Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 17

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 17

I headed out through one of the club’s side doors. These doors were closely monitored for anyone attempting to sneak into the club. I leaned against the brick wall of the club, taking deep gulps of the crisp air. This particular side door was situated in the middle of an alley. A single bouncer leaned against the wall. From the smell of him, the bouncer was definitely a human.

“Feeling alright?” The gruff bouncer nodded my way, placing a cigarette between his parted lips.

I nodded, “Just needed from fresh air.” The smell of cigarettes filled the air and I crinkled my nose. Enhanced senses were great until you smelled something nasty.

“Sorry.” The bouncer chuckled with a gruff laugh, tossing the cigarette to the ground. “Nasty habit.”

“Well hello there gorgeous.” A different male voice chimed in, and I watched unimpressed as two college-age guys sauntered down the alley. It was clear from the smell and sight of them that they had already been drinking for quite some time. The two of them glided up to me, a grin on their faces as if they were Goddess’s gift to us women.

“What’s a pretty little thing doing out here?” The first one flashed me what he thought was a dazzling grin, “The party’s inside, sweetheart!”

“f**k off.” The bouncer snapped, leaning up from his spot against the wall.

“I can handle myself.” I flashed the bouncer a c*oc*ky grin, “Don’t worry.”

“As long as you don’t let them in, have at it.” The bouncer gave an indifferent shrug.

“See, she can handle herself.” The main guy flashed the bouncer a sneer and turned his attention back on me. The two guys were clearly college age from the looks of it. One had short brown hair, slicked over the side of his head while the other had a short buzz cut.

“Why don’t you let us in darlin’ and we can party with you?” The one with the buzz cut grinned, “Better

yet why don’t you come on over to our place.”

“Oh aren’t we just the luckiest girls in the world.” Maya snickered. I couldn’t hold back the snort that left my lips, “No thanks, I’m good.” I stifled a grin as the bouncer let out a deep chuckle.

Normally I wouldn’t torment two poor guys, but they seemed like the type to not take no for an answer. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. Alpha Asher didn’t take no for an answer, and yet I found him intoxicating. These two guys were anything but intoxicating.

“Playing hard to get?” The one with the slicked hair smirked, taking a step towards me.

“Oh, I’m not playing.” I shrugged, “But I’d keep my distance if I were you.”

“Sweetheart, you’re the least frightnin’ thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” The one with the buzz cut chuckled

“This is gonna be fun.” Maya chuckled.

The one with the buzz cut made the first mistake. With a deep smirk plastered on his face, he reached for my arm. Both of the guys were much taller than me, but the two of them had stepped far too close. I was easily in range to throw a few good hits their way. Plus, humans were much more fragile than Lycan’s. I grabbed the arm of the guy who reached for me and yanked him forward, c**king my fist back to land a solid blow to the face.

“No means no.” I shrugged, flashing the chuckling bouncer a wide smile. “Tell em’ Lola!” Maya cackled. The guy with the brown hair paused for a minute, obviously contemplating if fighting a girl was worth it. I suppose he made his answer when he lunged forward.

“Stupid stupid human.” Maya shook her head.

I let my knee shoot up just as the brown haired guy lurched forward, connecting my knee cap to his sensitive bits. After the impact I brought my arm forward and elbowed him in the back, sending him slamming against the brick wall. The guy with the buzz cut had regained his senses and raised his fist to strike me, but I was much faster. While I aimed for his already broken nose, my fist went a little lower and jabbed him in the throat.

After a coughing fit that was quite entertaining, buzz cut guy helped his friend off the ground and the two of them stumbled away.

“Well, that was fun.” I shrugged, giving the bouncer one last wave before I headed back to the door.

“Hope you kick that bad habit.” I called out, closing the door behind me.

The sound of thumping music a*s*saulted my ears as well as the pulsing purple and green lights. My head was much clearer after getting some fresh air. Maya was hyped up from scaring the two guys off, and chattering in my head like crazy.

“Human’s are so fragile.” Maya rolled her eyes, “You didn’t even need my help.”

“What a bummer for you.” I chuckled, and laughed as Maya growled in agreement.

I was in the club for a total of fifteen seconds before I slammed into a hard body. I staggered back, my heart fluttering in my chest as the scent registered in my nose. Goddess only knows how I was able to pick his individual scent out of a thundering club, but here I was. I looked up dazed at Alpha Asher, my stomach clenching when a vivid image of him and Chelsea flashed through my mind.

“Starting trouble already, Lola?” Alpha Asher’s dark eyebrow raised enticingly.

Alpha Asher’s voice was clear through the music, his words were much too easy to focus on. I couldn’t tell which I liked more. Alpha Asher in workout clothes, or Alpha Asher dressed for business. He wore black slacks that hugged exactly where they needed to. A black button down shirt hugged his chiseled chest, and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. My eyes flickered down at his muscular forearms, tracing the heavy veins that ran down.

“Eavesdropping are we?” I smirked, and I tried to keep the lingering jealousy at bay. If anything, the jealousy only made me more hell bent on defying Alpha Asher.

“I’ve learned if there is trouble within a five mile radius, you will undoubtedly find it.” Alpha Asher pursed his lips, his full eyebrow still raised.

“What can I say?” I shrugged, “It’s a talent.”

Alpha Asher’s honey colored gaze lingered on my face. A deep smirk formed on my own as his eyes flickered down my body. Asher’s own willpower was cracking, it was clear in his darkening eyes. His gaze flickered down my body for just a moment, finally meeting my own amused gaze.

“His wolf wants to come out and play.” Maya murmured, a pleased smirk forming on her face.

“Let’s tempt him then.” I smirked in return.

Alpha Asher stood still as I closet the distance between us. His dark eyes lingered on me, cautious andguarded. I lifted my hand slowly, toying with the collar of his button-down shirt.

“What’s your wolf’s name?” I smirked up at him, peering up through my eyelashes. Asher remained silent for a few moments, his dark eyes blazing into my own.

“Grim.” Was all he said, his lips moving softly.

“Grim.” I repeated the name slowly, smiling up at Asher as I graze my teeth against my bottom lip.

“Shame he can’t come out and play.”

Alpha Asher’s iris’s melted into his pupils as Grim fought to come forward. Asher’s lips were pressed in a tight line, anger and some other emotion burning in his gaze.

“Looks like Grim want’s to come out and play pretty badly.” Maya snickered. I dropped my hand from the collar of Asher’s shirt and gave him one last coy smile as I stepped to the side to walk past him. His hand snapped out, wrapping around my wrist tightly as he turned me around and pulled me close.

“You think you’re protected by all of these people, but you’re not.” Alpha Asher growled lowly, “Try something like this again and I’ll take you where you stand.”

I couldn’t contain the excitement that flooded through me, hell I practically was vibrating with it. His gruff words had the sensitive spot between my legs instantly dampening and my body filled with anticipation. “My apologies, Alpha.” My words were slow and seductive as I brushed past him, heading towards the bar.

I could feel his burning gaze on me the entire time.

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