Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 13

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

chapter 13

“You thought I was going to fk you?” Alpha Asher’s rough voice was questioning as he looked down at me. “Only good girls get fked, Lola.”

Something flashing in the depths of his eyes made me gulp. If he wasn’t going to f**k me, what did he have planned?

Alpha Asher grabbed the belt that bound my hands, yanking roughly as he pulled me over to his office chair. The belt pinched my wrists, and I bit back a whimper that threatened to escape my lips. Alpha Asher sat down in his chair, pulling me until I stood in front of him.

“Remove your pants.” Alpha Asher’s honey gaze was flecked with black, his voice even and calm.

My stomach lurched and a warm heat flooded my face.

“Is he serious?” Maya hissed.

I clenched my legs together, trying to hide the obvious smell of my arousal. Something about Alpha Asher taking charge, allowing the most primal part of him to show, was incredibly seductive.

Nonetheless, I placed a defiant stare on my face. While excitement and allure churned in my gut, I

refused to be thrown around without putting up a fight. Alpha Asher wanted obedience, he would soon learn that his punishments encouraged the opposite.

“I will not ask you again, Lola.” Alpha Asher’s voice had turned deadly, a low growl lingering in his words.

Another annoying pang of excitement ran through me. Defiance had come naturally for me, and I

relished in my independence. Once I had learned to truly defend myself, the submissive and quiet part of me had died.

I clamped my teeth down on my lip, a habit I had formed over the years. Alpha Asher’s reaction was near instantaneous. His eyes had darkened and flickered down to my lip.

“Stop that.” Alpha Asher snapped, sending another rush of excitement through me.

I let my eyes grow wide, a picture-perfect look of innocence clouding my features. I looked down at Alpha Asher and batted my eyes.

“Stop what, Asher?” I gaped innocently, running my teeth across my soft lip. A low snarl sounded from Alpha Asher’s chest as he grabbed the belt that bound my hands and yanked me forward.

“You just had to call him Asher.” Maya grumbled and rolled her eyes.

I grinned innocently, “Oops?”

I stumbled forward and my bound hands connected with Alpha Asher’s chest. I was extremely aware of how hard his chest felt beneath my hands.

“Let go of me.” I growled, my c*ore clenching as Alpha Asher gabbed fist full of my shorts.

“You should’ve thought about that earlier, Lola.” Alpha Asher glowered at me, his jaw taut.

A yelp of surprise left my lips as Alpha Asher ripped my shorts from my body, dropping them to the floor.

He moved faster than I thought possible, yanking the belt and throwing me over his lap.

I was silently thankful I chose underwear that provided some form of coverage. I had my cheeky black underwear on, and squirmed as I was dr*a*p*ed across Alpha Asher’s lap. My bottom was in the air, and I felt mildly self-conscious over that fact.

As defiant as ever, I wondered what the hell he was going to do. A simple spanking couldn’t possibly be considered an actual punishment.

“Stop moving.” Alpha Asher snarled, his darkened eyes blazing. His fingers were intertwined in my hair, yanking my head back so I locked eyes with him. His hand yanked the hair tie from my head, letting my raven locks fan over my shoulder.

My arms were pulled forward as Alpha Asher hooked his belt to the side of the chair, keeping me locked in place. A familiar pressure began building in between my legs at the thought of him touching my bare bottom.

I opened my mouth to speak, to let out some snide remark when a sharp sting ran through my backside. A yelp of shock left my lips instead.

“What was that, Lola?” Alpha Asher mused, his voice low and husky as I recovered from the slap to my backside.

I could see Asher’s hand lift and slam down again, causing another yelp to leave my lips.

Three smacks later, the yelps of pain were turning into something new. As the lump beneath my

stomach grew, the pain began mixing with ple@sure. It was er*tic to know Asher was getting off on spanking me. Whether he admitted it or not, he wanted my disobedience. He wanted a reason to punish me, to exert dominance over me.

The heat pooling in between my legs was almost unbearable, an itch that was begging to be scratched.

The scent of my arousal was thick in the air, as was the stinging slap of flesh against flesh.

“Please-” The word left my lip in a whisper, my resolve finally cracking. My body ached under his touch, and it needed more than just a simple taste.

“Use your words, Lola.” Alpha Asher’s voice was rough and husky, only encouraging the w*etness

between my thighs. “What do you want?”

“I want you-” I ground my teeth together as another slap hit my backside. The words were right there, on the cusp of my lips. They were begging to be spoken, and yet I wanted to keep them to myself. “I want more.”

Alpha Asher’s bulge was pressing painfully against my stomach, sending heat rushing to my c*ore. His body was responding to my own, wanting the same as I.

I felt Asher’s fingers tangle in my loose hair, yanking my head back so I could look into his face.

