Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 50

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 50

Alpha Asher POV:

For once Lola had realized the situation, she had gotten herself into. The guilt was clear on her face, as was acceptance. While I was furious, my wolf and I couldn’t help but feel proud of her. She recognized her mistake yet owned up to it. She realized she needed to do better, to prevent these kinds of problems.

Her losing the fight was not an option. There wasn’t a chance in hell Lola would be spending the night with Alpha Bran. I’d sooner break the deal and k*il*l him, absorbing his pack in the process. I didn’t care if it was frowned upon. No one was touching what belonged to me. Lola still fought against my reigns but for the time being, she did as I asked. I enjoyed her defiance immensely, but I also enjoyed her obedience.

She got on her knees for me, her pretty little lips ready to take the head of my c**k. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Angelic with a wild streak, with just a hint of darkness in her innocent features. I knew what she wanted from me, and I wanted the same. I f0rced myself to wait, a flimsy grasp on my self-control. I never had someone test my own control the way Lola did. I was constantly fighting myself, fighting the urge to tear the clothes from her body. I f0rced her to sleep in my room tonight. I could see the defiance forming in her eyes but knew she wouldn’t fight back. She wanted this as bad as I did. She craved my touch, my dominance over her.

Such a fiery little thing that no one dared control, yet I did. She looked completely as ease as she slept. Her chest rising and falling in the black t-shirt I had given her. If only she knew, the moment she pulled my shirt over her head, I had to resist the urge to take her then and there. Our scents mingled, forming something new and equally intoxicating. She was a little bundle of fire, one I longed to have writhing beneath me. The screams I would coax from her would wake the entire house.

I had been awake for an hour, watching her sleep when her eyelashes fluttered. Her little snores were cut short as her eyes flickered open. I watched in silent awe as awareness seeped into her gaze, replacing the sleep that had once been there.

Once she was fully awake, her eyes flickered over to my own. Blush crept up her cheeks, as it often did when I looked at her. She had thrown the blanket from her body in the middle of the night. She laid bare on the bed, nothing but my t-shirt covering her body.

Her long legs and creamy skin stood out against my dark shirt. Her firm bre*sts pressed tightly against the material, her nips hardening on their own accord. She was every man’s w*et dream, and yet she belonged to me.

As much as I wanted to tear the shirt from her body and nestle my face in between those perfect legs, we had things to do. Her fight with Alpha Bran would be held tomorrow morning. I was determined to spend the day training her, ensuring her victory tomorrow. While I knew not to underestimate my little ball of fire,

she had never beat an Alpha before. Alpha’s were not to be trifled with, holding that title for a reason. Alpha’s were stronger and faster than your average werewolf, giving us an advantage. She would have to push herself harder, gain more speed behind each move.

Lola’s plump little lips opened, a yawn coming from her mouth. She stretched her arms into the air, my shirt riding up her thighs. I was able to make out a hint of pink, her pu**y lips pressed against her thin underwear.

“Are you trying to tempt me?” I lifted my eyebrow at her, peeling my eyes from her sweet pu**y. Her eyes flickered, showing confusion. A harsher blush stained her cheeks when she followed my gaze, looking down at her exposed underwear.

“Perhaps you’d like to stay in bed today.” I murmured, unable to help myself. “We could skip the beating you’d receive today during training. I wouldn’t mind dedicating a day to making you scream.”

My lips were close to her ear, my chest hovering over her body. Her arousal was instant, though she tried to fight it. That only made me want her more, knowing she tried to resist me but couldn’t. I could see the defiance flash in her eyes, knowing my words had their intended reaction.

“The beating I’d receive?” Lola scoffed, lifting her eyebrow to look at me. Her expression made me smirk, typical Lola. She hated how she was unable to best me. I was stronger than most Alpha’s, a phenomenon that was known to happen. My speed matched her own, my strength far more vast.

“You think otherwise?” I smirked, my eyes burning into her own.

“Yeah, I do.” Lola’s eyebrows knitted together. Her lip jutted out in that little pout she enjoyed. Her plush lip stared at me tantalizingly, begging to be bitten. If only she knew how much she tempted me.

“Let’s find out.” I smirked, pulling myself from the bed. I slipped on some clothes, smirking as I felt her eyes drag across my muscular back.

