Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 88

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 88

I spent the day with Lola, emersed in work as I often was. With Lola destined to be my Luna, I knew she could handle the work load. Her loyalty to this pack was as strong as my own, and I knew there wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do for the benefit of our people.

Running a pack was so much more than paperwork and brisk orders. You had to be willing to sacrifice yourself, your time, and your life. Being an Alpha meant giving up your hopes and dreams, your hobbies and personal interests for the good of the pack. You sacrificed those things so that your people might have the opportunity to pursue what they love and enjoy.

As soon as Bran and Zeke woke up, my day had begun. The three of us pulled thousands of warriors into this small town, preparing for the inevitable war. The downside of having a large army was providing them with the basic necessities of living. They needed places to sleep, food to eat, and room to breathe.

The people of this pack were willing to volunteer their time and energy to help the troops, cooking food, and providing places to live. Those with larger houses offered up guest rooms, opening their home to countless warriors. It was a debt I could never repay, but something I was eternally grateful for. I opened my own home to many warriors, providing every last inch of space so that they might have a place to sleep, a roof over their heads.

Even with the influx of volunteers and the use of the Community Center, there were some warriors f0rced to live in tents surrounding the pack. The packhouse was open to those living in tents, providing showers and food when needed.

Hours later, a headache throbbed at my temples, radiating across my forehead. The two of us had gotten a lot of work done, but there was always more. It was a never-ending stream of work, but the end was always worth it.

“You need a break.” Lola grimaced, standing from the chair she sat at in my office.

I watched as she approached me, hips swaying as they often did. The more time I spent with Lola, the more I was awed by her beauty. Completely oblivious, as she often was, she caught the eye of many males. None dared look longer than a few moments, seeing the cobalt mark on her neck, the mark of an Alpha.

“Don’t go.” I sighed, pulling her small frame into my arms. I buried my face into the crook of her neck, the side with my mark, and inhaled deeply. Vanilla and pears, such a unique scent with a huge impact. I could feel my tense muscles relaxing as I held her in my arms, the spark licking their way up my skin.

“I wouldn’t if I had a choice.” Her voice was soft, and I nearly groaned as she ran her fingers through my hair. Her fingernails grazed my scalp, sending waves of delicious ple@sure down my neck. “I’m doing this for the pack. I’ll k*il*l my way out of that building to get back to you, I promise.”

I knew she would, I could hear the conviction in her words. She’d k*il*l the Vampire King herself if it meant coming home to me. She stepped into the position of Luna unknowingly, and embraced every stressful, horrible aspect. I could hardly stomach the guilt that followed. Did I deserve someone so selfless? So irrevocably brave and fearless?

“You’re too good for me, you know that?” I mumbled against her neck.

She shivered as my breath fanned across her neck, coaxing a wave of primal ple@sure from my wolf. He wanted her here and now, as he had since we first met Lola. I had tried to keep my distance from her, to let her develop feelings on her own, but self-control had never been a strong suit of mine, especially with my wolf breathing down my neck.

She pulled herself away from me, making me grimace from the lack of comfort, the lack of Lola. She stared into my eyes searching for something, delving into their depths until she reached a part of my soul, I kept hidden, a part only she had access to.

“You’re wrong.” She shook her head. I let my eyes close as her fingers drifted over my stubble, tracing along my jawline softly. “We’re perfect for each other, that’s why were mates. You need someone willing to sacrifice just as much as you for the good of this pack. You don’t have to handle this stuff alone anymore, let me help where I can. And right now, I’m helping you by making you take a damn break. Come take a bath with me.” My wolf’s ears perked up at her words, pride bursting through him as we gazed at our mate. I couldn’t deny her, not when she was looking at me with those brilliant eyes.

Staring at me as though I were the one thing, she had spent her life waiting for. Staring at me as though all the terrible rumors couldn’t hide the person I truly was. It was a vulnerable feeling, but Lola was the only wolf I would ever submit to, my mate. I couldn’t hide my interest at her words. Any chance to see her without those restrictive clothes was a blessing, and I planned on taking advantage of every opportunity. My lips twitched into a smirk, which soon turned into a grin when she scoffed at me.

