Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 16

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 16

Mason showed up at my house right on time. He looked cute in his light button down shirt and slacks. His sandy blonde hair was swooped to the side in his usual superman type hairstyle.

“Woah, you look great Lola!” Mason beamed at me, a light pink blush tinging his cheeks, “You too Breyona!”

We piled into Breyona’s car and took off for Haze. Haze was located just outside of the pack’s territory. An entire city was just out of bounds. While we weren’t forbidden from going into the city, we were expected to be on our best behavior. The city was filled with humans, none of which knew the existence of our kind.

Due to Haze’s close proximity with our pack, many Lycan’s frequented the club. The bar tender, bouncer and owner were all Lycan’s, allowing us to drink at almost any age. The whole 21 and up rule never quite applied for Lycan’s. It took far too much for us to feel the affects of alcohol, rendering the 21 and older rule useless.

Haze hadn’t changed in my time away. The bright cursive sign flashed with the beat of the thundering music. The ground outside practically vibrated from the b@ssinside. I looked around thinking about the last time I had been here. It was Tyler’s eighteenth birthday, and my entire world had come crashing down in the span of an hour or so. This time would be different. There would be no Tyler, no hearts getting broken tonight.

While I was insanely physically attracted to Alpha Asher, I was thankful my heart wasn’t on the line. I couldn’t stand getting attached to yet another Alpha, just to learn I’m not their intended mate. Breyona, Mason and I approached the front door of the club. It was located on a busy street and many people lined up for a chance to go inside.

“Alpha Asher sends his regards.” Breyona murmured to the bouncer. The sentence was a code of sorts. It allowed the bouncer to know who to let in first, without revealing anything important.

“Straight on in, miss.” The muscular bouncer nodded, waving us ahead.

After a quick glowing stamp to the top of our hands, we were let into the club. Every other month the inside of Haze changed. This time black satin curtains hung over the entrance, brushing softly against my skin as we pushed through them. The inside of Haze was lit by dancing purple and green lights. It gave the club a bad@sskind of feel, the color reminding me of poison.

The purple and green lights flashed, highlighting the bodies swaying on the dance floor. The air was thick with perfume, sweat and the general lu*t that comes with a few strong drinks.

“Wanna dance?” Breyona shouted over the music, her eyes flitting from person to person.

I shook my head, “I’m gonna get a drink first!” I yelled back.

Breyona nodded, “Good thinking!”

Her and Mason followed me over to the bar. The bar was a shiny obsidian material that ran the length of one of the walls. Countless bottles of alcohol were scattered towards the back. Three different people ran the bar, all flitting from person to person.

“What can I get for you ladies?” The tall bartender smirked at Breyona and I, purposefully ignoring Mason. By all intents and purposes, the bar tender was cute. Tall and slim, with hints of muscle running down his arms. His black hair fell over his forehead, a bright green s*tri*pe running down the side.

“Coconut rum, on ice.” I called out over the music. Breyona shouted out some fruit drink and Mason got some kind of beer.

“Starting strong, I see.” Breyona chuckled. I shrugged, “It’s not like I can get drunk anyway.”

While it took forever to get drunk, we could still gain something from the alcohol. Personally, alcohol made me feel warm and just a little more relaxed.

“ID’s?” The bartender asked, but locked eyes with the glowing stamp on our hands. Confusion flitted over my face and Breyona turned to speak in my ear.

“Special stamps let them know you’re over 21.” Breyona chuckled in my ear. The bar tender made our drinks quickly and set them in front of us, flitting to the neck waiting person.

“This club’s really going to the dumps if their already letting the trash in.” A familiar, nasal voice sneered.

“I’ll show her trash.” Maya growled, itching for another go at her. Chelsea twitched by Breyona and I, her dark haired servant trailing after her.

Chelsea’s dress truly left nothing to the imagination. It was extremely low cut, and somehow just managed to cover her bottom. Not only was it sparkly, but it was a Peptol Bismol shade of pink.

Add a silver pair of heels and a sash that says “Birthday Girl”, and Chelsea’s look is complete.

“Maybe she’ll find her mate tonight and back off Alpha Asher.” Breyona shrugged, nudging me with her elbow.

I took a large swig of my drink, grimacing as the alcohol burned my throat. “Doubtful.” I grimaced, “If she wants to be Luna that bad, she wont care if their mate’s or not.”

Breyona shuddered, “Luna Chelsea.”

“Don’t even put that thought in my head.” I shuddered along with her. The three of us squished onto the dance floor, the smell of body spray and sweat was much stronger. While I’m sure I lacked skill, I’m not one of those people who hated dancing. I let my body sway to the thundering music, enjoying the way the purple and green lights illuminated my skin.

A guy slowly danced up behind Breyona and placed his hands on her hips. I snickered as she whipped around, prepared to give the guy a piece of her mind. The guy was actually kinda hot. His dark hair reached down to his shoulders and he had an apologetic grin on his face.