Every time I turned to meet her eyes; she was looking somewhere else. I followed Lola into her suite, leaning against the wall as she changed clothes. It filled me with pride when she s*tri*pped in front of me, knowing I would see her body regardless. Her brests were perfect, not too small but not to large. They hung on her chest in perfect teardrops, followed by deliciously pink nips. Her bottom was rounded, swaying as she walked over to the dresser. I could feel myself harden in my sweatpants as she bent over, grabbing some leggings from the bottom drawer. Her little pu**y peeked out from between her legs, shining with moisture. From the sly glint in her eyes, the move had been intentional. Anger and raw lu*t flooded through me as the urge to fk her hit me like a ton of bricks. Just when I thought I was used to the temptation; she would do something that caught me off guard.

I used a single thought to calm myself. I could always punish her later. I’d be making her sleep in my room tonight. I had been lenient, giving her punishments that caused ple@sure. Her punishments would no longer be ending in org**m s. She was curvier than most of the she-wolves in town, but I had always preferred curvier women. She was practically designed for my wolf and I. Feisty in a small yet curvy package, full lips that begged to be tasted, and able to defend herself. She wasn’t helpless like some of the she-wolves in town.

Once she was dressed, I let my eyes trail over her clothed form. I decided, she looked monumentally better nak*d. Clothes hid her creamy skin and the rounded curves of her hips. Her sports bra was tight against her chest, outlining her small nips. I ignored the smirk she shot my way and led her outside. Training was commencing as normal, but Lola and I wouldn’t be attending. I set Beta Devin and Alpha Zeke to the task of training, giving me time with Lola. We walked out the back door and into the gardens. The gardens had plenty of clear space to train.

There weren’t mats on the floor, meaning falls would hurt more. I only enjoyed bringing Lola pain when ple@sure came in turn. Fighting Lola felt against my own nature, but she needed someone skilled training her. The two of us began stretching, and I found it difficult to take my eyes off Lola. My heart had nearly exploded when Breyona woke me from my sleep, telling me Vampires had taken her. For just a minute, I wasn’t an Alpha anymore. I wasn’t sure what I was. I wasn’t thinking of my pack or anything else, just Lola. The feeling was foreign, uncomfortable at times.

“Clear your mind.” I pushed my own feelings to the side, “Focus only on what you are doing.” Lola seemed to be warring with herself for a few moments. Her nose wrinkled as it often did when she was lost in thought. I could see her warring with the fire in her eyes. I presume she was successful, as she turned and listened to me with minimal back talk.

Having Lola be completely obedient was an impossibility. She cursed and made snide comments as we sparred. My speed frustrated her, having relied on it for so long. Lola was extremely fast for a werewolf. I had watched her fight against other men, coming up successful each time. Her speed astounded them. Everyone looked at her short height and a*s*sumed she was weak; they were always surprised to find out the truth. She was fast, dodging every attack a normal werewolf made. I wondered how she would fare in wolf form.

Training in my pack was broken up into two sessions. A six-month training course in human form, then six months in wolf form. You had to learn to defend yourself in human form before switching to werewolf. A stronger human body led to a stronger wolf. Lola had strength behind her punches, especially when she was pissed.

“You fight better when you’re angry.” I pursed my lips. Lola placed her hands on her hips, but I kept my attention on her face. Now wasn’t the time for my own inner desires. Right now, Lola needed to be trained. “I can’t just make myself angry.” Lola rolled her eyes.

“If you lose, you’ll be spending a night with Alpha Bran.” I smirked at her, forcing down the absolute fury I felt at my own words. “Why don’t you think about that.” What I said seemed to have an impact on Lola. Her eyes filled with her typical fire. Her speed improved, as did her strength. She was very agile and flexible, making her the perfect size to slip from your grasp.

I landed a few blows across her porcelain skin, each time resisting the urge to wince. I couldn’t go easy on her, not when she was fighting an Alpha tomorrow. The two of us stopped after a few hours. Her chest was heaving, sweat glistening on her skin. She looked perfect, the sunlight hitting her raven colored hair.

“You did good.” I told her honestly. She had improved from the weeks of training. She had gained some strength and learned more techniques for her speed. I was confident in her abilities but knew she could do more. If she learned to harness the emotions within her, she could be stronger. Her anger fueled her, but distractions riddled her brain.

Her half-vampire heritage was constantly in the back of my mind. I would lay awake at night wondering what that meant for her. Could she tap into it? What strengths would that bring her?

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