I let her tug me out of my office, leading me down the hall and into our bedroom. Her strength was no match for mine, even with her constant tugging, but I let her lead me nonetheless. I had quickly noticed Lola’s second favorite place in the house was my ma*s*sive bathroom, her first was the bed. I waited silently as she turned the tub on, sticking her finger under the stream to check the heat. She must have been thinking something particularly naughty, as when she turned around, blush had formed on her cheeks.

I flashed her an innocent smile, tugging on the hem of her t-shirt. She let me slide it from her body, forgotten on the floor. In my eyes, Lola had no imperfections. Every ounce of her creamy skin was alluring, seductive without even trying. A harsh blush stained her cheeks as my eyes drifted down her shoulders and to her bare chest. I tossed my own shirt to the floor, watching Lola in amusement. I had seen every inch of her supple body, had tasted every ounce of her delicious skin. She had been completely bare before me, back arched in toe-curling ple@sure, and yet she still blushed under my gaze.

“Even after all this time, you still blush when I have you undress for me.” I smirked, chuckling softly.

“It’s not my fault I have some decency.” Lola snickered, looking me up and down.

“Decency?” I snorted, my grin growing wider. “Last I remember, I caught you swimming in your bra and p*an*tie*s.” Lola glared at me, making me chuckle louder. She often reminded me of a kitten with its hackles raised, swiping with tiny paws and bared fangs. She was a formidable warrior against most, but I could handle her fire, her feistiness.

“No one else knew about the swimming hole.” She shook her head, her eyes practically burning holes into me as I removed the rest of my clothing. “I’m still not sure how you knew about it.”

The way she looked at me started a fire deep in the pits of my stomach, those wide eyes burning with need, need she wasn’t sure how to act on.

“I patrolled the forest around this town extensively before attacking.” I smirked, remembering how her previous Alpha had overstepped, had disrespected me to the point of no return. “I found the swimming hole easily. When I saw you walk into the woods, I knew exactly where you had gone.”

‘And the moment we saw you, neither of us could resist.’ My wolf chuckled lowly, ‘We had no choice but to follow.’ I tugged at the hem of her sweatpants, smirking when they fell to the floor. The burning in my gut raged on as she was completely bare to me. She no longer tried to hide herself, knowing I would only pull her hands away. With every beautiful inch of her on display, the temptation was nearly too much.

She sank into the tub with a soft sigh, oblivious to how her relaxed purr affected me. I wrapped my hand around her submerged ankle, pulling her across the tub and into my arms. I chuckled as she rolled her eyes, but settled into my arms happily. Her eyes drifted down my face, lingering on my neck where her mark sat. Her gaze softened as it traced over the cobalt mark, and I found myself watching her silently, tracing the arch of her lips, the curve of her nose, and the deep color of her eyes.

“Your mark is healed.” She smiled softly, her eyes roaming my face with gentle intimacy. I returned her gaze, taking in the beauty that was my mate, my Lola. The woman I knew I didn’t deserve, yet had been blessed with anyway. My Luna, my equal in all forms, the only wolf I would ever submit to. As I had many times, I grabbed a bar of soap and moved to turn her around. I had washed her countless times, an excuse to graze her skin with my fingertips. Intimacy had never been a strong suit of mine, but I was determined to worship and appreciate every inch of Lola, every supple curve and gentle arch.

“You’ve washed me how many times now?” She asked, “It’s your turn, now turn around.”

A lazy smile worked its way onto my face. I grabbed her hips, running my thumbs over her soft skin and placed her on my lap. I kept myself under control, desperately not wanting to take a cold shower later. I leaned back, resting against the ridge of the tub.

“Start with the front, darling.” I grinned, laughing as she rolled her eyes. A beautiful blush stained her face, soft like rose petals. Her eyes betrayed her, darkening as she took in my muscles.

“c*oc*ky Alpha.” She scoffed, sticking her tongue out at me.

The sight alone made my c*k twitch, my heart thunder with suppressed lu*t. If only she knew what I wanted to do to her, the positions I’d have her in, the noises I’d coax from her plush lips. She ran the bar of soap across my chest, her fingers grazing over the plains of my muscles. My wolf growled pleasantly, the sound rumbling through my chest. Her bre*sts grew heavy, her nips hardening from the cool air. My fingers twitched, aching to feel her creamy skin, to hear her little whimpers as they escaped her lips.

