Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 78

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 78

“They’re going to be expecting you.” Alpha Asher frowned, but I had already made up my mind. With Alpha Asher’s hand in my own, we fled from the forest and back to the packhouse. Rather than shed our clothes and shift into wolf form, we hopped into one of Asher’s vehicle’s and sped towards my Dad’s house.

“Remind me to k*il*l Alpha Bran and take his pack for my own once were finished.” Alpha Asher growled, his eyes dark and murderous as we sped down the narrow town roads.

“Alpha Bran?” I questioned.

“If he wasn’t content on being a f**king nuisance, his men would have been here by now.” Alpha Asher snarled, “We would have outnumbered them easily.”

“We can win against them, can’t we?” I asked, trying to keep the fear from warping my voice.

“I can’t speak for the Vampire’s training, but I’m confident in my pack.” Alpha Asher’s words held a certain conviction that filled me with strength. He was so sure of his pack, of their ability to handle this threat. Just when we were a minute away, Mason’s voice filtered through our heads, making my blood run cold.

‘Alpha, we had to retreat back to the boarders. More Vampire’s showed, their forcing us back, trying to find a hole in our defenses. Their attacking from the northern side of town while another group is attacking from the southern side. It’s a distraction–we know that, but we can’t afford any more warriors.’

‘I need all warriors–anyone capable of fighting to head to the northern or southern patrol stations. Those of you in your homes, I would not ask if I had an alternative. Those of you able to fight, uninjured from past battles, head to the northern or southern patrol stations. Make them regret f**king with our pack.’ Alpha Asher snarled through the mind-link, his eyes hardening and hands tightening over the steering wheel. Alpha Asher’s voice was that of a leader, strong and rea*s*suring in the midst of chaos. His words stirred something within me, something that made me want to stand up and fight.

‘We won’t let them hurt our family.’ Maya snarled, affected by Alpha Asher’s words.

“You have a plan for this, right?” I gasped, my mind racing as I thought of Sean, Dad, and Grandma. I could only hope the Vampire’s had passed Breyona’s house, leaving her behind in their search for me.

“Of course.” Alpha Asher grunted, “I had many of my warriors from other cities travel here, some of the best are on their way. From what I heard; they were ahead of schedule.”

“Brittany–” I started, but Alpha Asher cut me off with a low growl.

“I will deal with her when this mess is sorted.”

“She might not have known. They could have let the information slip, knowing she’d plan on escaping.” I rushed out, my eyes narrowing as we drew closer to the house. “They could’ve planned all of this for the upper hand.”

“Or Brittany could be a spy.” Alpha Asher snapped.

“She could.” I agreed, “But, we need to hear her out first.”

Standing out front of the house were six figures, four dressed in dark clothing, their postures rigid and tense. My hammering heart dropped to my stomach as I was able to make out the grim faces of Sean and Breyona. The lights inside the house were on, and from a distance I could make out my Dad and Grandma’s worried faces as they peaked out the living room window. I knew Dad was itching to go outside and defend his son, and I prayed to the Moon-Goddess that he would stay put. Dad had shattered his knee many years ago, and while it had healed, it still gave him trouble time to time. Grandma had a will of fire and obsidian, a f0rce to be reckoned with but even she remained inside, most likely to keep my Dad from throwing himself out the door.

Both Sean and Breyona were standing their ground against four Vampires. In the hands of the Vampire’s, they held something that reflected the dull light of the streetlamps. The Vampire’s had come prepared this time; sporting knives coated in silver. Sean was fighting against two of the Vampires, but his movements were slower than usual. I watched as pain flashed across his face, and my eyes were drawn low, to the crimson liquid leaking down his thigh. If Sean was stabbed by one of the Vampire’s, his wolf was now suppressed, leaving only his strength and speed.

A flash of blonde hair–lighter than I had seen on a human came into view. Those eyes, Tristan’s eyes met my own as a smile fluttered onto his face. Breyona fought against the Vampire’s with a ferocity I had never seen before, her face clouded with emotion as a thin line of blood trickled down her scalp. From behind, five more Vampire’s stalked under the dim streetlight, their eyes set on Breyona and Sean. Undoubtedly, they slipped through the patrol line, avoiding the fight around our town.

Tristan stood back from the fight, surveying everything with a serpentine smile on his face. I was revolted at the sight of him, wondering how I could’ve ever felt attracted to such a monster. The scarlet mark tingled against my skin, as if it were scolding me for such thoughts.

