Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 20

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 20

Brittany was gone before I could even spin around. My eyes scanned the club frantically, but her friend had vanished. Her hushed voice lingered in my ear., the implications swirling in my head.

She had seen Alpha Asher and I, while she made it sound as though she had caught us tonight, it could’ve been any time before. It was frighteningly clear that someone was infiltrating the pack. It wouldn’t be a long shot to a*s*sume they had caught Asher and I.

I hadn’t felt any eyes on me during my time in the alley, but then again I was horribly distracted. Anxiety flooded my system and I thought about how that could be used against me. Sure, Tyler wouldn’t be happy but I wasn’t worried about him or me. I was worried how this entire thing could affect Alpha Asher, and what ways it could be used against him. While Asher didn’t seem to be hiding our strange relationship, I wasn’t sure if either of us wanted it out in the open.

I would be mocked relentlessly. Once again known as the girl who chased after the Alpha. While I was much stronger, Maya and I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the b*ull*ying. We were too confident, too head strong. That was the downfall of living in a pack. No one could mind their own business.

I sat at the bar for quite some time, even going as far to order another drink. My eyes scanned the crowd of people. Many were dancing, others were drinking. A few groups of people sat at the tables on the raised platform, drinking and laughing the night away. My eyes flickered from face to face, looking for any flicker of recognition. It was foolish to think Brittany had only brought one ‘friend’ along.

After trying and failing to pinpoint any more of Brittany’s ‘friends’, I trudged away from the bar. My body was light and warm from the alcohol I had been drinking, but my mind was more than clear. The conversation with Brittany had cleared my head of any fog that might’ve formed. I was all too aware of the close proximity between everyone in the club, and for once I felt uncomfortable.

I wandered the club aimlessly, my eyes scanning for any sign of Mason or Breyona. H**l, I would’ve even taken Alpha Asher at the moment.

I locked eyes with Chelsea, who stood fifteen feet away. She was leaned against the wall talking to a muscular blonde man. It was clear from the nasal laughter that she was flirting. She shot me a d***y look and continued what I’m sure was a riveting conversation.

It was hard seeing past all of the people, as just about everyone was taller than me. My heart leaped when I spotted a familiar head of hair. Breyona’s short hair was nearly impossible to miss. Most she-wolves had long hair, simply because our hair and nails grew much faster than a human.

“Breyona!” I called out louder than necessary, but I was desperate for a friendly face. Breyona’s eyes lit up when she saw me and she called me over to a little table.

“Lola, gosh I was looking all over for you.” Breyona huffed, taking a seat at the rounded table. Mason sat at her side, nursing what looked like a glassof whiskey.

“Did you check at the bar?” I raised my eyebrow at the two of them.

Breyona’s cheeks were flushed, and I wondered what the cause was. I’m sure I looked the same, but that was due to Brittany’s surprise appearance and my little meet up with Alpha Asher.

“I told you to check at the bar!” Mason rolled his eyes at Breyona. Breyona frowned and shrugged, “I did check at the bar. She wasn’t there.”

“Which bar? There are like four.” Mason’s face turned up in a grin but it looked quite f0rced.

I rolled my eyes at my two friends and plopped down. Tonight was fluctuating like a roller coaster.

“What did Alpha Asher want with you, Lola?” Mason frowned, snapping me out of my spiraling thoughts. Breyona’s face lit up deviously, and she leaned forward in her chair.

“Alpha Asher wanted you?” Breyona’s eyes glinted mischievously, obviously coming up with her own lucrative idea’s.

“He did.” I pursed my lips, not wanting to go into full detail with Mason around.

“Well give us the details!” Breyona practically cooed, hanging onto my every word.

My eyes flickered between Mason and Breyona. Mason’s face looked somewhat pained, most likely uncomfortable with the topic of conversation.

“We just talked.” I shrugged, my eyes still wandering the club.

‘Tell me later’, Breyona mouthed while Mason wasn’t looking. I gave her a short nod in response.

We stayed at the club for just a little longer. It was well past midnight and unfortunately we still had training in the morning. I could hear Maya groan in my head. The two of us truly loved sleep, and anything under eight hours was simply not enough. Breyona was a whirlwind of chatter on the ride home. I sat in the passenger seat and listened like the dutiful friend I am.

“Ugh, you wouldn’t believe the night I had.” Breyona groaned, her cheeks still stained a suspicious shade of pink. I let my lips turn up in a smirk, knowing my night had been extremely eventful as well.

“So there I was talking to this gorgeous man.” Breyona sighed dreamily and shook her head, “But then I smelled it.”

“That’s disgusting.” Mason cackled from the back, a goofy grin was spreading on his face.