I threw my head back and laughed when Breyona placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I’m sure it was an interesting conversation.

Whatever the guy responded with must’ve been a good answer, as Breyona pulled him closer to her and danced with him. Her gaze met my own for a moment and waggled her eyebrows at me, pointing at the guy when he wasn’t looking. I gave her a thumbs up and a grin as I continued dancing.

Mason had been close by the entire time but had gotten lost in the crowd. I kinda hoped he’d find his own girl to dance with. I didn’t know much about Mason’s mate situation, but it seemed like he hadn’t found her yet. I let the music carry me, and the lights cloud my vision. A strange, fuzzy feeling came over my mind. I was high on the thundering music and the dazzling lights. I hadn’t even noticed when Breyona and her mystery guy had disappeared from the crowd.

A pair of large hands grasped my hips and I knew instantly from the touch that it wasn’t who I wanted it to be. I swung around to meet the eyes of the guy who took it upon himself to touch me, and found myself staring into a pair of swirling blue eyes.

This guy wasn’t Asher, but he had his own sort of aura that surrounded him. He was handsome in a dangerous sort of way. Extremely light blonde hair flowed from the top of his head, just grazing his shoulders. Something about his hair made me want to run my fingers through it, and I wondered how soft it truly was. I couldn’t place my finger on the source, but this was the most relaxed I had felt in weeks.

“Well, hello beautiful.” The mystery guy smiled. His teeth were blindingly white, and perfectly straight. His smile had that curl to it that made you wonder if he was up to something.

“Hello Mr.” I giggled, swaying my hips in time to the music. Alpha Asher was becoming a distant thought in my head. My enhanced senses were over shining my thoughts. Sweet perfume, husky cologne, sweat, and the sharp smell of lu*t swirled around the club in a furious tornado.

“Does the beautiful girl have a name?” The guy grinned, his hands finding their way back to my hips. For once, Maya was silent in my mind. I couldn’t focus hard enough to search for her presence, but I couldn’t f0rce myself to feel concerned. My mind felt somewhat hazy, and it wasn’t from the tiny bit of alcohol I consumed.

“Lola.” I shot the mystery guy a smirk of my own, stepping forward as his large hands tightened around my waist.

The mystery guy pulled me in closer, moving his body against my own with the thundering beat of the music. His light colored hair captured the purple and green lights, making it look as though his hair were changing colors. His snow-like hair, and his deep blue eyes had me mesmerized for a moment. I figured it couldn’t hurt to dance with the guy. After all, I wasn’t planning on going home with him.

“Lola.” The deviously handsome guy murmured my name in my ear. It sounded like an er*tic song as his breath hit the side of my face, “Fitting for such a beautiful little thing.” I wasn’t sure how long we danced for. My mind was fluttering, unable to hold a logical thought as I danced against the mystery guy. We only pulled away when someone walked up to him and murmured in his ear.

“I’m afraid I have to leave now, Lola. My friend here needs a ride home.” The man murmured in my ear, shooting me one of his gleaming grins, “Hopefully we meet again.”

Once the man walked away through the crowd, I noticed I hadn’t even gotten his name. The deafening music and flickering lights muddled my head in ways I currently wasn’t enjoying. I pushed past the dancing crowd of people and made my way back to the bar. I couldn’t see Breyona anywhere, but Mason sat at the bar talking to one of the bartenders.

“Hey, I was looking for you!” Mason shot me a cheeky grin as I sat down beside him.

“I was just dancing.” I chuckled, ordering an ice water for myself. Mason raised his eyebrow and took a sip of his own drink, “You danced for over an hour?”

“An hour?” I frowned. No wonder my brain was muddled. I danced for over an hour with just a cup of alcohol in my system. Lycan or human, that wasn’t good for anyone.

“Yup, an hour.” Mason nodded, “Breyona was over here looking for you at some point.”

“Last I saw Breyona, she went off with some guy.” I chuckled, my eyes flitting around.

After drinking an entire glassof water, my head felt a little better. Not completely clear, but clear enough.

“Speaking of a guy.” Mason smirked, but something about his expression seemed f0rced, “Alpha Asher was just at the bar.” The sound of Asher’s name had Maya coming forward.

“I vote we find him.” Maya grinned and sniffed the air.

“Now you wanna speak up.” I chuckled.

“I’ve been talking to you this entire time.” Maya rolled her eyes and grumbled, “Can’t even hear me over the damn music.”

“I’m actually gonna step out for a minute and get some fresh air.” I smiled at Mason, “If you see Alpha Asher again let him know where I’ve gone.”“Want some company?” Mason frowned, his head tilting to the side.

I shook my head, “Nah, I’m alright. Just need to get away from the music and lights for a minute.”

“Don’t stray too far from the club.” Mason frowned, and I elbowed him gently.

“I wont, sir.” I put a stern look on my face, but at the sight of Mason’s cheeky grin a smirk formed on my face.

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