Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 67

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 67

The six of us wandered inside the club, the floor practically vibrating from the b@ssof the music. Red and white lights flashed in the air, dazzling me each time they crossed my vision. The entire club was coated in harsh red light, even the scattered furniture was red velvet.

The inside of the club was actually fairly appealing. From the inside, you’d never be able to tell this place was an old warehouse. The inside looked completely remodeled, fresh black paint coating the walls and shiny oak boards covered the floor.

Towards the back of the room sat a long platform. Tables, chairs, and booths sat on the platform with only a few people occupying them. A thick red rope lined the platform, cutting off the back half of the club. A silver placard with the word ‘VIP’ etched in hung from the rope.

Each side of the club had a long bar, three bartenders on each side rushing to fill orders. In the center of the club sat a rounded bar, two younger guys in the middle made bright looking drinks.

Even with the severity of what we planned to do; the club had a nice feel to it. Everyone was either dancing the night away or ordering some of the colorful drinks. If it wasn’t for the sickly-sweet scent of Vampires, I might actually enjoy this club.

‘Talk through mind-link.’ Alpha Asher murmured to the five of us, ‘I won’t risk anyone overhearing.’

‘Where do you want us, Alpha?’ Carter asked through the mind-link, his eyes scanning the room.

‘I want the two of you to split up, but keep close to the doors.’ Alpha Asher led me over to one of the bars, his face an impassive mask as he ordered a drink. He managed to order a drink and talk to the bartender while talking to the five of us through the mind-link.

‘Breyona and Mason, split up and head deeper into the club. Lola and I will head to the VIP area. Keep your eyes and ears open.’ Alpha Asher brought the cup of liquor to his lips, his eyes calmly scanning the room.

I wasn’t sure what Alpha Asher was looking for. It was nearly impossible to pinpoint anything. The flashing lights and the crowd of people dancing made it nearly impossible to focus our senses.

While I could smell the scent of Vampires throughout the club, the scent was scattered and difficult to pin point.

Either there were a lot of Vampires here, or there’s one Vampire who happens to move very fast. Unfortunately, I was betting the latter.

Carter and Wade were the first two to break off, each strolling to a different side of the club. Breyona followed Alpha Asher and I to the bar, while Mason headed to the other side of the club.

‘Got a good view of the VIP area from over here.’ Mason told the five of us through mind-link. ‘We won’t be any help once you get in the back.’

‘You’ll be close enough to come if we call.’ Alpha Asher’s voice was harder than usual. ‘Keep an eye on those doors and blend in.’

‘Are you ready?’ Alpha Asher spoke directly to me, his honey-colored eyes meeting my gaze. It was hard not to ogle with Alpha Asher standing this close to me, but I managed.

‘There will be plenty of time for that once we get Sean.’ Maya murmured appreciatively.

‘Let’s do this.’ I breathed, my worried eyes burning into Alpha Asher’s. I could feel his own calm-ness washing through the mind-link.

Alpha Asher was confident in what we were planning to do tonight. His own willpower rivaled my own, and I wondered how far he would go to get my brother back. From the small glimpse he had given me into his mind, he was willing to go pretty far.

Alpha Asher held his arm out waiting for me to step forward. My torso rested against his own, his arm dr@ped over my shoulders. I took deep breaths of his intoxicating scent, desperate to drive the smell of Vampires from my nose. While his cologne and woodsy scent were all I could smell, the sickly-sweet scent lingered.

I melted against Alpha Asher’s body as though I had been made for him. His fingers traced patterns on my shoulders, sending goosebumps scatter along my skin.

Alpha Asher led the way, maneuvering the two of us through scattered groups of people. Some danced as we walked through, wandering fingers grazing against my lower back.

Although his eyes burned with anger, Alpha Asher made no move against the guys with wandering hands.

A small group of girls stopped Alpha Asher and I, their intense gaze telling me all I need to know. Each were scantily dressed, wearing clothes that hardly covered their backsides.

Despite their attempt at flirting with Alpha Asher, the group of girls actually looked good. Even with jealousy rushing through me, I wasn’t the type to b*ull*y anyone for what they wear.

We made it to the back of the club, standing near the corner of the velvet rope. The back of the club was a little less crowded, the clothes much nicer and more expensive. The VIP area was filled with wealthy looking people. Two guys at a table wore suits, as though they had just gotten off work.

Standing at one of the back doors, a huge man stood keeping eye on everyone. The guy looked nearly identical to the one at the front door. Both built bigger than linebackers, a lumpy head and tree trunks for arms.

