Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 86

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 86

“You need a break.” I frowned, standing from my chair across the room. I approached Asher, turning his chair away from the desk, from the stack of papers begging for his attention. Reluctantly, his eyes turned on me, dark and pleading.

“Don’t go.” Asher sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“I wouldn’t if I had a choice.” I spoke softly combing my fingers through his soft hair, “I’m doing this for the pack. I’ll k*il*l my way out of that building to get back to you, I promise.”

“You’re too good for me, you know that?” Asher murmured against my neck, his hot breath fanning over my skin.

I pulled myself away from Asher and looked into his eyes, staring into their honey-colored depths. I could see how much he believed in what he had said, that I was too good for someone like him.

‘He’s wrong.’ Maya murmured quietly, ‘He thinks he needs to do everything by himself, that he doesn’t deserve help.’

“You’re wrong.” I shook my head, letting my fingers trail over his stubble. “We’re perfect for each other, that’s why were mates. You need someone willing to sacrifice just as much as you for the good of this pack. You don’t have to handle this stuff alone anymore, let me help where I can. And right now, I’m helping you by making you take a damn break. Come take a bath with me.”

Maya’s silent approval on my suggestion was enough to push me forward. She wanted to remain as close to Asher as possible before I turned myself in. She was still uncomfortable with the thought of being suppressed by silver, but knew we were out of options on the matter.

Asher’s lips turned up in a smirk, though his eyes were blown wide with emotion. Giving him a half-hearted scoff, I tugged at him until he stood, leading him far from his office and into our bedroom. The bathroom had proven to be my favorite room in the house, with a large walk-in shower and a large four-person tub. I had used the jets on the shower walls more times than I could count, letting the hot water pour down my aching muscles.

I turned the faucet on and watched as the tub slowly began to fill with water. Asher c*oc*ked his head in my direction, a lop-sided grin on his face as he tugged at the hem of my t-shirt. He slipped it from me in one fluid motion, letting it fall to the floor in a pool of cotton. Even after marking each other, the weight of his gaze was enough to made blood rush my face. As always, Asher noticed every response my body made under his attention, and appreciated each and every one.

“Even after all this time, you still blush when I have you undress for me.” Asher smirked, a chuckle rumbling deep in his chest.

“It’s not my fault I have some decency.” I snickered, looking him up and down. Asher had let his own shirt fall to the floor, but still wore his low hanging jeans.

“Decency?” Asher snorted, his smirk going wider. “Last I remember, I caught you swimming in your bra and p*an*tie*s.”

‘You caught us because you were lurking.’ Maya snickered, though there was no malice in her tone.

“No one else knew about the swimming hole.” I shook my head, unable to avert my eyes as his pants slid to the floor. Muscles encompassed most of his body, running down his arms and stomach in hard waves. He his broad shoulders only made his built look larger, and me that much smaller in comparison. “I’m still not sure how you knew about it.”

“I patrolled the forest around this town extensively before attacking.” Asher smirked, reminding me of a time when Tyler had been alive. Tyler had long ago pissed Asher off, disrespecting him and his pack. “I found the swimming hole easily. When I saw you walk into the woods, I knew exactly where you had gone.”

‘And yet, you felt the need to follow.’ Maya’s purr wrapped around my mind, and I received a very detailed mental image on how she hoped this bath would end. Asher tugged at the hem of my sweatpants, and smirked as they fell to the floor. With another gentle tug, my underwear had fallen around my ankles. I sank into the tub with a happy sigh, the hot water seemed to wipe some of the stress away. While my plan had officially been set in motion, tomorrow was the day I turned myself in. I could feel Asher’s hand wrap around my submerged ankle, tugging it until I slid across the tub and into his arms. His sly smirk made me roll my eyes, though something else had grabbed my attention.

The wound I had left on his neck was fully healed, revealing a beautiful mark. Cobalt blue in color, a crescent shaped moon with two small stars stood out on his skin. The mark was unique, as it was for all mated wolves. The color was not flat, but seemed to shimmer and deepen, reminding me of the night sky.

“Your mark is healed.” I smiled softly, taking in the full image of Asher. His large build leaned against the tub, the water lapping at the muscles on his stomach, the cobalt mark standing out against his creamy skin. Strands of his hair had gotten w*et, and clung to his forehead. He looked like a fallen angel, carrying the weight of this pack on his shoulders, somehow managing to withstand it all.

‘It’s the exact opposite of Tristan’s.’ Maya pointed out. She was right, where Tristan’s was the color of fresh blood, Asher’s was the color of the midnight sky, set with hues of black and indigo. Both were striking in appearance, but symbolized different things.

