The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife Chapter 21

Chapter 21 I’m Not Satisfied with the Female Lead
The afternoon sun was pleasant. Freya picked up her coffee and took a sip, stretching lazily.
The TV in the coffee shop was on, and the host’s voice came through.
“Recently, the famous director, Ben Mccarthy announced on Twitter that the most classic martial arts. novel of recent years. ‘Moonlit Journey, will be adapted for the screen, and the lead will be played by the rising star Danna Delgado, who will co-star with the superstar Ryan Marshall…”
Freya squeezed her coffee cup tightly and her brow furrowed.
She looked up at the TV not far away, where the lead actors’ promotional photos were being displayed.
Danna had a bright smile. She was dressed in a red costume, which was the attire of the female lead in “Moonlit Journey.”
“She’s playing the female lead with that kind of acting?” Freya clicked her tongue.
She raised her eyebrows. Behind the TV, Danna was excitedly facing the interview.
Her makeup and hair were exquisite, and her smile was much brighter than usual.
-Freya had seen a lot of news about Danna lately.
She was originally a C-list actress, but later on, she was lucky enough to be adopted by a wealthy man in Caltun as his daughter and thus became a rich heiress overnight.
Three years after her adoption, the wealthy man died suddenly. Danna inherited his tens of millions of assets and went abroad for further studies.
After she returned from abroad, her resources skyrocketed, and she was now at the peak of her success.
Freya twirled her long hair around her fingers and squinted her eyes.
The reason for the b*tch’s rise in resources was nothing more than the fact that Freya’s ex-husband was secretly helping her.
Freya had lost her memory and had no intention of dealing with this disgusting couple again, but when she heard that Danna was playing the female lead of her novel, she felt nauseous.
Freya picked up her phone and made a call.
“I’m not satisfied with the female lead. Yes, she has to go.”
The sun shone through the glass onto Freya’s face. Her skin was so clear that it seemed to glow, and her dark eyes had a hint of amber.
-Freya absent-mindedly said, “Replace her, or we’re not filming.”
On the other end, Ben’s voice was helpless. “Yes, yes! I’ll recast right away!”
Freya smiled and became polite. “Alright. If you’re free, I would be happy to treat you to a meal.”
Ben clicked his tongue. “Ooh, I still haven’t even met you yet. You’re being too fake with your politeness.”
Ben was a renowned director with numerous awards. In his forties, he and Freya met online by chance and got along like old friends.
But they had never met.
In her early years, Freya loved to read martial arts novels, but in recent years, there hadn’t been many high-quality ones, so she became interested and decided to write her own.
Over the years, “Moonlight Journey” became one of the martial arts classics.
Everyone thought that the author of “Moonlight Journey” must be a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties with a weathered life.
Freya didn’t want people to know her identity, so she never refuted it. Except for Ben, no one else in the world knew her identity.
Star Media.
After being interviewed, Danna returned to find the director and male lead of the show sitting together discussing something.
She smiled and walked over to Ben’s side and sat down. “Mr. Mccarthy.”
Danna wanted to build a good relationship.
Despite the rumors that this director had a strange temper, she was willing to endure it just because he could bring her awards.
Ben turned his head and looked at Danna. His attitude was indifferent. “Miss Delgado, there’s something I need to inform you about.”
“What is it?”
“We may need to recast the female lead.”
Danna stood up abruptly. “What?”
She had just happily accepted an interview, and now they were making casting changes.
Wasn’t this a slap in her face?
Ben replied with a cold attitude. “It’s the request of the author of ‘Moonlight Journey.”
“The author? You mean Jean Birch?” Danna was agitated. “Does he have the authority to decide on the lead
Ben didn’t like Danna from the beginning, but the biggest investor in this TV show was the Monaghan Group, and the Monaghan Group recommended Danna to him, so he reluctantly agreed.
Now that he could change the lead actress, his mood had improved a lot. Jean is our partner, and he said that if we don’t change the female lead, he will withdraw from the cooperation.”
I’m Not Satisfied with the Female Lead
If they couldn’t reach a copyright agreement, they wouldn’t be able to shoot the TV show at all.
Compared to that, even if the Monaghan Group’s investment was withdrawn, they still had to replace the female lead.
Danua gritted her teeth and said, “Now the news is all over the internet. Are you deliberately trying to make me look bad?”
Unfortunately, her protest was ineffective. Both Ben and Ryan left one after another.
Danna’s manager pulled her and advised her not to chase after them.
“It’s no use looking for Mr. Mccarthy. He’s a big shot in the entertainment industry. You don’t want to offend him. Besides, he’s not the one who decides whether you get replaced or not.”
Danna clenched her fists. “Great. If they drop me, there will be no Moonlit Journey TV show at all. I’ll make Radley withdraw his investment. Let’s see how they’re going to shoot it without money.”
The manager was about to say something but stopped.
The Monaghan Group’s investment in this show was based on the huge benefits it would bring in the
Recommending Danna was just a side benefit.
It was uncertain whether the Monaghan Group would agree to withdraw the investment.
Kaufmann Residence.
For three consecutive days, Freya’s makeup transformation as Ragnar Lothbrok went viral on the internet, and her fans increased geometrically.
She had set up a workshop on the first floor of her house, and every afternoon, Edward would come over on time.
Freya smiled brightly at the camera and said, “By popular demand, I’m going to teach you how to do a natural makeup look today.”
As fans were impressed by Freya’s makeup skills, many of them began to express an interest in learning. everyday makeup looks. The natural makeup look today aimed to capture the feeling of youthful energy.
With professional photography equipment, Edward carried out the shooting and captured Freya’s face in ultra-high definition. Despite the most minor details being visible, she still looked flawless.
Edward adjusted the angles and lighting. He stared at the screen under the best shooting conditions, feeling a little infatuated.
Freya was 24 years old this year, but she looked like she was only 18 or 19 years old.
Recently, her makeup tended to emphasize a youthful look, and after putting on makeup, she looked like she was only 16 or 17 years old.
Jokingly, Freya called out to Edward, “Well, how is it? Does it look good on me?”
I’m Not Satisfied with the Female Lead
With a blush on his youthful face, he replied in a small voice, “Yes.”
After the shooting was over, Edward edited the footage, while Freya sat on the side, scrolling through her phone and reading the comments left by her fans.
She was lying lazily on the couch, nibbling on an apple.
In just a few days, people were already very interested in the person she frequently chatted with.
Some people left comments asking if Edward was Freya’s boyfriend.
Freya’s reply was straightforward. ‘No, he’s my assistant. A handsome little brother of mine.”
Now, she had almost a million fans. While reading through the comments, she also came across some negative ones.
‘Some of these makeup transformations rely heavily on post-production special effects and retouching.
‘I don’t understand why this girl is gaining so many fans so quickly. Are people blind? Take off the beauty filters and show us your true face!
Some comments were just people trying to stir up trouble, while others were pure personal attacks.
Freya sneered and couldn’t be bothered to respond.
However, when Edward uploaded the video, he also saw the negative comments and couldn’t bear to see people attack his goddess.
He then uploaded some bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage, as well as a high-definition enlarged version of Freya’s makeup process.
Every detail was clearly visible, down to the individual strands of hair.
With the help of high-definition lenses, Freya looked stunning, like a blooming flower, and it was hard to take one’s eyes off her.
As the camera zoomed in, her flawless skin looked like polished marble.
Neither Edward nor Freya expected that once the footage was posted, it would immediately go viral.

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