Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 60

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 60

I had woken in bed alone, the spot where Alpha Asher had been was still warm. His scent swirled around me, settling my frantic heart. A note sat on his pillow, one different to the many I had received. While my heart still thundered at the sight of the note, it was for a different reason.

I peeled open the paper and looked down at Alpha Asher’s handwriting. I had to leave early, but figured you’d need the rest. Don’t be late for training today, Lola. Asher My heart continued its frantic pace as my eyes traced over Alpha Asher’s name. Part of me wondered if I could get away with calling him ‘Asher’ now. While I fully planned on testing that theory out, I had other things on my mind.

The chill that surrounded me followed as I walked into the bathroom. My eyes had light circles around them, proving I had little sleep. As much as I wanted to write last night off as a hyper-realistic dream, I knew the truth. My Father had used the shadows to bring me to him. Part of me wondered why he had only brought my soul, not my body.

‘As you have learned, they demand a price for their work. The steeper your request, the higher the price.’ His voice twisted and spun in my head, igniting my sense of unease. Perhaps he couldn’t pay the price. What would they have asked for? Their just shadows.

‘Shadows that feed on blood.’ Maya murmured sleepily, bristling against the chill that followed me. Maya hadn’t been there with me last night. It was though the shadows had left her behind. At least one of us managed to get some sleep.

‘Do you have any idea what happened last night?’ I laughed humorlessly.

‘Your thoughts are all over the place, but I can make some sense of them.’ Maya grunted, obviously unhappy with what had happened. ‘There has to be a way to keep him from doing that again. I don’t like being separated from you.’

‘I don’t like it either.’ I shook my head, my eyes locked on my own reflection.

The scarlet mark stood out brightly on my porcelain skin. It was no longer irritated and looked to be fully healed. The part of me longing for Tristan twitched as I pictured him in my mind. I felt like I was being pulled in a thousand different directions. I was being pulled towards Alpha Asher, Tristan, Maya, and my Father. I felt as though there were little of me left, not enough to keep for myself.

The scarlet mark on my skin tingled invitingly, a sensation I was determined to ignore. I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my cellphone, pulling up the calendar and counting the days in haste.

“One week—one week and this stupid mark will be gone.” I repeated the phrase over and over, until the tingle of the scarlet mark faded from mind.

‘And what if it doesn’t?’ Maya frowned, ‘What if Tristan is our mate?’

‘He can’t be.’ I shook my head, ‘Our mate isn’t a Vampire.’

‘I hate it just as much as you but look at the facts.’ Maya grimaced, wincing against her own voice.

‘Tristan called your Father ‘my Lord’, which could only mean one thing.’

‘I know what it means.’ I snapped, harsher than I meant. I toned my voice down, feeling guilty for taking my frustration out on Maya. “I know what it means—I just don’t want to think about it quite yet.’

‘Whether you want to think about it or not, the truth is right in front of you.’ Maya frowned, “The sooner we accept the possibilities, the easier it’ll be.’

‘I don’t think it’ll be easier at all.’ I frowned as Maya went silent in my mind.

I brushed my teeth and threw on some workout clothes, then headed down to the kitchens. I grabbed myself something light to eat, my stomach much to sensitive for anything heavier. Walking to the training building had taken a total of three minutes. People were already entering the building, a few lingering outsides in small clu*ters.

“Hey, Lola!” An annoyingly familiar voice called out. Ethan strolled up to me, his hair meticulously styled on his head. Why he felt the need to style his hair before training was beyond me. Ethan’s c*oc*ky aura followed him as did his overwhelming cologne.

“Ethan.” I nodded; my lips pressed in a thin line. It seems every time Ethan felt the need to speak with me, it always ended in anger. Ethan needed practice in thinking before he spoke more than I did.

‘There’s something we can agree on.’ Maya grunted in approval, ‘On the bright side, we might get to throat punch him again.’

‘That is a definite bright side.’ I nodded appreciatively.