A brilliant flash of surprise exploded in her eyes as I grew hard against her backside. She completely underestimated the affect she had on me. The final straw was when the soap slipped from her fingers, clattering to the floor of the tub. My self-control snapped like a tether, where it had once been a strong chord, it was now a thin string of yarn. I wanted to feel her tight entrance squeeze around my c**k, stretching to fit my length. I wanted to feel every beautiful inch of her, wanted to feel her walls contract with every agonizingly slow stroke.

I wanted her writhing underneath me, her back arched and eyes hooded with ple@sure. I pulled her against my chest with urgency, slamming my lips against her own. I wasn’t stopping until our lungs screamed, until our lips were bruised and chests heaving. Her hard nips grazed over my damp chest, making me growl into her mouth. I wouldn’t stop–I couldn’t, neither could she. Weeks and months this need had been building up, growing and evolving until neither of us could resist any longer. The sparks consumed us, licking over every inch of our skin, fueled by lu*t and love, desire and passion.

Her fingers tangled in my hair, and I let myself drown under her touch. The stress, the fear, all of it melted away as she whimpered into my mouth, her tongue grazing against my own. Her hands wandered down my chest, over my arms, and down to my stomach. She savored each touch, devouring me as I devoured her.

Just as her small fingers grazed the length of my c**k, I lifted us from the tub. I cupped her plush bottom in my hands, holding her close as I stepped out of the tub and towards the bedroom. Water splashed onto the floor, onto the carpet and bed, but nothing else mattered–nothing but my beautiful, intoxicating mate.

I placed her on the edge of the bed, desperate to have another taste of her. I had tried countless times to suppress my urges, the burning need to taste her w*etness, to feel the sweetness of it on my tongue. My self-control had long ago snapped, and she had tasted as incredible as I imagined, leaving me craving even more.

As she laid on the bed, her hooded eyes burning with lu*t, I parted her thighs and trailed light kisses closer and closer to her c*ore. The w*etness there was glistening, begging me for more–for everything I had. A groan of frustration left her panting lips, and I laughed at her impatience.

“Patience, darling. You’ll ruin my fun.” I teased, running a finger down her w*et slit and groaning at the extent of her arousal. I let my tongue trace along her entrance, nearly losing myself as her back arched. The blissful whimper that left her lips destroyed the remainder of my self-control. I devoured her completely, pinning her legs in place as they fought against the rippling ple@sure running through her body. I lapped up every ounce of her sweetness, flicking my tongue against her cl*t hungrily. I snarled as she screamed my name, her back arching and pu*y contracting around my tongue.

She tried to sit up, her legs shaking. I pushed her back down, needing another taste, needing those intoxicating m*oa*ns that drove me mad. I wrapped one of my arms around her waist, holding her against my face as I groaned against her pu*y. I slipped a finger inside of her, and then two, pumping steadily as my tongue circled her swollen cl*t. She was perfect, absolutely ethereal with every whimper, m*oa*n, and plea. Her legs shook, her back arched, her jaw went slack. My mate–my sensitive, responsive little mate.

Only when a second org**m a*s*saulted her body, did I pull away. I trailed my way up her body, kissing and nibbling at every ounce of her soft body. Her skin tasted of vanilla and pears, overwhelming and addicting.

As I positioned myself over top of her, I ran my lips along her neck. I knew her first time would hurt, and wanted her prepared for me. I grazed the mark on her neck with my teeth, savoring her breathless response. A gasp left her lips, and she flattened herself against me.

“I will never tire of this–of you.” I purred, looking down at my mate, still breathless and shaking from ple@sure.

Her nails grazed against my chest, my stomach and arms, the lu*t in her eyes mirrored in my own. I placed one of my arms beside her head, and brushed the head of my c*k against her entrance. The slickness I found there was enough to coax a growl from my throat. n*ake*d and trembling beneath me, my mate wanted every inch of me inside of her, wanted me to take her fully.

“Relax, Lola.” I murmured, nipping at her ear. Her eyes widened as she looked down at my length, though she had already seen it before, we had never come this close. I slid the head of my c**k inside of her, and lifted her bottom, allowing a few more inches to slip inside.