“I’m going to f**king k*il*l him.” Alpha Asher snarled, jerking the car onto the side of the road.

The two of us leaped from the car, running over to Breyona and Sean. Alpha Asher tackled one of the Vampires from behind, knocking him off Sean. With a swift movement, Asher’s claws lengthened and raked across the Vampire’s throat. Thick blood sprayed across his face, the metallic scent filling the air. I leaped at one of the Vampire’s, ducking as he swung the knife at my face. Time seemed to slow, and I met my reflection in the blade’s smooth surface as it whizzed past my face.

“Do not harm Lola!” Tristan snarled at the Vampires who continued fighting for their lives.

The Vampire fighting against me listened to Tristan’s words, and worked to restrain me. With the Vampire’s body close to my own, it was easy to twist and maneuver until my lengthened canines sunk into his neck. The feeling was oddly satisfying, like sinking your teeth into a stick of butter. Recoiling at the taste, I spat a piece of his throat into the road and watched as he fell to his knees. In the midst of the fighting, something had changed. Sean no longer had the upper hand against the Vampire’s and collapsed to the ground as the leather hilt of a knife protruded from his abdomen.

Breyona lunged to protect Sean, but was still standing her ground against two other Vampire’s. My head snapped around as the front door to the house slammed open, and Dad came barreling down the steps. Grandma stood in the open doorway, her hand against her heart and a look of terror on her face. “Dad!” I screamed, every nerve in my body bursting aflame, “Don’t!”

My body moved on its own, propelling myself forward until I collided with the Vampire stalking towards Sean. Maya’s strength flowed into my body, dulling the sensations in my limbs. My claws and canines lengthened on their own as I swiped at the Vampire in feral rage. Snarls and growls echoed across the quiet street, and I had realized those primal sounds were leaving my lips.

Dad wrapped his arms around Sean’s torso, glaring murderous daggers at the remaining Vampire’s. Making use of his time, Dad dragged Sean up the curb and onto the porch steps. I had but a moment to watch as Grandma stepped outside and helped, pulling Sean into the house.

Something hot and sticky ran down my face, the smell of copper in my nose. The Vampire beneath me was a bloody m@ssof torn flesh and muscle. His face was no longer distinguishable, though I knew he was handsome when alive. I leaped from the Vampire’s body, ready to move onto the next when a sharp pain wracked my torso. There was a tear in the dress Breyona had given me, around three inches long. Protruding from the hole was the leather hilt of a knife, a single ruby embedded into the handle.

Tristan met my eyes, horror filling his murderous gaze. Alpha Asher whipped around, as though my pain had physically affected him. While the two of them gaped at the knife protruding from my stomach, my eyes were on Breyona.

She was fighting against two Vampire’s, the fight in her eyes was flickering, dying out as though it had been doused with cool water. Another Vampire stalked forward, landing a blow to her back that sent her to her knee’s. Our eyes locked, and in them I could hear the words that refused to leave her lips.

‘I’m sorry’“Stop!” A voice bellowed; one I hadn’t heard before. The Vampire’s seemed to notice the voice, as they all froze, their eyes locked on the figure that walked forward.

Dark curly hair sat on top his head, with blackened eyes that seemed to peer into the darkness around us. Realization hit me, followed by confusion. This was the Vampire I had seen in the clearing, the one that had gotten away with Tristan. Tristan had told me his name…Giovanni.

My stomach twisted itself into knots as Breyona turned and met his eyes, a strange emotion crossing her face as their gaze’s met.


“Giovanni?” Tristan’s voice held the confusion that burned in my eyes. As he took a step forward, Giovanni’s gaze hardened.

“Do not come closer, Tristan.” Giovanni warned, his voice hard as a light accent curled his words. He approached Breyona’s form, clasping a hand around her arm as he pulled her back.

“Get off of her!” I called out, but quickly realized the error of my words as Giovanni turned to face me.

“I will not hurt her, Lola.” Giovanni murmured; his voice soft as it hit my ears. “I will never hurt her.”

Breyona looked into his eyes, a look I had seen only a handful of times. All at once, every word and action Breyona had made burned into my mind. Her gloomy mood, the questions about Vampire’s and mates, her sudden desire to research Vampire’s. His name–she had told me the name of her mate. Giovanni.

“Giovanni, what is this?” Tristan spat, his icy eyes hardening as he took in the close proximity between him and Breyona.