“I shouldn’t be saying this, because you did punch me in the throat.” Ethan smirked, flashing what he thought was a dazzling smile. “But you fought good yesterday.”

“Thanks.” I nodded, my gaze flickering down to his healed throat. I hadn’t hit him hard enough to cause lasting damage, hard enough to cause a good bit of pain. “Maybe you could train me—in private?” Ethan’s c*oc*ky smile appeared on his face. My fist clenched automatically, fueled by Maya’s incessant desire to bring Ethan pain. Ethan’s eyes flickered down to my fist, caution crossing his gaze.

“I wouldn’t count on that.” A smirk formed on my own face, “Bye now, Ethan.” After my useless encounter with Ethan, I headed inside the training building. Breyona and Mason were already there, nearly jumping with excitement as they saw me enter the room.

“Alpha Bran’s gonna be here for training.” Breyona smirked, her pixie-like features contorting mischievously. “From what I heard, he’s not too happy you won.”

“His ego’s bruised.” Mason snickered, “That’s what he gets for underestimating Lola.” Alpha Asher, Alpha Bran, and Alpha Zeke had all attended training today. Even Luna Freya had attended training today, a sight I wasn’t expecting. The three of them walked around the room, showing different techniques and fighting styles. A couple times Alpha Bran would shoot me venomous looks, but I didn’t take it to heart. Luna Freya shot me a knowing look, followed by a friendly smile.

Alpha Asher had paired me up with Mason, though I could see the reluctance in his eyes. At one-point Alpha Zeke had approached Mason and I, stepping in to show us an offensive technique. Mason hit the mat with a thud, and Alpha Zeke stood over him. This technique could be used in wolf or human form. If they were in wolf form, Alpha Zeke’s teeth would be locked on Mason’s throat. The move sent your opponent tumbling through the air and to the ground.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to spar against Lola.” Alpha Zeke grinned widely, his eyes dancing with excitement. Alpha Zeke comes off as horribly intimidating. With his huge build and ma*s*sive biceps, not many wolves would mess with someone like Alpha Zeke. My heart hammered in my chest, but I somehow survived against Alpha Asher.

Alpha Asher was with the three of us in record time and seemed to have been listening in on our conversation. His eyes were hooded and dark as he looked at me, sending a whirlwind of conflicting emotions through me. I wanted to tell him about last night, about where I had gone and who I had talked to. While I wanted to tell him, my mind was still a jumbled mess. I decided I would tell him when I could make better sense of the entire situation.

“Would you mind Alpha Asher?” Alpha Zeke turned, giving Alpha Asher an amused smile. Irritation rolled through me as Alpha Zeke asked Asher for permission, as if he were asking to borrow a toy Asher owned.

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind.” I grimaced, flashing a look over to Alpha Asher. His dark eyebrow raised in interest, the corner of his full lips turning up in a smirk. Alpha Zeke chuckled lowly and turned to face me. The two of us got into defensive stances, and I hoped Alpha Zeke was nowhere as skilled as Alpha Asher. It would su*k to spend the rest of the day sore and in pain.

Alpha Zeke’s skills surpassed Alpha Bran’s but was no where near Alpha Asher. While I struggled to keep up with Alpha Zeke, his strength was what I feared most. I had him out matched with my speed, making it harder for him to land blows. Alpha Zeke managed to land a couple blows, each one knocking the oxygen from my lungs. His giant biceps weren’t just for show.

As my strength began to wane, I remembered a move Alpha Asher had shown me. As Alpha Zeke lunged for another hit, I wrapped my hand around his wrist. Using his arm for support, I swung myself onto his back. The move was quite simple, but if you held on tight enough, it was a guaranteed win. I wrapped my arm around Alpha Zeke’s neck, pressing it tightly against his windpipe. His hands flew up to my arm, using his remaining strength to peel it off. I knew my arm would be a bruised mess come tomorrow, but I held on for life. Gritting my teeth together and clenching my eyes shut, I didn’t let go until Alpha Zeke fell to his knees. Once he hit the mat, I hopped off his back. While I felt exhausted and wobbly on my legs, I f0rced myself to stand tall.

