Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 66

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 66

My eyes snapped open, my body jolting upright as we hit a bump in the road. I must’ve dozed off, as the road signs said Atlanta was a mere ten miles away. My nap had been dreamless, floating in the blissful darkness without a lingering thought. The knots in my stomach came back full f0rce as I remembered what we were doing tonight.

Alpha Asher had talked to me in private, telling me the role I’d be f0rced to play. I’d pose as Alpha Asher’s girlfriend, a title I wasn’t completely opposed to. It was clear there was something going on between the two of us, and I hadn’t seen Alpha Asher with another she-wolf.

The thought made me smug, and yet I continued wondering what we were to each other. Thinking about Alpha Asher was an enjoyable distraction from our mission tonight.

While Wade had an alluring calmness to him, Carter was practically bursting at the seams. If anyone was excited for what tonight had in store, it was Carter. For the first half of the drive, Carter was jumping with excitement at the thought of k*il*ling a Vampire. Carter had been trained in Alpha Asher’s pack his entire life, never old enough for actual battle.

This was the first time Carter was leaving the pack, going on his first mission. Alpha Asher stifled Carter’s exited rant with a growl, allowing the silence to continue. While Carter and Wade seemed attached at the hip, Wade had battled against rogues’ countless times.

The full impacts of our mission dawned on me as we hopped on the exit for Atlanta, GA. There was so much that could go wrong, that could leave Sean injured or worse. We had little time to plan, f0rced to strike before they moved Sean to another location.

My biggest fear was someone at the club recognizing Alpha Asher or I. I couldn’t see Tristan visiting a club to watch men fight to the death, but better to be prepared.

In between the silence, I practiced what my Grandma had told me. I rebuilt the crumbled bookshelves in my mind, placing my thoughts between each page. An hour later and a dull headache, the library in my mind was organized. It had been left in shambles the last time I faced Tristan. A cold chill ran across my skin at the thought of facing him again.

We veered off the exit into Atlanta, GA and was instantly met with the sprawling city. Sky scr*a*p*ers sat in clu*ters, shining windows and bright lights. Tourists and residents were bunched in pairs, walking down the sidewalk without a care in the world. I watched as Mason’s eyes glazed over, no doubt living through every memory he had here.

We drove through the center of the crowded city. The sun had long ago set, drawing out the vast night-life of Atlanta. Neon signs hung at the ends of corners pointing at various clubs and bars. The smell of freshly cooked food and alcohol was being carried on the breeze.

We continued driving, past the crowds of scantily dressed women, past the vibrant clubs with their pulsing music. Soon the crowds began to thin, the number of people outside dwindling significantly.

Alpha Asher pulled into a poorly lit parking lot, the tires of the SUV crunching loudly as it drove over the loose gravel. Confusion was written clear on my face, my eyes glued to the dark and grim building in front of us.

It looked to be an old warehouse, some of the windows blocked and boarded. The outside of the warehouse was covered in sprawling vines inching their way up to the sky. Just as I readied to open my mouth and insist, we came to the wrong place, I noticed the number of cars occupying the parking lot.

We parked towards the front, as close to the doors as we could manage. New cars of varying color’s and models were scattered around the parking lot. Each car looked shiny and new, some newer than others.

“What better place than an abandoned warehouse.” Carter scoffed, cracking his neck and flexing his fingers.

“Remember, keep constant tabs on each other.” Alpha Asher’s voice was rough and stern, his honey eyes locked on the five of us. “If Lola and I need to flee, I expect the four of you to know about it. The mind-link will be open the entire time.”

“No worries, Alpha. If Wade and I get stuck, leave us behind. We’ll fight our way out.” Carter smirked, his shoulders bouncing as he fake jabbed a couple times. Wade gave his friend a tired look, his eyebrow raised as he silently questioned Carter’s sanity.

“Do you actually hear the things you say?” Breyona quipped, not skipping a beat as she glared at Carter. “Or do you just talk out of your @ssand hope it goes well?”