“I have found my mate, Tristan.” Giovanni’s voice held strength and conviction; emotions difficult to falsify. “It is time you leave Lola alone, and allow her to find her own.”

The words seem to physically wound Tristan as his smooth face quickly became grim and pale with anger. Two things happened simultaneously. Tristan lunged forward, with speed I had never anticipated, slamming into Giovanni. Giovanni had managed to shove Breyona behind him, and I watched as her bottom hit the pavement.

“Lola, get Breyona.” Alpha Asher snarled, fighting off the four remaining Vampire’s himself, struggling to stand his ground. “Get her inside the house!”

“No.” Breyona snapped, pushing herself from the pavement. “I’m not leaving him.” I watched in stunned silence as Breyona’s bones snapped sickeningly, and fur sprouted from her body. Her clothes tore into small scraps, falling to the pavement like confetti. With deafening snarl, she tackled one of the Vampire’s fighting Alpha Asher.

Tristan and Giovanni circled each other, their faces dark and unyielding. Blood coated Giovanni’s face, and I wondered if it were Tristan’s or his own. Without enough time to think, I lunged at one of the remaining Vampires. I knew Asher would be pissed with me later on, but I refused to leave him as well.

The Vampire fought defensively, trying to restrain my hands and shove me away. A snarl tore ripped through my throat as he slammed his hand into the hilt of the knife in my stomach, digging it further into my flesh. The sharp scent of my blood filled the air, but I let the scent and my anger fuel me. I wrapped my hand around the hilt of the blade, pulling it from my stomach with a painful hiss.

Agony radiated throughout my body, blurring my vision. I barreled into the Vampire, gritting my teeth against the pain. The blade sunk into his chest with a sickening thud, growing beads of blood seeping through his shirt. I stumbled back and watched as the fight quickly came to an end. Breyona had k*il*led another Vampire, and Alpha Asher was pressing forward against the last. Giovanni seemed to have the upper hand, slamming his shoulder into Tristan’s chest, nearly knocking them both to the ground.

Giovanni had been a moment too late as he registered the knife in Tristan’s hand. Tristan used his surprise against him, sending him stepping back with a slash of the knife. A scream tore through Breyona as Tristan lunged with dangerous accuracy, sinking the wide blade into Giovanni’s chest. Breyona tore past Tristan, his presence ignored as she clamored to Giovanni. My eyes were set on Tristan, who stepped away from Giovanni with a grim smile on his face.

“Never had I expected you to change sides. Of all people Giovanni, your death disappoints me the most.”

Icy prickles danced across my skin, settling in my bones with sickening familiarity. Shadows danced from the forest line, gathering behind Tristan like a looming cloud. They glided over to Tristan, wrapping around him in a shimmering cocoon. A few tendrils circled around my feet, as if they were greeting a friend.

Nearly a second later, the shadows around him thinned, and Tristan was gone. The street was silent apart from Breyona’s gut-wrenching cries. I stumbled over to her, kneeling beside her. Her face was rigid, grim lines etched onto her face. Even without my heightened senses, I could tell Giovanni was dying. The knife had been torn from his chest, leaving a gaping wound behind. His blood flowed steadily, absorbed by his dark t-shirt.

“Save him, Lola.” Breyona hissed so quietly, I nearly missed her words. “Breyona–the price is too steep.” I croaked, pain constricting in my chest.

“I don’t care. I’ll pay it.” Breyona turned her eyes to me, anger burning in her gaze. “I’ll pay anything. Do it, Lola!”

Even with my muddled thinking, I knew what I would do. I had watched the life drain from Adrienne, and saw the sorrow in Mason’s eyes as he accepted her rejection. I wouldn’t allow Breyona to go through the same. If the price was someone’s life, I was terrified of what she might do.

“Don’t!” Alpha Asher spoke, but I had made up my mind. The shadows that had lingered surged at the sound of my voice, their icy licks caressing my skin. Their smooth voices filled my mind, greeting an old friend who had called on them yet again.

‘Save Giovanni.’ I told them, ‘Name your price.’

Their silky voices wrapped around my head; the price of their favor burned into my mind. Breyona’s eyes widened as she looked at the empty space around me, where the shadows pulsed seductively.

‘She’ll pay it.’ I whispered, ‘Now save him.’

The shadows seemed to twitch in anticipation, gliding towards Breyona excitedly. While fear flashed in her eyes, she remained still. Her scream echoed into the night, bouncing off houses filled with people listening to the battle outside.

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