Alpha Zeke took a few deep breaths, a wide grin forming on his face. The grin sent a jolt of surprise running through me. It was unusual for an Alpha to be happy with defeat.

“That was awesome, Lola.” Alpha Zeke grinned and shot me a friendly wink, “Great job. I expect a rematch in the foreseeable future. Next time you won’t win.”

Alpha Asher’s eyes had darkened as he took in my tired frame. After ending training, Alpha Asher approached me.

“It seems Alpha Zeke has grown fond of you.” Alpha Asher’s tone held a certain hardness, his eyes searching my face.

“I have that affect on people.” I shrugged, a smirk twitching at my lips. “You don’t have to be jealous.”

“Jealous?” Alpha Asher scoffed, taking a step towards me. We were only inches away. His husky and woodsy scent swirled around me, igniting a fire deep in my stomach. “Every time I look at you, I see my c**k in that pretty mouth of yours. How can I be jealous when you belong to me?”

I wanted to fight back, to come up with some smart remark. My words died on my lips when Alpha Asher’s hand gripped my face. His thumb ran over my lips, his eyes looking down on me as if I were the only person in the room. The passion and heat burning in his eyes had me clenching my legs together, fighting the arousal that burned when he was near. As soon as he had touched me, he backed away. “I have some work to take care of today.” Alpha Asher smirked, clearly seeing how effective his words had been. “Be good, Lola.”

“Does this work have anything to do with Tyler?” My throat ran dry as I spoke his name. While some part of me wanted to feel sympathy for Tyler, he had gotten himself into this situation. Alpha Asher wasn’t known for his mercy, Tyler would suffer before giving information. I was much too accepting of that fact.

“It does.” Alpha Asher’s voice hardened; any lingering emotion wiped from his face. Once Alpha Asher walked away, I headed into the locker rooms. Deciding I would just shower tonight, I slipped on some fresh clothes. I walked out of the locker room, my eyes scanning for Mason and Breyona.

“I sent them outside.” Luna Freya’s voice came from behind, “They’ll be out there waiting for you.”

“Thanks.” I breathed, my stomach twisting as I remember what she had asked of me. I had been so caught up in my fight with Alpha Bran, that I hadn’t talked to Alpha Asher about Brittany.

“All is forgiven.” Luna Freya waved her hand, as though she could read my mind. “I understand these last couple days have been—eventful.”

“I am sorry about that.” I frowned, “I haven’t forgotten what you asked.”

“I was able to contact my daughter.” Luna Freya pursed her lips, her eyes locked on the lingering people in the building. “Come with me.”

I followed Luna Freya into the empty locker room. Her eyes darted around suspiciously, making sure everyone had first cleared out. Once she was certain we were alone, she opened her mouth to speak. “She gave me what information she could.” Luna Freya pursed her lips, her hands intertwined tightly. “Their keeping her under tight lock and key, since Tyler was captured and all.”

“I understand.” I frowned, “He’s not going to give in easy. Alpha Asher isn’t known for being merciful.”

“I know exactly what Alpha Asher is known for.” Luna Freya’s eyes went dark for a moment before returning to their usual light color. “I hope with your help, he will not bring harm to my daughter.”

“I promised to do what I could.” I nodded, “What was she able to tell you?” Luna Freya took a deep breath, “They won’t tell her much. Her and Tyler had sought the Vampire’s out but found themselves farther up the chain than they realized. They had found the Vampire King.”

“Vampire King”, The words were weak as they left my lips. Luna Freya shot me a sympathetic look, clearly mistaking my discomfort for fear. It wasn’t fear I was feeling, but a sick sense of acceptance. The pieces I had been holding apart clicked together, and I was sure the sound could be heard in the locker room.

Tyler and Brittany had gone searching for Vampires but found much more than they bargained for. They found the Vampire King himself, my Father.

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