“Mason you’re gross.” Breyona snapped, glaring at him through the rear view mirror. “You know what I meant.”

“What did you mean?” I asked clueless, still chuckling from Mason’s childish comment.

“I smelled him, Lola. My mate.” Breyona sighed, the dreamy look returning to her face.

“Wait, seriously?” My jaw dropped and I looked at Breyona in shock.

She had turned nineteen just a month before I came back into town. She had dodged my questions about her mate when we first became friends again. This was the first time hearing her openly talk about mate’s.

“Seriously.” Breyona grinned, but there was some saddness to it. “I couldn’t find him though. I searched and searched, but eventually the smell faded and I knew he left the club.”

“That’s horrible.” I frowned, feeling sorry for my friend.

“That’s why were going back Saturday night.” Breyona nodded with finality, “Saturday is their busiest night. I’m sure the three of us can find him.”

“Not to be a downer or anything, but what if he was just in town to visit?” Mason frowned. It was clear he wasn’t trying to sound harsh, Mason didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He was simply voicing the same fear all werewolves have.

“I thought about that.” Breyona frowned, “But I have to try. I can’t live with myself knowing I just gave up.”

“I’d be happy to come and help you find your mate.” I grinned at Breyona.

“And you already know I’ll tag along.” Mason grinned softly, “He’s sure gonna be in for a shock if he’s human.”

“He’ll have no choice but to love me.” Breyona grinned smugly, “After all, I am amazing.”

We spent the rest of the car ride home laughing and joking. For just a short period of time I had forgotten all of the sh*t going on.

The fact that my Grandma and Dad were clearly hiding something from me. My complicated ‘relationship’ with Alpha Asher. The fact that Tyler and Brittany won’t leave me the h**l alone. I was drowning in all of it without even realizing. Those carefree moments with my friends had quickly become my lifeline.

Breyona dropped mason off at home first. She pulled up to the front of my house and locked the car door on me.

“You are not going anywhere until you tell me what Alpha Asher wanted with you.” Breyona’s devious expression was back, and I contemplated simply telling her the full extent of what Asher and I had been up to.

“We can trust Breyona.” Maya nodded happily. “We can trust Grandma too, but she really doesn’t need to hear about Asher and us.”

“She’d fall over if she knew the full extent of it.” I chuckled and shook my head.

“Give the poor woman a heart a****k.” Maya snickered and shook her head. With a weary sigh, I launched into what was a very long story. I told Breyona about each encounter with Alpha Asher, and the way my body responded under his touch.

“” Breyona’s mouth had flopped open half way through my story and stayed that way until the end.

I nodded mournfully, “I’m just as bad as Chelsea. Hopping from Alpha to Alpha.”

Breyona shook her head, and the knot of guilt that had been in my stomach faded. “Not at all. Alpha Asher initiated all of those..encounters. Sure, you were being disobedient but you never f0rced the guy into your pants.”

“H**l, he seems to enjoy it as much as I do.” I shook my head.

“And you’re sure you don’t feel anything romantically for him?” Breyona frowned, “Nothing..mate-like?”

“Not at all.” I frowned, “I really don’t even know anything about the guy. All I know is he’s irresistibly hot and I’d let him jump in my pants without a second thought.”

“What’re you going to do. when you do find your mate?” Breyona frowned.

“I’ll be with my mate of course, but I plan on doing what I want until then.” I chuckled humorlessly.

“And what if Alpha Asher finds his mate before you?” Breyona frowned, “Are you really gonna be able to let him go?”

“I’ll let him go.” I nodded, “I’m not having my heart broken again. Whatever’s going on between Asher and I is purely physical.”

After the interesting and slightly disheartening conversation with Breyona, I trudged inside the house. Dad had left a voicemail on my phone hours ago, letting me know everyone would already be asleep. Sean had been at the club as well, but had left hours earlier.

The house was dark and eerily silent as I came inside. I trudged to my bedroom and peeled the dress from my body. Grimacing at the fact I had lost a pair of underwear, I hopped into the shower.

I had managed to get undressed, shower, and get dressed again before I noticed the familiar hazel eyes. I swore my heart had stopped in that moment. My blood ran cold, and a thin sweat sprouted over every inch of my skin.

“Just like the last one..” Maya was speechless.

He was sitting just outside my bedroom window on the first floor. His hazel eyes were bright from the glistening light of the full moon. His gaze was set directly on my window, set on my horrified and fear-soaked frame.

Kanyon was sitting maybe ten feet away, leaning up against the thick oak tree in our backyard. His eyes were glossy, his mouth open in a silent scream. A scream that would never leave his parted lips. Just like Katie, his throat was torn open. Scarlet blood staining his espresso skin.

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