I couldn’t help but snicker at her comment along with the death glare on her face. Carter placed a hand over his heart, giving Breyona an insulted look. From the looks of it, Breyona’s comment earned a chuckle from all of us, a nice distraction to lighten the soul-crushing mood.

“So mean.” Carter shook his head, giving Wade a weary glance.

The six of us headed to the front door, not a person in sight. Anticipation and worry filled my gut. Would we manage to get Sean home safely? Will Sean even be the same person after what happened to him?

“We won’t leave here without Sean.” Breyona murmured from beside me, linking her arm in my own. “We’ll bring him home, Lola.”

“I hope so.” I breathed, unable to say much else.

I adjusted my tight dress and smoothed down my long hair. The neckline was low, enhancing my cleavage yet managed to cover the scarlet mark on my shoulder. A long shiver rolled through me, and for a moment I regretted not bringing a jacket. It wasn’t the air that chilled me, it was the thought of what could go wrong.

“Put this around your neck.” Alpha Asher murmured, handing me a red lanyard. His cologne wafted into my nose, soothing some of the turmoil in my stomach.

“Is this our way in?” I frowned, wondering why Breyona and Mason weren’t wearing one.

“This is how we get into the fight.” Alpha Asher continued, slipping the lanyard over my head, “It’ll be in another part of the warehouse, I’m sure. Keep an eye on the exits, we don’t want to get blocked in.”

“We’re going to have to cause a scene to get Sean out of here, aren’t we?” I grimaced; my fists clenched at my side.

There was no way we’d be able to sneak Sean from the building, not when he was supposed to be fighting. This wasn’t a mission of stealth, but of cunning. We would have to find some way to get Sean free while saving our own skin.

“We are.” Alpha Asher nodded, rolling his lower lip between his teeth.

“Do you have a plan for that?” I paused, my eyes scanning his rugged face.

“No, I don’t.” Alpha Asher shook his head, “There wasn’t enough time.”

“You don’t have a plan?” My lips were pressed tightly together, unwelcome surprise flowing through me.

Much to my dismay, Alpha Asher’s lips turned up in a smirk. His honey-colored eyes shined with amusement, despite the weight of the situation.

“I figured we could take a page from your book.” Alpha Asher chuckled lowly, “Act first, think later. Improvise.”

“You want to improvise with my brother’s life on the line?” I sighed, for once seeing the error of my own ways.

‘Not so fun when it’s someone else acting before thinking, is it?’ Maya’s smug voice rang out in my head.

‘Now is not the time for a life lesson, Maya.’ I snapped, turning my attention back to Alpha Asher.

‘There’s always time for a good life lesson.’ Maya shrugged, backing off once she sensed my irritation.

“Like I said, there wasn’t enough time.” Alpha Asher frowned, his voice a rough murmur. “If we waited, there would be no telling when Sean would pop up again. He could be halfway across the country if we wait.”

I knew Alpha Asher was right, but that did nothing to calm my ragged nerves. Maya sent small increments of strength into my veins, enough to calm my hammering heart.

Silence swept over the entire parking lot, and I held my breath as Alpha Asher knocked on the large swinging doors. A second passed by, followed by another until one of the wide glassdoors opened. The windows were blacked out, hiding whatever lie beyond the doors.

A bald man opened the door, his body built like a mountain. Even his head was rounded, uneven in its shape. The guy looked as though he were carved from the side of a mountain, rippling muscles larger than my head lined his arms.

The guy was standing just inside the warehouse, in a little black room clad of any furniture or decoration. The only light hung from the ceiling, casting its yellow hue against the blacked-out walls.

Alpha Asher approached the man leisurely, with a calmness even I couldn’t muster. The man made no moves, even as Alpha Asher leaned in and murmured something to the man.

With little more than a grunt, the bouncer walked us over to another set of doors, on the opposite side of the blacked-out room.

The moment he opened the doors, thundering music and blissful laughter could be heard. The flashing lights swarmed around the room and seemed to be landing on a new person each time.

The smell of s*e*x and alcohol lingered in the air, coupled with the blindingly sweet scent of Vampires.

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