His eyes were soft as they roamed my face, reading the awe in my gaze as I took in his form. Asher grabbed a bar of soap and moved to turn me around. I rooted myself in place and shook my head, grabbing the bar of soap from his hand.

“You’ve washed me how many times now?” I asked, “It’s your turn, now turn around.” A lazy smile formed on his handsome face, and instead of turning around, he grabbed my hips and placed me over his lap. My legs were wrapped around his waist, my c*ore against his thighs. Asher leaned back in the tub, exposing his muscular chest and arms. Half of his stomach was out of the water, and I traced the lines of his abs with my eyes.

“Start with the front, darling.” Asher grinned, making me roll my eyes, though a blush had already crept onto my face.

“c**ky Alpha.” I scoffed, poking my tongue out at him. I ran the bar of soap across his chest, unable to keep my fingers from wandering the plains of his muscles. His chest rumbled under my touch, and I watched as his eyes darkened, clouded with lu*t. The sparks were gentle, growing in intensity as I continued running the soap over him. I trailed from his chest over to his arms, working the soap into a lather, before moving down to his stomach.

Surprise flashed in my eyes as something hard hit against my backside, and the soap had fallen from my hand, hitting the bottom of the tub with a dull thud. Asher’s lips were on mine seconds later, both of us burning with urgency.

A day, a week, a month. It was too much time to go without him, to not know my fate. I wanted something for myself, something before I finally fell into the clutches of my Father. I had been willing to give it all to Asher in the past, and that hadn’t changed since receiving his mark. I let my fingers tangle in his hair, tugging his face closer to my own, his lips further into mine. His tongue darted in my mouth, softly seeking my own. His hands lit my skin on fire as they grasped my waist, and together we burned. For once, Asher didn’t protest as my hands wandered down his chest, over his stomach and to the length that pressed against my c*ore.

Just as my fingers grazed his c**k, I was lifted from the bathtub. Soap clung to Asher’s chest in small bubbles, but neither of us noticed. Dripping w*et, Asher walked us from the bathroom, lying me down on the edge of the bed. The water running off our bodies seeped into the comforter, but neither of us cared. His large hands parted my thighs, tracing down my skin with agonizing slowness. As he knelt between my legs, the heat in his eyes was enough to curl my toes. I knew the expression in his eyes mirrored my own, complete and total surrender. Neither one of us would be able to stop once we started, and neither of us had the strength to put an end to this. I was immediately thankful my Mom had placed me on birth control as soon as Tyler and I started dating, never knowing I would make use of it with a different Alpha–my mate.

He trailed warm kisses down the center of my thighs, moving lower with each nibble. A groan of frustration left my lips as Asher took his time working to my c*ore. At the sound of my groan, he looked up and smirked.

“Patience, darling. You’ll ruin my fun.” He purred, running a finger along my dampened slit for emphasis.

After an agonizing minute, his tongue grazed along my entrance, a deep growl reverberating in his chest as he approved the w*etness between my thighs. His self-control was a tether holding him back, growing thinner with each encounter between us. I could hear it snap as he flicked his tongue along my cl*t with unbridled ferocity. My back arched from the sudden rush of ple@sure, but Asher held me in place.

With each gasp and m*oa*n that escaped my lips, Asher’s pace increased, until ple@sure filled my every limb and I was calling out his name. The sparks coupled with the ple@sure of his tongue, all-consuming as the pressure within my c*ore burst.

As I began to sit up, my legs trembling, Asher pushed me back down with a gentle hand. He wrapped his large arms around my thighs, holding me against his face as he continued devouring me. My breathless m*oa*ns turned louder as one of his fingers slipped inside of me, and then two. Only when I had reached my org*m for a second time, trembling in both ple@sure and pain, did he pull away. The stubble along his face glistened with my juices, but the look of primal hunger on his face had not yet vanished. His lips trailed their way up my body, nibbling at my stomach and circling around my bre*sts. He took his time savoring the taste of my skin as his tongue wrapped around one of my sensitive buds, grazing against my soft flesh with his teeth.

Not once increasing his torturous pace, his teeth grazed my neck, his tongue flicking over the place where his mark was. A new sensation entirely had washed over me as he touched my mark. The sparks turned to lightning, electrifying my skin and the places where his body met my own.

“I will never tire of this–of you.” He purred softly, his hands tangling in my hair.

His chest rose and fell in time with my own, our eyes burning with need, desire, and so much more. I had once thought the mate-bond f0rced love onto you, but I now knew I was wrong. The mate-bond intensified what was already there, the passion and love between two people.

