up the aisle and I was nearly to my seat when Dominic spoke. His voice was loud as he tried to humiliate me.

“Here I was thinking you finally learned your place and went back to the Luna’s area” He says, the crowd laughing behind me. Andrei stops almost running into my back when I glare at the overbearing arrogant man.

“My place?” I ask, gosh what is it with f*uc*king Alphas thinking women are beneath them? I laugh walking toward his table.

“Well if you want me to take my place, I believe you need to move because you are sitting in my seat” I tell him, placing my hands on the table. His growl is more like a roar and it echoes around the stadium.

“ I think your place is over at the first table ” I tell him, pointing to where my mates and Andrei sat, watching.

“So if you would like to move I will gladly take my place as the highest ranking Alpha here” I tell him and he jumps up, trying to intimidate me with his large build. His son cowers beside him and I look at the small boy, his eyes as blood red as his father’s, yet it was clear his father scared him, making me feel bad for the boy.

“You dare challenge me girl?”

“I will do more than challenge you Alpha, I will show you where your place is and that is at my feet” I tell him, turning my attention back to him and refusing to back down.

Dominic smirks standing up and addressing the crowd.

“It appears I have been challenged” he says like he thinks it is the most hilarious thing to ever happen to him. It was clear he thought I was no threat.

“I never challenged you Dominic, you challenged me from the moment I sat down, I am simply rising to the challenge but feel free to step down. I would hate for you to make a fool of yourself by challenging me” He laughs and I fold my arms across my chest as he steps down tucking his chair in.

“I have heard the rumours, Katya. Just because you can resist my aura partially doesn’t make you stronger nor will it make me submit to the likes of you” he snarls motioning behind him to the open field.

“You have no idea the power a true Alpha of Alpha’s possesses. What I did your brother wasn’t even a smidge of my aura, we will see who will bend a knee for the other” He says.

“And you Dominic are not my Alpha and you have no idea the true power of the Gemini Goddess standing before you”

“Gemini, interesting. I don’t remember hearing that amongst the rumours” He says, stopping and looking me up and down, but the look on his face he had no idea what I was talking about.

“You are a Luna wolf are you not?”

“I was”

“But not anymore then?” he asks, curiously.

“No, I am so much more than that, Dominic ” his eyes flicker at my casual use of his name, it was a clear disrespect and I noticed every time I said his jaw would clench.

“You seem so sure of yourself, tell me Ezra is she like this at home, does she put you under her thumb and squash you down in front of your pack?” He laughs and so do the other Alphas.

“We are equals” I tell him, answering for Ezra, knowing he would say the same though I had my doubts on that but he didn’t need to know that.

“Interesting, but I must say it bothers me that you would let your b*tch get so out of hand to think she could challenge those far superior than her” Ezra laughs behind me and I feel him get closer before the heat of him seeps into my back.

“Katya is many things but a b*tch, no. A Queen yes, my Queen and she will make you take a knee and you will regret ever calling your Queen a b*tch when she makes you hers” he says.

Whispers and murmurs break out behind us. Dominic peered behind us but he dug himself a hole. If he backs out of challenging me he looks weak, he loses against me, his ego was going to take a ma*s*sive hit.

“Very well” he says, walking to the centre. Ezra turns me around to face him, his hands gripping either side of my face as he looks at me.

“He is beneath you, now go show him that” I look toward Dominic, nerves setting in. I knew I was stronger but I had never challenged someone of his title before and doubt crept in knowing Maddox could overthrow me even if it was only because he was my mate.

“Kat, don’t think, don’t doubt. Seline made you a Goddess now prove it to him” Ezra whispers and I open up the mindlink.

“What if he wants to fight?” I ask him, having no doubt he was better trained than me.

“ Have you forgotten who your mother was already, forgotten who your mates are. You have been trained by the best, you are the best Kat”


“No, you will beat him then we go home”

“And if I can’t, you don’t understand Ezra, the vision I saw he was a part of it” I tell him. His brows furrow and I see the first glimmer of worry.

“ If you can’t we will for you, nothing is stronger than a Goddess Kat, you have me and Mateo pull on our energy if you need to, take it all just don’t let him win” He says before letting me go.

“I haven’t got all day, hurry up and lets get this over with” Dominic growls. I glared at him before walking over to where he was, leaving about 20 metres between us. I see everyone getting out of their seats to come watch with eager eyes. Most were hoping to see me fall as everyone circled around us.

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