The ghost of a smirk formed on his chiseled face, while victory gleamed in his eyes. A frustrated whimper nearly left my lips when the belt around my wrists was removed.

“Have you learned your lesson, Lola?” Alpha Asher’s voice was hard, his face an emotionless mask that left me confused.

“Yes.” The word left my lips quietly, fueled by my desire for more. I would’ve admitted anything in that moment, anything to have his hand drift between my shaking thighs.

“Say it.” Alpha Asher snapped, his blackened eyes burning into my own. “I want to hear you say it, Lola.”

“I’ll be a good girl.” My eyes were wide and my face flushed, I was sure he could see the lu*t pooling within them. The pain had awakened something new within me, opened doors that I had never once thought about.

“Stand up.” Alpha Asher’s eyes had softened infinitesimally, but his voice remained hard.

I pulled myself from his lap, hastily yanking my shorts back in place. I flinched at how sore my backside was, the simple motion of standing made my bottom radiate pain. The heat and w*etness between my thighs were far from satiated. While part of me scrambled to find some way to get Asher to continue, my pride felt wounded. I told him I would be good, and the thought of being rewarded was almost worth it.

“Remember this lesson for tomorrow, Lola.” Alpha Asher’s lips turned up in a smirk, making him look handsome and devious.

“I know I certainly will.”

I picked my pride from the floor and scurried from Alpha Asher’s office, desperate to clear my head. I could only pray the scent of my arousal hadn’t flooded from his office, letting the rest of the pack house know exactly what I had been up to.

Evening patrol resumed as usual, and I truly hoped the other night was a one-off. Mason and Breyona met me at my front door, the three of us rearing to go. Breyona was stuck with another group for patrol, stationed on the other side of town.

“Oh I meant to let you know, were going to a part tomorrow.” Breyona shrugged, as if it were just

another weekday. Werewolves never truly worried about drinking or partying. We could do both easily and return to work the next day. It took far too much alcohol to get a werewolf drunk, and when it did happen it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I lifted my eyebrow at Breyona, noticing Mason was equally invested in the conversation. “A party?”

“Yup.” Breyona shrugged, “It’s Chelsea’s birthday tomorrow night and half of the town is going.”

“Why would we go to Chelsea’s birthday?” I rolled my eyes, “I’m positive she won’t want us there.”“It’s at Haze.” Breyona rolled her eyes, knowing Chelsea couldn’t keep us out of the most popular club in town. “There’s gonna be tons of guys there, so were going.”

Haze was the club where Tyler had found his mate. I held no ill thoughts towards the club itself, just the people I had gone with at the time. Something in the pit of my stomach pulsed, knowing there was only one guy I’d want to run in at Haze.

“You said half the town would be there?” I raised my eyebrow at Breyona, trying to conceal the meaning in my words.

Breyona smirked, intelligence flashing in her eyes, “You might find who you’re looking for at Haze. I can’t promise anything though.”

“Looking for someone specific?” Mason inquired, the side of his lip twitching down.

I shook my head, “Just an old friend, but I doubt they’ll be there.” I lied through my teeth, not wanting another person in on mine and Alpha Asher’s strenuous situation.

“Well, count me in!” Mason grinned, his expression bringing a smile to my face.

“I’ll pick you both up at Lola’s house.” Breyona chuckled as she began walking in the opposite direction,

“Be ready at 9!”

“One hour to get ready.” I shook my head mournfully, remembering we had patrol from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“You’ll look beautiful either way.” Mason grinned cheerfully as we continued our walk to the patrol site. Patrol that night went effortlessly. Things were so peaceful, you’d wonder if a girl truly died the other night.

“The calm before the storm.” Maya murmured.

“Well thank you for that positive bit of information.” I rolled my eyes, hoping my gloomy wolf was wrong.

I got home that night and nearly ch*oked as my eyes landed on the white index card that sat on my bed.

“Another one..” Maya grumbled, “How is someone getting in here?”

I frowned and walked to the only window in my bedroom. My room faced the back of the house. Behind the yard was the sprawling forest. It wasn’t a stretch that someone made their way from the forest to drop a note in my bed. What was worry some was the fact that this person had no scent. I couldn’t detect a single thing about them. If it wasn’t for the note, I wouldn’t have noticed the intrusion at all.

While the forest was right behind our backyard, the patrol line extended far beyond that. The entire town was encompassed and ran through multiple times during patrol. Many stations were set up throughout the forest, keeping an eye on anyone that comes or goes.

I flipped the index card over and looked at the grainy photo that fell out. Even blurred, I knew the three faces I was looking at. Mason, Breyona and I were standing on the sidewalk. This was from just a few hours ago, just as we were walking to our patrol sites.

[Keep your friends close, Lola.]

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