The man took one look at our lanyards and grunted, unclipping the velvet rope to let us forward. While it was difficult to make out his scent, I was fairly sure the man was human. Some part of me wondered what his parent’s looked like. What kind of people could create a human that big?

‘Focus on the task.’ Maya mumbled, giving me an irritated huff.

“What’s a dog like you doin’ here?” The large man grimaced, his voice as menacing as his body.

“I’m here to bet.” Alpha Asher smirked, staring up at the man with an amused expression. While my heart thundered in my chest, the large man seemed unphased. “Do you get a lot of us dogs?”

“Get plenty of em’. Mostly rogues.” The guy grunted, his face a mishappen unyielding mask. “Most of em’ aren’t dressed as nice. Never seen you before.”

“Have you been here long, human?” Alpha Asher said the word ‘human’ as though it were an insult. The smirk on his chiseled face remained intact, but his eyes flashed dangerously.

I had to give the guy some credit, he definitely had balls. Not a single member of our pack would stare Alpha Asher down. It was considered a disrespectful action, not that it ever stopped me.

I was sure the big guy noticed the murderous glint in Alpha Asher’s eyes. He knew what we were, and I was sure he knew his employers were Vampire’s.

He must be used to dealing with us short-tempered creatures. The bouncer averted his eyes, sensing the power that rolled from Alpha Asher in dark waves.

Without another word, the bouncer stepped aside and led us into another room.

I had never been inside a warehouse before, but always imagined it as this brightly lit sprawling place, people flitting about as they worked machinery.

The back of the warehouse had been completely remodeled, and I wondered how long it had taken them to fix everything up.

Dark walls, hard wood flooring and brightly lit chandeliers. Large velvet couches lined the room, almost as if it were a movie theater. Young men in tuxedos walked the room, platters of champagne and glasses of a deep red liquid that was hopefully wine.

The back half of the warehouse was sectioned off by a temporary back wall. Through a thick sheet of glass, a fighting ring stood in the center of the room. Each seat was positioned to watch the fighting ring. My heart thundered in my chest, wondering if I would see my brother through the thick glass.

I had been right, there was no chance we would escape without a fight.

Alpha Asher entered the room without hesitation, as though he had been their countless times before. His actions held a certain calmness I found myself jealous of. I ran my fingers over the length of my dress, trying to still the trembling of my hands.

The sickly-sweet smell was much stronger back here. A few people sat on other identical couches, their eyes scanning the room. Some turned to look at Alpha Asher and I. I could feel the stares across my skin, and somehow knew they were Vampire’s. I couldn’t discern any specific scent, but some hidden instinct within me knew.

‘Relax, you look like you’re going to be sick.’ Alpha Asher murmured through the mind-link. I was extremely aware of the four other presences in my mind and knew Breyona and the guys would hear our silent conversation.

‘I do not.’ I grumbled, resisting the urge to grimace at Alpha Asher.

‘Get a drink, relax. Once they see the look on your face, the Vampire’s will see right through you.’

Irritation rolled through me, but I f0rced my face to remain a calm mask. A deep chuckle rang out in my mind as Alpha Asher felt my irritation. I let excitement shine through as I raked my eyes over the fighting ring.

Alpha Asher led the two of us to one of the velvet couches. Without warning, Alpha Asher sat on the couch, his hands on my hips as he pulled me down. I landed on his lap, forcing a smile on my face as he nipped at my jaw.

Don’t get me wrong, I was enjoying every bit of this but I was aware we had an aud*ience. As if to prove my point, one of the middle-aged Vampire’s in the room glanced my way.

‘Good girl.’ Alpha Asher murmured, giving my waist a playful squeeze.

I could feel Carter and Wade in my mind, both trying to ignore what they heard. Blood rushed to my face, catching a few more Vampire eyes at the sight.

‘They probably want to eat us.’ Maya grumbled.

‘Can they?’ I frowned, ‘I am half vampire.’

‘I have no idea, but I wouldn’t put it past them.’ Maya shrugged, content on ignoring that other side of me.

Alpha Asher handed me a glassof champagne. I drank the fruity drink greedily, wishing it were something stronger.

As a few more people came into the back room, a man approached Alpha Asher and I. I knew he was a Vampire the moment our eyes met. His raven hair was pulled back in a low pony tail, his eyes a startling shade of green. A black suit clung to every curve and dip of his body.

My heart hammered in my chest as he took a seat beside Alpha Asher and I. I placed a mask of calm over my face, hoping it wouldn’t crack.

My fear was rightfully placed, and I could only hope my training with Chris had been sufficient.

“Hello Alpha Asher Desmond.” The Vampire shot the two of us a knowing smile, a nerve-wracking shine to his emerald eyes.

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