Pain and lu*t clouded her eyes, mixing into one. I did everything I could to distract her, nipping at the mark on her neck, and tracing slow circles along her cl*t. As I slid the rest of my length inside, I gave her a few moments to adjust, simply savoring the feeling of her wrapped around me.

“f**k–so fighting tight.” I growled, moving my hips slowly.

Her pu**y had my ck in a death grip, and I nearly lost myself then and there. ple@sure I had never known wracked my body as I found myself buried deep within her. As her whimpers of pain turned into blissful m*oa*ns, I increased my pace. Her fingernails dug into the skin of my back, consuming ple@sure and pain wracking my body.

“You’re mine.” She murmured, running her fingers along my back.

Her hips moved against my own, our lips meeting as a groan escaped my lips. I couldn’t hold back anymore, couldn’t restrain myself. My ck slammed into her tight opening without mercy, and I grunted as her c*ore tightened, milking my ck for everything it had.

“My beautiful mate.” I m*oa*ned in her ear, grazing her lobe with my teeth.

Her name fell from my lips as I came, my c**k sliding inside her roughly, our souls joining–our scents merging. Our bodies trembled against each other, but I kept my lips against her own, savoring the taste–the lasting ple@sure that continued running through me. I looked down at her, at the woman who had changed my life completely, who provided companionship–unending support and love. The mate-bond was thick between us, unbreakable and unyielding, solidified by the love we felt for one another. I kept her in my arms, unable to pull away, to leave her touch. Her warmth became my own, her happiness, sorrow, fears, and hopes–they were all mine, as I was hers. I traced every ounce of her delicate skin with my fingers, lulling her, soothing her into a peaceful sleep.

I had woken in the middle of the night, burning with hunger and need as I watched her body curl into my own. Her nips grazed against my skin, renewing the fire in my stomach. I trailed light kisses along her jaw, watching as those beautiful eyes fluttered open and awareness seeped into their depths.

“Couldn’t sleep?” She asked, her light voice tinged with amusement.

“Can you blame me?” I mumbled against her jaw, my fingertips trailing over her perky bre*sts. “You look like a goddess, nak*d and beautiful. I’m afraid my self-control is entirely spent.”

She pulled herself from the bed, out of my arms. Her eyes burned with need, focused on the hardened length between my legs. I moved to sit up, to claim her then and there but she stilled me with a single look.

“My turn.” She smirked, “Don’t ruin my fun.”

My wicked little mate, taking control as I once had. I relaxed against the bed, a purely male smile on my face as I stretched my arms out behind me. Lola snorted at the sight, but gripped my ck in her small hands. As she put the tip of my ck in her mouth, a wave of ple@sure so strong I jumped, coursed through me.

“f**k, Lola.” I groaned, feeling the blood rush to my face.

Every inch of me was burning, aching to feel the w*etness of her puy, to feel it pulsing around me as she came. I managed to wait a full thirty seconds before pouncing, pushing her onto her hands and knees. With her round bottom in the air, I slid my length into her. I was met with some resistance, her tightness excruciatingly pleasurable. I could feel her stretch to her limits to take all of me in, wrapping around my ck tightly. I palmed her bottom with lu*t-filled eyes, watching as her cheeks reddened from every smack. I wasn’t as gentle as I had been the first time, as the fire was now consuming every part of me. Every cell, every hair and inch of skin was lit with this painful fire, burning out of control, satiated only by her touch. Her pu**y contracted around my length as I slammed into her, thrusting roughly against her w*et c*ore.

“Look at you.” I purred, unable to help myself. “So beautiful–bent over for me.”

I grabbed a handful of her luscious hair, tugging as I slammed inside of her. Her delicious m*oa*ns turned into cries of e*cstasy, my name leaving her lips like a prayer. Unable to take much more, I pulled her against me, cupping one of her bre*sts with one hand, while the other drew slow circles along her cl*t.

“That’s is, darling.” I growled in her ear. “Come for me.”

I kissed along her neck, her shoulders, her back. The sound of her m*oa*ns echoed in my ears, committed to memory. Every thrust brought me closer, but it was her org**m that sent me over the edge, my s*eed spilling into her tight pu**y.

Her eyelids fluttered in exhaustion, and as I held her close, I planted light kisses along her face, whispering sweet words until sleep claimed her for the second time.

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