Where Asher had once refused to let me touch him, he made no action to stop me as I trailed my fingers over his chest, running my nails down the hard plains of his stomach. With one of his arms beside my head, I felt his c**k brush against my entrance, and couldn’t help when fear flashed my eyes. I had seen that part of Asher before, but wondered how his thickness would fit inside of me. It would stretch me to my limits.

“Relax, Lola.” Asher purred, nipping at my ear. I ran my hands through his hair, grabbing handfuls as the head of his c*k entered me, grimacing as he looked down at me with a smirk. Asher lifted my bottom, allowing a few more inches slip inside of me. His lips found the mark on my neck, his teeth grazing it slowly as gave me time to adjust. My entrance stretched painfully, though Asher did what he could to distract me. While his tongue flicked against my mark, his fingers rubbed my clt in slow circles.

“fk–so fking tight.” He growled against my neck, moving his hips slowly. His rough words made some of the pain subside, ple@sure taking its place. The whimpers that left my lips increased in volume as Asher continued thrusting. I dug my fingernails into his back, running them along his skin, urging him to go faster. With each thrust, I could feel the bond between us strengthen and pulse.

“You’re mine.” I murmured, running my fingers over him, committing the smell, taste and sight of him to memory.

My mate, who carried such a heavy weight on his shoulders, determined to bare it all so that his pack might thrive. I moved my hips against his own, our lips meeting as a deep groan escaped him. His pace was unforgiving as he placed a hand behind my head. My legs wrapped around his waist, wanting him close, wanting every inch of his flesh beneath my fingertips. Release tore through me as his fingers stroked my cl*t, crying out as his length pounded into me, drawing out my ple@sure.

“My beautiful mate.” He m*oa*ned lowly in my ear.

My name left his lips as he came, slamming inside of me roughly. Our bodies trembled against each other, our lips still moving in sync. The room grew silent, our panting breaths the only sound. His eyes were bright, like molten honey, staring down at me in awe. The mating bond was like a thick chord between us, joining us in more than just physical.

We spent the next few hours lying in each other’s arms, unable to pull our hands away. His skin felt like velvet under my fingers, and I marveled the softness of his lips. Asher’s eyes were glazed as he traced patterns along my shoulders, spine, and bottom. Settling into his arms, I fell into a blissful sleep, the soreness between my legs a happy reminder of our night.

I had woken sometime in the middle of the night to Asher’s lips grazing my jaw, his teeth nipping at my skin. Somewhat groggy, I opened my eyes and smirked at the innocent expression on his face.

“Couldn’t sleep?” I asked in amusement. From his small kisses alone, my body had already begun responding to the touch.

“Can you blame me?” He murmured against my jaw, “You look like a goddess, nak*d and beautiful. I’m afraid my self-control is entirely spent.” His words were enough to ignite a fire burning in my belly, a slickness forming between my legs. I pulled myself from the bed, Asher’s considerable length the focus of my gaze. Asher moved to sit up, but I stilled him with a firm look.

“My turn.” I smirked, “Don’t ruin my fun.” Asher settled against the bed with a lazy smirk on his face, his arms stretched out behind him. I snorted at the sight, and ran my tongue against the head of his c**k. As I put the tip of him in my mouth, he jumped with a start.

“f**k, Lola.” He groaned; his cheeks flushed.

Just as I had taken half his length in my mouth, Asher leapt from the bed. He pushed me onto my hands and knees, my bottom up in the air. His c**k slid inside of me easier this time, though I still needed a few short moments to adjust. His thickness stretched me to my limit, but set my skin afire with burning need. I needed every inch, every thick inch of him within me, claiming me.

Asher wasn’t gentle as he had been the first time, slamming into me with a deep groan. My pu**y contracted around his length, begging for more, begging for whatever else we could manage. “Look at you.” Asher purred; the sounds of our coupling flesh filled the room. “So beautiful–bent over for me.”

Asher’s hand wrapped in my hair as he quickened his pace, slamming himself into my pu**y without mercy. My m*oa*ns turned into blissful cries, his name leaving my lips more times than I could count. As I felt the pressure between my legs grow, Asher pulled me against him. His hand slid to my front, rubbing at the bundle of nerves as he continued to thrust.

“That’s it, darling.” He purred, his voice husky. “Come for me.” His sultry words were my undoing, along with the feral growl in my ear as I found my release on his length, my back arching to give him a better view. Asher climaxed shortly after, filling me with his s*eed for the second time tonight.

Asher’s arms snak*d around my torso, his lips pressing against my hair. I wondered when this need–this incessant desire to touch him, to feel him within me would end, if it ever would. I could spend an eternity in this bed, an eternity familiarizing myself with his body–with the husky noises that fell from his lips. As the trembling in my limbs stilled, I fell into a blissful, dreamless sleep.

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